Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous Upgrade To Cost $7,500, Pre-Orders Accepted Now

OCT 1 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode

Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode

Tesla added Ludicrous Mode upgrade to its online shop for the P85D Model S in North America.

Hardware and software retrofit switches Insane mode to Ludicrous mode, which translates to even more intense acceleration (see video).

Price: $7,500 ($5,000 parts + $2,500 labor)

incl. $500 pre-order deposit

As it turns out, changes to the badge “P85D”are part of the package too.  The switch is subtle – “P85D“.

“Retrofit your existing P85D from “INSANE” to “LUDICROUS”-level performance. This upgrade represents a significant increase in power over the already insane P85D.

The LUDICROUS speed option will be available as a retrofit to all P85D customers with original vehicle orders placed before 11am PST Friday 7/17.  These cars will receive updated badging to P85D where the underline denotes the ludicrous upgrade.

*Customers are encouraged to pre-order the option. The pre-order will be registered in our system for logistic planning and priority listing once the deposit payment is transacted. The retrofit will be made available initially in Fremont to begin in the Q4 time frame. Additional Service Center hubs for the retrofit will be rolled out shortly after. Please note that the preferred Service Center you selected may not be prioritized as one of the hubs. Customers have the option to change your retrofit location once the list of Retrofit Service Centers are announced. The deposit amount will be applied to the final price of the retrofit at the Service Center when the installation is scheduled.”

More details on Tesla’s website.

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1) This shows respect to their early customers.
2) It is a nice way to generate some extra money just by swapping in a few parts and updating the software.

They could have made it 10k plus labor and the same people would have upgraded.

This could be indications of a new business model for the car industry.

Since the lifespan of the electric motor and the new chassis exceeds the current automobiles (Electric Motor is rated for 40 years), one can imagine an upgrade option available from the factory that would essentially give the buyer an updated and refurbished car for much less than buying a new one. Of course, built into this upgrade will be Tesla’s profit or else it would not be economical for them.

This would be a great boon for people that want to reduce their carbon footprint by essentially recycling the car. This potential upgrade option would mean that the same car could be refurbished 3 or 4 times before the car needs to be scrapped.

I hope the Bothans at Tesla are thinking like this. An environmentally responsible and recyclable car… This of it.

I’m feeling left behind. Purchased a P85 at the end of 2012 and was told software updates would be free forever and hardware update may be purchased in the future.

Still receiving software update but I don’t get excited. Most of the updates don’t apply to me or don’t run well in my hardware configuration. For example the Google maps worked well when I got the car but now shows crazy routes and does not recalculate when I go off route.

I really wanted the auto pilot hardware upgrade but it was not offered for my car. Taking the depreciation hit and buying a new car was the only option. (not in my budget) The only after production hardware upgrade offered really is folding mirrors that’s it.

A friend that purchased his car before me put it best. “We are purchasing the iPhone one. In a year our cars will be out of date.” He was right. Now I need to resist the urge to buy a new phone every year.

Yes, that is just a standard problem of being a really early adopter. However, be proud of your purchase because it is still a great car and you are pioneer that helped fund this great company. And the resale value for a car is still pretty darn high.

I updated my model S with retrofit as folding mirrors, double charger, of course I know there will be limitations, try to do the same with any other car and they will laugh on you.

Your all correct. I am very happy with my P85. It is far better than any car I’ve ever owned and it still gives me the Tesla grin when I’m first at the light. I just envy those with autopilot. I’ll satisfy this envy when I get the Tesla III. (whenever that becomes a reality)

I’m waiting on the v7.0 update before I write Tesla as they often fix bugs with the next update.

People upgrade their cars of all makes all the time. Not sure how this is any different…

You have been driving a badass car for 3 years now, be happy!

But let Tesla know about the map issue as that is something they can and should fix for your version of hardware and software.


Tesla certainly should address your software problem. If you’re having that problem, then almost certainly other Tesla customers are having it, too.

There is a new software update coming, wich enhances the single motor performance and efficiency. Read it somewhere in the context of the v7.0 software update.

Yes– more magical Torque Sleep refinements (but for single motor units) allowing improved range, and smoother velocity control for improved performance and handling.

P85 is crazy fast

I would be very satisfied + you have the bigger trunk and the performance

Okay, it’s time for an official request to add underlining to the short list of HTML tags we can use in InsideEVs posts.

We can do italics.

We can do boldface.

We can even do strikeout, although the actual usefulness of that is limited.

So what do you say, InsideEVs editors: May we please have underlining so we can properly write _P85D_?

I give up. How do you do boldface, italics and strike through?

I wish Nissan would offer us early adopters an upgrade to our battery.

As an owner of a 2015 Leaf, I would be interested in upgrading to 30kwh and selling my like-new 24kwh to someone with a 2011-12 Leaf.

The wording in the advertisement has already changed from the above, to a .2, rather than the implied 3.1, to 2.8, gain claimed by the P90D “L”. An honest move, about the P85D “L” upgrade.

Chatter on TMC is that it is looking like the Drag Times people may have a hard time reaching 10.9, in the P90D “L” quarter. I hope they get that big chunk faster. Reaching for $7,500 in options, when you order such an expensive car is mentally easier than reaching for an extra $7,500 afterward. That’s especially true when the 0-60’s tighten up. That type of buying decision is, well…

$5000 for part?

That is a healthy profit.

What is the cost of the part? $50? A main battery contact? What is it made of? Silver/Platnium/Gold alloy?

Tesla is pretty good at extracting profits from selling performance. Every other EV maker should take notes and learn from it.

It is made from “unobtainium” a rarely seen resource in our part of the galaxy. Occasionally it comes available in small quantities when the Star Ship Enterprise has extended shore leave visits to Earth. The crew members sometimes sell what they have procured for profit.

Nobody is forcing them to upgrade.

Actually it is made of inconel. Metal used in space industry. It would be weird if P85D L would be one of the fastest and also one of the cheapest vehicles at the same time. SO yes, price is unreasonably low.