Tesla Slashes Model 3 Performance Price, Adds New Dual Motor Badge


The Tesla Model 3 Performance and Dual Motor will cost less than CEO Elon Musk’s original figures.

When Musk first announced these new Model 3 variants, the Performance version was to cost $78,000 with the standard Dual Motor starting at $54,000. Now, the fully loaded Model 3 Performance rings in at $72,000, a whopping $6,000 less, while the non-performance all-wheel-drive Model 3 is $1,000 cheaper than initially reported, at $53,000.

Keep in mind that the Tesla Model 3 Performance version comes fully loaded, aside from Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. If you add them at the time of placing your order, Autopilot will cost the usual $5,000, and Full Self-Driving is $3,000. If you choose to add these features after the fact, the prices jump to $6,000 and $5,000, respectively.

How is Tesla — while in the midst of a time crunch to become profitable — able to reduce the prices of these cars?

According to Teslarati, Tesla has made $8,000 worth of features optional. This includes $1,500 for white seats, as well as $1,500 for premium paint options. Also, a set of features much like the current $5,000 Premium Package is optional. Coined the “Performance Upgrades” package, these include aluminum alloy pedals, a carbon fiber rear spoiler, 20″ Performance Wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires, and a top speed boost. This means you could purchase a Model 3 Performance without all of these features for $64,000.

In terms of the non-performance Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor, the additional motor is now a $4,000 upgrade rather than $5,000.

It’s also important to reiterate that orders placed prior to July 1 will come with lifetime Premium Connectivity. If you place your order on or after that date, you’ll get Standard Connectivity for free, plus a free year of the upgraded service. Once the free year expires, there will be a fee to enjoy “satellite maps with live traffic visualization, in-car streaming media and over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi & cellular.”

Based on the configurator, the Model 3 Performance delivery window is showing 2 to 4 months, while the Dual Motor variant is listed at 3 to 5 months. The configurator also shows an updated timeline for the standard battery Model 3, at 6 to 9 months.

Tesla has also added a new badge for the Dual Motor Model 3. While we don’t have a definitive answer, the consensus is that the red underline represents the Performance variant.

Source: Teslarati

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Ok – why when I configure is performance $64k?
Typo in article?

That’s minus the $8,000 in available upgrades. Fully loaded is $72k. I will add clarification to the post.

I configured and ordered my Performance Model 3 about 10 days ago at the “old price” and it came out at $83,000. I just got an email from Tesla yesterday that the “price was adjusted” to the new costs and my car is now….$75,000. That is an $8,000 price reduction!!! Boy am I a happy camper!


Right on, dude!


If you add the 7.5k Federal Credit and the 2k State credit, it’s almost like being paid to drive a Tesla! Rock on….

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Very nice, congratulations!


Congratulations! CTDOCA WUF!

Rock on!

Er, I mean ROCK ON!!! 😉

lol, no
They left something out that is not available

I’ve heard a lot of people griping about the Dual Motor badge in the various comment sections, but I think it’s a clever and subtle way to draw attention to the fact that it’s an electric vehicle. If they just called it AWD, people would just assume it has a transaxle and differential.

People too stupid to know Telsa cars are electric are ok to wallow in ignorance.

Agreed, but he still has a point. Dual motor is a step up, and doesn’t deserve a generic AWD badge. A plain D is a bit overly subtle.

I wonder if the people who are griping know how easy it is to de-badge most cars? It is probably just held on by some 3M adhesive.

Yup. Saw a recent comment in the InsideEVs Forum from a guy who used a heat gun to cleanly remove an ostentatious “ELECTRIC” badge from a Clarity PHEV plug port.

Apparently if you know how, removing a badge cleanly isn’t hard. Maybe they used to be riveted on, but now they’re not.

Oddly Trump machinations are helping to raise Tesla’s stock price as the car price falls, while other car prices rise, as does the fuel to run them . I think though there will be some backlash when gas approaches $4 a gallon in the U.S. It’s simply payback to big oil who naturally love high gas prices, especially when you are buying oil from them, and not from Iran, Venezuela, Libya. Russia likes it too, and their buddy in the WH seems like a good investment, though a bit flakey.. Also the threat of tariffs on imported cars is beneficial to Tesla too. It may not come to pass, but it seems to be a key feature of Trump’s agenda, which the majority of our law makers seem unwilling or unable to counter.
I expect it will get through in some form, mainly punishing European imports and letting Ford & GM skate with their cars produced in Mexico and Canada.
One thing for sure is that peak car is starting to hurt, and it only gets worse from here for legacy car makers and Tesla is just going to take all the marbles, and go home, and never look back..

Say what? Do you really think the legacy car makers are going to just roll over and die? Tesla is in a good position for maybe 18 months, after which global EV rebates and incentives dry up and heavy competition comes from the multi-nationals (mark my words, VW and Mercedes will surprise you). The Model 3 is Tesla’s last EV where they have first mover advantage.
A new world is coming for sure. 2020-2023 will be very tough years for everyone in this business.
And don’t both with the serial-anti-Tesla crap. I’m just speaking the truth

I am not sure about this. The legacy companies seem very hesitant to build charging infrastructure. I considered the Bolt, the Leaf and the Jaguar and all of them failed as I could reliably drive across country. Jag had every opportunity as did GM but neither of them were comfortable working with or expanding charging infrastructure or building really fast charging into their cars. BMW seems to be building faster charging but again I don’t see a desire to actually build a charging system suitable for cross country driving.

“Do you really think the legacy car makers are going to just roll over and die?”

No, there will be a lot of angst and hair-pulling and wailing and gnashing of teeth and finger-pointing and scapegoating before they die. Not all of the large legacy auto makers will die as the EV revolution runs its course, but it’s almost mathematically certain that some of them will. That happens in every disruptive tech revolution.

Do you really think the same thing that happened to Eastman Kodak and the Stanley Motor Carriage Co. (maker of the former best selling Stanley Steamer car) won’t happen again?

Tesla is a global company. Each year they have grown more and more into global markets. US rebates alone won’t kill them. Tesla’s battery price advantages and charging network advantages will also help them compete.

Every car so far from Tesla has had first mover advantage. I don’t think that will end anytime soon!
Oh BMW has first ugly advantage, the i3 REX (as in Train Wrecks Looks!)

Tesla is constantly innovating, has young talent with fresh ideas and still moves like a fairly nimble company. These things will help them remain ahead for a while. If they get overtaken by larger corporations or partnerships it will be due to large amounts of capital spending that Tesla can’t source.

If you think about it, all the manufacturers are racing to a magical place called EV land, Tesla has a sizable head start, if they keep the pedal down and don’t stall out they will continue to do well. If they let off the pedal or falter it will be an opportunity for another company to catch up or pass them. Once everyone basically arrived they will move on or the market will get stale kinda like it is now in the Gas arena. Just bickering over who has better headlights, range per dollar, torque, things that don’t really matter within a few percent.

Next the big race will be autonomous land at which point 50% of the workforce doesn’t have a job.

EV incentives will be replaced with outright bans on diesel and gasoline cars in big cities. Some Cities have already implemented such measures.

Tesla is sitting pretty.

I’m glad I got mine last month. The performance and AWD would have been nice to have, but I had a budget of $50k. That and I don’t want my wife to divorce me.

Are you a non tesla owner? And what state do you live in? I’m a non tesla owner in central Florida, reserved april 3rd 2016 and haven’t gotten a configuration email. This is a test of patience LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks co2.earth

If you had connected the dots earlier with Tesla Model S, you would have had your model 3 already.

Tesla model s dots were too expensive so I connected a 2012 Leaf SL dot on September 2012 and a 2016 Leaf SV dot on January 2016 so I’m connecting my dots. What about you? CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks co2.earth

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I bet you’ll be using the center console in your Model 3 to continue typing that message out while zipping through traffic.

Non Tesla owner from Iowa who reserved on their website that first night. I got my email from Tesla Wed but didnt see it till last night. Question now… do I pull the trigger before eod tomorrow to get the high speed nw advantage?

I would!

The OP’s first sentence answers your first question.

Yes, I was not a previous Tesla owner. I waited in line (around 80th spot) in person at the Raleigh, NC store.

Thanks for information I’m getting close to the promised land

One thing not listed in this article about the $5K Performance Package is the performance brakes upgrade. As many people pointed out elsewhere, the red calipers seem to indicate beefier brakes that require larger 20″ wheels whereas the standard brakes are fitted with 18″ aero wheels.

Without the upgraded brakes, it’s hard to believe that the Performance Model 3 can compete against the likes of BMW M3, C63, … on the track according to Musk’s tweet “About same as BMW M3, but 15% quicker & with better handling. Will beat anything in its class on the track.”

Yes, I agree. You pretty much need the performance package to match the BMW M3. Especially since the base brakes are nothing special.

Yup. Full performance requires the Performance Package.

Seems self-evident, but I guess with fake “performance” packages some car makers sometimes put in vehicles, I guess it isn’t as obvious as it should be. Thanks for pointing posting the details.

Man, that would be one sweet car for $35k…

It still need a gril like the S and X

I love the old Model S nosecone! But the MX never had a “grille”.

The model three was supposed to be a low cost EV selling for $35,000 said Elon Musk before production started. Elon Musk is full of it and can never tell the truth. He manipulates the media be coming out with false info whenever he sees problems ahead.

Keep trolling Joe, 35k Model 3 will be here in about a year.
And Tesla is never really going to be a “low cost EV” since it is a premium brand.

perhaps half a year for some early line-sitters.

Standard range is now listed as 6-9 months away on Tesla’s site. It’s gonna be 2019.

Standard range base model maybe the last variant released. Dual motor and performance versions of the standard range may be released first.

And a $35K base unit will come forward, in time. He stated from the beginning that highly option cars would come first then the base car later. He hasn’t lied he is doing exactly as he stated. It’s just taking a little longer than anyone would have hoped for.

Wrong. After the “First Production” the Standard range was slated as the next up for production. Of course that’s changed as the ramp up was more difficult than Musk imagined it would be.

Tesla is transforming from a low volume auto manufacturer into a big league auto manufacturer. Scaling up comes with significant costs and demands on their assembly processes. They are facing challenges not previously experienced. Once they have joined the big league there will be no holding them back.

“The model three was supposed to be a low cost EV selling for $35,000…”

I very seriously doubt Elon Musk ever called the Model 3 “low cost”, or even “low price”. Lower price, yes; “low cost”, no. Apparently some people were not paying attention when Tesla spokesmen said that the TM3 was intended to compete with the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series. Tesla makes premium cars, not cheap ones!

And the relatively few buyers who really do want an absolute base “stripper” car, with no options at all, for $35k, will be able to buy one later this year. I guess a FUDster like you will have to find something different to complain about then. 🙄

Joe, there is a BIG Difference between “Lower Cost Tesla” (Model 3), and a LOW COST TESLA, (AKA MODEL 4), to possibly come in about 5 years!

$1,500 for white seats is pretty funny

Now Tesla wants another $2,500 non refundable fee to process your order with no guaranteed delivery date.

I call B.S. Since when does Tesla charge order processing fees?

Scurry back to your Russian Troll farm, troll.

The $2500 fee (total deposit: $3500) was ALWAYS there to order the car! A lot of journalists are mixed up about this!

$3500 non-refundable 5-6: months in advance was not ALWAYS there. Tesla always wanted a firm commit before building your custom car, so they didn’t get stuck with it. This is different.

Actually it’s 2-5 months, not 5-6 months.

Makes sense for Tesla to announce price cuts now, just prior to announcing that they have passed the 200,000 threshold for U.S. sales, and that the federal $7500 tax rebate for EVs will drop to half in the 4th quarter this year, starting around October 1.

Actually, it confusingly doesn’t seem to make sense if there is any relationship to the tax rebate. I would think they would save the price cut until AFTER the tax rebate expired if they wanted to offset the tax rebate.

Instead it just looks like the bean counters decided they could make a price cut work, so they did it now instead of waiting. Surprising really.

I was just speculating, and you could well be right. In fact, the price drop may not be related to passing the 200k threshold at all.

I thought they were building inventory but holding back US deliveries till Jul1 so the tax rebate would not go to half till Jan1, 2019. Am I reading that wrong???

I believe the model 3 performance has hand-picked batteries in the top-1% of all batteries, kind of like ‘overclocking’ a cpu, and (I’m guessing) it might have a more powerful battery cooling system and of course, 2 motors, and perhaps different electronics to generate higher current flows without burning out. you know, maybe silicon carbide transistors or something to handle the higher current flow.

Whatever happened to the $35,000 Model 3??

It’ll exist on paper for another year, then they’ll ship a few hundred to avoid getting sued for false advertising, then they’ll cancel it due to “low demand.” So, don’t hold your breath on getting one!

Wait a minute don’t you want tesla to be profitable? Don’t you want TSLA investors to get paid? Elon Musk was ok with not making profit as long as there was enough cash flow to pay for growth but wall street wants profits. GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

I don’t care about Tesla being profitable. Amazon has shown that breaking even is the way to go. I definitely don’t care if investors (long or short) make money on the stock.

I do care about mass production of EVs at prices regular people can afford. So, it annoys me that Tesla isn’t selling the $35k EV they promised.

Correct. Tesla’s biggest stock holder doesn’t care about the short term and is playing the long game. Just like Bezos with Amazon.

In a decade people will be calling for the government to step in with anti-monopoly suits against Tesla for being so dominant and destroying the fossil auto manufacturers.

I reserved my car in April 2016 and I got the car a month ago and I feel so unlucky. I wish I did not get a delivery of my M3P later as now my car depreciated $5000 due to price reduction. I didn’t buy the performance upgrade as though I would be more interested in after market. I wish Tesla would consider long waiting reservations like mine and do something about it.