Tesla Model S – Over 2,400 Sold, 2,750 Built In Last Quarter Of 2012

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A 2012 Model S Get Completed At Tesla's Factory In Fremont, California

A 2012 Model S Get Completed At Tesla’s Factory In Fremont, California

Getting sales updates out of Tesla is an incredibly hard task, as the company is hesitant to report results monthly, akin to their larger automaker brethren.

Tesla Reported Quarterly Earnings Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 2013 After The Bell

Tesla Reported Quarterly Earnings Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 2013 After The Bell

Thankfully, 4 times a year they are legally obligated to their shareholders to give a update on all the comings and goings of the electric car business.

And while we pour over Tesla’s results that have just been release, we can update you on the company’s sales and production of the Model S.  Update:  Quarterly Earning report can be found here.

For the fourth quarter, Tesla sold 2,400 all electric sedans, bringing the 2012 yearly. total to 2,650.  (Tesla sold 253 Model S Sedans in Q3)

While a notable achievement, the 2,400 deliveries for Q4 was below expectations.  Overall the company said they produced over 2,750 cars in the three months, and over 3,100 for the year.

To put that in context of the other major plug-in players, the Tesla Model S was the 4th best seller rounding out the last 3 months of the year.

  • Chevrolet Volt sold 7,113 copies
  • Toyota sold 5,016 of their plug-in Prius
  • Nissan sold 4,607 LEAFs

Now that the company is working at the optimum production level, they can produce (and likely sell) upwards of 5,000 new vehicles per quarter.

However the company notes they likely will only sell upwards of 4,500 in the first quarter of this year because they “gave the manufacturing team the first week of the year off to celebrate their accomplishments during 2012.”

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Tesla’s sales numbers seem to be on track.

If they manufactured 3,100 cars for 2012, and sold 2,650, that leaves 450

With about 50 dealerships now open, and most having about 4 cars or more in stock for test drives, that’s about 200+ cars there. Other vehicles manufactured but not actually delivered by end of 2012 had to roll to 2013 sales.

This is unlike how BMW reports sales, by having the dealerships ‘buy’ the cars before the leave the factory, so BMW can questionable report instant sales, when the actual customer never bought the car. Which is also why Mercedes-Benz is claiming sales leadership for 2012 based on actual customer sales.

Well that’s more than Preston Tucker sold.

I would definitely buy Preston Tucker’s EV 🙂