Tesla Model X Configurator To Open For Everyone On Monday


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

As publicity centers around the unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3, questions are arising about the Model X. Elon Musk recently Tweeted that the Tesla Model X configurator will open Monday to all. However, since then, the Tweet has been deleted.

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Musk Confirms That The Configurator Is Still A Go For All Starting Monday

Previously, the online design studio has only been available to those that have reserved a vehicle and put $5,000 down.

Since models range from $80,000 to $150,000, it will be advantageous for future prospective buyers to be able to use the service to get an idea of what’s available, what they may want, and pricing.

Although the original Tweet is gone, Musk did confirm that the configurator is still a go for Monday (see right/above follow-up tweet).

There are plenty of videos of the service online, like the one below, if people want to take a look prior to Monday.

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yeah, as of tomorrow, try that on the Canadian site, you’ll see astronomical numbers! Crazy!

Driverguy, In under another year, the S and X will no longer have Canadian taxes on them, except for the normal ones. Basically, NAFTA will take hold when the batteries are produced in America.

deborah crazy train flower power

I think this car is so unique and amazing 🙂

It’s wise to generate demand before switching to 70D production, thus delaying further modifications to the production line.

That makes no sense. It took a long time for the S design studio to come online, as well.

I had chalked it up to either a) they couldn’t make up their minds on options and pricing, or b) it was real-time market research to nail down those very things.

9:48 pm. X configurator still not working. Did he mean this monday?

Yep, still shows reservation button, no design studio or equivalent anywhere. In fact, I haven’t seen any changes on the Model X page for many weeks.

Ha – yeah, never said which Monday…