Watch Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode Catch Thieves On Camera: Video


A Sentry Mode first?

Tesla rolled out Sentry Mode just about a month ago. Now we have the first footage of it capturing actual thieves in the act. In the video above (you’ll have to fast-forward to the 11:37 mark) the crooks are caught sneaking up on two different vehicles, breaking the small rear window, and making their escape.

The footage of the break-ins was shared exclusively with the Now You Know YouTube channel, who have shared it with the world. Unfortunately, the faces of the perps have been digitized. Therefore, any armchair detectives out there are unlikely to solve these particular crimes.

When armed, Sentry Mode is in a “Standby” state. However, if the car’s cameras catch someone suspiciously close, or the vehicle is leaned on, it saves the footage the car’s cameras have been capturing ten minutes prior to being set off. The front touchscreen shows a message warning would-be thieves they are on camera. If someone breaks the window, as happened here, it is supposed to then move to “Alarm” mode. Additionally, it should begin blasting out Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue” at max volume. Then, it sends the owner an alert through the Tesla app.

Why No Alarm?

Apparently, the ne’er-do-wells in the clip above have a pretty soft window-breaking touch, as the alarm does not go off when they break the glass. Score one for the bad guys. Still, their faces were apparently captured quite well, as was the vehicle they arrived in. When the authorities finally catch up with them, it’s quite possible these vehicle break-and-enters will be added to their list of crimes.

As Tesla stated when they rolled out the feature, “…no alarm system can prevent against all vehicle thefts, break-ins and threats…” Certainly, they were right about that. If the detection of window breaking isn’t quite up to snuff, it is possible that the automaker can improve the system with an over-the-air update.

Hopefully, the next time we have this type of video to share, we’ll have news of an arrest.

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Tesla: “…no alarm system can prevent against all vehicle thefts, break-ins and threats…”

James Bond’s Lotus: Hold my beer.

*Hold my Martini (FTFY)

“Theft isn’t a problem Michael” – KITT

Although KITT did get stolen or disabled a lot.

I think they will have to use the microphone to listen for the sound of glass breaking. One of my old alarms would go off when a phone left in the car would ring.

Am sick and tired of these long winded wannabe know it alls blabbing away about things they know nothing about and the websites that spread their garbage, get so factual qualified information videos and not this long winded babble by some clowns broadcasting from their bedrooms!

You don’t want to spend 57 minutes absorbing moving pictures and audio to get the content of 5 minutes worth of reading?
What is wrong with you?
Oh, and welcome to the post millenial internet world.
It only gets worse from here!

Yeah, this excess has gotten so common that I always look at the running time before deciding to watch… or more likely, not.

If whoever created the video can’t be bothered to edit it down to just the parts actually worth watching, then I can’t be bothered to watch it.

What on Earth are YOU babbling on about? I’m sick of clowns who can’t form a coherent sentence or paragraph, going into comment threads to sh*t all over other people for their own self-aggrandizement and ‘the likes’.

What happens if a tech savvy thief steals the USB drive? It’s just plugged in in the center console, right?

Tesla keeps a copy on their servers for a few days, too. Request it from them if the thief took the USB stick.

Does the M3 transmit data back to the Mothership in real time?

Anyone knows what time in the video i have to skip to? I can’t watch this…

It says it in the article: 11:37.

Now it does…thanks

It did say the time when the article was first posted.

maybe i’m getting old…

Looks like an OLD Man.
Thought this would be prank teens.

Prolly an old drug addict.

But, surprising, he’s getting out of a nice car.
Looks like he’s literally targeting Tesla’s and the car next to the Tesla.

Add the digitized face and it appears to be an inside job. Fake

The problem is that the police won’t do anything about these crimes.

Depends. In California it is basically decriminalized. That is why there is a HUGE rash of break ins here.


It’s the same story in NYC. Brooklyn has a new progressive District Attorney who says we shouldn’t lock up criminals in jail and should release the ones that are already locked up, and he thinks this is what victims want!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

“Sending someone to jail is often not what [victims] want, what they want is to make sure the person leaves them alone, doesn’t hurt them or hurt anyone else and gets the needs for what’s causing them to act out in the first place resolved,” Gonzalez told reporters Monday.

Gonzalez made the bizarre claim while announcing his short-on-details, soft-on-crime scheme called “Justice 2020,” a self-described “groundbreaking initiative” that is aimed at locking up fewer crooks and getting those who are behind bars back on the streets earlier.

“I believe that for too long we’ve only provided one narrative, and that narrative is if someone goes to jail, we are going to be safe,” Gonzalez said.

“We are moving past that narrative. The narrative that simply incarcerating someone promotes safety.”

New York State has literally gone bonkers.

The left coast too. After the attempted break in of my Tesla, which left the chrome window trim damaged on both sides of the car, the police said sadly their hands are tied by new laws too.

He said if there was an item stolen from the car worth less than $750, the criminal, if caught, would not spend a night in jail and would only have to pay a nominal fine (like they would pay anything!).

Yep, I could show you dozens of Nextdoor posts with photos and videos of garage, car and bike thieves from my local area that were captured with security cameras. The cops do nothing the info.

That’s right, especially in San Francisco.

Why just the other day, the news was saying that city is gearing up for a new wave of millionaires from 2019 IPOs. Even the ice sculptor business is recruiting for massive, rich parties. It is likely the poor are feeling left behind and targeting Teslas among other luxury cars. In this very forum, I once suggested San Francisans be the first to practice socialism by tackling income inequality but instead, posters deemed that to be somehow racist.

That’s hardly a problem unique to California. Even here in the Great State of Kansas, the police rarely spend time trying to solve what they call mere “crimes against property”. Perhaps it’s good that police focus most of their limited resources on violent crimes, but to ignore burglaries and thefts merely because nobody got hurt just encourages more casual thieves and burglars. Even if they are caught, either because someone reported them or they managed to get caught red-handed, likely they’ll be pled down to a misdemeanor. O_o

That’s what pisses me off most. Police say they don’t have the funds, manpower etc. to run down every reported crime. Thieves know this which emboldens them. Example thieves break into light industrial business and set off alarm. The thieves hear this and figure they have 10 to 15 minutes to get away. A security car arrives from the alarm monitoring service and verifies burglary is in progress and they then phone the police, but their policy is to stay in the car and not confront the criminals. The thieves see the security car and wrap up and get out waving good bye to the security. Police arrive and nobody is there. The whole system is set up to assure the thieves they will get sufficient warning to get away with their crime.

When I reported a burglary in my home I phoned the police. First question was “Do you have insurance?” I said yes. Then “Consider the crime reported.” I said “Don’t you want to know my name and address?” “Not required”. I gave my info anyway but have little faith it was actually recorded.

In Texas we just shoot thieves. Or get two Pits.

The EPA fuel number is a joke, too.
Because, most people get city mpg, and rarely get highway mpg.
So, typically you can subtract 5 mpg from the average to see what the fleet is actually burning.

As a matter of fact, they should ban the use of the highway number in advertising.

Model 3 typically gets better efficiency in city driving. Highway speeds reduce efficiency. I drive 20 miles around town and managed 229kwh/mi. Highway has rarely dipped below 310, though that should improve significantly now that it’s starting to warm up outside.

Thieves use hardened tip center punch tools from home Depot. These shatter the glass with little net impact. It was never going to set off the alarm. You would have to use a baseball bat.

On mine the window was tinted, and the restaurant employees who saw the break in saw them taking a rock to the window, apparently because the tint film kept it from coming apart. That would have set it off. This was before sentry mode.

Wouldn’t opening the door set off the alarm?

(Original James) They smash and grab. Once inside, they look inside the trunk for valuables. If there is nothing of value, they move on.

In my case, the dummies seemed to not have gotten the quarter window memo. It actually appeared as if they wanted to steal the car (good luck hotwiring a Tesla!). If I’d have had Sentry Mode, they would have been on candid camera.

You sparked a thought (pun intended). Someone should make a fake video showing “how to hot wire a Tesla” and post on you tube. “…using a bent coat hanger, connect to + and – here…”. That would teach them with a flash and burn. Non fatal, but a lesson they won’t forget!

(Original James) A shout out to all Model 3 owners. Get a clear window “tint” overlay inside that small qtr. window. The added thickness will increase the force needed to break which will then set off the alarm and cameras. Should be a really inexpensive solution. A must-do if you live in the San Francisco area.

There are also red devices sold online that fit over the back seat tilting lever. Visable from outside the car, this crook may not have attempted the smash had he seen the impediment with his flashlight.

Sad we have to take such precautions. Such is the world we live in.

(Original James) I had a thief try to steal my Model 3. They tried breaking into both rear passenger windows. It was at night while under bright lights – very brazen. They didn’t go after the small quarter windows. If I’d had Sentry Mode, it likely would have scared them off. It definately would have recorded their attempts. I’m still patiently (impatiently) waiting for the OTA feature.

Why hasn’t Tesla made a design change to the backseat yet? I still see new Model 3s with the same seat latches near the rear windows. Move the latches towards the center or replace them with straps on the back of the seats in the trunk. Sentry Mode is not a long term solution.

The latches should be in the trunk. My last two sedans had the release mechanism in the trunk. Once you disable the trunk release lever from inside, it is pretty secure.

I finally got the sentry mode update (5.15) last night. I did a quick test by tapping on the driver’s side window glass lightly and it started recording immediately. Impressive.

Seriously, a 56 minute video just to watch a couple of bumbling casual thieves breaking a window on a Model 3? Good grief! 🙄

I’ll wait for the 30 second highlight reel, thanks.

Just jump to the quick clips at the 11:37-mark. That’s the only part of the video Domenick is focused on, and he points that out up front.

I find it odd they digitized the face. My guess is this was an inside job intended to get views

Just lock the child safety mechanism inside the rear doors.

Doesn’t that keep the door from being opened from the inside?

Also let’s be realistic here – even with the video, the face and the getaway vehicle what would you say the chances are these guys will get caught?

I am going with 15% chance.