Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Shows Off Its Finished Blue Bod

Blue Tesla Model S shooting brake


Release the hounds!

One Tesla Model S has officially gone to the dogs, but in the best way possible. You may remember the Fully Charged YouTube channel featuring a couple videos about man wanting to convert his all-electric sedan into a shooting brake — a fancy word for an estate car, which is a Briticism for station wagon — to better accommodate his furry best friend. Well, after undergoing radical surgery at the facilities of Qwest Norfolk, the work appears to be fully and finally done.

Not only has the back end been reconfigured from a fastback shape to a squareback, the paint matches, the carbon fiber trim bits look amazing, and the interior has been lovingly finished, with alcantara lining the extended roof. It’s also received some exterior finish protection in the form of a clear ceramic coating from KubeBond. All that and it’s even dropped 12 kg (26.46 pounds) and gained 7.4 cubic feet of luxury kennel space in the process.

We understand there is another episode of Fully Charged coming that will feature the car in all its road-going glory, and in May it will be appearing at the London Motor Show, so people will be able to get a good up-close look at it. Until then, though, we have scrounged up a veritable plethora of pics from various Twitter accounts for your edification. Enjoy!


Source: Qwest Norfolk via Twitter

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It would be interesting to know what effect on range this modification had.


the aro is better and weight is also less, so I gess the have an range increase

Pete Repete

Love it, simply brilliant. Colour is great too..


Yes, the deep blue color is gorgeous, or at least it appears so on my computer screen.

Too bad Tesla doesn’t offer that as one of its standard colors!

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James P Heartney

If I get some time, I may try Photoshopping wood panelling onto the side.


Step away from the computer wether your hands up…



Paul Stoller

This is what the X should have been. Beautiful.


I predict the smoothly sloped rear window on the X is more efficient. Also, the chopped off rear window with the spoiler on top collects dust & grime on the window, hence the rear wiper … not for me!


I agree, Paul. This car looks bad a**, whereas the X looks sensible and sedate, and slightly porky, if the truth be told.


It has great road presence & stance from the rear, very cool.

Mike I.

I wonder how they control the rear wiper since the stock S doesn’t have one.


I would guess it’s controlled with a hardware switch added to the dash. I seriously doubt this aftermarket modder has the expertise to modify Tesla’s software to add a virtual button to the screen display!


It probably uses heuristic algorithms generated by the retinal scanning device implanted in the newer post-2016 Tesla S P100D. If you can see the raindrops or dust on the rear window it will actuate the wiper.


Nonsense. It uses active EEG scanning of the driver’s brainwaves to detect when he thinks “That rear wiper ought to be running!” 😉

Andrei Gloaba

It looks amazing!


It looks ok actually.

But what is the impact on the range?

tim bosche

looks like a freaking casket car for dead people


Model S hearse. Probably a market for that.

Peter Hansen

A custom Model S hearse has already been oo the market for a year now:

The makers of the Model S hearse has also stared making a Model S wagon:


I like but I think it needed some wind tunnel time. A win if the drag coefficient can be kept within reason


Looks like an elongated Nissan LEAF.


Well, okay… I have to admit the finished product turned out to look much better than I expected, with that very high beltline in the rear. It does look very nice!

It still reminds me somewhat of a hearse, but not so strongly as the work-in-progress did.

Changing the streamlining profile, increasing the drag significantly, has to give it a significant hit to range, though.


That is one lucky dog!

Don Zenga

Wow, this is beautiful perfectly finished and I like the word “SQUAREBACK’. Now a days, there are many fancy names.
Hatchback: Rear windshield that is around 45 degrees angle when you look from the right side.
Liftback: There will be another glass panel below the rear windshield.
Sportback: From the middle section (B Pillar) the roof will be somewhat curved with the examples being Model-S and Panamera.
Squareback: Rear windshield that is 90 degrees angle.

Of all these, the squareback is the best since it offers lot of extra space in rear. The total interior volume of Model-S stands at 126 cu. ft., and for this squareback version, it may be somewhere around 132 cu. ft. which will make it one of the biggest sedans, although I should not say sedan.

I wish Tesla seriously considers this during the redesign.


It’s not even close to 90°. I’d say it’s closer to 60° than to 90°.


I think it would look better if the rear passenger window was dark tinted too to hide that awkward downslope.

Micke Larsson

That is one ugly mofo. I hope Tesla makes a better looking station wagon one day, at least on the Model 3 platform.


It looks like a giant Mini from the back.