Musk: Tesla’s Next Vehicle Likely To Be Electric Mini Car


It can “squeeze in” just one adult.

That’s according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk who spilled just those few details this evening via Twitter.

Here’s the Tweet:

The convo above started when an image of the Radio Flyer Model S surfaced on Twitter. When asked if there’d be an X version, Musk responded in such a way as to suggest Tesla is working on something a wee bit bigger instead.

We do expect it to be the next vehicle offered by Tesla though, mostly due to its simplicity. This is something that could come together quickly and we’re certain it lacks the complexity of say the upcoming Tesla Model Y.

We envision something way cool, ‘cuz Tesla. But what exactly we’ll see is anyone’s guess at this point.

What we do know is that it’ll be fun, quick and the most affordable Tesla to date that fits an adult. What we don’t know is everything else.

What do you think this electric mini-car will be like? Roadgoing? We sure hope so, but we’re leaning towards not. Even a nifty single-seat off-roader would be swell though, too.

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Personally, as much as I enjoy the quirky humor of Tesla, I’d like to see them take a pass on a couple side projects and instead throw themselves into their new pickup and/or rolling out the semi.

+1 Tesla keeps getting a green light to eat lunches. Workhorse can’t deliver its W-15. Tesla should step in. Contractors want 40kwh of mobile storage, to frame or any of a number of tasks that may not have on site electricity. You could arc weld with one of these trucks.

Get it done, Tesla. Even with an extender, the market isn’t moving to offer what the people want. So, deliver it. My latest concern is that Duke and SCPPA (Workhorse’s supposed July delivery customers) may themselves not want mobile storage floating around. Maybe they didn’t want those trucks? All they resemble is one step closer to grid-defection, for those who need to bridge gaps. That is what is likely to happen, when in the public’s hands. Why was I thinking Workhorse was going to follow through, if its utility customer should have no interest in facilitating its own demise?

Contractors buying a pickup will need a plug-in hybrid solution, or if full BEV will need a battery more like ~150+ kwh. The expense of the battery to provide decent range in a full-size pickup is the holdup so far I’d say.

To get usable range on a plug-in will require a big battery too. I.e. even just 25 mile range like the Prime will require ~20+ kwh I bet.

By the time a Tesla pickup would hit the market, a 150 kWh battery should be easily below $15,000 — expensive, but not prohibitive.

We could argue that targeting the pickup for wealthy boat owners would be far more profitable for Tesla than targeting this for construction crews…

The market for construction crews is probably much larger though, since these are more likely to calculate TCO…

Partly agree but Tesla needs cash and if you can create a cash flow positive vehcile of some sorts to sell and get more advertising out of it for little effort you go for it…

I would actually like to see them outsource production of the semi so they can generate more cash to expand their vehicle lineup up…

Yeah, Outsourcing production does not seem to be a thing with Tesla. Look at what Magna has done for BMW. Just like what Foxconn has done for Apple. So in all seriousness, I even think outsourcing the coachwork of the Roadster will get things cracking sooner. In fact, a 2 door coupe/Roadster version around $100K pricing might be a good market segment to be in. They has to diversify quickly too as they scale up.

If Tesla doesn’t outsource production of its Semi, then how is it going to get them serviced? I don’t see Tesla building a network of service shops just to service the Semi Truck, and the trucks are much too big to fit into the bay at a regular Tesla service shop.

Perhaps Tesla will contract with existing truck service shops, but I think it would be a lot smarter for them to partner with a truck maker for both production and service.

You have a good point about Tesla eschewing partnerships for producing their vehicles; the partnership with Lotus for the original Roadster didn’t turn out so well. But Tesla has certainly had success partnering with Panasonic at the Gigafactory, so perhaps they’ll consider a partnership for the Semi Truck.

Tesla hasn’t even talked about an assembly plant for the Semi Truck. If they don’t partner with an existing truck maker, then production is at least several years in the future. I think the only way Tesla is going to get its Semi Truck into production by 2020 is if they find an existing truck maker to partner with.

Tesla will have to build a ranger program for the semi. My guess is that such a strategy will unseat the status quo for semi vehicle service by doing business differently and more customer-focused. Imagine you have a small fleet of Tesla Semi trucks and you schedule a Tesla service ranger to come and take care of all of them at the same time, while they sit in your facility.

Tesla claimed they think the Semi could be selling 100,000 per year at some point — so why would they need to partner with anyone? At such numbers, they can handle service etc. in-house without any low-volume overhead.

First off, I expect very few issues with their semis.
Secondly, the bays in Denver service are more than big enough to handle semis. But, I do not think this is an issue. It is pretty much a modular item.
Thirdly, they will be producing the truck in GF1, in nevada.
I do not recall when, but I recall Musk saying that was the most probable place. And with the tent up, I think that it is a certainty that Nevada will be used for temp lines for the Semi followed by Model Y.

While outsourcing low-volume vehicle programs seems to be gaining some traction, we are not seeing the industry at large moving in that directly… So apparently there are still advantages of doing it in-house.

For a vertically integrated maker like Tesla, with lots of custom components and design choices, probably more than for others.

outsourcing has actually hurt apple a great deal. They no longer control their destiny. OTOH, FoxConn controls their own.
Same issue applies to BMW. Sadly, both companies screwed themselves in the long haul.

Nice story bro.

Apple is worth a trillion dollars now.

How would outsourcing Semi production generate more cash?

Note that at the earnings call, they claimed they are not cash-constrained for further growth.

Anybody that is calling for outsourcing obviously does not have a clue of how manufacturing is done.
The reason why a large company does that, is because the MBA idiots are now in control. rather than engineers.
When you have engineers in control, they will keep it, and the profits, in-house.

yeah. no.
I makes little sense to outsource.
Outsourcing is what horrible managers do. Basically, those are MBAs with little knowledge of what they are doing.
Tesla outsourced initially, but is bringing everything in-house over time.
This will allow them to control not just QA, but all costs.

A lot of the side projects Tesla takes on not only helps generate revenue, they also help monetize their resources, in same way the leather bags they made used scraps from Tesla cars. So here comes a question, what happens to battery cells that fail Q/A? I don’t mean the ones that can’t be used at all, but there are some that can’t handle as fast charging or others that have lower voltage. Throw them out? Or use them in a product that doesn’t require as fast charging or as high voltage? This is no different than other manufacturing, like when you buy an LCD monitor, you notice many of the panels made by companies like LG, AUO, Samsung, TCL and etc. Companies like Dell or LG use A or A+ panels. But they also sell B+ to C panels to third parties. These panels are usable but failed Q/A due to things like dead pixel count or etc and these 3rd parties release their own TVs/monitors are lower prices because they source lower quality panels. Tesla is going to be producing a TON of batteries, and there are going to be some that fail Q/A but are still usable… Read more »

Panasonic should be subjecting cells to QC (Quality Control) before selling them to Tesla. Cell manufacturers do sell factory seconds in lots on ebay and elsewhere.

Just guessing here, but I would guess that if Tesla tests a cell and it’s bad, it will be returned to Panasonic for credit.

That is the case when you are simply buying cells, but Tesla is building the cells together with Panasonic. It might be possible that Panasonic handles the offloading of the cells, (though in this case they use Tesla’s proprietary chemistry so would Panasonic pay Tesla licensing when they sell them to 3rd parties?). And in either case it might me more cost efficient for Tesla to use these cells themselves.

Panasonic won’t be selling these cells to anyone else. They are a Tesla-specific design. So if there are indeed cells that are functional but fail certain performance tests (not sure whether that happens much in cell production), finding secondary uses for them actually makes perfect sense…

BTW, I’m pretty sure Panasonic is doing any such tests rather than Tesla, since they have to perform conditioning anyway before the cells are ready for use.

This vehicle may not even be intended for the U.S. market, perhaps it’s for the Chinese market from there new factory they are planning to build there.

I have one of these. It’s called a, “motorcycle.”

Pickups, Semis, Roadsters, car sleds in underground tunnels, 600mph pneumatic tubes, flame-throwers, Mars colonies – how is this guy still allowed to run his Twitter account? Tesla must have one of the weakest boards in corporate history.

I can certainly see why an internet troll would be jealous of Elon’s many successes, his popularity, and his wealth.


Psst- it’s called advertising bro1999, er, I mean Kind A Weird. Tesla doesn’t spend any money on advertising, but do understand that any press is good press. And it works. Look how many Tesla headlines are on Yahoo. And on Fox. And on CNN. You may not agree with the tactic, I don’t necessarily agree with it, either, but it IS effective.

Once you wrap your brain around the concept, you can be at peace and move on to the next reason to despise Tesla.

(you’re welcome)

Not “bro1999”, Internet Sherlock. As to the, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” approach to marketing, yeah, I’m familiar with that 19th century concept, so since you’re not exactly edifying me (and I doubt there is a single issue about which you possibly could), I’m not thanking you for anything.

Hahahaha! Wow, more effective than I thought. You should have an ‘Easy’ button installed right on your shoulder.

By the way, if you have such a strong grasp on the concept of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” then you’ve answered your own question about why Elon Tweets.

And although you don’t thank me (which I kinda expected), I do thank you getting so wadded up for all our entertainment, bro1999..

You’re the one posting at me, not the other way around – who’s the one getting wadded up again? Go ahead and reply, since I’ve got you so triggered you follow me around, tugging at my shirt tale.

not a weak board.
Just one that is not going to be stupid like when Apple fired Jobs and kept Scully.

That is the $35K Model 3 Musk promised…

Good one:).

NAW! Its the $3,500 one for “Po Folk!”

Elon Musk is kidding. Please make a 4 seater car which will be ideal for most families who have 1 / 2 kids. Ideally the car can have a short bonnet and can look somewhat like BMW i3 although with a slightly bigger trunk space in a perfect wagon like design, but with extra height so that it can be called a crossover. This will sell.

If VW prices their ID at $27K as promised, then this model could compete against it. Model-3 at $35K is way too pricey for most people.

Which half? Top or bottom?

Both, but limbless.

Reminds me of a short story, sadly I cannot remember either the author or the title of this satire, about a family which was absolutely completely dead average in every way; a family that found itself under a microscope because advertising firms wanted to know what the “average” family did and thought about everything. The couple’s third child was born limbless, so… 2.4 children.

That model is already available today and called a Bolt EV. I am sure the price will come down to that range, it already is with tax credits and discounts. However, there is little reason for Tesla to enter that market, it is the one that has the most competition and least reward. Maybe someday, but not first.

There is a rumor of a Tesla Model 4, 23k. Though not sure if it will be 2 people or 4 people but same size as imeiv

If there is such a rumour out there, I’m pretty sure it’s in the “someone thought this should happen” category, rather than “there are hints they are actually considering something like that”.

The average suburban family with 1-2 kids wants a large SUV or minvan. Don’t ask me why, I myself don’t get it.

Do you have a normal, nuclear family with two kids that have hobbies and friends? If not, then of course you don’t get it.

This vehicle may be for non-US markets primarily.

non-Earth markets primarily

“The average suburban family with 1-2 kids wants a large SUV or minvan. Don’t ask me why, I myself don’t get it.”

Then apparently you don’t understand why moms in such families are called “soccer moms”. Hint: It’s not because mom plays soccer.

I’m sure all this soccer equipment takes up a tremendous amount of space… 😛

The equipment? Well a bag full of balls does, but it’s primarily, you know, the kids who play soccer that take up the most.

You are describing a Chevy Bolt.

You are describing the Tesla Bluestar, which later became the Model E and finally the… Model 3. As you can see, the scope changed.

Tesla is not going to make a product to compete in the Corolla/Leaf market any time soon.

Depends on the definition of “soon”. Asked at the shareholders meeting about the possibility of Tesla making a compact, Elon replied that could happen in about five years.

(Curiously, that bit doesn’t seem to have been reported on any of the usual news sites, although IMHO it was one of the most interesting titbits…)

The small model should have both the passenger version as 4 seater (2 passengers * 2 rows ) and also a cargo version with just 1 row seating 2 passengers and a longer trunk space for carrying more stuff and this will be a 3 door vehicle. This type of cargo vehicle could be used by small business to carry stuff around.

Using a same model for 2 version could reduce their investment (instead of designing 2 different models) and sell to both families and business and pricing it affordably and getting better return on investment.

The current vehicle for business is either a pickup or a van and both are very big and expensive for the small business deliveries. A smaller vehicle in the size of 160 ” (length) * 70 ” (width) * 60 ” (height) will be very ideal.

4.060 mm (length) * 1.780 mm (width) * 1520 mm (height) in Metric.

I would personally love to see Tesla come out with a $12,000 to $20,000 dollar small car that would be around the same size as the Mitsubishi i-miev.

I personally loved the interior of the i-miev more then any other EV car on the road but the 62 mile range and the $27,000 price killed it.

If Tesla came out with something a little different and dropped a 200 to 300 mile battery pack it would slaughter the cheap gas car market.

Exactly, and that market has less competition in it then your $25k market. I know many that would buy a commuting vehicle.

I would love the same but it might just be a toy or even an adult play toy for off road…
But who knows…

There is a rumor of a Tesla Model 4, 23k, same size as the iMeiv..

Thr iMiEV, even with a 33 kWh pack, & 140-150 miles range at $24,000 CAN$, would be a very viable play, too!

And it will cheap to make

Such a range in such a small car, and such a price point, won’t be possible any time soon. Energy densities will probably have to almost double for that to become viable…

Also, while this might be popular in specific markets (China?), it would be a niche offering elsewhere, just as tiny combustion cars are today.

Spot on, but you missed two issues.
Musk is a big believer in building decent cars. By that, I mean, fast, decent range, extremely safe, and inexpensive relative to comparable ICE.
I can not see Tesla having the ability to do that for another 3-5 years. Basically, the battery price must come down first and density increases, so that Tesla can put more money towards the car itself for the safety.

Now, with that said, watch Tesla prove us both wrong on this.

Nice thought, but even the new cells that will be coming will likely not have the density to provide 200, let alone 300, MPC. And on a tiny car no less.

Supposedly, they will be coming out with a sub-compact in a few years (like 3–5), and it will be cheap. BUT, it would be impossible to make the money on it now.

I would suggest Elon Musk’s tweet means that Tesla has bought Lit Mitors and their gyroscope self-balancing, enclosed motorcycle.

Yeah, a vehicle like that is what I’m thinking Tesla will show as a 1-person prototype/ concept car. Altho possibly a 3-wheeler with a tilting cabin, if “cabin” is the right world for an enclosed 3-wheeled motorcycle.
The Toyota i-Road

No profit and viability in the us market

This mini car can squeeze one adult to mars, then bore a tunnel straight through the center to the dark (and polar opposite) side of mars,, thus creating the “4th rock supercharger” …..load the square pigs — let the space trucking begin!

….or it could be a short range autonomous delivery vehicle, not really designed for adult cargo , ..

Elon Musk said: “We’re working on a new Tesla mini-car that can *squeeze* in an adult”

Made for Shortsville resident Jim Chanos… as a going away present as he departs to his new home in Worthlessville.

Large shoehorn included but no roof protection from stormy weather.

Talking about Jim Chanos…

Rumor has it Jim is hard at work trying to convince his anti-Tesla wolfpack that the massive TSLA short squeeze he has lead them into is temporary and no big deal… to hang on with him and keep fighting against Tesla.

Sort of reminds me of the Black Night saying “but a flesh wound.”

As much as I would like the see the Tesla shorts fall on their own sword (no Black Night required), it is important that one consider, that these shorts don’t need to be right on all of their bets, they just need to be right on a majority of their borrowed profits, by punishing companies that are overvalued in the equities market, either near term, or long term. Their risk, is your reward, when they add liquidity by being a buyer, in TSLA, at some later date.

@Willaim said: “…Their risk [anti-Tesla Jim Chanos wolfpack], is your reward, when they add liquidity by being a buyer, in TSLA, at some later date…”

Good attempt to rationalize that Jim Chanos is a net positive for TSLA long investors which perhaps I’d buy if Chanos’s Tesla short position was more silent and not backed up with constant soapbox negative public hammering of Tesla for example Chanos’s knowingly falsely promoting that Tesla is “worthless” and nothing but an “elaborate scam”.

Fortunately Tesla is doing extremely well despite the Jim Chanos lead ant-Tesla wolfpack constant efforts to pull down Tesla…

“Sort of reminds me of the Black Night saying ‘but a flesh wound’.”

*Cough* Knight *cough*

#GrammarNazi #PythonFan

Pushmi-Pullyu Said: “..*Cough* Knight *cough*..”

Perhaps Pun?

“…Which by and by *black night* doth take away,
Death’s second self, that seals up all in rest…
Consumed with that which it was nourish’d by…” William Shakespeare

Only a moron would short a company that receives $5b/year from the government and is essentially “too big to fail.” That was Chanos’s folly – trying to short a winner picked by the feds.

One could use that same label on you, with regards to spinning a lie/narrative of Tesla receiving $5 billion in subsidies from the Fed every year. And given the frequency you and I interact, I know you’ve seen this from me within the last week, but here it is again:

General Motors:

Even the company who manufacturers your coveted Bolt takes subsidies. Do you want Ford and Chrysler, too? Do we need to do this EVERY time you and every other hater here brings up the ‘subsidy’ word?? When is it gonna sink in with folks like you?

What in my post are you refuting? Did I claim that other car makers don’t take subsidies? My point is, don’t short stocks that are heavily subsidized, because they can always get more subsidies.

As for GM, thanks for making my point. It should have gone BK, but it got bailed out instead. In a fair market, GM shorts should have been rewarded for correctly predicting the outcome of GM’s bad decisions. Instead, they got left holding the bag.

Finally, I have no idea what “subsidytraker” is, or its veracity, but the LA Times – that bastion of. right wing Tesla-haters – says otherwise: Regardless, my point stands: Tesla gets billions and billions in subsidies, and STILL hasn’t managed to come close to profitability in its entire 15 year history.

Your point “stands” on a completely made up number.

So the LA Times is lying?

I can’t check, since I’m not allowed to access the article; but if it’s the propaganda piece launched by the Koch brothers, they never even claimed 5 billion a year. (It was 5 billion *total*.) Also, it contains items not related to Tesla at all; items not specific to Tesla in any way (thus not affecting their competitiveness); and items that were just loans, i.e. can’t be just counted as a subsidy in their entirety. So yes, that figure is a total lie.

Nope, you didn’t say that no other companies take subsidies. But you did happen to only mention one. So I thought I’d help you. Here’s some other estimates from other sources to verify that Tesla only does what everyone else does:

Do you want more links? You find the time to mention Tesla’s subsidies, so I figured with your interest in handouts you’d appreciate knowing even more. I’m not sure of the political leanings of those sources, but can dig up more if those don’t pass your sniff test.

Have a great evening.

First off, that article was shown to be many lies.
Secondly, very little money from 10 years ago went to Tesla.
In fact, your claim of 5B/year, when that article claims that Tesla, SpaceX, and SOlar City had gotten a TOTAL of 5B over the last 15 years.
So, back up your claim about 5B/year, or admit that you are simply a lying troll.

Shill for Big Oil, just like “Montana Skeptic”. He doesn’t want anyone to invest in TSLA, either long or short, because shorter demand is so high that it sometimes actually drives up the price of TSLA!

really? Where is Tesla getting 5B / year from the feds?

That would be cool, a three-wheel highway-capable EV, capable of seating 1 or 2 people, or maybe 1 person and a load of grocery bags. Give it 150-mile range, which should easily be doable with a 35 to 40kWh battery, it doesn’t even need Supercharger access, just destination charger and J1772, a 75A @ 240v charging capability gives it the ability to gain 80 miles of range per hour of charging.
Do this all for a cost of less than $25,000 and it will sell like hotcakes, especially so if it has the Tesla brand…

This kind of vehicle would be perfect for commuters, and low-income people due to the low-cost, and high-range, and practicality.

Many start ups have proposed such contraptions, none were ever successful. Elon Musk is just joking here, the demand for commuter trikes is too low to make a viable business case.

The price would have to come down enough, for them to be successful.
Take the Twizy from Renault for example. I would for sure buy one of these, if they were cheaper, but they offer almost a car experience with a price that is higher then a normal cheap car.
I love the way it drives, and the design and concept. The price has been the same for years, even though battery prices has come down. They have not even updated the range. BTW.. the range is good enough for me, and I would prefer a lower price, compared to a larger battery.

Catch 22: there is a small market at a low price but one would have to build an awful lot to get that low price, which the market won’t absorb. Hence no viable business case.

To mind comes Daimler’s Smart money pit: too few people will pay a premium for half a car.

Money pit? I kinda doubt that. Daimler wouldn’t be making them for two decades if it wasn’t successful… And now Toyota has a similar offering.

He didn’t actually say a 3-wheeled vehicle, altho most single-person “cars” are 3-wheelers.

The latest round of three-wheeled EV start-ups looks reasonably successful so far… At least one of them has been delivering for a while, and far from meeting demand.

(They are obviously still niche products, though.)

True for developed countries. Trikes have no mass appeal except as a recreational vehicle. But in third world countries they do but then, pricing has to be under $5K which is no doable…..sad.

Oh yeah, the market is screaming for a $25k, three-wheeled trike. That’s why you see so many slingshots around. I mean, why buy an actual car with four doors like a Prius for less when you can buy something that is practical for just about nothing.

Wrong… Radio Flyer makes the “Kid Size” Model S! This was a question about a similar Model X, at Kid Scale!

This toy “Might” be big enough to seat “Some” size adults, but they likely whould be the “Smaller” ones!

“This kind of vehicle would be perfect for commuters…”

…in China and third-world countries. Not gonna sell in significant numbers in the U.S. of A., any more than any other microcar ever has. I’m not sure it would even do well in Europe. The Twizy will at least seat two!

So references to the Model Y eSUV are suddenly screamingly conspicuous by their absence – in this report re this bizarre Tesla mis-step and everywhere else.
Whether we earth-responsible adults like it or not it is gasoline-powered SUVs that are being sold, promoted and bought globally in record numbers – the last thing we need, Elon, is the revival of the old EV stereotype – the one-person, loner-loser electric nerd-mobile.
So why-oh-Y oh-Y are all news outlets now so dutifully/collectively refusing to mention the Model Y eSUV ?
Paul G

Don’t worry that will change once the prototype is unveiled. Big time. Meanwhile we will have to put up with Elon Musk’s unique way of communicating like this one person contraption joke. Maybe he will grow up some day. Maybe he doesn’t have to.

GM is “All Growed Up”, but still fails at a single high volume EV, nearly 20 years after their first EV: EV1! Bolt EV in Canada, is about as hard to actually buy, as its equivalent in Europe!

That’s because for the grown ups plug-ins are still primarily about compliance, because as far as they are concerned the money is in the trucks. So I guess it’s a good thing Elon Musk’s mindset is not that of a typical grown up and we will just have to be patient with some of his more absurd twitter outbursts.

If you are bothered by these “outbursts”, get off Twitter 😛

This is probably nitpicking, but the Model Y will be a CUV, not an SUV.

Heck, even the Model X is a CUV, despite the fact it’s often described as an SUV. The “X” stands for “crossover”.

It thought it was “X” marks the spot!
Like in reference to “G” spot – SE”X”Y!

Some call it a minivan 😉

Many vehicles are called “SUV” nowadays, although they don’t match this label in any meaningful way beyond “taller than a sedan”…

This was not a news outlet, this was a Tweet Question! Radio Flyer makes the “Kid Size” Model S! This was a question about a similar Model X, at Kid Scale! Nothing to Detract from the coming March 15th, 2019 announced Model Y unveiling!

Why would anyone mention the Model Y in this context? It’s completely unrelated.

(And there are no news reports on the Model Y, since there is nothing new to report on Model Y right now…)

“We’re working on a new Tesla mini-car that can squeeze in an adult”

Elon Musk would not mention it if it didn’t have any truth in it.

The question is why Tesla would want to make an EV with only one seat?

The answer to that question could be that a substantial number of vehicles on the road in everyday traffic have at least 4 seats, but only one person is sitting in those vehicles (the driver).

To produce the most energy efficient EV just might be the target.

Will it have 4 wheels?
(Like the Renault Twizzy)

Will it have 3 wheels?
(Like the Toyota i-Road)


What would be an appropriate name for this one-person mini-car?

Tesla Model 1


A Tesla snow machine would be called a Tesled

As a Twizy concept fan I hope they design something similar, but use their EV experience and brainpower to design it so it use few parts, that is easy to assemble and gives a cheap vehicle for the customer.
Just think about the student market, a small vehicle to drive to/between campus(es), to the store, to the city center.. or for commuters that wants to travel cheap from their home to work and back.
Cheap to buy, cheap to run, cheap to maintain.

The Twizy seats two. I’m guessing this will be a 3-wheeler.

Not going to sell in the U.S. market. Elon might be thinking about selling that in China, where it might do well, but likely not until after the Model 3 goes into production in China.

But a one-seater isn’t going to be Tesla’s next production car, even if it’s the next concept car. That’s my prediction, anyway.

Its a KIDS CAR, a Radio Flyer Model S, step up for a Model X variant! For Bigger Kids, that just might “Squeeze” an Adult in!

Is no one reading the story before rushing to comment???

I looked back at the story more carefully. Your interpretation is certainly plausible, but perhaps Eric Loveday’s is more so, given that it’s Radio Flyer who would be developing such a toy vehicle, not Tesla.

In-housing is a thing with Tesla…

“Elon Musk would not mention it if it didn’t have any truth in it.”

So what you’re saying is, Vern Unsworth is, in fact, a pedophile, Tesla has already conducted a NYC to LA fully autonomous drive, and has never missed a delivery target.

Carpet bombing again Bro, why so obsessed about Tesla? Wierder and wierder…ROFLOL!

There are certainly some people in a position to criticize Elon for his overly optimistic predictions and the spin he often puts on when promoting his businesses.

A Tesla smear campaigning internet troll like you isn’t one of them.

Serious question: Does Tesla pay you to post here? You seem to post somewhere between 10-20 positive Tesla statements per article about Tesla. Only someone who is both obsessed with Tesla and unemployed OR employed by Tesla would do that. Which is it?

Serious question: Does Chanos pay you to post here? You seem to post somewhere between 10-20 negative Tesla statements per article about Tesla. Only someone who is both obsessed with Tesla and unemployed OR employed by Chanos would do that. Which is it?

What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander I guess..

But I don’t come anywhere near to posting ten statements per article about anything on this site, much less after every article about Tesla.

If you miss one it’s ok, we understand. You have to do your rounds on the other sites… there’s only so much a troll can do in a day. If you feel like taking a break that’s ok too.

A single-seat micro-minicar might be “Tesla’s next vehicle”, but I predict that there’s no possibility it will be a production car. If it does appear, it will be just a concept car.

Still, there is a market for that sort of thing in China or third-world countries. Possibly even in Europe. Once Tesla gets its China factory built, it might be worthwhile to put a micro-mini into production.

Strongly agree. A one-seat EV would be a “niche of a niche” product, at least in the US.

I’m reaching a bit here, but the one possible benefit I could see to Tesla having this in their stores would be as a magnet product. People see the car online or in ads, go to their nearest Tesla store, realize the car is WAY too small for them, but then start looking at the shiny M3.

Personally, I would much prefer to see Tesla and Musk stop screwing around and focus on getting the Y and Semi to market, dealing with their ongoing production hell challenges, etc.

It’s not a zero-sum game.

(For one thing, doing something fun now and again is important for productivity. Some companies pay a lot of money for someone to organise strange “team building” activities. Elon does side projects.)

I don’t know about China. If there is a market, it’s more likely India.

I do hope that this is a joke or a concept, nothing more. The market is really underserved (euphemism) for SUVs (MX is TOO expensive for probably 90%+ of world’s population), pick-up trucks, Trucks and these 3 categories probably pollute the most. I get it that the profit margins on these is High but if tesla is indeed serious about sustainable energy they should really address these markets as soon as they can , and they could with their today’s tech, no fancy falcon wings needed, before trying to convince people to own a commuter car AND a family car (waste?). Most people have families/friends etc so a single seater is unusable for virtually everyone , even single people need to go shopping they need a decent trunk , so yes I hope that this is a joke. Maybe he’s thinking about the next step in autonomous taxi service but in meanwhile millions of trucks are polluting, and yes people still need to haul things around In the medium future, maybe EM’s idea is the best, when all the shopping/delivery is done automatically, people can travel in these autonomous pods. But even then I would prefer to travel with my… Read more »

Radio Flyer made a Kid Sized Tesla Model S, with Tesla doing the design work with them! It had a top speed for kids of 3 Mph, and a switch for “Ludicrous Mode”, that raised the top speed to 6 Mph!

It seem no one here remembers that Tesla!

This Tweet from Elon was in responding to a Question about a Kids Model X! “Currently In Design”, was Elon’s reply, almost big enough to “Squeeze In” an Adult!

It won’t be for students, grocery shopping, or the like!

Yes. We published our most recent piece about it featuring the late great Verne Troyer. Sadly it was right before his passing.

I didn’t realize that Tesla actually had input into the design of the Radio Flyer Model S.

If so, that certainly makes your interpretation of Elon’s apparently joking remark more plausible.

But I’ve given up on being sure that anything Elon says they are gonna build is a joke, after he turned The Boring Company into a real company!

The Boring Company in itself doesn’t register particularly high on the weirdness scale, compared to the fact that they are selling flamethrowers…

Who says a single-seater can’t have a decent trunk? Sure, you won’t fit your Ikea furniture in there; but for groceries or clothes shopping, that’s perfectly fine.

When talking about autonomous ride hailing, the size limitation is not a problem at all, since you can just hail a different vehicle whenever you need more space. Thinking about it, a fleet of small vehicles along with larger ones is almost certain to happen, when autonomous ride hailing becomes a thing… It just makes a lot of sense.

They need to prioritize the pickup truck — they would not be able to make enough of them. Nothing crazy – just something like the F-150

They need to prioritize the Model Y. There’s a huge potential market for that.

It’s going to be much harder to design and build a practical BEV pickup, given the rather limited amount of energy a battery pack can carry. That will severely limit how much a pickup can haul or tow for any respectable distance at highway speed. Tesla can likely build a “suburban cowboy” pickup that’s just for show or light use; but a real, practical, work-a-day BEV pickup truck is going to be much harder to deliver, and may have to wait for better batteries.

Bollinger is coming to the EV 4X4 Truck (carries 4X8 sheet goods) table first. If this is the case, then Tesla loses early market share in the EV work Truck space. It looks like Elon is going to be a little late, in launching a passenger-work EV truck.

The pickup form factor has a lot of space for a large battery. Indeed Elon already said it will have a large battery.

The terrible tariff t-Rumpster would not allow it, any affordable EV-150 truck, would bigly, and absolutely bury Ford into the American ICE OEM garbage heap of history!

The pickup will most likley not be affordable…

If the make BEV compact coupe, I will be on

Try an Arcimoto, they are starting to ramp up EV deliveries.

I’d still love to see an electric Isetta-type vehicle roaming the streets, but I can’t imagine micro-cars getting widespread approval without stringent safety standards. Which means the three-wheeled category of “autocycle” seems more likely. Hopefully, vehicles like the Arcimoto FUV and Solo electric can break some barriers to alternative transportation (even if Elio Motors gives three-wheelers a bad name).

Maybe an EV version of this 🙂

Tesla does need to offer a city car in the sub-compact size. But something fun to drive like a 3 door hatch, like the Mini Cooper. If not at least a compact like current Corolla or last gen Civic. Tesla needs a sedan/hatch under $25k with 200 miles of range.

Model 1 – subcompact
Model 2 – compact
Model 3 – midsize
Model S – Large

It would be nice to see Tesla buy these guys
And then take over the factory down there that they were going to buy.

Just make an Electric City Car !