Toyota Promotes The Prius Prime, Future Ads To Likely Go Big Time – Videos

Toyota Prius Prime

DEC 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 68

The 781 Toyota Prius Prime delivered in the plug-in hybrid’s first partial month of availability in U.S. shows us that the 2nd generation of plug-in Prius is going to be a major player in the EV market – not only in America, but around the world.

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota open’s the second chapter of the PHEV’s history with a much stronger offering.

For 2017, the Prime is re-designed and uniquely styled to differentiate it from the standard hybrid Prius, and it can also now travel some 25 miles on electricity before the petrol engine kicks in (via a 8.8 kWh battery) – more than double the older model.

But even more significantly, the new Prius Prime is priced $1,000 less expensive (after the federal credit is applied) than the base hybrid Prius offering.

The Prime starts at $27,950, but is eligible for a $4,500 credit, bringing the effective price down to $23,450, making the Prime the 4th least expensive plug-in offering in of the ~30 different models available heading into 2017 for the US.

Every indication from Toyota thus far is that the plug-in version of the Prius will be the new flag bearer for the company’s halo brand…and will ultimately take over the reins from the standard hybrid.  Meaning the company won’t be happy with selling just 500, or 1,000…or even 2,000 copies a month in America.

And to do that, to push the Prime to sales levels unseen by any EV before, we look for the company to promote the plug-in like no other EV has ever before – like a mainstream offering.  So, look for Toyota Prius Prime ad spots to pop up during national television shows and sporting events near you.

To get things started, here are three freshly released videos promoting the Prius Prime’s launch.

First (above) is an introduction to the model with with a message from Chief Engineer and Project Chief Designer, while another two (below) touch on more specific aspects of the car:

TOYOTA Prius Prime | Iconic Human-Tech
The look of Prius Prime has become very advanced and emotional as a leading model of Prius family.

TOYOTA Prius Prime | Emotional and Intelligent Eco-tech
Experience “never before” Waku-doki driving with outstanding EV driving performance!

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Still Fugly.

No doubt

It’s not my style at all (never owned an asian car), but I give them kudos for doing SOMETHING with the front and rear of the car besides their usual bland nothingness.

However, I can’t get past the proportion problems–the rear wheel seems smaller than the front wheel! It’s the exact opposite of the proportions that people love.

You should get some Buick with horrendous grille, flashy cheapo chrome everywhere, and all the rest of American grandma styling 😉

Nothing wrong with Toyota I have two Priuses from 2008 and they still work. But I also have two Teslas and solar panels on my roof. I have ordered two new Teslas to replace the Priuses because there is no future in ICE or hybrid cars.
Charge at home and almost never need a service on a EV that’s why.

Seriously looking at picking one of these up…Impressive list of standard features…including the safety suite.

Toyota is making the safety suite standard on all their cars several years ahead of the mandate agreed to by big auto…

Their smaller cars will get the crash protection, others will also get adaptive cruise and then the Prius will get the full-speed adaptive cruise.

I think Toyota’s relatively early deployment of the forward technologies in its mainstream models is going to provide some very interesting statistics.

The Prime has only been on sale one month and it has already lowered the C Maxs price by 4650…
Not a bad accomplishmemt but that also show how the C Max was overpriced…
BEVs are gretly prefered but if they advertise enough and sell enough everyone wins some from the exposure and competion…

Give credit where is due. Ford did not lower thier price because of Toyota they just removed a package.

Also their year over year reduction in sales.

They had to do something to move the stale inventory.

I am giving credit where it is due, to the competion and nothing lowers prices faster than one of your main competiors putting out a superior product for a cheaper price…
The package they removed certianly did not cost them 4600 dollars…

Still awaiting some major breakthrough in transistor and/or supercapacitor tech. HybridCars reports that UK based tech firm Augmented Optics has announced one being made …

Look no further than the EEStor story. Claims founded on little if anything to lure in the unwary. Typical stock pump and dump, with little validity to the claims purported. Hopefully the Brits put the Texas two step to shame in the Supercap Race!

Indeed. We used to see breathless, wide-eyed announcements of some new battery and/or supercapacitor tech about every two weeks back when TheEEStory forum was active.

Not to say it’s all B.S., but in battery tech there is a very wide gap between tech demonstrated in the lab, and tech put into commercial production. And that’s not even getting into the outright false claims, such as the ones from EEStor, and to a lesser extent from Envia and German battery maker DBM… to give just a few examples.

“My top advice really for anyone who says they’ve got some breakthrough battery technologies, please send us a sample cell, okay, don’t send us PowerPoint. Just send us one cell that works with all appropriate caveats; that would be great. That… sorts out the nonsense and the claims that aren’t actually true. Talk is super cheap; the battery industry has to have more B.S. in it than any industry I’ve ever encountered. It’s insane.” — Elon Musk, Nov. 5, 2014

Oh how far you have fallen from your days as an EEStor-historian with your EEStor FAQ Lensman.

Why are some people here talking like EEStor is done and gone or is not progressing along quite nicely in their product development?

Haven’t you heard?

EEStor has recently released third party test results from two respected labs showing an amazing effect of their CMBT/epoxy layers.

They can now lead on cost and performance in an array of grid storage and grid power solutions markets worth about 25 billion dollars.

Wake up people!

Yes, a few days ago I changed the Wikipedia entry from “EEStor was” to “EEStor is”. At least the stock is still traded, and it has shown some minor strength of late. Still, the only pubic information I can find is from EEStor itself, which makes it highly suspect in my book.

Wake me when they start selling product.

(You should post here more often. It’s kind of fun to have the three of us bickering again.)

When I said third party testing, I meant it. In the PR linked to above from the eestor corp website are links to the Phase 4 testing reports by Intertek and MRA.

As far as selling product goes, EEStor is planning on entering license agreements with large companies early in the new year. Stay tuned for a lot more from EEStor.

Passive component market expert Dennis Zogbi has called their technology “disruptive” to the capacitor industry.

What the third party testing has shown is that EEStor’s capacitor technology is real, dependable and has uniquely stable capacitance across a range of voltages and frequencies. Also Zogbi’s analysis on EEStor’s cost of production is quite compelling. They are also still working on energy storage.

If anyone wants to learn more or discuss eestor please join the long eestor investors on slack:

Use this link to get started:

Sorry, not going to register just to view a site.

That’s ok Ambulator. If you’re responsible for any of the mis-characterizations on eestor’s wikipedia page we don’t want you.

I’m not responsible for anything else. That one word change is the only one I ever made there.

Supercaps are likely to be the energy storage analog to fusion reactors for electricity generation: Perpetually 20 years away from commercial success.

The big players who are serious about EVs have their eyes and ears pointed at every new developement. And they can’t be fooled, because there have lots employes who are real engineers and not just some phonies.
If anybody comes up with a breakthrough, they will buy it before we hear about it in the news.

Imagine how many Volts GM could sell if they’d actually try…

GM is too busy crying…

That’s more than a bit unfair. GM did try to advertise the Volt back in its early years, even paying for the most expensive ads of all: a Superbowl ad or two.

There is a reason why GM no longer pays to advertise the Volt, or at least doesn’t pay much. I hope the Bolt will find a wider market.

Tesla doesn’t advertise at all and they sell the Model S as fast as they make them.

The “problems” with the Volt have very little to do with advertising, or dealers, or the rollout plan. They have more to do with 1) the badge on the front of the car and 2) the political opposition from the right.

It’s been steadily around 2,000, and last month about 2,900. I can’t help but think that the Prime is going to help the Volt, because awareness of the Prime is going to lead to more awareness of plug-ins and any cross-shopping with the Volt is going to help sell the Volt.

I’m not so sure about that. Prime likely will steal some Volt customers as well as add to the overall pool. Volt would be doing well just to keep the current pace.

Of course, I’d welcome an increase, just not counting on it.

It will be interesting to see how a strong marketing effort translates to sales and market share. If they sell 5000 a month, it would seem that the major US auto makers once again missed an opportunity. I have always had the feeling that GM and Ford weren’t really interested in selling PHEVs. They charged a premium price and did nothing to market some really nice cars. Maybe some of Toyota’s marketing will lift Volt sales.

It seems like only Tesla can get away without paid advertising.

Chevy Volt sales will climb, when the 2016+ Gen 2 Volt quality control issues get back on par with the excellent Gen 1 Volt. Until then, Toyota and its positive JD Power initial quality surveys, will attract customers and secondary market resale values. It would have been ideal had Toyota, with its P. Prime pedicessor (Prius Plug-in Hybrid), matched the Volts range back during the Gen 1 Volt run in (2011-15). But, Toyota is cautious, as its Prius line is now showing, pinched between cheap gas prices, and a resurgence in SUV/CUV popularity here in the U.S.

The problem with the Volt is there is no leg room in the back seat in either generation.

It is painfuly obvious thay most all of big auto wants to do the minimum when it comes to EVs…
In regards to EVs they will first do what the govs force them to do but eventualy they will do what the customers force them to do when they leave their brand behind and buy the competiors products who were willing to take risks and do the work…
In a couple more years when Tesla goes into full production with the 3 and Y it will be interesting to see what hits the fan at big auto…

I wish the EV range was at least in the mid 30’s and it was not so damn ugly……

Still glad to see Toyota taking a little step forward.

Will those low turn signals be seen from taller vehicles? I thought that’s why the US made it mandatory for the third brake light because the regular brake lights were too low.

Its dimensions are now equal to Toyota Corolla in size. However, its the “Fugly” part that confuses people. They could have made it slicker but they did not. Looks like a mini rocket ship that kids play in at amusement parks. The entire Toyota and Lexus lines have some sort of misguided person is sitting as a head of design team. The grace Lexus used to have is now all gone. They started chasing young drivers and got lost on the way. Now they are neither here nor there. But then again, there are hundreds of folks who really do not care too much about the looks of a car. So this won’t bother them.

It is aimed at world wide market, not just to American taste of old fashioned flashiness that looks “fugly” to the many in the rest of the world.

Have to give them a little break, if they actually do market it and it sells double Volt sales volume! GM might actually start marketing the Volt and Bolt EV!

But really, now is time for GM to put the Bolt style Battery along with a Volt drive in a Colorado pickup, to create a PHEV Pickup with 150+ Miles battery range + 350 miles gas range, plus 1500-2500 Lbs Towing capacity!

THAT would shake up the plug-in market! If they could give it CCS charging at 100 kW, AC charging at 14.4 kW (double Bolt EV chargers), and an optional AeroCap for the box, they could have a useful small EV/EREV/PHEV truck!

GM could/should Show that as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show this January 2017! Tease it coming maybe before Elon shows his truck, maybe they could win some converts, and also…add a plug to that other Hybrid they put the Voltec drive in!

I wish they would do this. Every time I take my father for a ride in our Volt he says he would love one if they made a Plug-In Silverado or Colorado.

He would trade in his Tacoma for a Chevy Voltec Truck as soon as it was available.

I’d get a Plug In Truck, I love the large size of it but I’m not willing to pollute the air for my convenience. So I drive drive a Leaf and will hold out for a plug In truck or till I can get a Model X

Have any of you guys seen the product line of Efficient Drivetrains Inc. ? It’s a simple powertrain that has no gears and is more efficient than any PHEV or PHV out there. In addition it is designed for trucks of all classes from light trucks to Class 8. It uses 1/4 to 1/3 of the batteries of a BEV and uses 90% electricity and 10% liquid fuel annually. It is called a PHEV with Long Electric Range or PHEVLER. Pronounced “fevler”.

I’m really interested to see what this vehicle does to the market as a whole. I have no doubt it will match Volt sales, but I would not be surprised if it doubles or triples them. Again, Toyota will be tapping it’s huge customer base of Prius owners.

But what happens when these things start showing up everywhere? Will it raise awareness of plug-in vehicles in general? Or will it hurt plug-in sales because people will again associate plug-ins with “slow and ugly?”

At minimum it should help charging station infrastructure grow, which I believe is a great thing!

It’s even possible if GM sees the Prime selling 6,000 units per month somebody will get off the butt and actually realize they need to do some advertising for their EV products.

Agree – I do believe there is a lot of confusion out there on what the Volt real is….GM needs to better explain it is a long-range hybrid — not a pure EV

To add to the confusion, Chrysler chose to name its new PHEV minivan the Pacifica Hybrid. Go figure.

If Toyota manages to push 6,000 of these a month I would be truly shocked!

In a good way! Please, Toyota! Sell 6,000. 🙂

I still think that the Prime and the Bolt will both help Volt sales.

The most important part of Prius Prime marketing is that it has a Toyota logo on it, just as the biggest failure of Volt marketing is that it has a Chevy logo on it.

The Volt is pretty much unquestionably a better vehicle than the Prius Prime, and yet it’s treated as a near certainty that the Prime will outsell it.

How long until all of their hybrid vehicles (which is most of them now, right?) Have a “Prime” Option.

Avalon Prime
Camry Prime
Corolla Prime
RAV4 Prime
Highlander Prime
Tacoma Prime?!

Buy our ugly car that only goes 25 miles on electricity despite that we used to be the pioneer in efficient vehicles and hobbyists made the Prius into plug-in conversion 10 years ago! :-/


And the sad thing is, this will probably outsell every other PHEV, at least on the international market, and quite possible here in the USA also. It might well outsell every
BEV until Tesla is able to ramp up production on the Model ≡, too.

Too bad that GM is unwilling to put a Voltec powertrain into larger cars which might sell better.

The Prius was never a great looking car, but why did they make the new one so incredibly ugly? At least it’s not as ugly as the Mirai, which competes with the Pontiac Aztec as the ugliest car ever made.

I’ve noticed several new car models recently, including this one, with styling which appears to have been inspired by the Mirai.

I can’t imagine why, as I think the Mirai is one of the ugliest cars ever made. But then, de gustibus non est disputandum. Obviously some people at Toyota like this look.

Yeah! What’s with that? Egads!

The trouble with success of the prime for toyota is it will canabilise sales of its own to a greater degree than any other.

My guess is 50% of sales will be a toyota hybrid sacrifice.

I imagine the 780 sold in november were to those “blindly” loyal.

Not sure why that would be “trouble”. Replacing the sale of a non-plug-in HEV with a PHEV, even one with only ~25 miles of range, is certainly an improvement.

I’d love to see Toyota make compelling BEVs, as well as PHEVs with an electric range at least as big as the Volt 2.0. But as they say, “Half a loaf is better than none”… altho with an electric range of only 25 miles, I think it’s more like a third of a loaf.

I’m all for more plugins but, keep your Prius, I’ll enjoy my 330e’s style and performance. People hate on the AER but I haven’t been to the gas station in over a month and that’s good enough for me.

It is easy to believe “this is the one” in terms of a breakout plug-in car, but we’ve all been here before. While I too think this could be a top seller in the plug-in space, I’m not sure even the average Prius buyer will grasp the “cheaper with rebate” concept…certainly not right now when in about 3 1/2 weeks they will have to wait over a year to get that rebate.

The “excitement” is all amongst us EV nerds…not so sure that extends to the general public. Heck, the last Leaf owner I ran into had no idea my old Volt had a gas engine too!

When I stopped in a dealer to look at the one they had on the lot, the salesperson insisted it was more expensive than the standard Prius because Toyota had already used up all their tax credits and none were available on the Prime. when asked if they charged them up for test drives, he said there was no reason to since they could also run on gas. The first ones being sold are likely to knowledgeable customers that have been waiting for them. We’ll see what happens when that resource dries up.
Toyota’s ant-EV corporate culture may negatively impact Prime sales. They have some work to do in both product knowledge and attitude.

“…when asked if they charged them up for test drives, he said there was no reason to since they could also run on gas.”

Clearly the bias against promoting PEVs isn’t limited to just American brand stealerships.

Autodealears are independent, they are not part of Toyota corporate or any automaker corporate in the US.
Just go to another dealer, they are not exactly the same.


We just bought a new Prius Touring.

We WANTED a Prime.

But Toyopta isn’t selling them in Texas (anyway that’s whet we were told)

Trade it in? Or get a Bolt 🙂

So why is a Volt better than a Prime? It’s quite a bit more expensive .. why? I’m seriously considering ordering a Prime but so many people here think the Volt is better and I just need to understand why? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

“But Toyopta isn’t selling them in Texas (anyway that’s whet we were told)”

Wait . . . you believed what a salesperson told you?



They still don’t get it. 100% electric is the best. Hybrid is twice as complicated aND still burns gas.
Hydrogen is 8 time more complicated and inefficient.

I think they “get it” just fine. 100% electric is not best at everything… the two main things it is not best at is range and price. A PHEV solves both of those problems, while giving some of the benefits of pure EV.

Wow Toyota, cheesy and arrogant video or what!

At least they seem committed now, and the new heat pump sounds like a real innovation.

Everything else was marketing fluff.