Toyota Mirai (in chrome finish) at Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb – Video


JUN 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 35

Toyota recently presented a special “one-off” Mirai, finished in a full mirror-chrome body wrap (why chrome? we do not know)

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

And in this new finish, the Japanese fuel cell flagship made its motorsport debut at the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb in the UK this month.

The Mirai recorded a best time of 44.44 seconds (average 62.5 mph).

“Meanwhile at Gurston Down in Wiltshire, Mirai made its UK motorsport debut, striking a contrast as one of the world’s most advanced vehicles, competing in one of the sport’s oldest and most traditional formats – a hill climb speed trial.

Driven by journalist David Finlay and sporting a one-off mirror-chrome full body wrap, it recorded a best time of 44.44 seconds over the 0.6-mile course, at an average speed of 62.5mph.”

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

During the same weekend, another Toyota Mirai was present in Monaco, taking the lap of honor around Monte Carlo, to officially open the Monaco Grand Prix with Prince Albert at the wheel.

“At both events, Mirai ran whisper-quiet and produced no tailpipe emissions other than water from its hydrogen fuel cell system. Introduced in selected European markets, including the UK, in the second half of 2015, Mirai is a pathfinder for the use hydrogen fuel in a vehicle that offers the same levels of convenience and practicality as a conventional petrol or diesel car – a range of around 300 miles and refuelling time of between three and five minutes.”

Hat Tip to Sven!!!

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The chrome body wrap will reflect most of the flash heat from a helium fuel explosion. Very useful option.

There’s no helium, and so far no explosions.

But I must say, I like the chrome look. I wonder if that is legal and if Tesla 3 would offer it.

Lot’s of people chrome their cars. Even the Beiber w/his Fisker Karma.

I wonder what a bunch of playmates would look like around this car.

this is the kind of thing that appeals to people whose primary interest is in being loud and gaudy.

ISIS Loves This Car.

You’re an idiot for making jokes about ISIS less than 48 hours after an ISIS inspired gunman gunned down 49 innocent people in Orlando. 🙁

I feel sorry for you that you were born so stupid. If only there was a cure.

Koenigsegg? Seriously? Lol. If we wanted a ridiculously stupid looking car, now that would be one place to start.

you’re making the huge assumption that he was actually “ISIS inspired” as he reported claimed allegiance to both ISIS and to groups that are fighting against ISIS. in reality, this was a guy who lived in the U.S. so his inspirations for committing this mass murder most likely came from *this* country. multiple murders in this country literally average out to be an everyday occurrence and certainly there is no shortage of homegrown animosity toward homosexuals. so if you are looking for the real inspiration for these murders, i don’t think you need to look beyond this country’s borders.

Let me guess – you drive a Chevy???

It’s always the Chevy driver.

This chromed Mirai graphically illustrates the hard truth that FCV’s are smoke-and-mirrors without the smoke.


Or they were going for the Mirage-look.

The chrome does hide the fugly some.

It’s an ugly that makes sense when you look at it long enough, though. There is certainly a bit of techno-Japanese-cool going on there. Kind of like Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Yeah, like the Japanese Techno-cool of a a frog-inspired Leaf design. I get it, I just don’t want it.

Anime themed cars are popular in Japan.

Toyota sells limited edition anime themed cars (Toyota Auris) and even uses anime in commercials to market the Prius.

Below is the Toyota Prius anime commercial and anime characters.

Thank you for that assault on our senses. And many suggest that different nations and cultures are more alike than different. Clearly, they were not referring to Japanese automobile advertising.

Nice one!

Wow, that is one ugly car.

Just be patient, one of them will smoke eventually

I noticed they changed the wording from trailblazer to pathfinder. They got raked over the coals for that one.

Well the Mirai is a pathfinder and it looks like the path it found wanders off into the woods and disappears.

“Pathfinder” conveys the sense of stumbling around in the dark a lot better than “trailblazer”.

Usually these stunts happen to cars nearing the end of their life cycle. So what’s happening here?

The Chrome wrap, is there so when you are up close and look at the Mirai, you “See yourself in the car!” It’s a subconcious marketing trick to get more people into it!

So, if these are so fast or quick, why no videos of them racing in 1/4 mile tracks? No H2 fueling near any drag strips?

The Volt made this concept OBSOLETE years ago.
Toyota = Slow Learner.

no it didn’t, the mirai is a zero emission vehicle for both local and long distance driving. even in local driving, it is not difficult to deplete the stored charge in a Volt although most of the time the typical driver would not. what the mirai does right is provide the benefits of both bev and ice in a zero emission package.

the problem with the fcev is one of practicality, but the market for electric vehicles probably won’t be mature for at least a decade so there is plenty of time to experiment with different technologies.

at present the phev is the most practical technology but the market for electric vehicles is so immature that it currently includes a high percentage of higher income early adopters.

Hydrogen vehicles are not zero emission. The hydrogen would come from steam reformed natural gas – a fossil fuel. On “Well to Wheel” emissions hydrogen loses to all BEVs and many small engine gas cars. Hydrogen is the oil & gas industries last attempt to keep you enslaved

yours is a crazy, conspiratorial, perspective. the problem with bev’s is long recharge time. the reason why companies investigate fcev’s is to make electric vehicles that are more appealing to customers. i know a lot of ev enthusiasts assume that all a person has to do is recharge at home overnight and all problems are solved. well, when it comes to your transportation, you need to be able to anticipate what happens when the unexpected happens. for example, as one of the people on this forum who actually owns an electric vehicle, there have been several occasions in which i have forgotten to plug in my vehicle. recently, i even thought to open the charge port door, but i got so involved in getting the packages out of my car that i forgot to go back and plug in. the next day when i went to the garage, i saw that i had forgotten to plug in and did so then. fortunately, the Volt has a gasoline generator so i could have been able to still drive if i had needed to do so on the following day. when you forget to put gasoline in your car, you are only… Read more »

You might want to get that short term memory loss looked at by a physician. In the interim, I would suggest setting a reminder for plug-in on your phone. That and a string around your finger should do wonders.

bustin jiebers ride of choice

Chrome wraps, the embodiment of safety.
Reflect the sun right into the drivers eyes or other drivers on the road. What a great idea.
Just because one can do something doesn’t mean it should be done.

what the hell is going on with toyota lexus front grills?

Actually, and probably uniquely in the automotive world, fuel cells need large grills for air intake, and thus those ugly things are functional.

This is the ugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen