Teslonda Is A Super Quick Tesla-Powered Honda – Video


Chevy Volt Battery in the mix too!

We’ve seen any number of EV conversions over the years — cars that have had their internal combustion guts ripped out and replaced with quiet, powerful electric drivetrains — and among that number there have been a few, how shall we say, “Frankensteins” among them. This little battery-powered monster that just showed up on Youtube, however, probably out-Frankensteins them all.

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Teslonda motor gets spun up for the first time with help from a Chevy Volt battery pack

The 10-second clip reveals a first-generation Honda Accord with what is said to be a Tesla rear axle, complete with powerful electric motor and controller, stuffed, mostly, beneath it. The axles have apparently not been cut to fit the much smaller chassis of the import that originally came to these shores in 1981, and so the wide rear tires stick out well past the body work. To add to the weirdness, the front end is jacked way up in the air, underpinned by a set of skinny tires.

Affectionately and appropriately named “Teslonda,” this little freak does zero-to-sixty in 2.7 seconds, nosing the front end even higher into the air as it does. According to the poster of the video, the blip of action was recorded in temperatures of 38 degrees F (3.3 degrees Celsius), and so they expect they can get it down to 2.5 seconds.

While the whirring bits came from a Tesla Model S, sourced from Jason HughesHSR Motors, the battery is actually from a Chevy Volt. We’ve included a video of it powering up the drivetrain for the first time below. Inside, the dash display is a custom affair, a short video of which we’ve also embedded below, along with a picture of the underside as it sits on a lift having its battery pack fuses upgraded to handle 1,200 amps.

If the brief clip is far too brief for your tastes, you’re in luck. The “Jimmy Built” YouTube channel should have a longer, more thorough video of the car in the coming weeks. We’ll be sure to bring it to your attention when that happens, along with anymore released information.

A post shared by Jimmy Built (@jimmy.built) on

A post shared by Jimmy Built (@jimmy.built) on

Source: YouTube, Instagram via The Drive

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That thing looks dangerous ‼️

Isn’t this actually a GM powered Honda, or even more accurately a LG powered Honda? I mean if all the power comes from a Volt battery wouldn’t that be more accurate?

I suppose a LGonda or a Chonda though probably wouldn’t have made it on to this site.

If that were true, wouldn’t your ICE also be “powered by” whatever brand of fuel you put in it? Shell, BP, Chevron, etc.?

I think either is acceptable. They called it Teslonda, so we went with that.

Wow that’s a 430 kV battery!