This Electrojet Electric Jet Ski Is Pure Futuristic Bliss

AUG 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Hungarian company Narke introduced an all-electric jet ski, but it says it’s not a jet ski, but rather the Electrojet

It’s quiet, emission-free and provides a ton of fun.

The Electrojet is built using carbon fiber-reinforced composite structure and looks pretty futuristic.

According to Narke, operating time is up to 1.5 hours, after which two hours are required to charge (0-80%), at least if you don’t have a spare battery to make a quick swap (in a few minutes).

The self-developed water-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor is rated at 45 kW of power and enables to go up to 55 km/h  (34 mph) (electronically limited).

“The electrojet fights against oil puddles and exhaust fumes. With its high performance, moderate sound and elegant look, it represents a new generation based on pure energy. A new generation, the spread of which can help preserve nature for the next generations.”

“Narke is not a jet ski. Narke is the world’s first electrojet designed for series production, which, thanks to its electric drive, is environmentally friendly and represents a sustainable future.”

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Having been an avid jet skier for the last 22 years, I can tell you I REALLY, REALLY want an electric jet ski. It would be fantastic! This one isn’t it. There is no price listed, so I can’t comment on that, but I can say from the pictures that this PWC is pretty large and therefore likely less manuravable. Probably heavy too as that seems to be the way with battery powered vehicles. The run time of an hour and half would never work for me personally, but likely OK for a lot of other PWC users who mostly run off a shore and just screw around a bit and return. The big deal killer is the top speed. 34 mph is a joke. That’s worse than 1985. Today’s skis come box stock and hit the Coast Guard limited 67 MPH or so. Even the budget entry boats are a good solid 55 mph. Modified skis now pass 80 mph and some of the true freaks out there pursue a 100. Sadly the NUMBER ONE question a new PWC buyer asks the sales person is- How fast does it go? Speed sells and little else. Sadly, this boat is… Read more »

When this comes available, the ice-jetskis should be forbidden, no matter what the topspeed. Terrible noise, terrible gas smell. You have been polluting for 22 years. Thanks.

Lol….hate to brake it to you but the 2 stroke jets are still on the waters today….even in CA for crying out loud! So to your list of pollutants add engine oil.

Agree with the older 2 strokes engine, like any old engine anyway.

But these day, some 2 strokes are cleaner thant their 4 strokes counter part.

This is one latest, but there has been a lot of development years ago

And previously :

The major polution have little relation with oil consumption, but rather with unburned fuel, and oil, passing right through the intake port to the exhaust.

The problem might not be the engine but the animal that is using it. because most of the polution is from spill of gas and oil directly in the water when filling up their toys and unfortunatly dumping some in the surround.

So yeah, 22 years of poluting all around, air, water, eroding shore and the silence that nobody seems to remember.

I cesse all motor dumb activities long time ago, when I realise how harmfull they are and finding much more enjoyable thing to do for fun.

On a bike ride two week ago I end up at a beach, it was stinky, oily and noisy.

This is a place I don’t want to hang around.

Most of the people I saw there, sat on their boats, drinking, or drunking and just pleasing themself making waves and noise.

Not very inspiring!

Yes, i know what their problem is. I used to have one very long time ago. It was spitting oil through the exhaust.

Sure, ICE powered cars should be forbidden and ICE powered lawn mowers should be forbidden and ICE powered airplanes and on and on. Actually if you want the water on the planet to be clean and healthy, humans should be forbidden. Anyhow, you’re welcome. It’s been a great ride and will continue to be into the future.

Yeah, there’s a lot of things in life that give far less enjoyment than jetskis yet pollute far more.

I doubt a typical jetski even gets enough use to warrant electrification. You drive an EV some 200-300 times a year, so manufacturing impact is quickly surpassed with prevented emissions. Not sure about a jetski…

That’s really slow, no thanks.

TESki please so I can Supercharge on the way to the coast and use destination chargers when I get there.

I think this product may be designed for all the lakes in Europe where gas engines are not allowed.
I remember renting electric boats 20+ years ago in Germany, Austria and maybe in Hungary too (lake Balaton).

It could be. I know that the electric dirt bike motorcycles are more popular in Europe due to noise pollution regulations there.

1.5h and then you and jet are swimming towards coast… typical Hungarian ideas…