Tesla Model X Frunk Images


Tesla Model X Frunk

Tesla Model X Frunk

A couple of images of the Tesla Model X at the automaker’s Fremont factory have emerged via a video interview.

Of particular interest is the visible frunk, which appears to be slightly larger (both a bit wider and deeper) than the frunk of the Model S.

Tesla Model X frunk

Tesla Model X Frunk

Model S frunks shown below for comparative purposes.

Model S Dual-Motor Frunk - Image Via ScottF2000

Model S Dual-Motor Frunk – Image Via ScottF200

Model S Non Dual-Motor Frunk - Image Via ScottF2000

Model S Non Dual-Motor Frunk – Image Via ScottF200

Images via this video interview with Elon Musk. Tesla CEO appears starting at the 26-minute mark.

Hat tip to Dean Miller!

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What’s with the 2 Falcon doors not opening to the same position?

Probably to install the back seats from the driver side?

I think the white paint color on 1 door is more confusing than the position.

Unless it’s some camera trickery, and there’s a white Model X hiding behind that black one.

Looking for flaws?
Hey what’s up with this Mini-Van with the sliding doors not equally opened?
Quite far fetched!

Carsten asked:

“What’s with the 2 Falcon doors not opening to the same position?”

The Model X is equipped with sensors to detect when there is restricted space for opening the falcon-wing doors. Perhaps when the doors were opened, the sensor detected a restricted space on one side, and only opened that door part way.

Just a guess.

At first I thought maybe the Model X was waving hello to the camera, but there is no door waving in the video. Sigh.

Editor: Is it a boot or a foot?

I would expect the frunk term to be used in Europe, but if not I like froot.

Well, since the term for the hood is the bonnet, then it could be a “boon”…see what I did there?… 😉

Any link to the original video interview?

Yes it’s in the article at the bottom where it says “via this video” https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/21-soendag/21-soendag-2015-09-27#!/

That video is quite nice.
Elon is moved remembering the tough times of 2008.
The more interviews I see with the more I like him.

You are showing a Model S non-D frunk. I think a better picture comparison would be to show the Model S non-D and the Model S D versions. Front motor takes up space.
non-D frunk: http://i.imgur.com/lAOUM8H.png
D frunk: http://i.imgur.com/8KNbja6.png

Feel free to update your article with these pictures. Also not that the Model X configuration page states: two golf bags

Article updated with your pics. Thanks!


Point well taken but the width of the trunk is what stood out to me. Why didn’t they make it wider in the S?

Is it the front struts in the S that keep the width of the frunk down? That’s what it looks like in the photos.

Looks like it. See:

The Model X frunk is so much larger than the MS frunk that people on the Tesla Motors Club forum have joked about installing jump seats there. 😀

Big enough for 6 pairs of stinky ski boots, goggles, gloves and helmets…