Top Ten List Of Fan-Made Tesla Commercials To Kick Off Project Loveday

Project Loveday

MAR 9 2017 BY EVANNEX 16

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Over the years, we’ve been tracking some spectacular Tesla [NASDAQ: Tesla] fan-produced video spots. Some by amateurs, some by aspiring ad guys, and some by true professionals. But all have one thing in common — Tesla didn’t pay a dime for any of the videos. Just this week, news surfaced that Elon Musk agreed to a 10-year-old’s recommendation to run a contest (and air) the best Tesla TV commercial produced by a fan. So we went ahead and compiled our favorite top 10 Tesla fan ads that have aired on Youtube over the past few years. But, first… how did a 10-year-old influence the larger-than-life business maverick Elon Musk?

*This article comes to us courtesy of Evannex (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, InsideEVs writer Steven Loveday, was lucky enough to have his daughter gain serious influence over Elon Musk. How? Loveday’s 10-year-old daughter, Bria “sent Elon Musk a personal letter, as part of a school project. She was asked to write a letter to a business, with a complaint, request, or suggestion… The teacher had hoped that some of the students would actually get a response back and that would later be shared in class. The letter [requesting the Tesla fan ad contest] was Tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and almost immediately a response came back: ‘Thank you for the lovely letter. That sounds like a great idea. We’ll do it!'”

Letter from 10-year-old, Bria, to Tesla's CEO Elon Musk

Letter from 10-year-old, Bria, to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk (Source: InsideEVs)

It turns out that Tesla fans have had a long history of creating faux TV commercials for the brand. Over the years, we’ve featured many of them here on our blog. Putting together a top 10 list was actually quite difficult — plenty of amazing videos didn’t make the list. Furthermore, trying to rank these videos was challenging. Depending on your sensibility, aesthetic, and style — it’s likely you’ll disagree with our rankings. And yes… our #1 pick is controversial. It’s more of a short fan film (or movie trailer) than a commercial. But we love it — it remains our all-time favorite Tesla fan video ever. In any event, take a look below and see if you agree with our rankings.

1. Insane Metal Mode

Youtube: TurbometalChannel

2. Modern Spaceship

Youtube: everdream

3. Nozzie

Youtube: Ajar Pictures

4. Fireflies

Youtube: Parachute Vfx

5. Gallons of Light

Youtube: Jordan Bloch

6. Not a Dream

Youtube: freise brothers

7. Drive the Future


8. Origins

Youtube: ODD NY

9. Capable of Greatness

Youtube: A New Perspective Films

10. Step into the Future

Youtube: Tucker Elliott

Now I know some of you are cursing me out for leaving out some other absolutely stunning Tesla fan videos that have been floating around the web. Even though I can’t mention all of them here… there is one that deserves — at least — honorable mention. In fact, it probably would have cracked the top 10 but it’s not (yet) available on Youtube. Nevertheless I was able to track it down on Vimeo. So without further ado, here is our favorite bonus video…

Bonus: Top Vimeo Pick, LightDrive


As you can see — Tesla fans are massively talented at showing their passion for driving electric. We can’t wait to see the videos that surface as a result of this new contest. Check back as we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the best new Tesla fan ads that we come across while scouring the web. In the meantime, enjoy these videos!

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Totally agree georgeS. FIREFLIES


Nozzie 1st!
For the best story contents.
It has to be made shorter though…

Fireflies 2nd, just amazing to watch.



#6 Not A Dream…I love the quote.

Nozzi was the most entertaining to me, but doesn’t compel me to ‘buy a Tesla’.

Actually, altho I do love “Fireflies”, my favorite fan-made ad for Tesla cars isn’t a video at all:

“What it’s like to own a Tesla Model S: A cartoonist’s review of his magical space car.

By The Oatmeal

Submissions must be no longer than 90 seconds, so the first one certainly doesn’t qualify.

Modern Spaceship and then Fireflies

The multilple videos on the Tesla Racing Channel might not qualify as a fan-made commercial and that’s too bad. In my opinion, there’s no better advertising for Tesla than the Tesla Racing Channel.

Especially when The Hemi racing the Tesla, leaves its drive shaft at the starting line while the Tesla is long gone forward the finish line!

Yes tesla racing channel needs to be picked up by a network channel or cable channel.

I like them all…but if I had to choose…spaceship would be number 1.

I believe the last, number 10 actually sells the car the best. SO it would be my choice. I think “Nossie” is cute and is the most entertaining to a broad audience, so it would be my number 2 pick. A little long though.

The rest, while well crafted spec commercials, with very nice photography, no doubt by talented up and comers, are none the less idealistic, dogmatic fan nonsense and poor commercials for the car. Some of them don’t even make any sense.

I did learn two things though, rapid acceleration and retractable door handles have made the biggest impressions of all on the fans!