Tesla Offers 1 Month Free Autopilot Trial To Existing Model S/X Owners


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Let’s say you own a Tesla Model S or X and decided that at the time of purchase you didn’t want to pay the extra $2,500 for Autopilot, but now you’d like to give it a try to see if it’s a feature you actually want.

Well, you’re in luck as Tesla is now offering a one-month free trial of Autopilot.

After the one-month trial, if you choose to permanently add Autopilot to your Tesla, then it’ll set you back $3,000.

Experience Tesla Autopilot

Try Autopilot Convenience Features and experience a stress-free commute. This one-month free trial enables automatic steering, speed, lane changing, and parking with Summon. Once your trial begins, you’ll receive an email with instructions for permanently upgrading your Tesla.

So, go ahead and give it a try. It’s free, meaning you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Will they also loan me a Model S or X for a month so that I can try Autopilot?


mr. M

you could rent it for one month. Or you ask tesla about a testdrive.


They’re not your parents. Nice try though.


Seems like Tesla would also gain by having more users contribute to the road database. Or do they go ahead and collect data from cars whether or not autopilot is enabled?


I’m sure they collect every piece of data they can. Think of a Tesla as Google, every thing you do, every where you go, how you charge, what your roads are like, when you drive, all these are collected and are added to their knowledge base for future developments.


Very smart move.


Looks like the AOL model. Here is a free disc with 30 day trial period.


I wonder what % of deliveries have auto pilot turned on.


I have an autopilot equipped car and I did not pay the $2500 for autopilot at time of purchase. I did not see this offer on my screen. I wonder if its being rolled out or something? I am in SoCal, so I would have expected it.


So Cal without AP? If your commute gets congested, you’ll want this. Some seem to think it’s best for long highway trips, but urban highway stop&go, like So Cal, is where the feature is perfect, easy to use, etc.


I agree, if I commuted in LA traffic I would definitely get it. My commute is 10 miles each way and I don’t have any traffic, I am in the high desert. On weekends I do take occasional trips into LA though, so it would be fun to try.


Wow, imagine if a Tesla owner could purchase ‘autopilot’ for a weekend trip for 50 bucks! This is just another example of Tesla breaking all the rules.

Why stop at autopilots?

What other features can be turned on?


Supercharging access for a weekend. I drive local 99% of the year. I’d love to be able to turn it on for a weekend if the price was reasonable (less than gas would cost for the same trip)


Wow – you must have an early S60, or are you referring to the assumption that Model 3 will require activation?


I think that is the way it should be setup for the Model III. Just select Autopilot or Supercharging access from the screen. That would probably help with the Supercharging overcrowding in some locations.


That would be unreasonably cheap. Twice the cost of gas might be reasonable.


When I bought my Model S September last year there was no autopilot,I will use this offer for sure
I just wonder why it is still an option on the new S and X, when we now know that model 3 will have this feature included default


They make more money that way. Current income vs future promises. I am not so sure that all Model III’s will have autopilot enabled for free, perhaps autopilot equipped, but you still have to pay to turn it on.

No sure about that, not up on every nuance of current events with Tesla.


If it’s an optional package to activate the convenience features for their flagship line, then you’d better believe that it’ll be an optional package for the Model 3.

But, the hardware is standard for all, and the safety features based on that hardware is also standard (proximity warnings, adaptive cruise control, etc.).


JR, Musk said the hardware (& safety features) would be standard, not AP. Just like there is no free-watts commitment for Model 3, there is no commitment to providing Autopilot. This won’t be the first time people will claim he mislead them.

As an exercise, new Tesla fans should replay the October, 2014 “Announcement”, about power and the P85D. He didn’t lie, and say the car actually made 691HP. He carefully talked about the number another way (motor power), which later upset a lot of people. If you think this isn’t going on with Model 3, you’re naive.


That would depend on when your car was manufactured. They started manufacturing Model S with the autopilot hardware before they had the software ready for deployment. I do not remember when that began, though.

It is possible that your car doesn’t have the hardware, in which case autopilot will not be possible.


Autopilot hardware started being installed in late September of 2014.

Model Esay

Why the heck would I want my car to drive itself?

I have functioning and capable legs… should I stop walking and get a wheelchair to move around?


Because the car is a better driver than you are? Because you’ve got places to go, but don’t really feel like driving?

Sure, driving can be recreational, sometimes. At other times, it can be a pain in the ass.


because interstate driving is a Boring beotch..
because freeway commutes are an Irritating beotch.
that is all..


Because all your base are belong to Musk.




SW options are profitable…

This is a way to encourage high ROIC items…

Smart marketing. This is a benefit of over-the-air update.


Hmm, I’ll take it for a G, can folks counteroffer? 😉


The other reason for Tesla to install all the hardware and have software unlock is resale value. Tesla can potentially raise the resale value on any CPOs by unlocking AP in Model S and Supercharging and AP in Model 3.


Yep, both brilliant and cost-effective. Also provides a nice suite of standard safety features.