Tesla Model S Hijacked At Gunpoint, Suspects Now In Custody


Back in late January, the Barstow Police Department put out an all-points bulletin for two suspects connected to an armed robbery and carjacking that occurred at the Barstow Tesla Supercharger.

Here’s the background info:

“…officers from the Barstow Police Department arrived at the electric vehicle charging station behind the restaurant around 11:54 p.m. Jan. 21 after a 911 call from the victim, who reported that he was robbed at gunpoint by two men at the charging station.”

“The victim reported that the suspects approached him while he was charging his vehicle and that one of the suspects pointed a handgun at him and forced him out of his car. The victim reported that the suspects robbed him of his personal jewelry, credit cards and other property. The suspects also stole the victim’s 2014 Tesla — a high-end electric car — and drove off in it. The victim ran from the area to a local business and called 911.”

The stolen Model S was quickly recovered as police officers found the electric sedan crashed “into a metal barrier in front of one of the gas pumps at an Arco station down the road.”  However, the suspects had fled the scene.

It took weeks for the Barstow Police Department to track down the two suspects, both of who have long criminal backgrounds.  But on February 9 and 10, both suspects were located and apprehended.

Fortunately, the Model S owner, though distressed over the situation, escaped with no injuries.

Barstow Supercharger Has Several Nearby Restaurants/Shops/Etc

Barstow Supercharger Has Several Nearby Restaurants/Shops/Etc

Unfortunately, this event is likely to be recurring at some Supercharger sites and here’s why: expensive cars park to charge in the exact same location.  Some of these locations are known to be in high-crime areas.  Supercharger sites are full of $100,000 cars.  Unknowing thieves see these locations and the cars as easy targets (even though we know the cars can be easily tracked, thieves wouldn’t necessarily be aware of this Model S features).  Heck, thieves can just camp out nearby and wait for the next Tesla to show up.

Our advice? Forget the car. Plug it in to charge and get the heck out of there. Walk into the nearest coffee shop or mall or whatever is close by. Don’t stay in the car, especially at night.

Any other words of advice to avoid unfortunate events such as this?

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Sorry, but this likely wouldn’t have turned out that way in Texas. We all carry guns. In California, only criminals carry guns.

Very smart of you thanks

So do you wear your’s on your hip ready to quick draw? When people rob people they usually don’t approach you and announce they are going to rob you and then politely ask you if you would like a chance to defend yourself. They usally don’t invite you to draw pistols at 10 paces.

What does happen is they will come around the corner quickly or from behind with their weapon already drawn not giving you a chance to unholster your sidearm, remove the safety, aim and fire. Sure there are some dumb criminals that are armed with just a knife or nothing but that doesn’t sound like that is what happened in this case.

My gun stays on my hip all of the time, even when driving. And if I see somebody strange walking up to my car, my hand goes to my gun. I would absolutely be ready to respond.

Good for you.

Is this (I would say false) sense of security worth the life of even one kid who died from a firearm accident because guns are so easily available in this country?

Don’t want to turn this into a political argument. Just voicing my opinion. I respect yours.

I’ve had things like that happen to me were I’m in my car and I see someone creepy come up to me I drive away and ask questions later.

I’ve also had a case were several drunk people show up at my house at 2.00AM in the morning trying to get in. The first time was really scary in that they drove up on my front lawn But the second time was funny in that the drunken the kid flipped his car over in my ditch my policy is if you show up at my house late at night I call the cops no questions asked. The bottom line is you show up at my house at 1.00AM in the morning unannounced your going have to explain yourself to the police.

I guess you’d have been shot when the criminal noticed your gun and panicked.

Feels like a pretty poor solution.

You can see when someone want’s to rob you it’s that you have to be street smart to scan the street a head of you for people that want to rob you. You also have to look for the warning signs. Such as with these two thugs if it was night time and I saw two thuggish men that looked like these two men coming up to be I would get a gun ready.

Another thing is I never like driving into the city at night in that most the shootings and robberies happen at night in my home city.

People are robbed and carjacked every damn day in Texas. Get real.

Yea, nothing beats a gun fight with armed criminals.

I know a few guys up in the foothills near Jackson (in California in case you’re thinking of another Jackson) who might take issue with your statement. Not to mention Woodland, Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland and a myriad of other high crime (and high gun ownership) cities in California. Bottom line…gun ownership and crime, particularly violent crime, go hand in hand.

Yeah, instead of no injuries and a bit of property damage, there would have been a shoot out and a bunch of dead people. Woo!

Yet the murder rates for Texas and California are basically the same. And California and Texas rank #1 and #2 respectively in car theft rates, well ahead of no-gun states like New York, which is #10 (and also has a 25% lower murder rate than either Texas or California).

Not that facts will get in the way of your ideology or anything, but there you go.

i used to live in texASS and i can tell you that the state is full of idiots like david murray.

commenting on the article, this is an example of the kind of low-brow STUPID articles that are posted on insideevs.com: articles that have little relationship to the presumed subject of this blog and everything to do with hitting hot button social issues in order to drive up click-through counts. i mean, really, what purpose related to the advancement EV technology is served by posting the mugshot photos?

this article is so idiotic that it is offensive…

Fully agree, I am amazed insideev got so low as to report this.

Didn’t stop anyone in the wild west, why should your theory work now? When everyone has a gun, criminals learn to get the jump on gun carrying people that’s all. And the first thing they’ll do is…rob you of your gun, or just shoot you b/c you are too dangerous.

I wonder what the statistics are for people shooting themselves in the leg (or genitals) in Texas are.

There should be a site for that.

Yeah, in Texas some gun carrying slack jawed idiot would have got himself shot going for his gun, and for what? A piece of metal on wheels that can be replaced by the insurance company.

We fight back. There’s no guarantee a carjacker won’t shoot/stab you even if you give him what he wants.

Remember, it is not because you are paranoïd that “they” are not watching you…

Yeah, armed escalation is always the best policy, I say. Keeps everyone safe.

You also bleed and die just as easily.

When someone brandishes a firearm, they are demonstrating an intent to use that firearm. Don’t rely on the honor of thieves. Don’t have faith that they will not pop you in the head when you get out.

If someone tries to carjack me at gunpoint, I’m going to make an attempt to defend myself. The good thing is that when you go to draw, it actually looks like you are unbuckling your seat belt. If you practice, you can draw, cross your left arm over your chest (so it doesn’t get blown off), point the gun into the door, and fire (through the door).

Yes. Because there’s ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE you’ll hit the high strength steel side impact safety beam when shooting through the door and get yourself killed in the process.

It’s your kind of “shoot first, think later” attitude that makes Somalia the ideal country for you. Please move soon.

… no one should carry guns! 30.000 deaths in US due to guns! 30.000 each year!
It is very simple and statistically proven: the more guns, the more deaths! Good luck in Texas…

Most of those deaths are from people illegally carrying. But your point still makes no sense. More people die from car accidents than guns! More cars, more deaths. We should ban cars.

Cars are useful, you make no sense.

Actually that’s quickly changing. Gun deaths have been climbing rapidly in the US to the point that they will overtake auto deaths this year.

See here:

“We should ban cars.”

Where is the petition? I want to be the first to sign!

Hang on with that stat Chris, you’re including suicide in that stat to make your point, whereas most people will assume you’re only talking about homicide. Clearly that’s misleading The number of homicides with a firearm in 2013 was 11,000 (source, CDC.gov). Accidents only add another 500. If you think you have a valid point, then you shouldn’t feel the need to mislead people about the facts.

Good point, but even if gun related homicides were out of control and outpaced car deaths… and even if gun related homicides outpaced defensive gun use, it would only reinforce in my mind that government is doing a lousy job protecting me, and that I need to take personal responsibility for my self defense. 🙂

Thats a huge lie from the gun control lobby. The FBI statistics from the last 20 years prove the exact opposite of what you say: Areas with less gun control have much lower crime rates than those with strict gun control such as CA, City of Chicago, State and especially City of New York.

Additionally you can follow the trend what is happening with the crime rates if an area moves forward with more gun control (crime rises or stands still) and ease restrictions (crime decreases). Check for your self. The FBi.gov site with the statistics is open for everybody and the wikipedia with a nice animation about concealed carry permit processes too. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concealed_carry_in_the_United_States)
Hint: Nearly every state introduced those (shall-issue) permits in the last years and the crime rates are going down nationwide. What a remarkable coincidence.

Most murders on the news in my area are mostly centered around some thug who illegally has a gun and they lose their temper and start shooting someone else that they know over something stupid. Or someone wanted to get back at someone so they shot them mindlessly to get some type of revenge.

When the police come to charge them in the murder most of the time they had a gun that was stolen or illegally bought

The bottom line is there is no control law that is going to fix this.

I notice you don’t offer a citation but most such studies that I’ve seen include deliberate murders and even would be criminals being shot by police among the statistics the number of people accidentally shot with legally own firearms it’s a tiny subset of that number and no one ever reports the thousands of cases every year of legally owned firearms saving the life of the owner or innocent bystanders in our own country cities with the strictest gun control laws have the highest gun crime rate

Do they have cameras set up at the Superchargers?

GOod question. I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Even the EVGo chargers around here have cameras. If for nothing else to keep an eye on the expensive equipment.

Exactly what I was wondering…seems like an easy solution/deterrent.

Once autopilot is enabled it would be great if they could have a smart phone app timed shutdown mode. Even better have the doors lock and politely drive them to the nearest police station.

A firmware update with a “Stolen” mode, would be a great addition. Notify you vehicle via a phone app, or call Tesla directly. Tesla could implement any number of anti-theft behaviours; like limit top speed, toss fake drivetrain and computer errors, flash the displays red, gradually slow the vehicle down, turn on the hazard lights automatically, and tell the driver to safely pull over, etc.

Why? Everyone has a gun. People will just shoot the camera. Cameras are pointless.

What stone-age locality are you posting from? HD pihole cams would be nearly impossible to spot, short of pre-canvassing the site so your mug is in living color whilst you locate them.

I offer, use a PIN to ‘allow’ charging in the first place, then enter your PIN at completion. Motor is disabled throughout this PIN to PIN period. Offer possibility of an Emergency PIN that allows the car to go 1 km, then stops dead.

But motion detect recording at All Superchargers, Definitely.

If i was a Tesla owner, i would want a button on my phone app to limit the car’s speed to 5 miles per hour and an ejector seat!
Those 2 guys look so friendly…

Of course! They’re your friendly neighborhood gun owners.

“Any other words of advice to avoid unfortunate events such as this?”
Uhm… bann guns in the US, install a nordic wellfare-system (like in Norway or Sweden) and give the poor a real perspective to legally improve their position in society. If it’s expansive to get good education, the poor will stay poor. Some won’t accept that, get angry and just take what they think they never will get. And don’t easy your mind with easy explanations like “this are just evil/bad people”.

*waiting for conservative hate-responses*

These two thugs that robed this guy were doing the robbery for the sport of it like hunting prey. Another thing is they most likely had a drug addiction but I feel most likely they thought they could get away with it.

Didn’t say that’s not the case. I would even go a step further and say: You and I probably would have done the same thing if we were born and grew up under the same circumstances as these two. Also the other way around – the two could be formidable Harvard students, if they were born into a familiy of the upper 2%.

Don’t get me wrong – they are a thread to society at the moment (and I doubt the US-prison-system can change that) and society needs to be protected from them. But it’s sad that this is the case and society is definetly as guilty as these two are.

” If it’s expansive to get good education, the poor will stay poor. ”

Eric spent all his education money on the giant neck-tat.

Lately I’ve been thinking that spending all the money to get a collage education was a waste of money and a bigger waste of time.

I hear you… not much money in the railroad industry these days.

Seems like stealing a Tesla wouldn’t be much better than stealing someone’s cell phone. I’m sure a call to Tesla and they could quickly restrict the car from being charged from an SC, or even at all. I’m sure they could even disable the vehicle it if they wanted to.

Obviously Tesla needs to install very visible cameras at problem locations. Not just cameras, but cameras that are so totally obvious that not even a complete moron would try to do this.
They could even invent some kind of logo for High Definition Surveillance Zones, or something. It’s a bit Orwellian but it should do the trick.

Eh, masks?

This is me standing next to my Chevy Volt, inviting car-jackers to come visit.

Remind me to avoid you like the f***ing plague.


I do not support conceal and carry, though, having lived in TX, I must agree that the likelihood of car jacking is reduced there.
“Don’t mess with Texas”, is not just a slogan, they mean it.

hard to believe the women arent hanging on you.

My Nissan LEAF:

Nice. I see a 1911 and possibly a Ruger LCP. Not sure what the middle two are, or what that large magazine goes to.

I realize it is a sign of a poor upbringing, and my military relatives run the gamut on whether it is acceptable or not, but I still call them clips.

I know, it is a bad thing, but “mags” just sounds like something with pictures of naked women to me.

I like how your socks match the color of your volt *thumps up*


A Tesla is a really dumb car to steal since it can be tracked so easily. Criminals do figure this stuff out. You’re probably far less likely to get car jacked in a Tesla than other cars. Soon, all cars will have similar capabilites and car jacking a will essentially cease. There’s already a video out of a Volt being remotely disabled, with patrol cars right behind.

I remember reading that the kill switches on cell phones has really brought down the number of cell phone robberies in that the cell phone is killed which in turn kills the thug from selling it for drug money.

Wonder if they will start throwing Faraday cages on them. Just need a knitted wire mesh blanket.

Works great to block the signal but it’s really hard to see out the windshield 😉

Most car jacking and thefts are crimes that crimes don’t really plan out. Such as it’s amazing how many morons will leave their car running with the windows down for a small dog inside of it. Or how they will leave the winds down in a parking lot with tons of stuff in it.

“both of who have long criminal backgrounds”

Violent, anti-social criminals should not have “long criminal backgrounds.” They should have short criminal backgrounds.

How many times have these offenders been in and out of jail, prison and juvenile detention? A lot, most likely.

The U.S. allows dangerous, anti-social criminals like these two to cycle in and out of jail multiple times while nonviolent drug offenders are often sentenced to decades in prison.

Most of the crime is committed by a relatively small number of habitual criminals. People who have no compunction about committing violent crimes like this need to be locked up for a very long time on the first offense. They start their anti-social behavior in childhood, and often it escalates until a victim is injured or murdered. They are ticking time bombs.

” … while nonviolent drug offenders are often sentenced to decades in prison.”

Not according to this web site:


Drug use and intoxication can impair judgment, resulting in criminal behavior, poor anger management, and violent behavior. Most prisoners serving time for drug-related crimes were not arrested for simple possession. Federal data show that the vast majority (99.8 percent) of Federal prisoners sentenced for drug offenses were incarcerated for drug trafficking.

However, if you still want to legalize drugs, then a drug-test should be a prerequisite to receiving any government benefits.

“Ricky Minor is currently serving a life sentence in Federal Prison without the possibility of parole for ATTEMPTING to manufacture methamphetamine. Ricky ran a successful carpet installation business in Niceville Florida for 15 years, was a devoted husband and father, but unfortunately, along with his wife was also a functioning meth addict. In order to save money to sustain his addiction, Ricky taught himself to make meth for personal use. Acting upon a tip from an informant, police raided Ricky’s home and found elements that are used in the manufacturing process of creating meth. No functioning lab was found, only the MATERIALS needed for manufacture. Ricky was not charged with selling the drug… only in the attempt to manufacture. His life sentence was based on how much meth MIGHT possibly be created using the elements that were confiscated, not on actual existing drug amounts.”


Charges of “drug trafficking” versus possession depend on the amount of drugs one is caught with. Over an arbitrary amount, it is assumed one is a trafficker. Regardless, the act of commerce is nonviolent.

Life without parole for selling pot:



Life sentences for pot:


Is there a link between IQ and criminal behavior, especially violent criminal behavior?

What’s the chance criminals like these two are Mensa members?

I have never seen the numbers but I would have to imagine that the IQ of prison inmates does not exactly match that of the US population as a whole.
And fairly easy to find:

I actually think there is a greater link between being a sociopath and criminal behavior, particularly violent crime. People who have an easier time being criminals fall into two categories, desperation or no remorse.

I remember reading that sociopaths can fall into four categories: unintelligent & non-violent (petty thieves), intelligent & non-violent (con artists and Wall Street types), unintelligent & violent (thugs, bruisers, organized crime enforcers), and intelligent & violent (serial killers).

I’d wager these two fall into the unintelligent & violent category.

Mean IQ in prison is around 80, but that includes prison staff.

Good points, Scramjett. The sociopaths who we most need to keep in prison are the violent ones, although all of them need to be closely monitored.

Anthony and Eric should not be in jail, since they were just facilitating the redistribution of wealth. After all, it’s not fair the one-percent have Teslas while the working poor are just scraping by with old cars. We can’t leave people like Anthony and Eric behind. Everyone needs to pay their fair share.

“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” – Barack Obama

Barack was talking about redistribution on the macroeconomic level, these thugs were working on the “microeconomic” level. The former gets you the White House and a Nobel Prize, the latter gets you 15 to 20.


I see what you did there… the president’s a thug. No bias here, I see.


Not so much.

Disappointment, disdain, dislike, disgust? Yeah, I would think those might fit the bill.

The guy is an empty suit, failing in a frighteningly comprehensive manner and he truly seems to think his problems are due to the bias of those who oppose his policies. And now his flunky, drunk uncle Joe is fondling the Secretary of Defense’ wife in as silly a manner as the time he hit on the bikers girlfriend in front of them. An administration that is a model of class, decorum and judgement.

Excuse me, I am going to try to find that re-set button…

Everything will be OK soon, since John Kerry is on his way to Barstow. He’s bringing James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” to the GTA perps.

Who needs SNL when reality is satire like this? 😉

“The guy is an empty suit, failing in a frighteningly comprehensive manner…”

Some will suggest that maybe he’s not actually “failing”.


Probably a conspiracy, but it certainly would explain a lot.

Sadly, given the contents of “Dreams from my Father”, the worst ideas we may have had about his intentions may be all too real. He may be wanting to see the most successful “Colonial power” fail in every way possible, while growing the state, if possible.
And he may be accomplishing both.
We didn’t elect the POW in 2012, but we seem to have gotten the Manchurian Candidate regardless.

Along those lines, here is the king of conspiracy theories that would explain the most.


Definitely worth watching.

Oh man, that website was funny. Yeah, uh-huh… the POTUS is trying to strengthen Muslim countries (I mean, we all know Obama is a stinky Moooslim).

What a bunch of ignorant drivel. What I’m most surprised by, though, is that the people that are swayed by this stuff are actually able to read. (Let alone operate a computer to reach the website where it is published.)

“Yeah, uh-huh… the POTUS is trying to strengthen Muslim countries (I mean, we all know Obama is a stinky Moooslim).”

So you think Muslims are bad? Most American Muslims are peaceful, so why would it even matter if Obama was Muslim?

I believe Obama is Christian, but Islam is the only religion he routinely praises and defends. Here is the most recent example:


There are dozens of similar examples you can find with Google. Do you really not know these facts? I’m trying to understand the source of your contempt.

I think Obama is probably agnostic, but he is solid in the anti-colonial outlook he accepted from his father, and the US is the leading “colonial” power is his mindset.

Build a Stun-gun circuit into the door handle that’s capacitance activated…

Effective, yet non-lethal. I like it!

Not so non-lethal, the Blaster was a set of flamethrowers that an inventor would mount under the two front doors of a car, aimed to flame any car jackers that dared to try to take your car or your life.
Not surprisingly, the idea failed to take off.
It was hard to avoid using one of the obvious puns on this one.


Those criminals must be the dumbest ones of them all.

Why would you carjack a Tesla while it is charging? It is charging b/c it needs charges so it doesn’t have enough range. If you want to run away, you need range. Hijacking a charging EV is about as dumb as it gets…

No wonder “The stolen Model S was quickly recovered as police officers found the electric sedan crashed “into a metal barrier in front of one of the gas pumps at an Arco station down the road.””

The idiots probably need more range and thought about pulling into a gas station for some more range…

Dumb and dumber…

I’m not certain if these gentlemen would be familiar with Plugshare or how to locate future charging for the car.

Didn’t you see his “PlugShare or Die” tatt?