Tesla Supercharger Gets Vandalized: Images

JAN 26 2019 BY MARK KANE 221

This is why charging stations needs to be monitored

Here is example of vandalized Tesla Supercharging station, with damaged charging cables and plugs. At least three stalls are disabled, while the rest barely work, according to Mark Larsen who posted the photos.

“I saw on a forum our local Superchargers were vandalized last night. @Tesla knows. The bastards tried to cut a cable, then decided to drill into all the plugs instead. Units 1A, 4A & 4B don’t work; others do, but just barely. Hope the security cameras recorded the assholes. 😡”

It happens from time to time around the world, as in the case of any public infrastructure, but hopefully not too often.

Tesla is in a good position against vandals anyways, because the stations usually are equipped with many Superchargers and there is always a chance that only part of the site will be damaged, while the others survive. Some of the vandals could be deterred by security cameras too. Lastly, Tesla is a big company, which always help when it comes to dealing with trouble, as compared to a small charging operator.

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10-to-1 odds the vandals drove away in a coal-rolling pickup truck

No need to stereotype. I just don’t get this behavior, why are they so upset about Tesla? What does vandalizing a charger make them feel better? Would they do the same to a gas pump?

I get the behavior, it’s the same folks that spend thousands to convert their diesels to run less efficient, thus emitting great clouds of cancerous smoke to blow at folks like you and me. You won’t understand it because you don’t need validation for your life choices.

what evidence supports your baseless allegations?

You have a net connection so go on YouTube and see for yourself.
Old post but nothing really changed…

failing to see how that says these people vandalized the super chargers

Exactly the ‘coal rollers’ are idiots but that doesn’t mean that’s who did this

All we are saying is that is probably someone of their kind of thinking…unless you think it was Elon that cut them to save on electricity.

I read the article, but I still don’t get it… they want to pollute a lot extra just for fun? To protest?
What would happen if the police see they spew all that soot out?

You wanna explain stupid? If you really want to understand get down to their level.

When I moved to Colorado in ’79, there was a big push to stop ppl from throwing trash all over the roads. I saw ppl pulled over for throwing butts out the windows ( yeah).

Last year, I saw a texan truck throw their McD trash out the window with an Colorado Arapaho deputy behind him.
What did Deputy do?

If they can not be bothered with such a flagrant violation, then coal rolling is obviously not a big deal.

My evidence is based on my experience of owning EV’s for 5+ years. Far from baseless. I’ve been nearly run off the road by angry lifted pickup drivers who go out of their way to cut me off and ride my ass when driving, merely because they hate EV’s. I guess it ain’t baseless if it’s direct experience- what say you?

By the way, I’m not the one who claimed the vandals were coal-rollers. I was merely responding to a question of why someone would vandalize EV charging stations. I simply pointed out that “coal-rolling” is similar behavior, in that it targets EV’s.

Actually your experience doesn’t support the claim at all that “coal rollers” were the ones responsible for this vandalism. Did you stop any of the trucks that nearly ran you off the road and ask them why, or did you simply assume it was because you were in an EV? As a counter example, I was driving my Tesla Model 3 from Greenville to Atlanta on Friday in the middle of 3 lanes on I-85 South. A jacked up, totally redneckafied, pickup truck came from behind and exhibited the exact type of behavior you described. Only it wasn’t to me, it was to the lady driving a mommy mobile 65 mph in the left lane. He tailgated her for a while then aggressively passed her, nearly hitting her as he drove by. Now I can’t be sure, becuase I didn’t ask him, but I believe his agressive behavior was driven by her driving slowly in the left lane, not by the type of car she drove. Were you driving slowly in the left lane when it happened to you? Again, did you ask the person why he almost ran you off the road. People do stupid things for many stupid… Read more »

You’re right, it’s on me for assuming that since I started driving an EV in the far right lane minding my own business and experiencing an increase in incidents that involve lifted pickup trucks with smoke-stack exhaust driving at me/brake checking me that it was ACTUALLY likely something I was doing vice what I was driving. You’re also right- I shoulda tried to get them to pull over so I could interview them on why they were harassing me on the road when I was driving the speed limit in the far right lane of a 3-lane highway. What was I thinking?? Wrongly, I assumed that the guy with the cartoon sticker of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) pissing on a Prius that swerved at me was related to the vehicle I was driving. In light of your comment, and in retrospect, I’m sure that was just coincidence.

By the way, if you took the time to re-read the comment you responded to, you’d see that I acknowledged that it wasn’t necessarily coal-rollers who vandalized the Superchargers. Re-read the last 3 sentence of the comment you responded to (and didn’t apparently fully read).

“I’m not the one who claimed the vandals were coal-rollers.” That was your comment. Sorry to pick nits, but that isn’t the same as you acknowledging it wasn’t necessarily coal rollers. Glad that you have finally acknowledged that fact in your follow-up. However, your obvious hyperbole in your response to my post simply shows that you missed the point entirely. I never suggested (not would I) that you pull over and interview a road rage suspect. I was pointing out that there is no way you can know with any level of certainty why someone is behaving that way. You can make assumptions, you can even make inferences based on the Calvin peeing on a Prius sticker, but you still don’t KNOW. And as I stated, passing judgement on a whole group of people based on the behavior of a few (and based on your assumptions) is wrong, no matter what group you are judging.

Again, I never said those who vandalized the Superchargers were coal-rollers. I said that the folks who did so were similar in behavior to coal-rollers who target EV’s. Christ, now you’re picking nits from the back of nits. I never said coal-rollers vandalized Superchargers in any of my comments.

As far as making assumptions of those who act aggressively toward me who present themselves as not liking EV’s in their actions, behavior, and signs on their vehicles, them I’m guilty. It’s called a ‘totality of circumstances’ and a size-up of the situation. We have incredibly different definitions of ‘jumping to conclusions.’

And hyperbole?? You asked me if I stopped anyone to ask them their intentions!

How about this, let’s just agree to disagree. Good Lord. Have a nice night.

baseless? Come on, it hardly takes Sherlock Holmes to deduce that the main people who hate EVs tend to drive trucks. They’re often the one ICEing charging bays or spewing smoke at EVs on the road.

Past experience? The behavior is connected in that they commit active violence against EVs because of some imagined wrong against their particular fuel of choice. Not all diesel drivers are implicated so kindly unwad.

Do you think folks like me get upset at the vast majority of diesel drivers who quietly mind their own business and safely share the road and don’t target EV drivers?? No one is talking about them. We’re talking about the sh!thead minority who screw it up for everyone.

all of the advertised “I beat you drag racing,” fellas can’t out run you so they try to out gun you.

Well. IF that were ICE assholes starting a war, somebody should tell them that vandalizing fueling stations is a LOT easier and more effective.

You mean fossil fuel or gas stations Hauer. Tesla supercharger stations ARE fueling stations too.

Me not speaking English very welly. 😉
Only tiny little bit I learned in school.

Seriously: Fuel means Treibstoff to us. This can be gasoline, diesel, even CNG, but not electric power (Strom).

I got what you meant. A native English speaker should be far more tolerant.

You are doing fine. Do not worry about it.

Nope. People talking about EVs keep calling electricity “fuel”, but that doesn’t make it so.

Exactly, EVs don’t use fuel they drive on pure magic.

“ARE fueling stations too.”

Not fueling station, but filling stations cover both.

So the other 99.99999% of people who had nothing to do with this should be punished? So both logical AND mature…

Where are you getting that “should” from?

EV ampheads drag race too! 😀

It’s lack of education…there is a direct correlation between how religious a population is and how strong religion has its grip on everyday life. Seeing them trying to justify their support is down right comical…and sad.

I would dispute a couple points in your post. First, though it’s not clear specifically what you mean by a religion’s ‘grip on everyday life’, I would take it as a matter of basic ethics that a person _should_ act consistent with their beliefs in every aspect of their lives. I would on principle have more respect for a life consistent with misinformed principles than a highly informed milquetoast. Second, I’m not sure what ‘religious’ views have to do with ones’ stance on global warming. The central source of backlash stemming from the position of the skeptics is entirely secular: Their belief that the case for global warming is being overstated – both intentionally and from institutional bias stemming from the funding environment of the relevant fields – to support just the type of existential ‘long emergency’ which seems to always serve as the claimed basis for government usurpation of personal and financial liberties. If you’re coming from the cliche’ that a literal( presumably creationist or neo-creationist )view of Scripture intrinsically justifies wanton environmental abuse and destruction; well, it doesn’t. Stewardship takes precedence, and as a matter of history if we follow Pogue( The Lost Environmentalists; 2016) conservatives originally tried… Read more »

Hmm – I asserted the importance of not living a hypocritical life, asserted that one’s position on environmental was generally a-religious, asserted the compatibility of faith and environmentalism in general and gave a supporting reference. Curious what the reason for the two downvotes. :-/

Maybe it’s because, in spite of what you said, you really don’t address any of my points? …or maybe they don’t like you….it really could be anything.

Well, it is sometimes hard to reply to broad statements. Your reply was directly under a post linking to an article about why many ‘white Evangelicals’ in ‘Trump’s base’ are ‘skeptical of climate change’; I assumed your statement that it’s a ‘lack of education’ was referencing the first’s opinion of the last. My apologies if I misunderstood. Having said that, if you were referencing Trump’s supporters, or the linked article’s topic at all, I think there’s a more parsamonious reason, whatever your feelings about Trump: Nobody ‘important’ wanted him. Not the republican establishment. Not the media. Not the conservative National Review or the ‘mainstream’ conservative press( until late in the game). Nobody. ALL of the establishments that try to shape the opinions of their preferred echo chambers or downselect our choice of candidates( in the case of last election, it was anticipated to be a showdown between dynastic candidates, at that!) before we ever cast a vote, did everything they could to thwart his candidacy. People were alienated from the political process, we’d had sixteen years of expanding engagement overseas and economic and social turmoil at home, and Trump didn’t bother with the usual polite ‘just a decent guy with… Read more »

Probably because, for many on the left, the concept of Global Climate Change Warming Disaster IS their religion. In fact it has gone beyond a religion to them and has achieved cult status. Religious people (myself included, as a born again Christian) generally do not mind having a rational exchange of ideas regarding their beliefs, even if the other party is challenging their belief system. OTOH, those involved in a cult DO NOT TOLERATE any challenge at all to their belief system. They will verbally (and sometimes violently) attack anyone who challenges those beliefs at all, not matter how fact based or polite the challenges are. This is exactly the way many on the left treat anyone (me, you, a PhD and climate science expert from Georgia Tech, anyone) who doesn’t 100% support the idea of Global Climate Change Warming Disaster.

And btw your post above is one of the best I have ever seen on this or any other site. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, us vs them mantra again…that never gets old.
I thought the end of the world is your religion….since christians talk about it all the time…While the other camp talks about it because they want to avoid it….as opposed to your camp which seems to welcome it.
What I really want to know is how did corporations actually convinced so many religious people that pollution is good for them? Is it because they don’t want to be associated with them godless scientists?

‘Oh, us vs them mantra again…that never gets old.’ Politics today _is_ polarized. One element of that polarisation has been acts of rioting, vandalism, and the use of protests, by elements within the left, to sometimes violently protest, and to blockade events in order to both attempt, and in some cases succeed in, preventing speakers( and in one case a presidential candidate they don’t approve of) from holding events or presenting their arguments publicly. In one case, the planned appearance of a conservative pundit( Ben Shapirro), was enough to warrant a college to inform it’s students that counselors were available if needed! You yourself set a dichotomy between the conservative religious community and a love of rational inquiry and truth a few sentences down. ‘I thought the end of the world is your religion….since christians talk about it all the time…While the other camp talks about it because they want to avoid it….as opposed to your camp which seems to welcome it.’ Nope, no whiff of ‘us versus them’ there. And you’re right – it’s certainly strange that Christians would look forward to casting off what they understand to be a corrupt and distorted human nature, the world remade so… Read more »

Can’t believe I have to point this out, but pollution is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Global Climate Change Warming Disaster. This is a very important point that I make often when evangelizing the EV unwashed as to the benefits of EVs, especially to my fellow conservatives. I tell them to forget about GCCWD and let’s talk about clean air. Only a fool would argue that ICE cars aren’t bad for the air we breath. In fact (as I have said on these forums many times) if leftist environmentalists would forget about GCCWD and focus instead on clean air, they might be surprised at how many allies they would find on the right. But so many of you are far more concerned with being right and forcing everyone to agree with you than in actually accomplishing something that you refuse to drop GCCWD.

Stupid is stupid. You don’t need to equate something to another to say that’s the reason why. Else you crap on Christians that actually read and follow the Bible. Anyone is easily manipulated and party loyalty is one cancer to bad policy being enacted in our government. Your media link is also part of that manipulation. These media companies run specific poles for click bait and cancerous topics. Do your own research and combat media rhetoric.

agree. Look how many people voted for Democrats

Oh? So what proportion of holy coal-rollers are democrats?

Not nearly enough in view of the recent actions or lack thereof of what presently passes for the Republican party.

Vladimir Putin thanks you for your divisive comment.

“~27% of the people here are truly f—-ed in the head”

Only 27% ??

Point taken, I was only counting the active crazies on one side of the political divide. Anti-vaxx, anti-flouride etc. peeps are maybe a third of the lefty side, sigh.

Then on top of that probably half of the nonpartisan groupings — LaRouche, Scientologist, anarcho-syndicalists, etc etc . . . are also bonkers.

Pentacostal christian, Trump supporter, own x100d and a Kia Soul EV. Youre such a troll Troy with youre extreme views, and is the reason why the US is so devisive because you go making a rouse about everything. Like it really matters.

Makes sense, Trump said he’s the most Christian man there is….

He’s the reason for the division? I have always wondered…thanks for the info. I always thought it was because we have so little voting choices.

Climate change is more complicated than your ability to comprehend it. For starter, I suggest you read some Viking writings 1000 years old describing their exploration of Greenland’s thick forests. If you go to Greenland today, you will not find any forests because everything is frozen (unless you dig a few feet deep). Who was warming the atmosphere at that time?


Climate Change is the new Religion in the Church of Al Gore. As the earth grows colder, it will probably take years for people to change their minds.
Due to the action of the globe’s oceans, there are no people here that realize that the effect of CO2 concentration is Logarithmic.

Translated, that means that those Pesky Oceans like the Atlantic and Pacific are just not doing what Mr. Gore wants them to. No matter….. He’s already made his $millions trading carbon credits.

These evangelicals support Trump and deny Climate Change couldn’t agree more that they have there head you know.
It’s how you were raised and education. At one time the US wiped out all the Indians because of a belief in Manifest Destiny.
As violent as humans are to each other today it’s still a lot less violent than our past history.

“wiped out all the Indians “. Obviously they didn’t do a very good job. There are more Indians today in the US than when Europeans arrived. Go Elizabeth Warren!

Really there’s more Indians in North America now than in 1492.
You must have been in the same history class as the President.

Yes there are. And their numbers are growing due to the benefits dispensed and doors opening just to being of “color”. Elizabeth Warren was the first “woman of color” to teach at Harvard. What a farce!

How many Indians were in North America in 1492 and how many today.

There were around 7Mn native Americans in North America in 1492. Today there are around 5Mn Americans that we identify as native Americans. And they aren’t identifying as native Americans like Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman, they are the real deal, with at least 1/4 indian heritage/blood quantum.

You know it’s “true” because you read it on Breitbart or heard it from Rush Limbaugh, right?

What a “moran”.


Actually, Americans wiped out relatively few Natives.
Most of that was done by Europeans, esp. Spaniards, Portuguese, and Italians.
Probably the one area that Americans did our most damage was in the south west. And yet, it does not compare to what the New Spaniards/Mexicans did in trying to invade and take this land.
The Mexicans wiped out 100’s of 1000s, if not millions. And yet, the Mexicans never owned this area. The had less than 150K ppl in this entire area, while the Natives remained over 1M.
It was only later when America claimed it, and we went after natives, that we did our most damage, and it was still less than the Mexicans.

Actually vandalism of the pump and theft of fuel is not that uncommon at diesel pumps at truckstops.

Why? Are they complaining about high diesel price?
What’s the motivation?

Fear of change among low-information types. The EV revolution threatens their coal-rolling way of life.

Yeah, the criminality there is pretty high.

Likely it’s the same anti-social urge which motivates coal-rollers to first install diesel injectors into the exhaust stacks of their diesel pickups, then try to find a Leaf or Prius to envelop in black clouds of sooty smoke. They take pictures of that and upload it to their knuckle-dragger social media sites, so they can brag about it.

I suppose back in the day, dinosaurs circa 65 million B.C. would have shown similar anger if they had been able to sense that their age of domination was coming to an end.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — misattributed to Mahatma Gandhi

Take your pick. A Trump voter who thinks tesla is part of the hoax on climate change. A guy whos friend / family works in the fossil fuel industry and might one day lose his job. Hates the “libs” and “tree-huggers” that drive e-cars.

Trump voter (and EV fan) here. Sadly, you are right. Not all 63 million of them of course, but many. Fanatics on both sides are irrational and hateful.

“Bad people on both sides”…just quote him, he’s always right.

Americans (St George, Utah) are once again showing our exceptionalism. It looks like the oil patch profiteers are starting to show their strong arm tactics, as the price of WTI goes lower, with the current global crude inventories building significantly.

Exactly. Like they can’t cut back on production themselves, they have to blame their problems on other people.

What are the odds that VW did this to drum up business for their recently launched Mobil Fast Charging Stations? 🤔



not terrible considering their past

He baited you.

Drop the pruning shears and step away from the pump! You have 5 seconds to comply!

Is ED-209 an option? That changes everything!

That’s a bad joke?

It’s a joke, but not a bad one.

ED-209 is a rent-a-cop from Detroit who works for Omni Consumer Products, aka OCP. Back in the day, ED-209 used to give you 20 seconds to comply, not that it made a difference. However, Troy probably meant to say “step away from the charger,” not the pump. Troy also confused ED-209 with his co-worker RoboCop, as it was RoboCop who had an “incident” at a gas station pump, not ED-209.


Gas station incident:

More likely a Koch Funded Operation.
While China builds up its EV, Solar and Battery Infrastructure to take the next 40 YEARS of JOBS, we’ve got the lazy oil industry CEOs to deal with here.

America leads by showing you how to not take the Wrong Way.

This is how you ‘Make America Great Again’


They are actually ‘Getting America Great Again’. MAGA. Not.

MCGA: Making China Great Again.

Repubs took Russian money and Troll help.
Can you imagine the Chinese funding the Repubs? They could put America Back 100 Years. Because Repubs just take the check.

So this comes down to the FAILURE of the US Supreme Court.
Repub nuts on the court allowing “Citizens United”: Corporate Funding of US Elections, and the only thing Repubs are good at Voter Fraud: Gerrymandering.

Vote Democrat for a Weak Economy, High Taxes and Open Borders. Two or three Democratic Administrations later, White genocide and Third World club membership..

You forgot: end of the world and conversion to whatever religion you find most offensive.

Nuts. Political posturing has no value on these sites. Just vote your conscience and quit riping people that don’t happen to agree with you.

The usa used to have high taxes prior to Reagan. FDR introduced several policies that helped the poorest Americans with his new deal to this day and republicans have slowly been eroding. Open borders have been a core of american history as the land of the free and “melting pot”. I also need to remind religious fanatics that the founding fathers established this great nation as a place where everyone is free to practice what ever religion they want. Their is something called Separation of church and state.


Or maybe a George Soros operation so that innocent conservatives can be blamed and targeted. Conspiracy theories give many opportunities.

Or Alex Jones calling Sandy Hook a hoax and Parkland staged. Trump supporters never believe the truth but listen to liars all day and night.

You are probably correct. Maybe not necessarily a coal-rolling truck, but almost certainly a pickup truck. My experience has been that 95% of the anti-EV movement does from from pickup drivers, especially white male pickup drivers in their 30’s or older. Basically, Trump’s primary voting base.

Around here,almost everyone drives a pickup truck.Almost no one is a vandal.

I wasn’t insinuating that all pickup drivers are vandals or anti-EV. However, I was simply stating that there does seem to be some correlation between anti-EV mentality and driving pickups. It’s sort of like saying that all humans are mammals. But it doesn’t mean that all mammals are humans.

Actually, you were insinuating that Tramp voters in certain age, sex and ownership categories are vandals. I suggest going back to school (preferably university level) and taking a course in Logic (at least introduction). It will help you recognize what nonsense you wrote.

I seriously doubt a anyone but Trump voters would vandalize a American company, making cars, batteries, solar panels and storage solutions in the USA. The sad thing is that this is due to ignorance.

And why would you say so? Is it because you presume Trump voters to be ignorant? As opposed to who? Please give me some reasonable arguments and not chains of tautology exhibited by most comments to this post.

Once could argue that by driving an inefficient pickup truck consistently above the speed limit, a pickup driver is a vandal.
Of course if truly used for primarily hauling, towing and other pickup only uses….driving a pickup would not be as wasteful

Well that’s a dangerous path. One could argue that a Tesla driver who owns a larger than necessary house and possibly multiple properties is a vandal.

source back up your claims?

Breitbart and Infowars……

Exxon lost 22% of it’s stock value last year.
The lazy at the top always run to the Government to implement policy good for the lazy and bad for the nation. Why Republicans always suck at economics. You can’t let the lazy determine policy.

Like coal. We cannot burn coal for 7 Billion people, we would all die of mercury poisoning from polluted water, not to mention the uranium pollution, not to mention the particulate matter and heavy metals released into the water supply. Coal is Suicide, along with global warming carbon emissions.

Rio Tinto took less than a year to switch to lithium and cobalt mining.
Only in America do the stupid rich run to the government to get Republicans to stop economic progress. Stop it in America and Repubs will be responsible for making China Great Again.

I have a few big truck loving guys, they think EVs are “gay” or “there’s just something wrong with it”….😗

Oh there is something wrong all right, but they would need to look in the mirror to see it.

Hopefully they got surveillance cameras and get caught.
I’ll bet there wearing a MAGA hat.

I thought that liberals hate stereotyping. Oh, I get it . Not when it comes to the other side.

I bet you have no idea what a liberal is.

Yes, I can see that image. Sad to see how many ignorant people is opposite to progress and reality. The same people who 120 years ago, said than horses were better than cars and claimed ridiculous laws against them. Twenty years later, they owned a Ford T.

Detecting Vandal, send 200 amps to the connector. Bye, bye!

Illegal but we can dream…

Easy Peasy, just put up a sign, WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE: Attempts to vandalize this equipment could result in death.

Tesla just needs to put some shielding underneath the exterior installation and put about 350 volts through it. Just enough so you can smell your burnt hairs when you try to cut it.

I’ve experienced coal-rollers pissed off that I exist with my EV. They get angry because how dare I drive in the far right lane at the speed limit and not blow through gallons of gasoline on every driving trip. What’s sad is the fact that’s lost on them- they live in a country that has CHOICES, and most EV owners are completely fine with the live/let live concept. Instead of celebrating the freedom of choice, it’s all about “my way” or nothing. Sadly, that’s the country we live in right now.

Either the US and Tesla get EV production going or China does.
It’s like the oil industry led by “genius” that denies global warming, instead of investing in solar and wind, especially offshore wind NOW.

The whole oil industry putting themselves out of business by ignoring solar and wind and ALLOWING CHINA to take these industries.

People who preach hate can’t think.
Hate is easier than leadership.

“People who preach hate can’t think.
Hate is easier than leadership.”

exactly why Democrats can not lead.

Enough already.

To improve things I suggest you don’t generalize. There are hateful fundamentalists on both sides.

We used to be a nation of moderates.
Now, we are ran by far right/left extremists.

Looks like Nancy led dumb Donnie around….

Damn him for not opening the gov’t and damn him when he does. You got to love those tolerant liberals.

“You got to love those tolerant liberals.”

I read a ton of feedback today and from my independent view dumbocrats are laughing and celebrating. It is the hardline conservatives who are hating the strongest on their own boy.

That is the problem though with sending a boy to do a man’s job. As one of the hardline conservatives said “All hail president Pelosi”

I don’t understand. If it was the Democrats who were shutting sown the government, as we were told by the President of the United States, then they are clearly the ones who opened it right? Otherwise, Trump could have opened it much sooner.

Also, I’m happy you love tolerant liberals. We need more compassionate conservatives like you.

Get out of your bubble, Democrats do no such thing. They are the party of inclusion.

Yeah, they “include” all the concurring ideas. And no others.

Nice projection there.

Really? Where exactly does Political Correctness come from?
Why have we not stopped illegals?
Inclusion? Nope.

“…exactly why Democrats can not lead.”

You seem to be confused. Trump, the Hate-Monger in Chief, claims to be a Republican.

I wager these are the same folks who attempt to harass me when I’m riding my road cycle fully in a cycling lane with hi vis kit and lights. Something about some one who is different than their tribe. Some Harley riders have become the worst, insisting that their handlebars and fairing have a right to the bike lane space when they are riding the fog line.

Exactly,I’m a car guy from way back but I like new things and I don’t deny science because I don’t want it to be true.

I will never understand the hatred towards hybrids and evs. Everyone is free to purchase and drive whatever they want and if you fear the technology disrupting the status quo random destruction isn’t going to change anything. This kind of thing boggles my mind and really irritates me. These vandals deserve prison time.

While taking the scenic route from Atlanta to DC through NE Georgia and NC got coal-rolled a couple of times. I was unharmed, but the locals breathed a few more fumes than they otherwise would have. I was incidentally keeping their air cleaner during my passage through, however they insisted on more than offsetting my small gesture. Pretty place. Pretty stupid behavior.

you are not free to purchase and drive whatever you want. There are mountains of government regulation on vehicles.

Fool Cells. I am also not allowed to crap in your back yard. Sometimes rules are good.

that is called trespassing on private property and has nothing to do with the discussion.

Either does your religion but you still out it out there

Must admit – I’m tempted Philip.

These genius’s should be learning how to install rooftop solar.

Proves Conservatism has morphed from “don’t raise my taxes” to “get off my lawn” to “I want to see the world burn”.

Really,, conservatives like dirty air, poisoned water and a scorched earth. Not. These are nuts, not conservatives.

i mostly agree…but when your goal is to promote biz at any costs stuff happens.

They don’t hate EVs and hybrids. They hate the people in them. This kind of thing is going to happen as we transition to electric transportation. Drunken morons (the evidence in these photos confirms this) will have to be dragged into the future and eventually, they’ll adjust and it will all be normal. It just takes time.

I would be shocked if Tesla and other charging outlets didn’t factor repairs for these kinds of attacks into their budgets.

I bet this is the mental pattern of those braindead monkeys:
Prius was the gays’ car.
EVs are now the nerds’ ones.
Since I was one of those who bullied both kind of people during HS I have the right to continue with the bullying now.

People like these are lower than monkeys. At least monkeys that lack a few brain cells die off harmlessly. People like these know they are in a sinking ship and they want to take as many down with them as possible. Worst possible form of evil.

My opinion is it is based on the direct subsidies EV’s get and the push by government to force EV’s on people. Get the government out of it and let EV’s compete on their merit to consumers.

Granted, the link between fossil fuels and subsidies is not as publicized as these are not direct. In other words, you do not get 7500 back for buying a ICE. It is easy to see. The indirect subsidies to fossil fuels are harder to see. If the government simply did not subsidize anything, we would not have any of these problems.

I think global warming and pollution would still be a problem without subsidies.

I doubt that connection is made most of the time. So they modify their diesel truck in a way they otherwise wouldn’t because they don’t like EV tax credits?

“and the push by government to force EV’s on people”
a complete lie, nothing else

Exactly. Still yet to hear from anybody who bought an EV at gunpoint against their will. This is the old fake meme that nobody wants to buy EV’s.

It’s the other way around…you almost want to pull your gun out to make the dealer sell you an ev.

The oil industry has been getting a wide variety of subsidies for decade after decade. Let me know when those have been stopped, and then we can consider what the next step is for EV’s. Until then, any of these false calls for ending all subsidies as an excuse to end ONLY tax incentives for EV’s is just a joke.

First in, first out. Let me know when fossil fuels are out of the subsidy business, and then (and only then) can we talk about “not subsidizing anything”.

Subsidizing new technology to make it financially competitive can help us to transform our manufacturing base to future technologies while decreasing harmful emissions and slowing global warming. That doesn’t sound too bad to me.
China is subsidizing AI and sustainable energy production and is in danger of leading the world in technical advances. I for one would not like that to happen.
If you aren’t just a troll simply trying to sow conflict, knock it off and get with the program.

It’s just a simple, stupid dislike of change.

Camera and warning signs for deterrence. Working with local law enforcement to catch the bad guys, then follow with the strongest prosecution possible for the crime. Tesla should not and cannot back down against this type of sabotage.

What a bunch of morons… What are they going to vandalize plugs in everyone’s garage? Just stupidity because Superchargers are only necessary for long trips. I haven’t used one since August.

They are fun to use on the weekends. Especially if you have free supercharging. You go drive somewhere new, get some lunch and charge at a new spot and see the area.

Did I read this right ?, you think Tesla fans will do this to Electrify America.
Hope I misunderstood because otherwise your advocating vandalism, how sad.


Obvious troll is obvious. And stupid.

That’s almost as stupid as thinking there is anymore than vandals having ‘fun.’

What moronic losers you and don.storm are.

The stated goal of Tesla, its founder, and a large portion of its fans is to drag the automotive and energy industries kicking and screaming into sustainability.

I think most of us agree that EA is a Very Good Thing Indeed, because it is evidence that the legacy industry is finally moving in the direction of sustainable long-distance personal transportation (even if only under Court order).

Far from vandalizing, I’d take a shift to DEFEND EA sites! Here’s hoping they become as practical as the Supercharger network very soon!

@Umangi Singh said: “I predict that CCS charging station/Electrify America will get the similar treatment because of jealousy and regretfulness from Tesla fanbois.”

That’s Nonsense…

Where the heck is @Umangi Singh pulling that nutz comment from?

Tesla fans are largely supportive of Tesla’s stated mission to encourage other car makers to make EVs & help build out fast charge infrastructure.

“Where the heck is @Umangi Singh pulling that nutz comment from?”

That reads like exactly the sort of thing put out by Russian troll farms… and “useful idiots” who repeat their divisive anti-social comments.

Remember that coal miners and others with stake in fossil fuels blame environmentalists for their industry’s economic problems.

They have long argued that EVs are “glorified golf carts” incapable of traveling real-world distances.

They see successful EVs as taxpayer-funded efforts to disprove their cherished belief in the eternal superiority of gas and diesel.

Voting in politicians who deny climate change and drive the price of gas to near-historic lows didn’t work – they increasingly see those durn EVs everywhere, and now Superchargers are popping up at the local Piggly-Wiggly, too!*

That is what motivates them to resort to targeted ICEing and vandalism to resolve the conflict between their beliefs and the world around then.

*I grew up in the deep south, and love Piggly-Wiggly stores. Yes, they are real. No, I’m not mocking them. I have no idea if any have Superchargers yet, but I can only imagine the outrage should that happen!

Yes, it’s the “liberals” or “libtards” and not the lazy management.
Rio Tinto has switch from mining coal to mining Lithium and Cobalt.

The incompetent flock to the right wing for economic saving.

So the same politicians that for decades have been accused of being in bed with big oil and keep prices high to fleece the people are now keeping prices down? Which one is it, liberals? Make up your mind.

Prices dropped because Trump was asking Saudi’s to pump oil before the election. Trump also decided to give Iran plenty of waivers to sell oil. So instead of the sanctions having an effect prices dropped before 2018 election.
They’ve already started going up.

It was actually Obama that lifted the sanctions on Iran. Trump re-instated them but took the teeth out. But oil is a global commodity and not easy for any one person or faction to manipulate.

The US and Iran reached a nuclear deal. Which lifted the Sanctions.
Trump tore up the deal and imposed sanctions on Iran. However with the elections getting close he gave Iran permission to sell oil to China, some countries in Europe, South Korea and Japan.
This infuriated Saudi Arabia and our oil companies because they had anticipated being able to raise oil prices.
The premission was for 180 days.

You would think they’d at least steal the cable for the copper content for recycled copper or are these copper clad aluminum cables? (Cheap worthless for recycling)

No one uses copper clad cable for anything that needs flexibility or needs to be maximized for power conduction. I’m afraid this vandalism was just a statement against EVs and part of the, “if you don’t agree with me, you must be punished,” idiocy.

800 amp #4 copper clad jumper cables are pretty common, just sayin’

Very flexible, used to jump start big trucks, maybe your “ anything” opinion not so accurate to reality.

And these Tesla fans will go and cut the chargers that are not Tesla? Are you really that dense!? That has to be the stupidest non troll comment ever on this website! Congrats on your achievements!
Someone tell this guy Tesla cars can use public charging too…

It was certainly a trollish comment, even if the person who posted it hasn’t established a reputation as a troll… yet.

He has now…

You seem to be intellectually challenged, to say the least.

I hope you are not the same “Bellisarius” Porsche-tard that commented in electrek.co

Teslerati whose free charging expired?

Has this happened in regions where Tesla shafted its employees?

nope and you know that it has not connection. yes, you just hate tesla, that’s all, we know

I think you must have gotten “shafted” with your “short” investment in TSLA. Why else would you spend so much time writing Tesla hater comments?

Where was this supercharger located?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but apparently (Twitter) St. George, Utah.

Neanderthals. Probably the same peope that arranged the pickup truck ICE-fests.

Almost certainly the same people… or at least they were inspired by the same people.

Pretty clearly inspired by the same motive, whether it’s the same group of knuckle-draggers or not.

When I rolled up in my close friend’s driveway with my new Volt and parked,he was shocked and disgusted that I had an “electric car”.I said nothing to bring this on.All he still can do is carry on about how much faster and better his diesel pickup is..Somehow in a strange way he felt as though his way of life was threatened by the new technology and wants no part of it.Then he proceeded to explain how he tried to chase down a Bolt driver to show how superior his truck is.The Bolt lost him in traffic,apparently it was way faster.

Your friend needs help.

I have a friend I work like that. He’s wanted a GMC Denali diesel his whole life. They cost $70k…. He calls my VW a “golf cart”. He’d do anything for you and overall a good guy so I told him that diesel exhaust is bad for kids and he just says “ah they cleaned them up years ago” because he doesn’t want to think he’s harming kids. In his mind an adult white guy is just supposed to drive a truck….

You need better friends.

You’ve got to be some kind of crazy to try cutting into an active high voltage electrical cable.

Except it is not active, unless it is plugged in and charging.

Warren, you are correct. But I wonder if the nutter cutting the cable actually knew that….

Would the vandal be more crazy or less crazy if the vandal was cutting into a cable they thought was live, even when the cable wasn’t?

the cable is only powered up when the signal cables are connected and the battery BMS and charger can perform a signal ‘handshake’ to start and control the Amperes which the battery can take in.

So, what right-wing nutbag filled part of the country did this occur?


“right-wing nutbag”. Another “tolerant” and “inclusive” comment from the ” non-judgmental” crowd.

Another one? Darn! What’s the count?

Could just be garden variety “yoofs” who otherwise might slash a tire or tag a wall…stupid nonetheless

I wonder if it happens only to Tesla charging stations, or all EV charging stations? If it was only Tesla charging stations, then you have to wonder why.

Only surprising thing is that this hasn’t happened more often. Here’s a clue … now that there are more Teslas on the road, being seen much more often it’s finally starting to dawn that the next evolution has started. This type of domestic terrorism isn’t surprising given the fact that there is a true existential threat posed to the Arab / American oil industry. Make no mistake this industry is dead set against EVs, EV infrastructure and EV ownership. The Arab / American oil industry is clear and present danger to EVs in every respect. This is just the next evolution.

It’s the next step. First you park in some spots, then vandalize, then destroy.
It’s a natural pathological progression. I was wondering how long it would take for this to become an issue.
The probability is that the concept of Tesla has now penetrated into the semi comatose states of consciousness of the perpetrators of these events, evidenced by their adolescent and cowardly actions, they
now perceive Tesla as a threat, so they are acting out their fears in aggressions.

I would look at those that currently work in the auto industry or have been laid-off, off-roading clubs, coal rollers, FOX news watchers, MAGA hat clowns, the usual suspects.
The F.B.I. should clearly nip this in the bud, and the investigation would probably piss off individual one.
A Win-Win.

“FOX news watchers”. How dare a single network like FOX present a different point of view than all the others and not march in lock step with ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, NYT, WaPost, etc, etc. They should know that all we need is ONE kind of media -the liberal- like all we need is one party rule. Lol

Hey don’t forget, Breitbart, Info Wars and The National Enquirer when your listing alternatively factual “news”.

Hope they get electrocuted

There should be cameras around. Find the criminal and charge them heavily. Also throw civil suits on top for delaying other’s usage.

I have removed graffiti on the cliffs of beaches, state parks, buildings, trees, for over 3 decades and carried out the trash from beaches, rivers, and parks. Why do these people BEHAVE this way ?

Ignorance, unhappy, dislike of others different than themselves, and a lack of education when it pertains to their environment and home where they were raised called PLANET EARTH.

I agree somewhere along the line. Graffiti has been described and treated as art. Art on buildings is fine if the owner wants it there. Otherwise it’s graffiti and should be treated as a crime.


The silly people that support politicians and industries that want to destroy the environment and are okay with the Koch Brothers buying politicians to line there pockets.
Waste millions of dollars worth of natural gas through fracking and not even collecting the tax on the natural gas they flare off.
Somebody needs to tell them there isn’t a limitless amount of natural gas.
GOP needs to change there plateform from Conservative to Wasteful.

Are you aware that the Koch Brothers did not support Trump in 2016 and just announced that they won’t in 2020 either. Not everything is black or white.

Yes but Koch Brothers funds all the GOP Congressman and they write the laws. Trump doesn’t even know what he’s gonna win unless Ann Coulter or Russ Lindberg tell him. If you sign that you dummy your making a big mistake.

They get much more bang for their buck by buying senators….smart!

Well I don’t know they spend 400 million every two on elections. I’m guessing they just have more money than they know what to do with it all.
That probably explains how they have a wine cellar that includes mostly counterfeit wine. Yeah these geniuses spend $60,000 a bottle and didn’t realize it wasn’t even what they thought it was, hopefully they got Boones Farm wine.

That’s peanuts compared to what they saved when they hit the tax cut jackpot. All the $ paid over the decades finally paying off in a big way….who knows for how long.

“the pump don’t work cause the vandals took the handles”
“bastages… corksuckers…”

The point of the late night post was from a lyric written 50 years ago addressing the vandalization of a gas pump. While I am very concerned that the supercharger vandalization is part of the disgruntled audience discussed in length, there is also the possibility that in this incident it is just vandalism as it was when Robert Zimmerman wrote 50 years ago. The Johnny Dangerously reference was just late night boredom. Pjwood will get it.

wow lot’s of hypothesis about possible perpetrators …. ‘Electrify America’ as saboteur, disgruntled Tesla layoffs, etc…
lets add some more fancy hypothesis :
— Model-3 drivers angry about 33% price increase of charging rates,
— jealous Leaf 2.0 drivers hating charging possible at 120KW,

and best of all: a flying saucer with little green men from Mars sabotaging Elon Musk to prevent him from “occupy Mars”

—- Guy that once tripped over a cable and never got over it.
—- Guy that wanted to rewire his lamp and Home Depot was closed.

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Posting while conservative! 🙂

Thank you, mods!
And in the future, please delete ALL political comments!

These are the real enemies of progress and should be dealt with accordingly..

The luddites are hard at work again…