Tesla Sales Set New Record In Norway


DEC 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

Tesla registration stats in Norway (source: teslastats.no)

Meticulously collected registration data from Norway indicates that this month Tesla will set a new sales/registration record.

Tesla Model X

In the first 20 days of December, 834 Model S and 1,233 Model X were registered, which translates to 2,067, thus beating the previous record of 2,004 in September.

High sales in the last month of each quarter is Tesla specialization and December should shoot 4th quarter to new all-time record (globally).

Demand for Model X in Norway must be tremendous. Much higher than for the Model S (like >4,500 X to >3,500 S in 2017).

Total deliveries of all-electric cars (new and used imported) in Norway already exceeds 4,000 this month. If consumers there register 1,000 more by the end of this month, we will see new record too.

Tesla not only will contribute to the expected new record, but should take the 1st and 2nd spots on the sales chart among plug-in electric cars.

Source: teslastats.no via Electrek

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Another Euro point of view

Those are very good numbers but couldn’t those be in relation with the Norwegian “Tesla tax” that was announced early this quarter ? Anyway curious to see how the Q1 2018 sales will be.

A portion of these Tesla sales are probably related to the proposed Tesla-tax. Some people that were considering the Model X may have rushed their ordering to get it before new year, and also Tesla has rearranged delivery to get as many cars out as possible before new year to help its customers.

But the tax proposal was turned down, so hopefully we will continue to see strong sales.

All BEVs and Hydrogen fuel cell cars will have no taxes for another 3 years.
After that period nothing is set in stone.
I think fuel cell cars will be tax free for another 3 years, and BEVs will get a small tax.
Keep in mind, that by then – most cars sold in Norway will be zero emission cars.

I was at a Mazda dealer with really slow sales, while Nissan has really happy days with a lot of pre ordered LEAFs. Sales will be huge.

Btw. . The reason for the Model X sales are the hitch.
Audi has also many preordered EVs ordered with a hitch. A simple guide to sell EVs in Norway is to make the car able to tow a trailer.

Tesla continues to lead while others follow.

YTD, the Leaf and E-golf are 1,2 in Norway.