Tesla’s New Browser Finally Arrives, 2X Faster


We’ve waited quite some time for Tesla‘s new browser to arrive, and apparently, it was worth the wait.

According to Teslarati, several users tested the new internet browser prior to and after recent update v8.1 (2018.14). It’s important to note that this update is only good for Tesla Model S and X vehicles still using the old NVIDIA Tegra-3-powered MCU.

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The users reported HTML5 tests showing scores like 174 out of 555 points prior to the update. Also, speed tests showed an average of 300-500 KBbs. After the internet browser update, these same Tesla owners were showing scores of 301 and 304 points on the 555-point scale. Additionally, speed was tested at 5 MBps or more.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has noted owners’ complaints about the Tegra system and has personally admitted that it’s “terrible.” He’s spoken to the possibility of offering new units for older Model S and X vehicles. However, he also claimed that these updates would improve usability significantly. It appears as though his promises were true.

As you can see from the video below, Tesla owner Todd Sullivan shows that the update takes care of some previous errors he’s experienced and provides vastly¬†better performance overall.

Source: Teslarati

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It would really be helpful to know which vehicles this applies to. I don’t know what kind of MCU my car has.

Talking about browsers.
Can you fix your browser experience.
Either KEEP the Banner about plugin sales score card visible, or show it once and then get rid of it.

But, this CONSTANT UP AND DOWN is real amateur design, and very annoying, especially on an iPhone browser.


Agree wholeheartedly.
This bobbing-up-and-down useless header is an example of a technology which is “real kool” to our present generation of web designers. But it’s an utter affliction on the typical user as it constantly obscures text one is trying to read.
Get the %&^#$ rid of it – please!

We’ve initiated about 80 fixes, mostly all based on users suggestions. The bouncing banner is definitely on the next list but wasn’t prioritized due to more important fixes. Thank you for your input. It will be taken care of soon.

It’s not amateur. It’s because there’s no real bottom to the page, but it shouldn’t be distracting. It is on the list of new fixes. We put about 80 other more pertinent issues ahead of it. Thank you.

I received the update on my Model S (with the old MCU) and it’s significantly faster and smoother than the old one.