Tesla Releases New Semi Teaser, Sends Out Reveal Invites

Tesla Semi


Tesla Semi Teaser

The reveal is still set for later this month.

After a couple of delays, it seems Tesla is on track to reveal its semi later this month.

Just yesterday, the automaker started sending out invites (see below) to the event. The reveal will take place on November 16 at Tesla’s design Center in Hawthorne, California. The event kicks off at 7:00 PM Pacific time, with Musk set to take to the stage an hour or so later.

The only concrete bit of information we know in regards to the Tesla semi is that it will be more of a short to mid-range truck and not a true long-hauler. Beyond that, it’s all speculation at this point.

This latest teaser sure does look a lot like that actual truck spotted awhile back.

Tesla Semi Invite

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Ok hopefully they don’t cancel, it’s time to raise some cash

On the contrary. It’s time they stop spreading themselves thin, and focus on Job #1, the Model 3. If they fail with it, they’re dead as a company. Just like the success with the cars gave a halo to the other enterprises, a big failure will kill all the non-automotive stuff. Not just consumers: The utility- and commercial customers are going to be very nervous, worrying if Tesla will be around to support the storage systems.

They should freeze work on the Semi, solar tiles, roadster II and anything else except the 3 and the Y. Musk should find people to take care of SpaceX & SolarCity for a year, and devote himself entirely to Tesla. Also freeze the Boring Company work.

You’re right that Model 3 is make or break, but throwing more bodies at it won’t help. Might even make things worse.

It’s better to keep the Solar Roof, Semi and other teams running at roughly current levels. That maintains continuity and keeps the narrative alive. Management and all key talent should be on Model 3, of course.

Right. You can’t pull people from other projects and make that work.
In some ways people are like cats, you move furniture around and makes them uneasy.

They could also make the power gen/storage/charge more independent, add other connector types to their superchargers and offer charging memberships to all EV owners. Huge untapped source of revenue there without relying on Vehicle sales to support it

You were doing great until you mentioned about the solar tiles/solar city.
Sorry, but those are CRITICAL to Tesla.
they have major obligations on the Buffalo GF2 that they need to deal with. It is devoted to manufacturing solar, and solar city is critical to the powerwall.
More importantly, Solar CIty/Tesla roof is really a HUGE thing that can make loads of money for them.

But, I agree that they need to push aside the truck and focus on getting model 3 out the door. It seems like they are getting their ducks in a row, but, they need to make certain of it.
As to MY, do not worry about it. As long as they get M3 up to speed in a couple of months, then MY will be easy to build out assuming nothing tricky.

Disagree. SolarCity is a bailout of a poor business. Grid solar is already much cheaper than residential solar and that gap will only widen. It’s the pump/septic tank of the energy industry. Useful for some, not mainstream.

Well, the M3 isn’t going to ‘fail’, is it?! There is nothing cosmicly undoable with the 3 – Tesla (appear to) have messed up the production plans a bit, hence the delays – if the media is to be believed. As usual, if you take a line between what both sides are saying, you’ll probably get closer to the truth. But is just going to take time to sort things out.

The only way the M3 could truly fail is if the whole co went belly up.

Mode 3 development is in the winding down phase. All the heavy lifting (design wise) was done months ago so those people are now on to a different project.

Not seeing how this concept vehicle or technology demonstrator is gonna help Tesla raise cash.

I don’t see Tesla as being able to even sell reservations, as I’m fairly sure this won’t be a production-intent prototype. No signs point to Tesla being that far along in the development of a BEV semi tractor.

Are you sure that isn’t a pic of the orange Model 3 you saw around Manhattan 😉

Will the hilarity ever cease?

At first I thought that not showing up at auto shows was a mistake, but now I think Tesla’s method of reveals are superior.

A bit of hubris, but that’s part of what they are about. With single reveals they are not just one among many but the individual focus.
It sends the message that they are unique company which is years ahead in development and production of evs and the technological that supports them.

“It sends the message that they are unique company which is years ahead in development and production of EVs…”


Please go ahead and name the list of companies that are currently rolling out an assembly line that will be capable of building 20K EV’s a month, on their way to 40K cars a month?

Here, let me start with the first car company on that list, you fill in the rest (please include volume specifics and the year it is planned to reach full volume):

Tesla. 20K-40K/mo. 2018

Nix: “rolling out an assembly line that will be capable of building 20K EV’s a month”

I won’t list all Toyota assembly lines here, but it produced some 1.4 million hybrids in 2016
All they have the same electric motor and power electronics as battery only EVs, only hybrid battery is much smaller.

Nobody cares about leadership in some artificially defined production niche, especially when they are failing to execute even this 0.25 million/year production line launch and need to get some billions quick to survive. Cars are just cars. Nothing special in EV vs hybrid vs ICE assembly lines, whether the supplied battery weights 1000 pounds or 50. Cars with different drivetrains are even assembled on the same lines at the same time nowdays.

I think its pretty obvious now that zzzz is a Toyota employee, probably one working on their fool cell program.

Goes back to my list of why some loser people like zzzz desperately want Tesla to fail, laggard auto OEMs was 2nd after the fossil fuel industry.

zzzzzzzzzz said:

“Nobody cares about leadership in some artificially defined production niche…”

You obviously care a great deal about Tesla’s technological lead in the EV forum, and the rapid rate at which it’s increasing its market share at the expense of legacy auto makers.

If you didn’t care, then you wouldn’t waste so much of your time posting Big Lies and FUD about Tesla.

Go Tesla!


“…Tesla’s technological lead in the EV forum” should read “…Tesla’s technological lead in the EV revolution”.

As far as “leadership” in electric trucks is concerned, other companies have real electric trucks on road in real life commercial market now, as far as it can work in real life at all. BYD, Daimler, Toyota, Cummins, etc.

Tesla is still in computer rendering and hype generation stage, hopelessly behind. They are absolutely the best in marketing and annoying media noise though. Sure they need it to sell stock to gullible, and that is all.

And zzzz troll, how many fool cell vehicles is Toyota rolling out of their world-beating assembly lines?

Also troll, hybrids are old tech now.

But since they rely 100% on fossil fuels for all their energy then I guess it keeps a fossil fool shill like yourself happy.

“…other companies have real electric trucks on road in real life commercial market now, as far as it can work in real life at all. BYD, Daimler, Toyota, Cummins, etc.”

But not one of them has shown even a concept vehicle for heavy class 8 semi tractor-trailer trucks; the type which carries most land-based long-distance freight hauling in the USA.

They have lighter electric trucks, made in small numbers, yes. Just not ones suitable for heavy freight hauling.

And Tesla isn’t aiming at making BEV trucks in small numbers. It has bigger ambitions!

Go Tesla!

BYD has a Class 8 EV Semi. It’s not designed for long haul. It’s targeted at urban areas who want to ban diesel. But it is CLass 8.

BTW, BYD’s semi would be perfect for long haul if we’d get our heads out of our butt and install dynamic charging on our highways.

Musk says – heavy duty long range:

“It is a heavy duty, long range, semi-truck. So it has the highest weight capability and with long range. So essentially it’s meant to alleviate the heavy duty trucking loads. And this is something which people do not, today, think is possible. They think the truck doesn’t have enough power or it doesn’t have enough range. And then with those with the Tesla semi we want to show that no, an electric truck actually can out-torque any diesel semi and if you had a tug-of-war competition, the Tesla semi what will tug the diesel semi uphill.”

“Heavy Duty, Long Range” Hummm, sounds like the Roadster advertising: “The ALL-Weather Supercar” Meanwhile the car was so delicate that if the average truck owner opened the passenger car door from the outside, the actuator switch would bend (and it would do so ANYWAY in very cold weather) since the plunger wasn’t anvilled to prevent excess travel, requiring a ranger service call to be able to either open or close the door again (depending on whether the door stuck open or not). I know, I know, this is ancient history, but a recent Model “3” couldn’t keep its doors closed, and flailing doors are common failings of both the “S” and “X”, at this late date. I don’t think MUSK has ever seen any bonafide HEAVY-DUTY equipment. Its a very overused word by them to the point of meaninglessness. Electrically, their stuff has been substandard – the roadster universal Mobile connector typically had to be replaced 3 times under warranty, and due to the cost of the thing ($1500), most people used something else when the warranty was up. Ranger techs carried many spares around with them because they knew they were going to need them. The Model “S” included… Read more »

So what would a 80,000 pound semi get in terms of miles per Kwh?

Say 200 mile range with a 400 Kwh pack is .5 miles per Kwh.

It is 260 miles from the Gigafactory to the Fremont factory.

Maybe they can load the truck lightly and make it.

“So what would a 80,000 pound semi get in terms of miles per Kwh? ”

I estimated 2.4 kWh per mile, or 0.4167 miles per kWh. Others have estimated as much as .5 miles per kWh. I do expect Tesla to beat my generic 0.4167 estimate with superior aerodynamics.

I am guessing that lots of trailers need to be moved empty.

This would be an ideal use for a Tesla truck.

Also you could do a relay to go from the Gigafactory to the Donner Summit and then use a Tesla semi from the Summit to Fremont and maybe back again without charging. The regen from 7000 feet would to 0 feet with a full load would be enormous and maybe enough to get an empty trailer back to the summit.

Found “The USDOT says that about 29 percent of all truck movement is pulling an empty trailer to or from a freight drop-off point, costing about $30 billion annually.” at https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-semi-truck-return-investment-roi/

Electrify railroads for transporting freight super long haul and/or have motorail transport the semi trucks whilst they recharge on them.

You know, with the boring company, and Tesla, they’ve got a couple sectors electrified. It would be pretty awesome if they could figure out a model to electrify rail without breaking the bank.

The problem with the US is that we are so sprawled it is hard (read: super costly) to implement, unlike Europe and other parts of the world.

Hmmm, definitely the truck that was spotted before, so unlike Nikola’s hydrogen truck this is not going to be looker. Of course also unlike Nikola’s hydrogen truck this truck’s numbers might actually add up.

Maybe a Tesla trailer that can regen as well boosting truck range….solar roof….

Or a power pack trailer you can charge by pulling it that you can swap at austere charging stations….or hospitals during blackouts….and solar roof…

Yes, Perpetual motion machines are one of our nation’s top electricity generators.

No BEV semi tractor can possibly become a mainstream seller if it has to use specialty trailers. Trucking companies use semi trailers which are cheap and interchangeable, and they have something like 5 trailers to every tractor. No general purpose trucking company could possibly afford to buy or convert 5 specialty trailers for every BEV semi tractor they buy. The cost of that would more than eat up any savings from using electricity instead of diesel.

It’s possible we might see specialty trailers with solar panels and/or battery packs for niche operations, altho even there I think the cost/benefit ratio is questionable.

The Model 3 and thus Tesla will be dead in the water if they repeal the tax credit.

It is going to set a new standard.

As usual for Tesla.

Best in class CEO, engineers and company.

Competition is going to have a tough time.

They are going to redefine and eat the transportation industry ..

Put down the crack pipe, pal.

How much of the “revealed” Tesla semi will consist of plywood and hot-melt glue?