Tesla Lists New Options For Model 3



Tesla is slowly releasing some new details on the Model 3, including some options that will be offered on the upcoming electric car.

Late last week, after leaking out, Tesla officially released a Model S/Model 3 comparative sheet. Initially, in the “premium features” category, the Model 3 had no listings (see image below):

Model S On Left – Model 3 On Right

However, sometime yesterday, Tesla updated the comparative sheet to include the Model 3 “features” set seen below:

Model 3 Features Update On Right Column

We’ve long known that fell self-driving would be available on the 3 and the aluminum/steel construction noted above wamade public way in the past too.

A coil suspension as standard seemed obvious as well, but this may mean that no smart air suspension will be available on the Model 3.

Even the optional glass roof was mentioned way back at the initial Model 3 reveal/launch event, so this is no surprise really. We assume a metal roof is standard, though all of the release candidates we’ve seen thus far have been fitted with the all glass roof.

18- or 19-inch wheel are okay with us, as we’re not keen on the jarring ride quality and reduced range often associated with larger wheels.

The only omission that surprises us is that lack of Tesla’s much-touted HEPA filtration system. We would have though Tesla would offer Bioweapon Defense as an option on the Model 3, but perhaps we’re wrong.

Nothing listed above would push us away from buying the Model 3, but do you see any make-or-break items or omissions now?

Source: Tesla via Akash Da Sky Patel‎ to TESLA MODEL 3 Owners Club

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The big question mark will be the final price of a modestly appointed Model 3. My guess is it will be in the neighborhood of $50k, which either pushes me into a Bolt or rather a CPO Model S.

Just my opinion, but I think it will be a more modest low $40k range. Elon has made a big deal about even the base model being very acceptable, and I believe his target to make the Model 3 affordable to the largest possible audience is real.

I know there is a lot of talk about the US tax incentive running out, but I think that all currently ordered Model 3s will get the full amount. I also think that when the production line is fully automated in 2020 that we will see a reduction in the M3 price.

M3-Reserved; Niro-TBD

That’s with the presumption of a ramp up that’s going to meet that. We still don’t know if it will or not. 2 quarters after crossing the 200k mark, then the tailing off occurs.

Tesla is getting close to 200k by year’s end unless they siphon all sales to overseas.

Elon said 44k ave on these cars at the last reveal

Yeah, Elon’s gonna have to get pretty creative to get around the expiring tax credit, especially considering he’s worked it into the price of the Model 3.

At the end of the day, Tesla is still just a car company, and as car companies go they want our money. It’s all about packaging, and when they include future and ROI into the equation (fuel and maintenance savings, the tax credit, etc) they forget the sticker price at the close of the sale is still the sticker price. Never mind taxes, fees, options, roll ups, etc, and I think anywhere near $35k is a pipe dream. Don’t mistake my pragmatism for my secret hope..

Are you sure that a Model 3 at the $50k price point won’t be far better then the Bolt? The features you have to add to get to $50k maybe don’t exist for Bolt wish makes it hard to say that the Bolt is a better to buy.

John said:

“The big question mark will be the final price of a modestly appointed Model 3. My guess is it will be in the neighborhood of $50k”

Elon Musk said they estimate the average selling price of a Model 3 will be $42k. Is there a rational reason to believe a “modestly appointed” Model 3 will cost even more than his estimate of the average?

I don’t think so. This appears to be just one more person expressing worry that Tesla won’t be able to sell the car at a base price of $35k, no matter how many times Tesla repeats that figure.

Even a Premiere bolt does not have Adaptive Cruise Control as an option. I am thinking Autonomous Self-driving of the the M3 will force GM to offer ACC on the 2019 Bolt.

M3-Reserved; Niro-TBD

That’s probably going to be so. Other GM cars have it already and OTA capability is preported for Bolt, so in theory should be able to rollout and update. Same reasons for a truncated option list at rollout.

GM’s ACC system uses Lidar. The 2017 Bolt EV’s are not equipped with Lidar. Though I fully expect future model years of the Bolt EV to get ACC or a more advanced version of it (like Cadillac’s supercruise).

I’m expecting GM to announce as at least an option on the 2018s because Nissan has already hinted that their ProPilot will be available on Leaf 2.0 and Hyundai has available on the Ioniq, which they’ve also mentioned will have a 200+ mile range sometime in 2018. GM can’t afford to sit on their haunches with that kind of competition waiting.

For the life of me I just can’t imagine being happy with no instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

Yeah, I know it seems like a strange decision to me too, but I drove a small Mini or Fiat many years ago with a central instrument cluster (to make manufacturing easier for right and left-hand drive markets) and got quite used to it.

no Instrument clusters directly in front of Prius drivers seat didn’t stop them from selling even less so for a less expensive Tesla. The choice by Tesla is strange as it provides the competition with a competitive advantage opening.

PS no instrument cluster needed but at least provide a heads up display. It’s not safe to have to look to the middle of my car while I’m driving unless the car is autonomous and by the way my tesla autopilots, they’re not ready to let the cars go on their own. It can’t read street signs, color, or certain types of lanes, and doesn’t stay smooth between the lanes. It kind of goes from side to side within the lane, too close to other cars and occasionally touching the bumpy lane dividers on turns.

The middle of the car ? To me the left part of the screen is quite close to the steering wheel, and the upper left of the screen is easier to see than many instrument clusters. Furthermore in city driving you have to look everywhere, the mirrors, the sidewalk, etc.

Yup neither can I. The Model 3 interior reminds me of a 2003 Saturn ION.

Note that interior didn’t go well.


I see quite a lot people claiming “modest” “average” or what not M3 as 50k car…

But that means fully optioned car will be close to double its starting price.

Model S can do that because it’s flagship offer.
Model 3 can not because it would cannibalize Model S sales.

I would even go as far as to say that Tesla will still leave gap between the two, to fill it in with something akin to BMW model 5….

There is space for 3 series in luxury sedans/SUVs and Tesla will do 3 of ’em. In time.

I’m really disappointed by the smaller wheels. The cars they revealed last year had large beautiful wheels. The rims were all unique and a focal point. Every single one has had a glass roof. If I have to pay a few more grand for these options, I’m gonna feel like a cow with Elon and wallstreet milking me. There should be a standard level of luxury at this price point. Standard cloth seats and aluminum roofs and tiny wheels is the fastest way to make this feel like a Honda rather than a Beamer or tesla. I have a model S and waiting for 2 model 3’s. I would probably cancel my order if I felt Tesla was short changing me. I know their battery packs have gotten cheaper to produce and if gm can give 220 miles on a similar price, tesla should be able to deliver 250+ miles of range along with some basic luxury. A fully loaded car for this price point and for this market shouldn’t cost more than 45k.

You are kidding right?

18″ and 19″ is huge for this size car. Anything larger makes no engineering sense at all. In fact the 19″ barely does.

The whole monster wheel thing has gotten out of hand. A car of this size would have come with 15″ wheels not that long ago, and would have been fine.

18″ isn’t huge for a car that size anymore. A Chevy Malibu has 18″ and 19″ wheels.

The Malibu comes standard with 16″ wheels.


If you want to know what it actually has, go to tirerack.com. They sell tires so they know.

Tirerack says it’s available with 16″, 17″, 18″ or 19″. Only the “L” model (lowest model) has 16″ at all.

Like I said, 18″ and 19″ isn’t that weird. Even a Malibu comes with them.

I completely agree the monster wheel size thing has gotten out of hand along with the low profile tire thing on cars other than true sports cars. Big wheels waste energy, ride rougher and the tires tend to be very expensive. I for one hope this trend goes the way of big hair.

21″ wheels are man-jewelry. They don’t serve any practical purpose.

^ That.

An economy car has only 15″ wheels. If Model-3 starts with 18″ wheels, then its certainly a luxury car which starts at 35K price tag.

And 35K means only 5% of the vehicles sold will be strictly at 35K and the remaining 95% will be above that price ranging from 36K to 50K. That’s how it works for any other vehicle.

If anyone wants to consider a more affordable car, please consider Leaf-2 which my have similar space, but Bolt is way too small. Its 20 inches shorter in length.

Blindly comparing Model-3 with Bolt is like saying BMW 5 series is expensive for me and I will go to 3 series.

Do we know that Nissan won’t higher the price then they double the battery? Have Nissan said that the price will be under $35k?

Wait until Tesla reveals the interior space on the Model 3 before jumping to conclusions about the Bolt and its length. Bo!t already has more cargo capacity than the model 3. Pointing to length could amount to counting useless overhang. Granted the M3 is wider than the bolt.

“Wait until Tesla reveals the interior space on the Model 3 before jumping to conclusions”


I’m a little concerned about headroom in the back with the standard roof. It was my understanding that the pano glass roof was there to get proper headroom in the back so without pano it could be a bit marginal.

The rear glass extends up above the heads of the rear passengers, so they will have the same amount of headroom regardless of the roof type.

I wonder how much the glass roof adds to the quality of the interior, considering how small it actually is. If anything, I’d consider it more for the exterior look of the car than for the interior. However, if Tesla charges too much for it, I’ll likely skip it.

The thing is, if the car is designed for larger wheels then even 18 inch wheels can be made to appear too small.

Besides that, the m3’s 19inch rim design looks better than the 18inch regardless of the size.

I didn’t know people were deciding what was a luxury car or not by the wheel size. I guess that explains why cars all have bigger wheels now.

What’s so great about a car being much longer? Isn’t the inside space what counts? Or are you just paying more specifically because you want a car that’s harder to park?

A Bolt has a lot of space inside. People should consider it. If it isn’t right for you it isn’t right for you.

^^ this. People are actually basing car buying decisions on whether the wheels are 1″ larger or smaller? Seriously? You can always buy custom wheels and special tires if the standard ones don’t suit you.

Might as well make a buying decision on whether or not the dealer threw in a pair of fuzzy dice! 🙄

Great photo of the Model 3. Whose is that? ?

Tesla Model 3 shot is from Instagram. tesla_model_3
March 15 2017
iev via Teslarati
Best overall roof shot posted of upcoming Tesla Model 3, to date, that I have seen on iev.

I think the HEPA filter option will be added at some point. I’m sure it would be wildly popular in China, LA, and diesel-infested cities in Europe as well.

Yeah on your Hepa model 3 filter option, Los Angeles Harbor area, is a “Diesel-infested” trucking “cluster-Truck”! The AQMD is and has been cleaning up the trucks, but slowly cleaning up the overall air, as ships exhaust still chokes out its fair share of clean air.

Odors are generally not filtered by filters, even HEPA filters. The molecules which create the smell are too small to be filtered out.

Who said odors? I’m talking about particulates.

The particulates are also far too small. HEPA filters work down to about 300nm. Diesel particulates are under 10nm.

Yeah, the soot particles in diesel exhaust (and to a lesser extent, gasoline exhaust) — which the Chinese, in particular, would want to filter out — are quite small as compared to dust particles.


would like more information on trunk access. Can golf clubs easily fit? Also need to know optional battery.

Give the driver’s suspension to the car with no front dash, and the floaty passenger’s suspension to your ‘Performance’ cars.

Sure, Tesla, whatever you say.

Figured the standard glass roof theory was bogus.

Given the headroom problems in the larger Model S with the metal roof I’m wondering if we’re going to see a similar problem with the Model 3. Tesla has a lot of reason to make the base model kind of crappy and drive upsells given it doesn’t seem they can do anything but lose money at the listed $35K price. We could be seeing the start of that.

HEPA and AWD are the options I care most about. A used MS or Bolt is plan B. The Bolt is FWD with CarPlay.

When it is time to replace my Volt in 2024 or so I am hoping there will be plenty of used Model 3s available. Make mine a steel roof and steel suspension version with leather and a 300+ mile battery please. Hopefully with the model 3 Tesla won’t continue the practice of requiring a loaded AWD car to get the largest possible battery.


Hmmm…no air suspension, even as an option, huh? Tesla’s coil spring suspension on the Model S is a bit too firm for my taste and even their air suspension doesn’t offer adaptive shocks (just air bladder ride height adjustment). A number of Model S owners find the “one size – which leans toward sporty – fits all” approach a bit tough. BMW, in comparison, offers the base non-sport suspension, sport suspension, and adaptive suspension. Ideally, Tesla would too.

Minimally, Tesla’s existing air suspension helps to smooth the ride a bit which is why I felt it was a must have option on the Model S. It doesn’t really even need to be “sport-tuned” given the low CG with the battery in the floor. I am hoping the base coil on the model 3 will be tuned more for mainstream buyers..we’ll see.

When you can’t build them fast enough, the logical thing is to streamline the menu options.

BMW has the luxury of doing this. Tesla doesn’t. Elon’s long term goal has always been to get to the Model 3. The MS and MX were means to get there.

Even without the multiple options Tesla has 400k+ waiting already before a single one rolls off the line.

I’m good with all of that, but obviously they left out the most important option – an upgraded battery.

Two Model 3 gripes from me: no gauges or HUD, and the flip door handles won’t be great in freezing rain, ice, or snow. Most climates aren’t sunny Fremont.

I drove a Scion xB1 for years with its center-mounted gauges, and I liked that feature. However, the Model 3’s display is definitely NOT equivalent, sitting probably 12″ aft of where gauges should be.

As many buyers are going to be younger, where is the upgraded sound system option? Guess they decided to let guys customize their own