You Can Buy This Tesla Model S Hearse For Almost $250,000


It’s in Norway, so it’s perfect if you’re pining for the fjords.

Whether you’re ready to make your first journey in an electric vehicle or your last, this Tesla Model S is exceptional. Heavenly, even. Heavily modified — it’s been bequeathed a rather long landau roof — but now seats only two. The rear compartment is quite spacious but typically welcomes only one. This particular example shows only 1,000 km (621 miles) on the odometer. We assume most were collected before the significant remodeling.

The interior of this wagon is also fully customized from the front seats back. The rear accommodations feature a lovely wood floor that can actually be extended backward with the rear hatch opened, making egress easy.  The walls of the cabin are graced with diamond-quilted leather which, along with an all-electric drivetrain, make the vehicle deathly-quiet.

Located in Kopervik, Norway, the car is being offered up by the folks at Karmøy Bilsenter. The company customizes vehicles for a number of different purposes, though it does seem dealing with the dead is central to its mission. It bills itself as a” leading supplier of cars to the funeral industry” but also offers a number of other products and services.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is not the first Tesla hearse we seen. That honor goes to RemetzCar, which debuted its version back in 2016. More recently, that company has offered up a Model S station wagon.

If you happen to have taken a fancy to this unique build, be prepared for a pretty steep bill. According to the website on which it is hosted, the asking price is 1,999,000 Norwegian Krone ($230,946). Shipping and taxes — which are, of course, certain — are extra. For a better look at this hearse inside and out, check our gallery below.

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That’s hideous, I wouldn’t be caught dead in that but I’m sure there are people dying to.

I like the RemetzCar hearse design better. The RemetzCar hearse had windows that extended to the rear. This design looks more like they plopped a top on an existing Model S.

It’s the first real “Tesla Killer” to grace IEVs!

Rest in peace….. and silence.

From 0 to the grave in 5 seconds flat.

For one’s final trip on AutoPilot…

People will say I’m a Tesla hater, but I don’t want to be a passenger in that car.

I’m OK with being the passenger, I just don’t want to be the cargo.

Yeah.. so where’s the video of a drag race against a Lamborghini hearse?

I assume they’ll be starting from a dead stop?

A hearse is supposed to have large side windows so people can view as it passes in the car, this thing is hideous, maybe they could turn it upside down and use it for a boat….someone had more dollars than sense.

Not in Norway. . It is usually covered. Also there are almost never funeral viewings here.
The first time I even heard about it was when I read the books from Janet Evanovich, with the female bounty hunter. . Stephanie Plum..

Harold from Harold and Maude would LOVE it. Perhaps someone should make a remake with it.

I’d like to see a drag race between this Tesla hearse and Grandpa Munster’s coffin car

This is for the dead to know that the age of ICE is over. The time of EV has come.

AC system can keep the corpse chilled, even with the ignition turned off.

Tesla Model RIP

“…it’s perfect if you’re pining for the fjords.”

Nah, I’m just shagged out after a long squawk. But closer to the subject at hand, will this car vroom if you put four thousand volts through it?

Anyway, Harold’s faux Jaguar hearse from “Harold and Maude” is so much classier!

Oh no, someone had to show their Nerd Cred by quoting Monty Python.

Hey, Domenick started it! Or didn’t you recognize the origin of “pining for the fjords”?

Every discussion is improved by random inclusion of Python references.

BTW — Your hovercraft is full of eels.

Finally ! A hearse that’s as quiet as the passenger in the back seat !

For the Person who really wants to go Green , even in the After life, when he/she is ready to be Planted.I want to go like that.