Tesla Model X First Look On Fully Charged

JUN 3 2016 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Motors recently unveiled the production version Model X in UK.

The all-electric SUV isn’t yet ready for test drives in the country (no RHD), and Tesla has yet to price all-electric SUV, but Fully Charged managed to do first look episode with highlights of what’s coming regardless…and as we really love Robert’s take on “all things electric” we thought we’d pass it along.

Full review of the “ultimate lazy car” should appear in the near future.

“This is NOT a test drive, this is a first look.
The Model X, Tesla’s SUV was launched in the USA in 2015, the first 1,000+ right hand drive models are on their way.
It is an extraordinary machine, powerful-safe-comfortable and packed full of more technology than you can poke a stick at.”

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Model X = Too Much Cowbell

Years of fun firmware upgrades enabling new and improving existing features on this rich set of hardware… Looking forward to it 🙂

this is a silly review of a car that costs serious money.

This kind of “review” is exactly why Tesla put all that “cowbell” into the Model X.

Because people would be giggling over those “useless” features…

That gets Tesla much needed attention and coverage that it constantly craves..

But real owners will end up getting pissed off when it doesn’t work out in real life.

Also, what is the point of having Falcon wing door opening in a smaller radius than the front door? If you can’t open the back door it is highly likely your front door will have problem opening. Combined with Summon feature (which I think is super cool), those door features aren’t really necessary at all, except at showing off to impress your “friends”, public or some hookers on the street corner… (or bunnies at bunny ranch)

MMF I think you’re onto something here: The Model X currently appeals to two types of folks: 1). People who can spend $150-160K and not bat an eyelash, and it doesn’t really matter if many things in the car don’t work (although they probably expect Tesla to get them to work eventually). 2). Uber ‘enthusiasts’ who either can’t afford to purchase any kind of EV but yet are falling for the “Steve Jobs Syndrome”. Steve Jobs exploited Chinese and other far eastern labor, and would make a big production over “WE FOUND THESE KNOBS ARE MADE in a Sweat-Shop so We’re not using them ANYMORE!!!” to great applause of all of his fans (of course critical main circuit boards which were also made in sweat-shops they would obviously still keep using). But it was part of the game. And the huge adoring throng of the man was quite real. It explains the sychophant comments that all the fierce (like a religion) defenders of Tesla – Like Pushi who wanted a man to kill himself (valueseeker) because he disagreed with the great Pushi – who incidentally apparently will never purchase an EV, just likes to be the self-appointed guru of them… Read more »
@Bill Howland. Bill, Bill, Bill… I like you, Bill – but when you say such things you sound like an old codger who yells at neighborhood kids to get off his lawn – a supporter of Bernie’s who really wants to stick it to the 5%. I mean, really – who gave those “rich” people the right to have that much money, after all? L 🙂 L. I may stand on your side = we don’t like SUVs, CUVs or crossovers…Whatever they call them, whether truck-based or unibody, they are still tall station wagons that push gobs of air, weight too much and really aren’t that practical when you measure their cargo room compared to much more efficient station wagons, hatchbacks and such…But…Bill – besides big trucks, North Americans buy more of those tall station wagons that any other type of personal transportation – So we’ll just have to get used to it. People buy Model X for many more GOOD reasons that you list. I really enjoy Robert. I hope to meet the chap one day – we see eye-to-eye on so many things. You must not have paid attention to his first words, as he noted how safe… Read more »

Aren’t you the one that purchased that caddilac volt? Lol.

i tend to agree with your assessment of the kinds of people who are attracted to tesla cars, in general. i also agree that there is a lot of PR in the way that elon musk is presented to the public and that PR seeks to fill the void left by the death of steve jobs. in that same vein, there is a cult that has developed around elon musk. indeed, tesla product introductions are very much packaged in the manner of an apple ipad product introduction. i don’t see any of this as constituting telling “neighborhood kids to get off his yard”. it’s more the case that, in the real world, stuff doesn’t just happen by accident; and, by implication, the similarity between the public image of elon musk and steve jobs is not accidental. but when you buy into the “cult”, it colors how you view things. unless you have very high net worth, it is absolutely crazy to spend $100,000 or $150,000 on a car. in fact, even the “modest” sum of $70,000 is a lot to spend on an automobile. yet, you see evidence on this very forum of people who stretched to by a model… Read more »

“How many people would buy …”

Isn’t the stock market full of people like that?

Also, it seems like everybody has a lot of assumptions about who would buy a car like that, including you. Cult Musk fans… crazy rich… techno geeks… etc. Maybe it is because the aforementioned types of people are the most boisterous. But some of us are none of the above. Truth be told, I never heard of Musk before ordering my car. I never heard of Tesla either, but when I put in the computer what I wanted in my next car (I only buy a car once every 10-12 years)- Tesla came up as the perfect match.

You can drop kids off or pick them up in an area where you can’t open the front doors. But the main point of the double hinged doors over gull wing doors is not to take MORE horizontal space than conventional doors when opening and closing. Once you have the double hinged doors no point in making the opening radius the same as conventional doors if all that is required to make the radius smaller is software code.

You can get inside the front doors with both hands occupied. But you can disable this feature if you fear the robot overlords.

Taking a dump in an EV forum on Tesla’s cool features doesn’t make you objective or a cool contrarian.

It just makes you kind of an ass.

My model X is coming in a couple weeks, I personally wouldn’t have ordered one if it wasn’t for many of the cowbells.

Listen to flmark – it’s plain there are dozens of reasons to like the X. Yes, the gadgets are shiney things that attract our fancy…And yes, the X buyer will delight in showing them off to loved ones, colleagues, friends and strangers. SO WHAT?!! Live it up! Have fun! Enjoy! These are little clever features that people love. They show a lot of thought goes into these cars. It also makes luxury carmakers that have been around for over 100 years look dumb for never thinking about a car that needs no key insertion, button press or command to know you’re inside the car and want it to be turned on – so it does that all for you. Just like self-presenting doors. Many X buyers will play with that feature until they ding a Camry parked next to them at Costco, and they’ll shut off the feature at the touchscreen and go on their merry lives…Big deal! Let them have their fun. I should be so blessed to own an X or maybe a used S. When a car’s DNA is great – it uses no gasoline and has a long range. Is so quick and responsive, it dazzles…Hey… Read more »

I love your comments and I completely agree except for one thing – Tesla will not abandon the falcon wing doors in the Model X; they will continue to perfect them until they are bullet proof, just like the door handles in the Model S. The falcon wing doors are a signature feature of the X and I made up my mind about them when Elon said they would probably be on the Model Y – you don’t include a “fundamentally flawed” idea into a new product unless you are very sure you can make it work. Tesla will be tuning up those doors for a long time, but they are awesome and here to stay.

i’ve always thought that the model X looked pretty good. i think tesla should continue to evolve the front end design and i still think that the oversized center screen is unappealing. to me the biggest objection is the price. to others i would think that the lack of space to achieve the “utility” function would be an objection.

as to the prius, be aware that the prius is a niche car. toyota sells more camry’s in a week or two than they sell prius’ in an entire year.

How about the desire to drive all electric, carry 7 and tow a respectable amount??? If you want that now and have the money, the X is in a category of ONE!

These headlines bring out the X bashers all the time.

Our X will be picked up on 6/15. Honestly, I could do without the FWDs. I would prefer more interior storage capacity. But one year ago, we received a BP settlement and it seemed that the ‘blood money’ was highly suited for this purchase. We already had solar PV and greened up our lives in every other way. So we decided to go from mostly electric to all electric driving. (And my Volt is just fine vs a Model S, IMHO)

Model X needs longer wheelbase than Model S
to have bigger battery than MS
If someone is ready to pay the price of MX he will be glad to pay some more for maximum range

People are funny nowadays. We all are a bit ADHD aren’t we? I mean, we have a little computer that fits in our pocket and apps to get instant gratification every second. So why hasn’t there been a successful new car startup in America for over 70 years, and why is the youngest legacy car company in America now Italian? Because making cars requires forward vision, luck and patience. Listen to us when we say things like, “Model X needs to be longer”, “Tesla needs to make another Roadster”, Tesla needs to build a truck, and…and…a smaller CUV with normal doors…and…an even MORE affordable car than Model 3″…..etc. These things will come. There will be a 2nd gen Model X, I’m sure. If Tesla grows and grows, and Gigafactory 1 ends up growing to it’s intended size and birthing Gigafactory 2 someplace…These happenings will take a decade, mayber more…And there will be money from mass market sales in the 100s of thousands of units to build longer platforms, and more varied models. We’ve heard Tesla execs speak of a crossover version of Model 3, and surely it will have regular doors, folks. Then their next favorite hint about their direction… Read more »

Model X battery should be bigger than in MS from the beginning. Like we can see MX wheelbase could be 4-6 inches longer. Than MX biggest battery pack will be 95kWh.

Wow, who put a nickle in your slot and wound you up? I have to say though that I agree with the general thrusts of your posts, though not every specific point.

According to the link below Tesla has begun delivering Model X in Vancouver B.C.


I have to award this dude the funniest car reviewer in the world…