Tesla Owners Are Ordering A Lot Of Porsche Taycans


More than half of those placing orders already own an electric car.

The Porsche Taycan is one of the most anticipated models of the next year, but by the press and enthusiasts curious to see how the first modern-day 100% electric Porsche in fares.

President and CEO of Porsche North America, Klaus Zellmer, recently stated:

“Over half of Taycan’s customers did not have a Porsche and most own a Tesla.”

Basically, Porsche is now thinking that once you try electric, you never go back.

This, of course, does not necessarily mean that there is a flight of customers from Tesla. It could be that those who have already chosen an electric – and if they can afford it – decide to add a second one in the garage.

Porsche Taycan produção

This can not be known, while what can be deduced is that once zero-emission mobility has been tested, then we do not go back.

Premium and electric, an expanding niche

A success that seems to have been announced, that of Taycan, according to the words of Zellmer:

“If all the people who ordered Taycan end up buying it, then we sold all the production for the first year.”

Returning to the Tesla speech, the Taycan has a reduced competition, substantially limited to the Model S , and also the arrival of the Audi e-tron GT, which does not scare Zellmer, who said:

“If you try a Macan, you know that has a platform shared with Audi, but it’s a whole different car. It will be the same between Taycan and e-tron GT .”

Source: CNET

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Not surprised.

Tesla has always been the American Porsche. The model 3 is a bit of an aberration. If you exclude that, the original brand as built around roadsters and the model S. A lot of the design cues are also very similar. I know that Tesla really wants to be the American BMW or even the American toyota. I would be surprised if they get to those places, but the title they have owned convincingly for at least the last 6 years is the one of being the American Porsche. BMW and Toyota will thrive even if Tesla succeeds. Porsche will die if Tesla stays where they are. That is likely the reason for the current death match that Porsche is kicking off.

I saw a 944 yesterday…
Porsche has made cars such as the 4 before.

I really like Tesla’s but in my opinion they never felt anything like the Porsche. A really good BMW, certainly, but they never felt quite as sporty as any Porsche I’ve driven. I’ve never driven the four door so maybe there may be a crossover, (pardon my language), on that one model. The Tesla roadster promises that feel and I expect it will live up to that promise.
While we’re on the subject, why is it called a roadster. I haven’t seen any droptop versions. Did the word change meaning while I was sleeping? A “T” top is not a roadster.

“While we’re on the subject, why is it called a roadster. I haven’t seen any droptop versions. Did the word change meaning while I was sleeping?”

Annoying, isn’t it. Tesla is planning to build a coupe, not a roadster, but maybe Elon doesn’t know the difference? What Elon names a product, so it is.

Technically a roadster was a horse originally used for traveling on the road, so there is that…

The Roadster 2 is open all the way across the roof, like a Targa top, which is a registered trademark of Porsche, so they can’t call it that. It still is an open car, technically, and definitely fits the 2 seater aspect. It is more closed then I would classically think of as a roadster, but if you call the model that it sort of is in spirit.

What else do you call it, Tesla Semi-convertible roof? Terrible name. Roadster is great.

The Taycan competes with the new Roadster, not the large Model S family sedan. Also Taycan only has 4 doors because the wheelbase is stretched to accommodate the larger battery pack for range, otherwise it would be an electric 911….which it really is. And Taycam will get seriously dusted by the new Roadster.

Next gen S should add more luxury feel to the S and X to distance it more from the more minimalist, , lower cost, high volume Model 3 and Y.

No, it is 4 doors as a out 80% of Porsche’s global vehicle sales of about 250k are 4 door family suitable SUVs and cars. It is the much bigger market to aim for.

Porsche was founded in 1948, i1 years of history, Tesla has 9 years, why you don’t give Tesla 10 more years and you will see how good the driving feel, most professional reviews said they are pretty close now.

“Most professional reviews said they are pretty close now”? Evidently these “professionals” have never driven a real sports car before. They are not in the same league. It sounds like Tesla would like to compete with their Roadster 2, but will see what happens when that car makes it to production.

I’m not knocking Tesla here, but I think Tesla vs BMW is a much more reasonable comparison…

´Tesla has always been the American Porsche´. That is a strange statement. A Tesla is a family car, for the time being we talk rather rich families. Families do not buy a Porsche as it is completely useless for a family. A Porsche is generally bought buy dentists or brokers who want to show off, of middle aged man with a mid-life crisis.

I don’t think it takes a mid-life crisis to have one. Often after a person get’s over 45 years old, their finances are in a position to allow the purchase of a $100k+ car! Don’t confuse fiscal responsibility with a mental breakdown.

Porsche’s best selling vehicles are 4 doors…

In 2018 Porsche sold about 34,000 SUVs, 8,000 Panamera (4 door model S sized car), 9,700 911s and 5,300 718s. So of the 57,000 vehicles they sold in the US, 74% were suitable as family vehicles. Please check your facts before posting.

A niche company

Viking is right. Don’t people realize what has kept Porsche on the map, these last ~15 years: Panamera, Cayenne, Macan. Some of the responses, here, make me think Porsche’s marketing is spot on. They’ve maintained the air of “sports”.

Dig further, and you’ll find “PMS”, or Porsche Motor Sports is no longer supplying as many consumer products. They’ve gotten away from that, too (& the lovely Metzger engine).

Tesla has even better throttle modulation, than Porsche. It’s no contest. I say it a lot, and will repeat, they used Bilstein dampers, which is the upgrade name at Porsche (sometimes Sachs). The double-wishbone suspension was an Audi copy, but not sure and would suspect Porsche’s beefier cars also use.

American Toyota ….haha…. sure 100K Toyota. First I want to know the numbers, how many Tesla owners are buying Porsche’s, are they trading the Model S? Or buying a Porsche as a second car. Tesla supercharged network is the key on this equation.

All Taycans will be sold for the first few years before they come off the assembly line. Most will go to a current Porsche or a Tesla owner. These are the top two ranks auto brands in the world. What the breakdown is only time will tell.

Be more careful, a out half will go to a current or previous Porsche owner. The most, slightly more than half the people own others cars, Tesla is #1. That does not mean most are Tesla owners. If you have people from 20 brands buying one and 20,000 orders, that might mean only a small percentage from Tesla. Who knows, you could have 4,000 from Tesla, 3,800 from BMW, 3,300 from MB, etc.

I expect they’ll trade them in once the new Roadster is generally available.

I have a feeling the roadster will really eat into super/exotic car sales. Most of the Porsche cars are half the price or less than the roadster.

I’m not surprised. Tesla had the best electric car in the world, but very expensive. Many Model S buyers have a healthy economy and they will buy other better EVs than Model S when new models will arrive on market.

In other breaking news…bears poop in the woods. Only a rich status seeker could/would consider the Taycan, which describes a goodly portion of Tesla owners. No news here.

No, I want or would consider the Porsche but am not a rich status seeker. I like the look of the car and the feature set. You are right that a lot will buy for that reason, but saying only for that reason is too far.

Yep, I too would never consider buying a Porsche, but the moment I saw the pictures of the Mission-E I knew it would sell. I love Tesla cars, but I am not blind.

I’ve written or blogged on EVs for ten years. The reason I purchased my Model 3 as my first full BEV is not status. There are dozens of reasons to drive electric. Tesla just happens to be the only electric car company on earth at the moment. In that, I primarily mean that is all they build and the car is state of the art – in fact defines the art. Its no iMiev. Its no 80 mile LEAF or even 140 mile i3. Sure, Teslas are sexy and exciting and have become stereotyped somewhat as a premium luxury brand due to higher cost. You do not know Tesla’s story, history, business plan nor vision if you spout off that its just another luxury brand. In my estimation, 20% of Tesla owners bought a toy or a status symbol, maybe 25%. The rest of us bought into the BEV vision. Finally a BEV that is superior in nearly every way to an ICE. It would be true if I stated that many a comment like yours has stemmed from jealousy. I say save your money. Cars traded in for Teslas are oft Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion Energis. While aspirational,… Read more »

The title should rather say:
“A Lot of Tesla Owners Are Ordering Porsche Taycans”.

I doubt each owner buys more than one.

Bet there are one or two who buy more, worse they already own more than one Tesla. Some people have money to burn.

Surprising? Not really, the Taycan is much closer to the Roadster than it is to the Model S. Tesla just doesn’t have the current product. Lets revisit the situation after Roadster 2.0 is available.

While the production Taycan’s size is still not known, we know how big the Audi concept, which seemed to be rather close to it’s production version: 4.96 m

The Model S is 4.97 m and while we don’t know the Roadster 2 size, it seemed way smaller than a Model S. In terms of price the S and the Taycan seem to also match much more closely.

So I doubt the Taycan and the Roadster are really comparable cars. But the Taycan and S definitely are.

On size you may be correct but the Taycan looks and handles like a 4 door sportscar, the Model S looks like a sedan that can go fast in a straight line.

When the Model S gets a clean sheet redesign they might be more comparable, currently I don’t see it.

Taycan is like EV Panamera. After Taycan there will be Cross Turismo Taycan like EV Panamera Sports Turismo.

Looks like the Porsche Taycan is indeed shaping up to be a lively young horse.

Looking forward to the future Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla compare videos… the more EV competition the better!

Come on, model 3 owners!
Stretch your wallet a little farther and you can afford a Taycan also!!

@Eddie said: “Come on, model 3 owners! Stretch your wallet a little farther and you can afford a Taycan also!!

lol… “little further”

The price is higher than I had hoped, if the car was similar priced to the Model 3 Performance I would have looked, but with its expected pricing it is really out for me (I do like the car though).

it could go either way. You “can” stretch a wallet in a physical sense.

“Over half of Taycan’s customers did not have a Porsche and most own a Tesla.”
… and how many will cancel when they see the real product (looks nothing like the concept car) and work out that half of what VAG Porsche claims has to be taken with a bucket of salt.
If they deliver what they claim they I might even take a look but history suggests that there is too much marketing BS around and I for one will want to see how many of their claims get debunked/qualified and in particular battery life with such high claimed rates of charging by the time this thing hits the streets.

If you are referring to the black one that was photographed on the track —
it has heavy camo (bolted-on piece of plastic). And fake plastic exhaust tips too.

Porsche always has camo at the current development level of the Taycan (Beta prototype testing), and one can see the seams in the black beta prototype where the bolted-on pieces are.

You obviously know nothing about Porsche. How about citing one claim they made that isn’t true?

If anything, Porsche tends to be conservative with any marketing claims they make. As an example, most skilled drivers can beat a 0 to 100km that Porsche marketing quotes with any of their cars. They let their engineering speak for itself.

Such as Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes overpromising and underdelivering. The efficiency levels of those 2 row, $80,000 cars is disappointing.

On top of that, Taycan seats 4. I get a sport/Porsche vibe from my AWD M3 and it seats 5 adults comfortably, I can lie down in the trunk with legs stretched straight (6’1″ in height) with rear seats folded down, have a frunk that gets used daily for gym bags to groceries. You could say my low-slung, sexy looking 310 mile Multi Coat Red AWD Tesla has Cayenne versatility and better than Panamera looks! All for less than $50,000 (with tax credit and no Autopilot).

The Porsche Taycan isn’t even out yet and I’ve got M.C. Hammer singin`: “Can’t Touch That”! 😃

While not a Performance model, I can attest to kicking 911’s butts along with BMW M3s and 5s, a couple AMG C Class and even a Jaguar F Type R on the highways and byways of Seattle before I matured and started driving for efficiency (and no speeding tickets).

Got $100K large for the Taycan? Be my guest. I bought American and support American jobs.

How much does it cost to get an interior added to it?

Is there a second cost for actual controls rather than the big iPod? How much is that?

And what does the upgrade where the body panels actually fir together currently run?

The Model 3 does NOT sit 5 adults comfortably. It fits 2 comfortably, 4 fairly comfortably (but low back seat with high floor lifts your legs off the seat). Look at the 3 not even big adults sitting across the back row in the KBB review today. Not comfortable.

Makes sense, variety is good!

So Teslas plan is working then….

“…decide to add a second one in the garage.”

Decide to add a second one to the fleet is more like it.

The Taycan address the biggest problem with the Model S… the lack of premium feel. You pay almost 100k for car and you get the build quality of a sub 20k car and materials and feel like a 40k car. Tesla is years ahead on the battery and motor and that is the only saving grace at the moment but most people won’t care that Teslas are more efficient they only care if the car feels like 100k and if it goes fast which Porsche will be able to pull off.

Interesting point of view
Porsche have this luxury finish typically german. They are also the worse ergonomic cars with thousands button and options.
On the other side, Tesla are more tech-friendly with a really integrated interface with the driver, OTA.
My feelings is that the real value of a car is not only the luxury of its interiors but the consistent global quality. Even with smoothest plastics and softest leather, a Porsche may never look as high-tech as a Tesla (except if they change their mind about what the customer expects)

“Worse ergonomics?” It’s literally exactly the opposite – Porsche has the best layouts of any German maker. They are renowned for hard buttons when and where they should be, precisely because the company trades on its “driver’s car” heritage.

You guys just make stuff, it amazing. Last time, it was, “the 944 was on awful car with awful handling,” when it was literally one of the best-handling cars on the 80’s. You guys just aren’t car people.

‘Having the best German ergonomics’ says it all. The ergonomics in German cars are simply lousy, because the car manufacturers only look at engineering and not at the users.

“What can be deduced is that once zero-emission mobility has been tested, then we do not go back.”

No, that is logically false reasoning. Orders for the Taycan come from an EV overproportionally often. That’s what Porsche says. This does not imply, that EV-owners don’t go back. For that you would have to look at what cars buyers of gas cars own(ed) or alternatively at what former EV owners buy. The general statement is probably true to a degree, but it can’t be infered from what Porsche said.

I disagree that the popularity of the Taycan among Tesla owners shows “once you go electric, you never go back.” More likely, it shows that wealthy individuals who want electric cars that perform well enjoy having multiple options to drive and like having the latest thing. The Model S design is a few years old, so they want the next greatest thing. That’s the Taycan.

In order to demonstrate that people prefer electric cars in general, one would need to pay more attention to people who are not environmentally driven in their car purchases. In other words, if a majority of Taycan customers previously owned a gas-powered Porsche, that would demonstrate that electric cars are compelling.

Aren’t almost halve of their orders Porsche owners? So I guess there are tons of Porsche owners that would also want an EV.

Yes, the quote on this site is not right, I don’t think, this is the original:
Zellmer: “More than half of the people that are signing up for the Taycan have not owned or do not own a Porsche,” … “Typically, if we look at our source of business, people coming from other brands, it’s Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. The no. 1 brand now is Tesla.”

If you have 10 major brands they are coming from and the number 1 is Tesla, it might still be a pretty small number.

The S is very long in the tooth – how long has it been without a refresh? If you’re wealthy and want a BEV, are you going to buy the seven-year-old design that all your friends have, or the new hotness from an established luxury brand?

I don’t find it surprising. Extremely wealthy people buying the latest new toy. When the next gen Tesla Roadster comes out, they’ll buy that too.

Two totally different vehicles for two totally different drivers. Lots of Porsche owners have Macans, Cayannes, and/or Panameras, but don’t have a 911 in the garage.

Porsche’s are super nice handling cars – true sportscars. Can’t blame Tesla drivers to want one. If I had the money, I’d have one of each!

And I would keep my 458 just as an investment.

What are they making – a few hundred maybe?

each day

Best reply I’ve seen on this site.

20000 per year = fewer than 100 per day.

I think they ordered enough batteries for 20,000 per year (Porsche sells about 250,000 vehicles a year worldwide).

so it is a badge engineered VW.

Not a bad thing, VW has a pretty decent history in high performance including the current Pikes Peak Hill Climb record holder!

The VW Group will be the European Tesla.

Too bad the Taycan doesn’t look like the Mission E shown in this article.

All we’ve seen are their test mules. I suggest waiting until the production car is unveiled before passing judgement.

So you know what the final production vehicle looks like? Because no one outside Porsche does. Care to break the story and post some pics for us? We’re all very curious and would love to know.

Ok, sorry. The test platform (which looks nothing like the Mission E) is likely closer to the final product than the Mission E. If the final product looks like the Mission E then I’ll gladly eat my hat.

I read translation, as “almost half of Tesla’s customers once had a Porsche”. At the very least, the quote was a clever way of avoiding having to quote how many left Porsche (did not have a Porsche, at time of order), for Tesla.

Definitely if you own a Tesla, (or a Porsche) there is a huge chance you own more than one car.

No reason for a Model S, or Model X, or a Model 3, and a Taycan not to live happily together in the garage.

So much for the theory, “all Tesla owners are fanbois of Elon who have drunk his cool aid, virtue signalling tree hugging hippiesters”. Lots of them love fine cars, of any make..

What’s weird is that describes a lot of people who actually can’t afford a Tesla, but love the politics and use the brand as just another way to virtue signal.

I understand many Tesla owners want to try the Taycan – myself included. However, the Taycan will also cannibalize sales of other Porsche models even the venerable 911 before it can make a dent to Tesla sales. I have a Model 3 Performance for over 3 months and have been used to its superb acceleration and handling. I recently drove my brother’s 2016 Cayman S with a NA Flat 6 engine. This car used to be special to me – I was the one who recommended it to my brother – but with the recent Model 3 experience, the Cayman S now seems too slow, too loud (mid-engine), and doesn’t handle as well at low speed. Its user interface is also decades behind the clean UI of the Model 3. I honestly think the Model 3 Performance beats the Cayman S in every category except maybe the emotional attachment to an excellent ICE car. With the Taycan, many Porsche customers will be exposed to the inherent superiority of a well built EV and will be swayed from other ICE offerings. Porsche dealers will have a hard time selling those gas cars if the Taycan becomes widely available. The recently announced… Read more »

No one who wants a 911 is going to buy a Taycan instead. That’s like saying someone who wants a Huracan or Aventador will buy an Urus instead. They are two totally different markets with complete different demographics. Panamera? Maybe, but 911? Not a chance.

I always wanted to marry a blonde but I ended up marrying a brunette. It happens

no super charger network tho…

They are really trying to hump the heck out of a few thousand Tesla owners. The math comes down to out that of the 20K orders they are talking about, that Tesla owners turn out to be around 3,000 to 4,000 due to all the different brands represented. It just happens that of all the other brands, Tesla is the largest out of the non-Porsche owners.

This represents like half a percent of Tesla owners. Likely quite a few of whom were previous Porsche or Audi owners before going to Tesla. Meanwhile, Tesla is drawing WAY more Porsche/VW/Audi owners into buying Model 3’s, and S/X’s.

You would think by the way Porsche has been humping this, that there was some net flow from Tesla to Porsche/VAG, but the reality is exactly the opposite. But saying, “hey, we’re getting back a small fraction of sales lost to Tesla. but we’re still bleeding sales like crazy” doesn’t sound so good.

“Bleeding sales like crazy”

“U.S. retail sales year-to-date are up 3.7 percent compared to 2017, totaling 37,524 for the first eight months of the year.”


You live in a subjective reality of your own creation. The rest of us occupy the objective one.

> Over half of Taycan’s customers did not have a
> Porsche before and most currently own a Tesla.
> Surprising, to say the least.

Surprising? Why is this surprising?

The Taycan is a perfect match for the kind of people who would have been buying a Model S three or four years ago. A large proportion of those Tesla owners are early-adopter car-lovers with lots of money, keen to differentiate themselves, and willing to take a punt on an interesting new vehicle model from a strong brand. I see surprise at all that they would also be interested in the Taycan.

They will also often likely have enough parking space for both, so I would bet that many of those Taycan buyers are planning to keep the Tesla as well.

I think you mean “A Lot of Tesla Owners are Ordering Taycans”. Unless you’re trying to say people are buying more than one. Journalists are the last keepers of the language.. don’t let us down.

It is to be expected that present Tesla owners wil move to a Porsche product. The 800 V system and charging speed of the Taycan is certainly a huge improvement over a Tesla. The SC network is starting to lag behind. The build quality and look-n-feel of a Porsche is a hell of a lot better.

The fast charging will be nice when they have a charging system to go with it. SC network is already fleshed out very well here in the US, and Tesla will simply add/convert existing ones to the 350kW versions that were envisioned years ago.

Hmmm, could it be that if someone bought a Tesla model S a few years ago and where money is not a huge concern and likes new toys and Porsches will trade in the model S for the Taycan because it’s a new ev? They will probably buy the Taycan drive it a few years and then buy the next model s iteration or the roadster and so on and so on.