Toyota Has Sold 9 Million Hybrids, Including 75,000 Prius PHVs

MAY 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Toyota hybrid car sales – April 2016

Toyota hybrid car sales – April 2016

Toyota Prius PHV – by April 2016

Toyota Prius PHV – by April 2016

Toyota recently announced a milestone of selling 9 million hybrids, which includes some plug-ins.

Nearly half were sold in Japan (4.376 million vs 4.633 million overseas).

Despite introducing new models with hybrid drive, these are difficult times of late for hybrids.

Over the last four years sales of Toyota hybrids have stalled between 1.2 and 1.3 million thanks in part to the introduction of plug-in vehicles which tallied some ~550,000 worldwide in 2015.

In fact, sales slightly decreased in both 2014 and further in 2015 compared to a 2013 peak.

Toyota currently offers 33 hybrid passenger car models, and one plug-in hybrid (PHV).

Today however, the Prius PHV is awaiting is new 2nd generation model, the Prius Prime (Plug-In) this Fall.  First gen Prius plug-in sales ended with a total of 75,400 sold (0.84% of all hybrids).

The majority of plug-in Prii were sold in the U.S. (see graph on the right above).

Whether the recent oil price surge will also again enable growth of hybrid car sales, or consumers will continue to more fully embrace plug-in tech is still up for debate, however whether or not the Prius Prime will outsell the first gen model (which was more of an after-thought conversion) is not…it is only a question of how fast it will do so.

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It is useful to study the hybrid market for clues as to to BEV sales trajectory. Hopefully CARB and other regulatory bodies, which created the EV market, will keep BEV sales from levelling off too–but I suspect a straight up carbon tax or other big hammer may be necessary, or a full on switch to autonomous cars, which will coincidentlly also be BEVs.

Instead of using hammer to steal even more money from people, which they’ll use to make more bombs and F35, they should reduce electric rate for EV owners with tax breaks. Or they could give more tax cut (credit or deduction) for EV owners who go solar than non EV owners.

In general, give rather than rob people; tax is a form of robbery; if don’t pay it, big men with guns will kidnap you until you do.

Tax breaks and subsidies are greater distortions of the market than fairly applied taxes. The problem is that the rich have all the lobbying power to argue that their behavior deserves all the breaks. Giant businesses now have cities scratching and clawing at each other to give bigger handouts to locate their activities there, a race to the bottom that requires the cities to destroy their public services and shift tax burdens to others. Here in Houston, property taxes on individuals are skyrocketing, but not on businesses, because of the prejudice that they alone create wealth and the rest of us are just parasites. This is part of the mentality that the government is just another service industry for which we are mere consumers, not our common birthright as members of an orderly society that actual businessmen ought to be damn grateful to operate in. Obviously the hidden subsidies received by oil created the conditions under which EVs also require subsidies. There needs to be a built-in formula by which maturing industries lose their subsidies once they’re self-sustaining. National sovereign wealth funds act as a high-risk loan to such industries, so the surviving companies can pay the government back in… Read more »
Tax is an extremely effective tool for changing behaviour but it is often not used because it is easy to attack. People genuinely see tax as unfair and also seem to believe that if the government taxes more that the money just disappears benefiting no one. When Australia had a carbon tax, which was only really applied to the power industry, it dropped emissions in that sector by nearly 10%. They got rid of it and emissions are back up again and in the year that followed the government has had to cut funding from university’s, the national lab, various welfare programs, frozen income bracket bands, etc.. What’s worse is that they watered down policy relating to renewable energy targets. All the experts said this was short term gain for longer term pain but they were wrong, there was basically no short term gain. The pretty dramatic shift in policy shocked the market and there was a massive drop in renewable energy investment pushing the price of wholesale electricity up and more than cancelling out any gains from removing the carbon tax. Despite all of this in the current election any form of carbon tax or increase in the renewable… Read more »

How is it better? Carbon tax would tax exactly what needs to be taxed and would lead to economic decisions that would make at least some sense.

Even more handouts to rich people for their new all electric toys just “because”??? So that they would loose any incentive to save on heating/cooling costs and waste more fossil fuels than any EV can ever save?
How it makes sense for some oversized electron guzzler that already wastes many thousands of hard earned taxpayer money and pollutes just like some normal size diesel car only because of tire rubber wear? Not mention extra manufacturing pollution and coal & gas powered electric grid.

Sorry, please just pay for your toys by yourself.

Electric are better cars. Well Teslas/Bolts are better cars. Downward trend in price will do it.

No need for “hammer”.

Already You would be hard pressed as CEO of a car company to not have electrics. Tesla win huge chunk of luxury market. So others can easily too. Hence share holders will press for it. Hence EVs will get even brighter chunk of luxury. Hence even more people on lower tiers will won’t that tech. It will happen just will savings coming from mass production.

Hammer would only speed things up. 😉

Its not a gas price.

Its lack of electric SUVs in USA in 2015.

Look at Europe. There following Your thinking cheap gas increased EVs sales !!!

Agreed – and pickup trucks.

The 75,400 Prius PHV’s trail in comparison to BEV and EREV offerings from other manufactures.

In 2016 BEV and EREV models exceeding 100,000 production are:
– Nissan LEAF (210,000 and will break 250,000 in 2016)
– Tesla Model S (100,000 and will near/pass 150,000)
– Chevy Volt (over 100,000)

Millions of regular hybrids made much more real world impact than few short range plugins and even fewer battery only cars.

Quick math:

50mpg Prius over 35 mpg car, saves about 102 gallons per year for 12K miles.

EV save 343 gallons.

Volt with 2/3 electric saves 247 gallons per year.

So, Prius has to sell 3.4x more than EVs to save more. or Volt has to sell ~ 2.5x more.

So far, global sales of all PEVs vs. Prius is about 2:1.

If you count all the hybrids, then it wold be more complex math as other hybrids don’t save nearly as much…

Everyone should just stop producing pure ICEVs. PHEVs and BEVs are the future.

Bingo !

9,000,000 cars * 10 miles driving per day / 25 mpg of displaced gas = 3.6 million gallons of gas not burned a day.

Is that a lot?


Is 9 a milestone? Call me when it’s 10…

I still honestly believe that Toyota are the dark horse in this race. The pip was/is a half baked, half arsed attempt at a plugin hybrid and they sold everything they could make. If they do a good job with the prime, make enough of them and price it right it could be the first plugin to a million. If they roll out a similar platform across all its hybrids then they would just crush everyone else.

They are doing just what makes sense, not some short term political statements or hunting after government perks. Short range plugins are fine, but they are often used just to avoid taxes or regulations, or get some noblemen lane access like in California. These perks go away as soon as nonsense becomes obvious and sales plummet, but big automakers still need to sell millions to survive, they can’t be financed by some regular stock sales.

I agree. I’ve been saying the same thing. I expect the Prime could outsell all other plug-ins over the next year or two at least until the Model 3 comes to market. Not because it’s the best car. But simply because it is a Toyota Prius and Toyota will actually try to sell them.

People bought the Prius because they wanted the most environmentally friendly vehicle available. Now that the PHEVs and BEVs are here in numbers the Prius sales will tank because the PHEVs and BEVs are more environmentally friendly.
I have met many Prius owners and they all said that their next car will be Plug in.
Prius sales are going to tank

Actually.. I think you’re wrong. I think most people buy a Prius to save money on gasoline.