UPDATE: Tesla Model Y Rendered, This Time Showing Its Rear


The lone teaser image of the Tesla Model Y that was released last evening now has taken on a more realistic appearance thanks to the skills of Miguel Masse.

***Update: Now we have a new render from Miguel Masse of the back of the Model Y.

Model Y details are scant, though Tesla CEO Elon Musk did state last night that it will be publicly revealed in March of 2019.

For reference, these are the only two official teasers of the Model Y released by Tesla:

Tesla’s Official Model Y Teaser

We do have a couple of additional rendered looks at the Y to share from the past with you:

Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla Model Y Rendered

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Render Via Peisert Design

Tesla Model Y Render

Model Y Rendering Via Auto Express

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Thanks Miguel, looks good as a crossover!

Good work Miguel! I hope I can actually own and drive a Model Y before 2022, here in the US!

Hmmm, no. Miguel Masse’s imaginative render shows a hump on the far side of the car, the curve of the left front fender; a hump which is missing in Tesla’s teaser image.

We don’t even know whether the teaser image is the front or the back of the car. From Miguel Masse’s render, I’d guess it’s more likely to be the back, and not the front as he has shown.

Nice work. I will be curious to see how close you are on everything. I suspect spot on, though I still wonder about the rear doors.

I prefer the first one.


Thank you for your efforts; your renders are on a whole new level compared to most of the unofficial renders we see here.

I hope you didn’t take my nitpicking to heart; you are a true artist, and I can only admire and envy your talent!

The teaser image has to be the front. The illustrated double-curved shape would only work as a rear for a low-profile sedan with a trunk. It doesn’t work for a passenger/cargo volume-maximizing SUV rear. To be both functionally-accessible for large items and aero at all, the rear will almost surely be a hatchback style with the hatch following a single continuous curve tapering from the roof down to the rear, terminating with a moderate cut-off kammback style tail. Perhaps not exactly like the Model X, but generally in that same vein. The other renderings both show that vision, too.

You’re right, the teaser pic could be the back of a sedan, but not the back of a car with a rear hatch, like the Model Y will have. My bad, and thanks for catching my error!

Oh god let’s hope it’s the front! Tesla’s already have become a bit too egg shaped for my taste. I can live with it though. But I can’t take banana shaped.

Is rear door falcon wing or normal?

So reports are saying that Model Y will have Falcon doors.

Which is disappointing to me.

Maybe manual falcon doors? it could be so cool. we will see… any way tesla has to reduce cost so….

the board told musk to ditch it and go with a simpler platform from the model 3. No falcon doors which is great

I certainly hope that’s true. What is the source of your info?

By memory, I saw that in an article at Electrek some months back.

No time now to check IEVs archives, but pretty sure they ran the same news here also. Not sure if it was a Musk Tweet, public speech or Reddit post. But I do remember
it as straight news from the top and not rumor..

I’m fairly sure it was in one of his stage presentations. He had previously said Model Y would be a whole new platform, but the engineering team were adamant that it wouldn’t be the case and they were basing Model Y on the Model 3 platform.

However, I don’t see that this rules out the possibility of Falcon Wing doors. The “platform” is basically the floorpan and drivetrain/running gear. The superstructure needs to be totally new, in any case, to make it an SUV, so the type of doors it will have is still an unanswered question.

I have a feeling Elon mentioned FW doors recently. . .

Falcon Wings Doors Will Be A HUGE DIsappointment to Me As Well . I Would Definately Have Pass on it .. 🙁 >

Looks like a Model 3 stretched vertically.

True but not exactly there are little changes

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yup, looks like a TM3 after being on 80mg of Prednisone for 3 months.

Bro1999 aka Bob Lutz tsla $319 LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

I don’t have high expectations, Tesla designer is subpar with the competitors, what a miss opportunities to par an awesome machine with a beautiful style.

You need to schedule a visit to an optometrist. The Tesla Model S is the most gorgeous, most sexy car ever made!

“Gorgeousness” is a totally subjective term, PP!

You’re correct though! 😉

The S, 3 are beautiful.
The X, this, not so much, bordering on ugly, misshapen.

The S looks great from just about any angle and the 3 isn’t far behind. If they can keep the sportier look of the sedans and not make the mistakes that led to the X, they will do fine. And it isn’t like the X is terrible, it just isn’t as beautiful as the S.

Which mistakes on the X? The X showed that Tesla is not a one pony show, the evolution of the platform from the S was truly spectacular. I won’t mind Falcon Wing doors on the Y if they would allow for a grownup, someone 6′ with a shoe size >US10 to easily get in and out of the rear seats.

Going to seriously need ppf on that huge “grill”/bumper area. Mine already has seen the bombardment of bugs.

Hmm, not some sort of awkward looking tall Model 3 I hope…. I would prefer the”long” Model 3 :


It amazes me that people keep complaining about the “awkward” or “pregnant whale” shape of an SUV/CUV/ hatchback. Look, if you want something low and sleek, buy a sports car, or a sleekly designed luxury sedan like the Tesla Model S, an Aston Martin, or a Jaguar. If you want something with a higher roof and more cargo area, then it’s going to have a higher roofline. If it has a higher roofline, then Hello! …it’s not going to be low and sleek, so quit complaining about not being able to have what’s physically impossible!

I want something with more utility, yet not the extra weight and drag and therefore less range for battery size of a crossover. Enter the wagon. A retro concept for sure in the current SUV oriented market but it makes perfect sense for electric drive.

…and look at the picture :it is low and sleek so yes, I can have my cake and eat it too.

What is it that people don’t understand about a “wagon” vs an SUV/CUV? We wagon folks don’t want something with a higher roof. Just with more cargo area. So you take your sedan, and you don’t notch it for a trunk. It isn’t any taller. It doesn’t have to be less aero. It isn’t much heavier nor more expensive.

The SUV/CUV…. taller, heavier, less efficient and more expensive. NOT what I’m looking for.

I want well-packaged, practical cargo space. Not a “look” that says I’m big and bad.

For some reason very few car companies even *consider* wagon models any more. There used to be a Camry wagon, for instance, that held a metric crapton of stuff and didn’t look like a UPS truck. Alas, they dumped it when they came out with the Sienna, which used to be a reskinned Camry.

I’m not a fan of the one-off Model S Estates (UK term for a wagon) that I’ve seen, but I think a nicely done Tesla wagon would be an amazing car.

Nice, that looks way better the the current 3…. Much more utility, and balance…

That render reminds me of the Ford Focus Wagon.

A ‘shooting brake’ TM3 would be great!

A lot of renderings have the Y as a fastback which I hope it doesn’t. It would be less useful and awkward looking (aka BMW GT)

I expect the Model Y will have more or less the same resemblance to a Model 3 which a Model X has to a Model 3. Why wouldn’t it? So there are gonna be a lot of complaints about it looking “fat” or like a “pregnant whale”, just like there were about the Model X.

Sigh. Sometimes people can be sooooooo predictable! :-/

The shape of the model x versus a traditional suv reduces its utility, yes there is a aero hit, but the point of a cuv/suv is their utility. I expect Tesla to screw this up. It would be great to see a traditional wagon or even a minivan but again Tesla won’t do it, in this respect the put aero over function/utility.

If Tesla wants to be sure the Model Y will be a failure, then making it a minivan would be pretty much the surest way to do that. Minivans have been almost entirely replaced in the U.S. market by SUVs and CUVs, and even station wagons have largely disappeared from American makes.

I completely agree that Tesla’s refusal to put a flat roof on the Model X certainly does reduce its utility, altho it does improve energy efficiency and range. I fully expect Tesla to do the same with the Model Y. Again, why wouldn’t they? If there has been any significant change in Tesla’s approach to car design since the Model X was designed, it certainly doesn’t show in the Model 3! Yeah, Elon keep saying “I’m going to quit making things more complex than necessary”, but he keeps doing it anyway! (The TM3 door handles are not an example of the KISS principle in action. Nor are the emergency mechanical door releases on the inside.)

I am hoping, perhaps futilely, that Tesla will at least not put falcon wing doors on the TMY!

I hated SUV’s but love wagons. Now that SUVs and CUV’s are really station wagons relabeled. I’m looking forward to adding the Y to our Tesla collection. The complexity of the falcons wings and size of the X made it easy for us to say no and pass on that car.

I don’t disagree that minivans are out of fashion but they have high utility, much more so than a cuv/suv, the sliding doors and fold flat seats are very useful (if the fold flat/ stow and go seats could be pulled off with the battery).

Well I certainly hope Tesla doesn’t make the Model Y a minivan! Almost no American buys a minivan these days. I would like to see Telsa buck the trend and put minivan-style sliding doors on a Model Y CUV, though. Or better yet, make sliding doors optional, for those who want a larger opening like the falcon wing doors have, but have regular doors available for those who don’t like the (perceived as negative by Americans) “minivan” image that Tesla bashers would surely try to attach to the Model Y if it had sliding minivan-style doors.

Every time I see a BMW GT, I wonder how they managed to make it look so funny when the 4-Series 5-door’s look so much better.

To Pushy’s point below, the original X3 was definitely BMW’s pregnant station wagon on stilts…

I think the render/photoshop job uses too much of the Model 3 low front end. The teaser seems to have a taller front that looks more blunt then the render.

i know i uploaded a update

Hope it is a true hatchback opening, and not overly sloped like the Model X.

Before Tesla launches Model-Y, I would like some company to convert Model-3 to a wagon design.

Tesla Model-3 is a very wide car with a width of 73″ which is same as the width of a full size car like Chevy Impala. Earlier Impala had a bench seat in the front that could seat 3 passengers making it a 6 passenger vehicle.

I think after market providers can modify Model-3 by removing bucket seat and installing bench seat so that Model-3 becomes a 6 seater vehicle for those who have frequent need to go with 6 passengers. This way they don’t need to take a SUV/Van when they go with 6 passengers and they can save a lot of money with Model-3 running on cheaper electricity than using SUV/Van that runs on gas.

Similarly it can also be converted to a proper wagon with the rear windshield in a 90 degree angle. A wagon like design will maximize the interior space. This way those who run a business can use Model-3 wagon to carry bigger stuff that may not fit in the current car version.

You would probably have to find an “Upfitter”, like a limousine maker to build something like that. The last time any car company sold a car with a bench seat in the US was 2013. Parents want to stuff their kids into car seats, as far behind them as they can. Not put them in a car seat between them.

The seating for 3 up front was pretty much killed off by the invention of the big car seat with LATCH tie-downs. It is a relic of when parents used to put their kids in front center lap belts, or no belts at all.

“Y” not?

The rendering is very good. Just hope they use the roadster 2 front in the actual car.


Very nice! Glad to see you didn’t put falcon-wing doors on car… let’s hope Tesla follows your lead! 🙂

This looks very much like what we can expect from Tesla in the Model Y; a cut-down version of the Model X, just as the Model 3 is to some extent a cut-down version of the Model S.

Looks like the “lynk SUV”, the sister company of Volvo

Interesting renderings but if it looks like any of that, I would be very underwhelmed. They all just look like a fat Model 3 or Honda Accord Crosstour. I think it’s going to look radically different and will take more design cues from the new Roadster.

I’m sure that Tesla will surprise us with something 😉

Not bad, but sure jacked up in the back… We going back to the 70’s?

This is just a stretched Model 3. I don’t think the Model Y will have a trunk.

It could have a BIG TRUNK, imagine it opened 😉 I think model y will have trunk because it will probably follow the desing of two glass roof pieces of the model 3 for production and desing reasons.

Hope that Model Y will have towing capacity.

Sexy butt! It looks like a downsized model X

Hopefully they won’t go with that. I would like to see a true hatch like the Golf.

Rear Stance looks Too Narrow & Hi Up , Same as the X Not too appealing To Me …Wider Stance Would Look More Appealing .

Keep in mind that the vantage point is about 18 inches off the ground, and from that angle everything looks narrow and high up. So it wouldn’t look exactly like that from the height of a normal adult.

Everything is a crooked neck and a crotch view when you are the height of a toddler.

With that said, if it is too high up, it would limit sight out of the rear window. So I agree that too high would be bad. But I like the looks generally.


WHO is Miguel Mass?

ME 😀 @Miguelmasse

Porsche in the front Aztec in the rear! It’s like some kind car mullet.

No hatchback opening kinda loses a lot of the utility in CUV.

More truck, less car.

Hmm. Advertised starting price will be $40k, but only available in the first year for $55k. P and D options will take you to $90k. For that money, the i-Pace is the better car.

Model Y availability will be the 12th of Never, or early 2022, whichever comes last.

Oh, and in what mythical factory will they build this vehicle? Fremont will be hard-put to supply Model 3s, let alone yet another car.

Ouch ..

Miguels front looks good, but contradicts both Tesla images and ther back ks of course completely rectally derived.
I really hope Teslawill do something about the taillights.
Getting old.

the front picture is outdated i made some tweaks to correct it a little : https://twitter.com/MiguelMasse/status/1004396688239415296

Anyway I’m sure that Tesla probably surprise us specially with the headlights.

Looks horrible.

Looks like Voldemort

No Bueno ‼️

The window line is to high.

Since Tesla is worse than any chinese copycat this is how the Y is going to look like, just without the grill

I certainly hope not. I’m not impressed in any way by such a sloping rear. There is no need aerodynamically and so much more practical having a normal 2 box rear.
What we need is one that can carry stuff and used commercially and that means not a hatch.