Tesla Model S Outperforms Mercedes-Benz S500 and BMW 750Li in German Test Drive Review

SEP 20 2013 BY STAFF 14

Noted German automotive enthusiast magazine, Auto Zeitung, got some seat time in a Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Beats the Benchmarks

Tesla Model S Beats the Benchmarks

The verdict?  Well, our knowledge of the German language ain’t quite as accurate as it use to be, but the gist is this: The Model S sets the benchmark in the luxury class by outgunning the front-runners, which consists of the Mercedes-Benz S500 and BMW 750Li.

Via Google translate, here are a few snippets from the Auto Zeitung review:

“Already tested and reviewed, the Tesla Model S has delivered a brilliant idea. The Americans aim with the stylish electric car quite openly to the luxury class of Mercedes and BMW. Do the German premium manufacturers fear the upstart seriously or they can fend off the attack easily?”


“In our testing, the Tesla Model S scored eight first, a second and three third places, bringing it to the front. The new Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 share second place. Mercedes and BMW score with premium comfort features and a high level of security, but the Tesla wins due to it clever body and the innovative operating concept, especially the E-drive the range is enormous for an electric car.  Otherwise, the German vehicles come surprisingly close to the Tesla.”

Or, to put it another way, the Tesla is now the new benchmark in the luxury class of automobiles sold in Germany.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW…looks like there’s some catching up to do.

Hat tip to Roland Tiemens!!!

Source: Auto Zeitung

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Oh my.

I’m sure Germans are going heavily flame that review out of national pride.

But seriously, it is hard to compete with electric drive. 100% torque at 0RPM, very quiet, no vibration, no lurches from transmission, no oil changes, no smog checks, no drips on your driveway, no fill-ups, etc. As Dan Neil once said “It is everything that gas cars apire to.” (Although I think he said that with respect to an electric fuel cell car and then proceeded to trash it due to the bad fuel cell economics.)

I like this table
It says 199g/km of pure CO2. and it says that the BMW can go 930 km and the MB 907 km on a single tank! Now what that means is that in a tank full either will produce about 200 KILO GRAMS of pure CARBON DIOXIDE!
I would add to that the KGs that it took to ship that fuel from Saudi to Germany refine it etc.
And ironicly it is the EU that is trying to tell the whole world that they have a clean set of countries! Just how many cars like these cras are running in Germany alone!

While the Tesla runs on pure sun power! With ZERO CO2!

What a joke!

Auto Bild, the most popular car magazine in Germany, also tested the Model S against its rivals:


I kinda sorta think the German MB & BMW cars are ok. They almost can keep up with the Tesla Model S. They’re gettin’ there… l’il by l’il. Give ’em a few more years and maybe their cars will catch on. I seen one BMW on the road and it kinda kept up with traffic…! I’m still kinda yuck over the whole diesel thing though, and gas-o-line.. aaaaa …. stinky and filthy.. but, with a little more time and a little work, MB an BMW might be able to clean it up a bit. I’m still a l’il twisted over why they think that cars that run on petroleum is good. I guess I got some learnin’ to do… I’m not sure I wanna give up my free solar powered car for som’in’ I gotta pay regularly daily payments to an oil company to keep it movin’ down the road?? I’ve heard too that dem petro motors needs som kinda regular tuning of their motolator. Crap! How much dat gonna cost on top of the petro car too?? Well, I gotta keep an open mind. Give ’em chance I quess, kinda sorta! 😉

Well played.

I’m just thinking, how much does gas (petrol) cost in Germany? And isn’t Germany adding solar and wind power at a furious rate?

I think I’d better by some stock in Tesla, fast.

electric cars just mean more smog emitting emissions by the coal plant on the other side of town

Sorry my power plant is nuclear. There are also a lot of wind farms nearby. I can also charge up with solar panels. Even if the plant is coal, it is still cleaner and more efficient than a bunch of individual automobiles.

electric cars? people, we have all driven a golf cart…

If you haven’t noticed, we’re talking about a Model S, not a golf cart. The only thing they have in common is they both have electric motors powered by batteries. You wouldn’t compare a golf cart to a radio controlled car would you.

Tesla Model S might be he fastest off the starting block, but the true automobiles are gas powered ones. I would drive a gas powered sports car any day of the week over an over grown golf cart. I am sorry but when did an overgrown Prius become a sports car. I know its faster, but honestly sports cars are meant to be gas powered, that what makes them the way they are. There is nothing sporty about driving a frisker or a tesla. Next thing there going to invent is speakers on the back of the tesla to produce engine noises.

Disagree. As an owner of a 63 split window, ferrari 360 spider, acura NSX, mercedes e350 cabrio among others (all very nice cars and very enjoyable) the tesla is really something I would discourage you from commenting on until you drive one. It’s simply the most amazing car I have driven. One will be in the garage soon, even if I have to sell the ferrari to get it!

For the moment E cars including Tesla are Marketing Hypes. The Tesla Battery adds 160km weight, add the same for a larger tank and your Diesel Injection will give you 3000 km range versus Tesla’s 500 km. The truth of the matter is you cant create energy out of thin air and storing it in batteries is far less efficient than creating it in a generator locally. Atleast for the moment.

Why would anybody need 3000 km range in Europe?