Tesla Stockpiling A Bunch Model 3 Vehicles In Parking Garage – Video

Tesla Model 3


Does Tesla have a previously unknown hiding place for finished vehicles and overflow or is there more to the story? Delivery ready Model 3 vehicles … or no?

Not long ago, a parking garage in Playa Vista, California was discovered to have a slew of Tesla vehicles just hanging around. Included are some 20 Model 3 sedans (which appear to be completed, but who knows?), 50 or more Model S and X vehicles, and a few service vans.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 stockpile

Of course, as soon as someone discovers such a gem, people flock to the spot to take pics and video, and along comes all of the assumptions. Playa Vista is not too far from the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, CA, but, as Electrek points out, it’s in much closer proximity to Tesla’s newly acquired property in Marina Del Rey (Silicon Beach), which we previously reported may end up being a storage/delivery area for Tesla vehicles.

Others have reported that some Model 3 vehicles are coming out of Fremont unfinished. This would mean that these cars would need to go elsewhere until production is finalized and they’re delivery ready. We have no way of validating such claims. However, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Tesla is ramping up production and getting these cars through a majority of the process, in order to keep moving forward. An almost completed car, which may be awaiting a simple fix, update, or part, is exponentially better than a stopped assembly line.

Tesla Model 3

There are all sorts of Tesla vehicles at this location

Further suggestions point to the cars simply awaiting delivery, and the Model S and X vehicles could be inventory models or customer orders, as well. The fact that the vans are at the site suggests that Tesla just doesn’t have room for all of these vehicles in Fremont and at SpaceX. This will obviously become much more of an issue when Model 3 production begins to peak. Perhaps the automaker is finally beginning to move more cars through the assembly line and numbers are growing more quickly now.

Finally, Tesla has talked about getting Model 3s out to its showrooms. Maybe these vehicles are eventually headed to a Tesla store near you?

What do you think?

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Check out another look at the goods below:

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You would think Tesla would use its thousands of sq ft of space it has leased nearby for vehicle storage .
Although it’s possible regulations prohibit vehicle storage in some of the buildings.

Umm security? Seems kinda weird to have millions of dollars of inventory sitting in an unsecured parking lot.

I take it you’ve never seen a car plant.

There is security. They kicked me out twice.

Anyone look underneath? Maybe they have no batteries… That would be an easy fix waiting for the battery line to get worked out… Add battery… Boot em up and run updates then deliver… Let’s hope it’s that simple…

That’s probably the reason.

Agreed. This is the best theory I have heard, and it dovetails with the problems with the Gigafactory.

PS. this could be verified easily. Measure the tire pressure (quickly before security gets you). Then take a picture of the same car.

The battery is heavy. You would be able to tell by the tire depression even if they stuck a dummy battery in the car.

Jeffrey D Songster–

Did I not read that the M3 battery pack is structurally integrated with the car?

What’s the deal with Tesla’s small-ish service vans seen briefly at the end of the video?
Did they take Ford gliders and upfit into electrics?
Steven, I’d definitely like to learn more about those cool service vans?. Thanks!

So the Fremont factory doesn’t have acres of empty parking lots for short term storage like other facilities?

This is in Los Angeles, so I’m guessing they’re meant to be delivered in that area, not Fremont.

fotomoto asked:

“So the Fremont factory doesn’t have acres of empty parking lots for short term storage like other facilities?”

I don’t think so. As I recall, parking at the Fremont plant is so limited that some employees are force to take public transportation to work even though they don’t want to.

There have been several reports that Tesla is building additions to the factory at Fremont, so perhaps those expansions have cut into part of the parking area which used to be there?

I think Tesla needs to build a high-rise parking structure at the Fremont location.

I wonder if there’s a way to sign up my drive way or garage to be used as short term storage for grey Tesla 3…

Like boarding stray animals or providing a temporary home for an exchange student!

I’d sign up to shelter a Model 3. 🙂

I foster homeless pets, so fostering a homeless Tesla 3 is a natural extension of my charity spirit. Naturally, I’ll keep it happy by taking it to parks and beaches like I do with my other creatures.

Do you really want all these desperate people creeping in your bushes and sneaking across your lawn to get pictures and videos of parked cars? That would get annoying fast.

Although the supplemental income would be nice…

Why would have to be engaged in such behavior at someone’s home? It’s much easier to come to the door and ask politely.

You are clearly not familiar with the bulk of humanity.

You already signed up to be Tesla M3 storage, and paid $1000 for the privilege. We all did.

That doesn’t allow me to “store” it in my garage / driveway. If it takes another $1000 to have it (or more than one) in my garage, I’d gladly pay. I’ll even provide “maintenance outings” for free.

Other articles claim that this pool of cars have problems that need to be fixed before delivery. I suspect that Tesla shipped these by mistake (poor quality inspections, which we also saw with the X) or expected that a nearby facility would be ready in time. Tesla is pretty chaotic internally.

Really lame, shipping unfinished/flawed cars off to storage.

They have to get their act together quickly.

What an odd comment from someone who I don’t recall being a Tesla basher.

Are you under the impression that other auto makers never have a unit which fails a QC test and has to be shunted aside for a later fix?

Once again, we see a perfectly normal auto maker business procedure held up as somehow strange or “bad” just because Tesla is doing it.

You don’t want him to NOT bash and ruin a consistent meme do you? LOL.

Tesla SUCKS!

I’m not a basher but I hate being left out…

I just re-watched the handoff video from July. Elon mentioned Model 3s were built, 20 for QC. Matches the number in this garage.

Perhaps Tesla employees parking area… these vehicles already delivered to Tesla Emoloyees.

I don’t think so. Some of them looked like they have been parked for quite a while.
Probably a stash ready to be moved as a whole, perhaps to the pickup building.

I bet this is similar to the early Roadster release, where Tesla had a room full of Roadsters being delayed for one problem or another in “Revenge of the Electric Car”.

The director’s Future Roadster was also seen in the back of the room awaiting repair.

Yea, they are waiting to be crushed LOL.

wrong car

They could be cars to be used for media review, or cars that will go to crash testing. Crash test cars usually come from dealers, but since the factory is the dealer… For any kind of third party testing, or review, Tesla has the advantage over other manufacturers that they can specially prepare these cars.

“What do you think?”

I don’t have to spend time speculating about it, since I know that bigger auto makers store thousands of cars awaiting shipment in outdoor lots. If Tesla has those in such small numbers that they can afford to put them in a few indoor lots, then that’s frankly astonishing.

WOW! Tesla needs to get with the program, they’re not storing NEARLY enough cars!

I went yesterday. Tons of S and X – no Model 3s.

A poster on a Tesla forum found service tags in some of the 3’s noting repair jobs that needed to be done. Good bet all those 3’s (and probably X’s and S’s) did not pass QC out of the factory, so they are being stored.
More “bottlenecks” to be blamed on suppliers I’m sure. Lol

The very interesting part is why truck these things 360ish miles and leave them relatively unprotected? The Gigafactory is about 240 miles, you’d imagine would have “free” parking, you’d imagine you have near daily convoys of trucks going to and from there anyways and would be in secret…

I believe they are mostly completed, need a few more parts then will be delivered in SoCal…

Here’s the TSLA zealot’s spin on those Model 3s:
“Tesla noted that a VERY SMALL percentage of Model 3’s did not meet Tesla’s extremely high quality control threshold. As Tesla puts customer satisfaction and safety about all else, especially profits, it was decided the the VERY SMALL percentage of Model 3’s not meeting Tesla’s strict standards would be stored until the proper fixes were made, as Model 3 production increases EVERY DAY” 😀

Are you really Bob Lutz?

No, he’s just a Bolt owner trying desperately to justify his purchase. He’s been doing this for the better part of a year…even before the purchase.

I thought I herd Elon once say he would entertain the idea of storing a large amount of cars (pre sale) so that when they hit the 200+k sales they could still push a bunch of new sales with the Fed tax break. Not too sure that’s what this lot is though. Could be QC cars too.

Could be leftover pre-production cars. Could be QC problems. Could be cars designated for some special testing purpose.

Could be a lot of things.

What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks this is important enough to deserve an article.

You make an excellent point.

Speculation is happening, however, because of the startup mess with the Model 3. I guess people assume the worst now.

Such a story wouldn’t even happen if Model 3s were available and shipping NDA-less to customers.

That’s what Elon even said himself: “assume the worst” WRT Model 3 production.

1) It’s the largest group of M3s seen to date which all by itself is newsworthy.
2) It’s at a warehouse right on the coast in LA, and NOT anywhere near the factory which is in the bay area. That’s sort of odd. Perhaps a staging area to go oversees?

But I’d call it newsworthy as compared to some articles here which can be mostly hearsay whereas this at least has actual cars.

Alright I’ll add a theory. Its to boost the stock price. People will assume that there are more such garages that have not been found and assume that Tesla is stockpiling cars for whatever reason.

Like WMDs in Iraq!

My guess is these are in the delivery pipeline. Probably if you go to the local Tesla delivery center in a day or two you will find a number of these cars being prepped for delivery. Remember Tesla usually takes a couple of weeks AFTER shipping to prep and hand over cars to the end customer.

I’m sure those future owners (if your story is true) appreciate their brand new Model 3’s collecting dust in a parking garage where any Joe Schmoe could wander over and get their hands all over them.

Hey bro better than thousands of bolts being left out in the elements sitting on dealers lots with $5,000 off MSRP and not moving for months.

I’ll bet you $5,000 that more Bolts are sold this month than Model 3’s. Wanna take that bet? Lol

Both the Model 3 and the Leaf, will outsell the Bolt this year…even the LEAF may do it by a factor of 2:1.


I will take that bet if you bet me $10,000 that the bolt will even sell 1/5 as many model 3 next year. That means that the model 3 will sell over 5 model 3 for every bolt. It should be closer to 20 to 1 but either way the model 3 will decimate the bolt in sales next year and every year for eternity. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if GM didn’t just stop making the bolt once the model 3 comes out since given the option between the two it is obvious just with pre sales alone which one people would choose.

The only reason anyone bought the bolt so far is they just settled for an inferior car because they couldn’t wait for the model 3 to come out.