Tesla Sends Memo To Workers – Get Model 3 Production To 300 Per Day

Tesla Model 3 frame


The automaker may move some employees off the Model S and X production lines just to ramp up Model 3 volume.

In a series of internal memos sent to Tesla employees last week, Bloomberg reports that Doug Field, Tesla’s chief engineering, stated:

“The world is watching us very closely, to understand one thing: How many Model 3’s can Tesla build in a week? This is a critical moment in Tesla’s history, and there are a number of reasons it’s so important. You should pick the one that hits you in the gut and makes you want to win.”

Production Woes – Tesla Model 3 Production Was Indeed Halted In February

The email string reportedly began on or around March 23. Field added that proving haters and short-sellers wrong would be achieved by getting Model 3 production up to 300 units per day. Of the naysayers, Fields wrote:

“I find that personally insulting, and you should too. Let’s make them regret ever betting against us. You will prove a bunch of haters wrong.”

Fields add that the 300-unit-per-day figure would be an “incredible victory” for the employees and automaker as a whole.

In addition, Field noted in the memos that production of the Model 3 was currently at 200 units per day.

This all comes as Tesla stock has sunk to lows as doubts around Model 3 production and an open investigation into the recent deadly Tesla Model X crash have been front and center for the automaker.

Tesla will report global sales for Q1 next week.

33 photos
2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.

Source: Bloomberg

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Come on, robots – you can do it! Get the lead out. Oh, wait, robots can’t read. Yet.

Everything’s totally automated! It’s the robots’ cheerleaders who are targeted in the pep talk…

This is really bad news. Not that Tesla being manipulative rather than honest towards their owners is really news, but it will bring the fact to the attention of more people. Some who thought the problem was incompetence (let’s call it “imperfect knowledge”!) will realize there’s something more to it.

I certainly still hope the Model 3 makes rather than breaks Tesla. But only because I think things will proceed a little quicker that way. I truly don’t think they deserve success anymore. The end doesn’t justify the means. It’s possible to do good and bad, and it’s not ok to lie and deceive even if you sell solar panels and truly think the world needs them.

As long as Musk gets richer, keep rowing slaves!

Slaves? I’m fairly certain all Tesla employees are paid a decent wage, one that is far above even the PRC’s current minimum wage of $11/hour. And those employees are all free to resign at any time should they no longer wish to work at Tesla.

Saying a person is free to quit any time they want to is an incomplete assumption. You assume they have another job offer they can just walk into.
I’ve observed that in the current economy, there are many people who would love to leave their current job, except they need to eat, and want to live indoors, and don’t have another job they can just walk into.

And for factory workers it’s even harder as the factories that are left move towards automation.

Yeah, this isn’t 1987 anymore.

People can’t find other jobs in CA in a recor low unemployment environment? Give me a fing break! My company when hiring they take about 2 months to fill a position that requires basic pc skills. That’s how bad it is to find workers now in L.A. ….and no, they don’t pay minimum.

This must be why they get so many resumes because there are LOTS of other good paying jobs. /s

Only a true heartless capitalist would say – if they are not happy they are free to leave

They are free to be homeless and die in the dirt.

Amen brother Terawatt

The good news is that production is at 200 / day.

That is much improved from earlier in the month when about 800/week seemed to be the rate of production!

But obviously still off significantly from guidance. And we will have to wait to see if that is sustained over the next month. Positive progress, but they need to keep it up!

Or 1,000 a week. 300 per day is 1500 per week.

This is noweres near the 2,500 they were predicting.

2100 a week if the factory runs 24/7 which is likely the case.

Meaning now they are around 1400/week.

You’re absolutely right, though, that this indicates the delay behind original plans is now at least 6 months or so.

Or… more precisely, the original plans were more fantasy than reality. They were too ridiculously ambitious for any mortal company of Tesla’s size and cumulative mass-production experience to pull off.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Instead of marveling at Model 3 breaking records, everyone will be concerned and worried about Tesla not meeting the ridiculously overblown expectations it had set.

Anyway, everyone who cares about EVs should still hope they succeed rather than implode.

They don’t run either 24 or 7. In fact, at the end of each quarter, they’ve added shifts to increase their production numbers quite substantially. That usually falls after the end of quarter.

Yup. Furthermore, I think it would be foolish to try to run 24/7. There needs to be some down time for maintenance and to adjust and/or reprogram the robots.

Running 6 days a week, using the day off for maintenance and adjustments, would likely be a better strategy than attempting to run 24/7, which would certainly fail.

Maybe… if they’re only working 5 days a week. 😉 But I highly doubt that. 1,200-1,400 / week.

Still not where it needs to be, obviously. But production was much lower just a few weeks ago.

For March I’m still thinking about 3,200 based on the first ~3.5 weeks of the month. Waiting to see what deliveries are like today through Saturday. 🙂

So is this good news or bad news? Well… it could be a whole lot worse for the Model 3.

How About Those Model 3 Deposits?

Another problem for Tesla may be the petering demand for Model 3.

Once Tesla pushed out the $35,000 Model 3, there has been considerable customer resentment and widespread discussions about customer cancellations. Preliminary indications based on fan site commentary suggest that cancellations may have been very significant.

Furthermore, Tesla inside salespeople have been calling customers aggressively to get deposits for various products including Powerwall and Solar Roof. Model 3 customers have also been getting multiple reminders to “configure”. Configuration means that Tesla can capture an additional $2,500 of deposits.

We have heard directly from Tesla salespeople and are aware of others who have been solicited by Tesla to place a deposit. Based on the evidence we have seen so far, we conclude that Tesla is attempting to do two things:

Get cash on its balance sheet before the end of the quarter.
Ensure that the “customer deposit” line item stays strong in the face of widespread Model 3 cancellations.

Lost 15% of their stock value this week. Moody downgraded their credit to negative. And cant meet production numbers. Owes 2 billion by the end of the year. Lets when the 1st quarter is reported

He wants to get to 1500 a week when the goal was set of producing 5,000 per week by early January of 2018? And that that goal of 5,000 per week was subsequently moved back to early April?
And now it is 1,500 per week sometime soon?
I think Tesla will get there, but it has been a painful process.
Just getting to 3,000 sales for this month is not a given. I hope they crush that number and sell a lot more than 3k, but the issue is in doubt.

They run 7 days a week. So he is claiming they are at 1,400 and he wants them to get to 2,100. The guidance was pushed back to 2,500 a week end of March and 5,000 per week end of June last December.

And the original “guidance” (disinformation seems more apt, although you’re using the correct formal terminology) was about 2,500/week by October 2017.

Who knows how many more pushbacks are coming? All we know is whatever Tesla says represents the absolute upper bound for what might in fact materialize.

Watch the Model 3 reveal from two years ago again. Imagine you’re one of those who reserved your $35k dream car the next morning. And still not as much as an estimated year in which that will come.

Musk is a bio-snake-oil salesman.

And originally, they would have been ecstatic to sell 25K S per year. It’s been dragging but they’ll get production higher. Model 3 is simpler than S & X and they are producing those at @120K annual clip. Time is running out to get production ramp up or require another cash raise so pressure is ramping up internal as it should be.

You are such an idiot.

It has been pointed out to you multiple times before that Musk setting company “stretch” goals and not making them on his accelerated timeline is NOT lying.

willful Lying is what VAG and apparently virtually every other Euro Auto OEM did with “Clean Diesel”.

That is where you should aim your misplaced anger if you want to be honest with yourself and others.

If Musk is a snake oil salesmen, what does that make you? What have you achieved in your life? People who are so stupid that they can not see how stupid they are – are the worst. You should stop posting in public – where proof of your pitiful intellect will never vanish

I have read that the plant is in production Monday to Friday with 2 ten hours shifts working each day. Then the plant is open for maintenance on Saturday. I am not completely sure but I think they are producing cars 5 days a week, not 6 or 7.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

We’ll see 3187 for march.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

300 per day?

I think not.

Maybe by December 2018 or next year.

Bloomberg is now projecting over 2,000 Model 3 per week in next 2 weeks. Once the 2nd line arrives from Germany in April, the rate is going to double and be very close to 5,000/week.

Thought the new line was coming in March?

How this line is being push, it might be until may or hune or july, opps we got bought off

I think the new robotic line form Germany was installed in March. Or so it was claimed.

So from pretty certain the bottlenecks were solved, the manufacturing had been tested, just a matter of moving the machines over to the factory, 5000/week by end of quarter definitely realistic, 10,000/week by year’s end… to 300/day, aka 2100/week if that was every day rather than an exceptional day in which we brush S and X aside, > would be an “incredible victory” It’s not haters that’s the problem here. It’s that Tesla says it will do A and then delivers a tenth of it. That’s a problem at any stage in a company’s development. But as the business gets bigger the problem gets more serious. And as the company has more experience, the excuses wear thinner. Clearly doing anything for one day only had nothing to do with anything real at all, and everything to do with what can legally be said in the upcoming quarterly report. “We are up to 2100 units per month at the end of the quarter” isn’t technically a lie if they manage 300 in a day just once. It baffles me if this is a strategy that doesn’t backfire. It’s like claiming you can run a marathon in two hours because you managed… Read more »

I cancelled on 3/15.

The last straw was the engineers’ reports of high rework rates on Model 3 components.

But I’m also concerned about the obvious and reported quality issues on shipped cars, the distracting and potentially dangerous center screen, and… the price.

I didn’t think I was signing up for a $50k ‘everyman’ car, and I’m opposed to the requirement of another $2500 non-refundable amount which also converts your original $1000 to become non-refundable, once you’re asked to configure your order. And you don’t even get to test drive it to be sure.

Finally, you can be sure we’ll hear horror stories of service backups once there are many thousands of these in the field. Tesla’s not ready to manage this population of vehicles, and I don’t need the drama.

I only stayed in this long because of the long range, and the really good looks of the car. But that’s not enough.

So I decided “maybe someday”, but not now.

You canceled because of FUD?

It always fascinates me how some peoples brains work. At the reveal you see a shiny new Tesla, it has no instrument display and it will be at least 2yrs realistically before you’re likely to get it, but you plonk $1k down. Oh, and it sounds like you want the $35k version but history has already shown that Tesla likes to produce the top of the line versions first, so you’re actually looking at realistically 3yrs, if ever. Then half way through the “experience” you decide you don’t like it and want your deposit back. Fair enough. But the $1k was already out of commission from your budget, and everyone knows “don’t buy the first of anything”, strange you wouldn’t just leave your deposit sitting there and indicate on the offer when it comes that you are waiting for the SR $35k version. It hasn’t come to my attention you also had to pay $2,500 when the offer came through, watching other videos it seemed that was only required when you actually configured your vehicle, and SR is not available, so nothing to configure yet. I guess for all those waiting in line, they’re happy to see you go and… Read more »


I waited until last month to make my reservation online, so there was plenty of news available. Good and bad news and reviews if you search (only bad if you listen to the naysayers). I was also able to visit a Tesla store recently in Atlanta and sit in a Model 3 to make sure I liked it, which I did. I plan on test driving sometime this summer (either thru Tesla or one of many announced guest drive events) which gives me plenty of time and info to make an informed decision. Because of my late reservation my estimated delivery date is currently late 2018 (LR, AWD) but could slip into next year, and if that happens I’ll decide if the vehicle is still worth the price without the full tax credit.

I wiil join the party as soon as they offer a decent lease deal on it. For any car i buy, it has to go through a lease first…call it and extended test drive.

BYE BYE thank you from the bottom of my heart lol

Thank you for canceling. I picked up my Model 3 yesterday (VIN 0072xx). I you hadn’t canceled I might not have gotten mine as early.

Good news then! Tesla has already spent your deposit.

Tesla is not going to go under. There a zero chance of that. Worse case is a sale to Apple or Google, and this is still rather unlikely.
Some shorts are going around claiming that the company will run out of cash in a few months, but serious analysts just expect a capital raise. We’ve heard this story many times.

It’s crazy to think they will not be bought if in trouble. Of course not at this valuation which means shareholders will lose big if that happens.

That memo reads like some of the comments on InsideEVs articles.

WOW a target moved back 2 times and then still not reached is an incredible victory

The problem is that first targets announced publicly were bogus figures for the people with money who are investors. It worked.

The issue is when someone keeps measuring them against those bogus figures, which had little to do with reality as already mentioned by many people who know how to manufacture a thing or two.

Other than that, it’s all good. They will get better.

So… you’re saying that Tesla executives (one in particular) fabricated production guidance in order to raise money? Before you get all insulted (to use Field’s word) let me quote you:

“The problem is that first targets announced publicly were bogus figures for the people with money who are investors. It worked.”

“I find that personally insulting, and you should too.”

And let me insult him/them a bit more: less than 2500 cars in Feb. after 8 months in production while having over 400,000 people waiting is INCOMPETENCE! It may be insulting, but it is the truth that they brought on themselves. Heads should roll!

Now I question how well made those 200/day are. Are they going to be huge gaps in bodywork, phantom touch screens and other issues due to lack of quality control? We shall see in coming months.

Fields is insulted by the sight of a BIG options package devalued to zero as TSLA share price slips well below his strike.

While rank-and-file are also compensated with equity, their packages are orders of magnitude smaller. The in-your-face reality of things like “take unplanned PTO or don’t get paid” blunts any motivation Fields can “inspire”, to grossly misuse a word.

As long as those reservation holders don’t start to drop out, and they keep increasing the production rate, they’ll be fine (as long as they are paying their debt). If they do start to have a drop off of reservation holders then they will be in serious trouble.

Depending on the progress toward production tagets and resultant Cash Used in Operations, they actually may NOT be “fine”, regardless of reservations.

From seeking alpha
How About Those Model 3 Deposits?

Another problem for Tesla may be the petering demand for Model 3.

Once Tesla pushed out the $35,000 Model 3, there has been considerable customer resentment and widespread discussions about customer cancellations. Preliminary indications based on fan site commentary suggest that cancellations may have been very significant.

Furthermore, Tesla inside salespeople have been calling customers aggressively to get deposits for various products including Powerwall and Solar Roof. Model 3 customers have also been getting multiple reminders to “configure”. Configuration means that Tesla can capture an additional $2,500 of deposits.

We have heard directly from Tesla salespeople and are aware of others who have been solicited by Tesla to place a deposit. Based on the evidence we have seen so far, we conclude that Tesla is attempting to do two things:

Get cash on its balance sheet before the end of the quarter.
Ensure that the “customer deposit” line item stays strong in the face of widespread Model 3 cancellations.

Don’t quote Seeking Alpha on Tesla as they have no credibility. Of course, neither do you, so I guess it’s ok.

So how would you like to find out that one of those “rush” units is headed for your driveway? Can’t we just make realistic promises, and build a quality unit?

Work faster, not smarter!!


Even if they just barely manage to do 2100 the last week of March it’s still not enough. They are expected to do 2500 consistently by the end of Q1 and then double it for the next quarter. That is the base level that investors are expecting, not the “oh my god Tesla is so fantastic” level.
The Tesla stock has taken a significant beating this week and it will continue to do so when Tesla is once again downgraded for not standing up to even modest expectations.

I see — still built lovingly by hand. Tesla should market that!

Robots that build the robots my a$$.

Who would be motivated by a manager that uses words like “haters”? Not that many factory workers, I bet.

Or is this language common in corporate America?

Welcome to Millenialspeak (. . . Dude).

Yea, I especially like the part about “pick your own motivation”.

Granted the original production target is not met (yet). However, which non-Chinese EV manufacturer currently produces more EVs per week than Tesla does, despite being in car production much longer and having not the whole press (and big oil and crooked politicians) fight against them? Count the hybrids too, if you like…
VW is the largest manufacturer in the world producing. They have not managed to ramp up e-Golf production to higher than 70 per day, after 5 years. And the recent ramp from 35 to 70 was just because Model 3 became reality…
I’m quite confident that Tesla will deliver in the end. When they announced back in 2012/2013 that they will sell 100 k vehicles in 2017, many naysayers laughed. Tesla sold 103 k in 2017.
Sooner or later the Model 3 production will run as planned. Then the naysayers have finally time to focus on Semi and Model Y.

All I can say is I ordered mine 3/22/2018 and they gave me a 3-6 Week eta. NJ

Long Range Battery
Rear Wheel Drive
Black Interior
Midnight Silver Metallic Paint
Premium Upgrades
18’’ Aero Wheels

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3 (soon)

3 to 6 weeks??? Hard to believe! Did you reserve on first day?

Yes I reserved on the first day at the Tesla store in Garden State Plaza mall NJ.
Yes 3-6 weeks from 3/22/2018. They told me I would get the vin in 4 weeks. I’m guessing I’ll get the car some time in May 2018 the latest.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3 (soon)

Thank you Nelson. There’s hope for me soon then. 1st day online orderer. To Paraphrase Elon Musk, mass-producing cars is hard (and not for the risk-adverse). If I had a year to live I might be upset that I have had to wait six more months to get my car, but I have a car now. I drive it. It works and it will until I get my Model 3, and because I am employed money continues to fill my coffers as I wait. Everybody is late these days. Boeing and Airbus have been missing production goals for a decade and a half, and let’s not look at the list of companies who missed their profit targets recently. Oil missed theirs for almost four years! Luckily (heh) they’ve been jacking prices up lately so that looks to be over…for now. Like hundreds of thousand of others I didn’t place an order because I wanted to make a killing on the stock market or ride a band wagon. If I thought it was so important for a new company to make a profit in five years I never would have used Amazon or Google. Quick dividends are an artificially induced expectation… Read more »

Well stated.

Nelson, I’m jealous! But that means all reservations from Tesla S/X owners have been filled after few thousand? It’s surprising why not more took the reservation.

Congratulations, Nelson. Find the Tesla club in your area, you’ll see how many Model IIIs are being built a week. Our local club is having growth issues with the number of members that have shown up due to the Model III. What’s fun is hearing their stories like “I was through the line by 10:00am on the 31st” or “I’m buying through so-and-so’s reservation to get mine sooner.”

Quite the unfair comment. The Golf production is basically for compliance fulfillment only. There is no ROI on the vehicle, so why produce more than you can get credit for. The real production starts (apparently, according to VW) with the next generation vehicles. These units will have to make money, and thus production will be expedited.

“When they announced back in 2012/2013 that they will sell 100 k vehicles in 2017, many naysayers laughed. ”

You’re right: we did. Most of us didn’t think it was industrially impossible to do; we just thought the financial dwnside would make the business uninvestible. Most of us predicted (accurately) that a 100k production rate would not show the 25-30% Gross Marins Musk projected (they didn’t). We also stated (again, accurately) that SG&A alone would outgrow Gross Margins, and the company would only survive from Financing, which is true. It goes on.

What we did not understand was the broader market’s tolerance for eyewatering cash consumption. So, yes, we were incredibly wrong about the survival of the enterprise.

I think the two growing metrics — rate of cars produced and rate of cash consumed — may finally collide soon.

Tends to confirm that Elon is AWOL.

The Lynch Mob is out in full Force ! These Guys are only Trying to do Their Best to get these cars out .

Sure, but cheerleading and cajoling – and name-calling perceived enemies – won’t further motivate people who are already working as hard and long as they can.

The implication is that they’re holding something back from their efforts.

The sound of desperation is deafening. Almost as deafening as the cries of TSLA fanbois every time they check the stock price these days. 😀

Bottom line, the Model 3 is a beautiful, functional and most sought after vehicle. Let’s hope they find a way out of this mess.

Bro you should care more about the price of cheetos than that of Tesla. The sad fact that you can’t afford one and instead had to settle on a soon to be dead bolt as the leaf and model 3 spank it in just about every metric. I know you are probably crying as the stock starts to go back up and when the model 3 is in full production and the stock price of Tesla is in the $400 range I hope you can drown your sorrows in enough mountain dew to actually make it out of your mom’s basement.

In WHAT WORLD does the leaf “spank” the Bolt in ANY metric? Range? Comfort? Price? Anything?

World wide availability?
Pro Pilot?
Sorry I’m not in the US to check this out myself, but all reports that the seats are not really that good? Seriously, you got a car company that has been in business how long, and the one place the owner spends all their time in the vehicle is the drivers seat. How do you get that wrong?

You have no idea what you are talking about, and are simply repeating rumors. I *HAVE* a Bolt, there is nothing whatever wrong with the seats.

LMAO as an emblem of what is wrong with American society, mental MadBro who is still pissed that Tesla even in the process of ramping up is making and selling more Model 3s then GM is of Bolts whereas anybody really concerned with American industry and competitiveness would want both companies to succeed.

Can’t have that can you MadBro?

I would like to know, from Tesla, in great detail where the bottleneck(s) is/are. We know they have bought a world class stamping line, so there should be absolutely no problems with speed and quality. I’m sure they have top of the line paint robots, and I know they have top of the line robots for chassis production. I’m pretty sure they have a good logistics system, linked to their suppliers. If suppliers can not deliver, they would usually by contract, be allowed to move production to others – or use another company to share the loads. A car company usually have a very close cooperation with their suppliers. Battery cells from Panasonic are good. Is it the battery that is the problem? Could they outsourse some of the production to others? Just to share the load? There are no secrets with that car any more. Half a dusin car companies have reverse engineered this by now. Tesla need to produce as many cars as possible, before competition kicks in. They have 1, or at best 2 years to make as much money as possible. After that, they have to compete with huge companies. I think they’ll still grow after… Read more »

“They have 1, or at best 2 years to make as much money as possible.”

That isn’t going to happen.

More accurately, they need to RAISE $2B fairly soon to safely get through ~Q3 or so, and another $4B at least to slog through to a best-case cash turnaround in 2019. After that they might actually MAKE money, which between now and (optimistically) late 2019 they don’t (and won’t).

A golden opportunity for shorts to cover. Just take some profit, and be happy for a change.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Might be a good time to buy……..lol

You might have the idea, as many Tesla/TSLA adherents do, that “shorts” borrow and sell shares and sit back indefinitely. Pretty much not how it works if you want to stay liquid. I have not personally sold TSLA shares short, having switched to perma-bear after the great $279 peak of Sept 2014, but have taken numerous option positions (both sides) quite a few times. I completely agree that now IS a great time to cover (or exit your Puts). A 25% drop in 60 days is non-trivial and as the apochryphal Rothchild saying goes, the rich guys make theirs by selling too soon. Now it’s time to sort out what the next fund-raising event for Tesla portends without watching the chart like a hawk. My eyes are on the bond downgrade that takes Tesla to the middle of Junk… er, “speculative” grade, alongside stalwarts like Penney’s: “Obligations rated Caa1 are judged to be of poor standing and are subject to very high credit risk”. To add to challenges, the ABL is almost out of “A” to borrow against. That means a share issue soon, like probably late Q2. Not end of world, although dilutive and potentially difficult for die-hard Longs.… Read more »

You’ve got a point there. I made a bit in Tesla and then bailed as it was too volatile for my taste.
Also in JCP which I exited long ago.

Certainly there is money to be made on both sides of the street in regards to Tesla. You just have to time the crossing so you don’t get run over.

I don’t really care if it is 300 per day or 200 per day as long as we don’t have to take 1/3 of them back for repairs after delivery.

Do it right the first time. It is better in the long run.

I think very few are enjoying Tesla’s Model 3 challenges. In fact , it is quite the opposite. The idea of reinventing the wheel is hard work and is fraught with setbacks.

It will take multiple billions and a longer time horizon to do what Elon wants to accomplish and establish as a STABLE enterprise.

Tesla will not go away but I do believe Tesla will form a partnership where the brand equity will be preserved but 100% operational control will have to be surrendered to a more pragmatic leader. There are Steve Jobs and there are Tim Cook roles. You need both in an organization operating at the same time in unison.

I’d like all of you to remember that the original plan for the Model 3 roll out said full capacity of 10k cars/week was to be reached in the end of 2020.

And nobody thought THAT was possible. Half a million cars – ridiculous!

Then along came 400k reservations and a revised plan – clearly an overly optimistic one. But still, at least they tried. And I bet they’re going to get to 10k a lot faster than two years from now. So stop whining, will you?

Short-selling Tesla Hater cultists would have us believe that everything Tesla does is aimed at manipulating the stock price; some FUDsters even write as if Tesla making and selling very popular cars which are in high demand is just window dressing for a stock selling scheme! 🙄

I see things rather differently… which should come as no surprise to any reasonable person. This is the first time I have ever seen any evidence that Tesla lets the rise and fall of its stock price affect its real business, its core business — that is, making and selling cars.

“I think very few are enjoying Tesla’s Model 3 challenges.”

Sorry, but I’m one of the few.

Maybe “enjoying” isn’t QUITE the right word, but I find that when willful ignorance receives a brisk and stinging comeuppance, I experience great satisfaction. Frankly these kinds of industrial lessons are perishable, and we need a noisy one from time to time to repeatedly cleanse away presumptions that mere well-spoken intention can alter reality.

Musk basically said “hold my beer and watch this”, and for awhile entertaned the world with a stupid stunt. Turns out you can only jump your pickup so far, even with a good running start and a steep ramp. Sadly, a lot of people were shocked to see it fall short. Well… not sad for me.

I’m having fun watching (no hard feelings, to be sure).
Big problem with carb intake, though… all this popcorn…

“Hold my beer and watch this.” !!! 🙂

Maybe the funniest comment I’ve read in a long time, thank you! I do think you’re wrong about the ultimate outcome of Tesla. Worst case scenario the stock tanks (and I mean TANKS) and some opportunistic person or entity buys TSLA for control of the brand. The brand has tremendous value, and should live in for quite a while.

Like I just responded to serial anti-Tesla troll MadBro,
the shorter troll realistic is another idiot emblematic of what is going wrong with Americans as his carpet-bombing comments show.

Any American who wants an extremely innovative American company to fail because these trolls are spiteful or seek to profit from it or both are a cancer on society.

The rot in runs deep here.

People like these losers trolls who make nothing of value themselves but simply gamble and speculate in the financial markets.

GET A LIFE REAL. Sorry that Tesla sucks at production targets and tried to fool people with their reveals to get money from the markets knowing they cant possibly do it on thier own timelime

Well, it is the reality of the way the stock market works and shorts do serve a purpose. I actually admire the shorts in the sense that they have a lot of balls.
Of course I don’t agree with them and think a lot of their arguments are bogus, and many of them are.

That’s good news I reserved 4/3/16 and I’m in central florida. I saw a blue model 3 in the wild last weekend. I can’t wait for my turn maybe July-Sept.

The linked article said “Tesla will suspend Model S and Model X production Thursday and Friday because it’s ahead of target on building those this quarter, Peter Hochholdinger, vice president of production, wrote to employees in a March 21 email obtained by Bloomberg News.”

That would imply that Tesla continues to see plateauing demand for the Model S and Model X, at around 100k per year.

Tesla is getting crushed in after hours selling. They just released info that they are recalling 123,000 cars due to possible power steering failure.
This isn’t going to help.

Voluntary recalls help Tesla. Owners appreciated having a bolt in their steering system replaced when it wears faster than expected.

Don’t fool yourself. Recalls are always bad news. Especially when the company will need another round of bond sales in a quarter or two.
Tesla should survive the next year but it is going to be ugly. And if they get through the next year, they will be selling cars in numbers that are closer to that of normal car companies, not a boutique brand anymore.

“I find that personally insulting, and you should too. Let’s make them regret ever betting against us. You will prove a bunch of haters wrong.”

Wow, what a F’ing child…

Line workers don’t care if upper management gets their 7+figure bonus which lets be honest is what it’s all about.

If they can’t even get up to the latest revision of 2,500 a week by the end of March I expect their stock to slide even further.

The only report I’ve seen of TM3 reservation cancellations estimated ~26% cancellations. This is very close to the 25% of pre-order cancellations for the Model S.

Looks to me like those who are predicting disaster for the TM3 are going to be very disappointed! 😀

Go Tesla!

Agh – am I missing something? All you breathless haters gleefully pointing out all of the inadequacies of Tesla -To my understanding 568K people still are on the waiting list for the 3 and want the car. Name any other manufacturer of any item period in the history of the manufacturing industry that has 568K people on a waiting list. Chill


Get Real (and you need to do just that, BTW): “Any American who wants an extremely innovative American company to fail because these trolls are spiteful or seek to profit from it or both are a cancer on society.” You and lots of other hopeful folks are hung up on “want”. What I “want” is entirely moot. If I deeply, secretly long for terrible things (or great things – whatever) to happen to Tesla share price or Model 3 production rates or Elon’s waistline… it doesn’t matter. You need to get over that. It clouds your thinking. As for monetary gain or loss from trading in publicly held shares… I don’t think – no, actually I’m certain – that you don’t understand this concept at all. Transactional structures have been made to allow speculation on equities, commodities, interest rates, derivatives of all these things, etc. I would argue these mechanisms are or at least can be stabilizing. They inform the market of contrary perspectives, interests and outlook. They increase liquidity, which is not a bad thing at all. And they’re FUN! Short trades in Tesla have been energizing to the share value. Quite a bit as a matter of fact.… Read more »

Nice dissertation. I think what Get Real is fed up with it that every time any negative news on Tesla emerges the site Is flooded with flippant useless comments from those who actually do wish negative things for Tesla.
it does get a bit tiresome.

ffbj, no doubt as a Tesla adherent, he finds all the skeptic chatter to be annoying.

I’m not unsympathetic. From time to time, when the Schadenfreude meter is pegged, even I feel like jumping in to defend aspects of Tesla autos, design/strategy decisions, etc. that I think Musk (et al) got right. Generally you guys take care of that.

Do I take mean (yes: it’s QUITE mean) pleasure in seeing people fail when (IMO, of course) they exercised willful and determined defiance of hard-earned industrial practice? Yes, very much, especially when the course they choose is actually just doing what the industry USED TO DO before genuine process control began to take shape. This has nothing — NOTHING — to do with EV vs. ICE, whether fuel comes from poking holes in the ground or catalyzing unicorn flatulence, etc.

BTW: I also don’t think America is rotting or my political opponents (whoever they may be) are benefitting or there is something “cancerous” about an opposing BUSINESS view. Neither should GR.

“…Tesla’s flings…”

Nothing implied or expressed about Amber Heard here; meant “filings”.

Seems like a pep talk a bad high school football coach would deliver. Embarrassing.

Still think the big question is how much money Tesla is losing. If you’re losing money on every car you make, you don’t make that up by producing more cars.

I think Tesla is running through their orders more quickly than it wants to admit. However, a lot of those passing on a car are likely “delays that may turn to cancellations (or orders)” rather than cancellations. Lots of people signed up for a $35K car and the ones being offered are more like $50K or $60K cars. Plus some may want to see how the cars hold up and don’t mind waiting a bit. Those two factors are likely the reason for the lower order rate.

On the bright side, Tesla supporters should be exuberant at the drop in the stock price. If the stock was fairly priced before it’s a steal now. Time to buy.

On top of that it doesn’t seem like the production issues are due to the factory not having enough shifts. There’s some sort of equipment issue that needs to be resolved. If they were to run 24/7 they wouldn’t be able to do any modifications to the line.

Yeah, a memo. That oughta do it!

Weird, this was supposed to be a reply above about how running the factory 24/7 didn’t make sense.

Very good news. Yesterday Oilzealots had merry time in Shortsville, but their happiness is probably short-lived.
Today the stock went up by $8.

I am only hoping for Model-3 sales to hit 3,000 in March or probably 3,500 since its a quarter ending month.

If they are stopping Model S/X and ramping up Model-3, then they are getting serious.

This shows that they are more interested in selling cars to the deposit holders rather than selling the expensive Model S/X to make money.

Let’s see, the hits keep on the rolling for Tesla lately:

1. Suppressing an InsideEVs article about AWD M3 deliveries being delayed using BS legal threats.
2. Downgrade of credit rating by Moodys.
3. Stock price crashing.
4. Memo begging workers to produce faster, which admits that a large percentage of the car is hand built.
5. Reports of cars failing QC in large numbers and having to be reworked.

It’s almost as if a company with zero experience mass producing anything thought they could install put a car into mass production without any testing/validation…

After #1 happened, I no longer have any sympathy for Tesla, nor do I wish them well.

Wait… did I miss something? What did Tesla do about that article exactly?

What happened? Legal departments of a certain Silicon Valley-based auto company happened. 🙁

Naturally, mental MadBro has also gone into conspiracy theorism.

Maybe Tesla is part of the Deep State for these fools!

Or we could go with the most likely possibility, the serial anti-Tesla trolls are more then willing to lie out their ass just like they are happy to put their own ideology and monetary interests over the greater good for their country and the planet.

https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/29/tesla-recalls-123000-model-s-cars-over-potential-power-steering-failure-reports.html. Recalls for model S. Aftermarket will dip the stock further, what more bad news will happen between now and Monday when markets open and see the tesla stock collapse

https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/03/29/business/tesla-elon-musk.html yelp even the liberal media is taking diggs at elon

The liberal media my ass. NYT is anout as mainstream as it gets.

You should go back to Breitbart WillTroll.

And BTW, the difference between you and me is that I want the WHOLE country to do well.

Whereas fools like you Will always put ideology and Party in front of country, especially since California and Silicon Valley is the bogeyman for what passes as conservatism these days.

I agree it is rather strange to read this as an official communication from a Tesla exec to employees.

It reads more like the sort of comment that a Tesla fanboy would post to IEVs or to the Tesla Motors Club forum! 🙂

LMAO, DB Will troll quoting Seeking Liars earlier.

Yes Tesla has a recall on a power steering pump bolts that Bosch made AND IS PAYING FOR THE REPLACEMENTS!

But in FUD land and Trump land, facts don’t matter.

I put my deposit on a model 3 in January 2018. I’m not concerned about Tesla meeting any official number per week! They build a superior EV. I owned a Ford Focus EV that was a lemon! After seeing all the you tube video’s on the model 3, I’m confident in placing an order! Tesla has been the only new car manufacture to force everyone else to build EV’s! Go Elon…….

Yep, conspiracy theorist ClownCIE is another American with no honor like the Trumpsters ready to sell out leading edge American company like Tesla for spite and profit.

So where is your proof that Tesla forced InsideEVs to pull that thread?

Thats right–there is no proof, just rampant speculation from a long-time serial anti -Tesla troll.

Apple is a leading American company. Tesla is a sea of red ink.

Tesla did a great job of forcing IEVs to pull the AWD delay post, and forcing them to delete comments in other threads about what happened. But, I was reading before the deletes happens. The original article can still be found in the internet archive. I can’t post a link to it since IEVs staff has asked me not to (presumably per Tesla lawyers).

Suppressing the media is never acceptable. So, I’m glad to see the bad news keep rolling in for Tesla. They’re a joke.

Another DB financial guy who takes no responsibility for their actions like the ones who crashed the entire world’s economy and had to be bailed out with no accountability or consequences.

Hopefully the next time you guys do that we get to string up a few to set an “example” that there is going to be some accountability going forward.

@Staff: I Can’t seem to use the “Reply” function.

Jim said:

“Bloomberg is now projecting over 2,000 Model 3 per week in next 2 weeks. Once the 2nd line arrives from Germany in April, the rate is going to double and be very close to 5,000/week.”

The new production line coming from Germany is for battery pack assembly at the Gigafactory. Altho that certainly might affect TM3 production, it’s not directly related to assembly line speed at the Fremont assembly plant, or to the run rate associated with that factory.

We’re looking into it.