Tesla Model 3 Tops Electric Car Sales Chart In Netherlands In February

Tesla Model 3

MAR 7 2019 BY MARK KANE 58

Outsells both Hyundai Kona Electric & Kia Niro EV.

As the volume deliveries of Tesla Model 3 in Europe began, Netherlands enjoys a fast expansion of electric car sales.

In February, about 2,457 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered in the country, which is 132% more than a year ago! The market share also improved to 8.2%.

80% of the sales were all-electric cars, which drives the market high, despite the fact that premium models (in a new higher tax bracket) are now a rare sight in the stats.

After two months, average market share amounted to 7.4%.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – February 2019

Tesla shipped hundreds of Model 3 to the Netherlands. With 472 new registrations, Model 3 has become #1 among plug-in electric cars and #15 among all cars sold in the Netherlands in February.

Strong results were seen by the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV too.

The top models were:

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Anyone know what happened to Jaguar I-Pace?

Only 15 sold in January. Probably off the chart in February.

Largely because of the change in subsidies; high-price EVs lost their subsidy at the end of December, which resulted in a massive pull-forward effect for I-Pace (and Model S and Model X) in December and an equally massive drop-off in sales this year.

That doesn’t explain the dismal US sales though. Is there anywhere where the I-Pace is selling well?

It’s selling OK in Norway and overall I think sales are about in line with what they are able to produce (2000 or so per month by the looks of things).

They only sold about 1000 worldwide in January. I can’t imagine with the sales we see now for February that they did better. I guess we will see how the year plays out, but it isn’t looking good for them.

Looks like the I-pace sold 79 in Norway in January.

They didn’t lose their subsidy… It was just trimmed down a little.

it’s already off the charts, in the opposite direction XD

It would be silly to buy that car (and others, model S is actually a good surprise even if sales were really low) after the tax change. Cars well above €50k are a lot more expensive after last day of 2018.

Sold 2 in February and 5 so far in March. Like with the model s and x, sales where pulled to 2018 due to tax changes.

Hello Breukie,
Could you, please, advise where do you get live stats fo the running month ( as far as I understand you are seeing the live sales for March)?

Hello BulEx,

I use the RDW api for that info. https://opendata.rdw.nl/Voertuigen/Open-Data-RDW-Gekentekende_voertuigen/m9d7-ebf2

Here all the dutch cars are registered. Has about a day and a half delay.

I-Pace really needs to get aligned with the Model 3 segment price wise, so it can compete. Jag needs to offer a lower prices RWD lower trim model at $20k less at about $45k because it’s a nice looking hatch, but too expensive for a 5 door hatch.

Jaguar just doesn’t operate in that price bracket. If you’re in the market for a Jag, you know how much you’re going to be spending and you’re prepared to spend it to get the luxury, even if the actual performance isn’t as good as a cheaper competitor.

That philosophy gets them a $4B loss in Q4 18 and rumors of Tata Motors selling them off.

Oh how nice for an Indian company, built by a Canadian company in Austria.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

You mean:
an Indian company, designed in the UK, built by a Canadian company in Austria.

As Jaguar can’t compete with model 3 the official line is that it is a SUV and so should only be compared with model X. Apparently people at Jaguar and most “car journalists” do not know that model X can move 7 adults comfortably while “the Jag” is limited to 5 (4 with the same comfort than model X). Then Jaguar can say that they are less expensive than Tesla…

I-Pace will compete with Model Y, which is Model 3 price plus 10%.

Model Y will have significantly more interior space from what I gather…

I dont disagree but Jag is a pretty small brand. Their best-selling model (F-Pace) maxed out at around 60,000 sales a year. In that context selling 20,000 or so I-Pace globally will represent a good performance and is the upper end of their production capacity. It’s going to have zero impact on Tesla though. Unless they suddenly decide to switch the Jag brand to EV only and build a gigafactory in the UK (both these things have been rumored) its not going to have much of an impact on the wider market.

Unlikely they will build anything in the UK if Brexit goes through…


I know it was a bad joke, but no one else thought it was funny?

Hyundai Kona is showing 323 in the chart and 536 above it.

Fixed – typo. Should be 323. Thanks

Fixed it 🙂

NEVS would be no1 with 99% if they had manufactured them.

March will be first month with full effect of Model 3 sales that should be interesting.

There are many people waiting for the model 3. There will be a peak during some months. The important numbers are when sales reach a steady pace.

Steady pace will be hard to judge with Tesla’s vehicles as they keep improving through software and hardware update like FSD and soon to come HW3. Also charging network and number of cervice centers increase.

Model S and X reached a fairly steady pace after a while… Won’t happen for Model 3 though for another year at least.

They started off good with 120 sales in one day last Friday. Now over 725 ytd as off the 5th

Do you have a link for that info?

Still the best selling car in the Netherlands in February, EV or ICE. For those who don’t know, the most popular form of transportation there is bicycle by a WIDE margin.

Tesla Model 3: “A Toy for the Moderately Wealthy.”

@ffbj: “Tesla Model 3: “A Toy for the Moderately Wealthy.”

More accurately from middle-class to high wealth.

Tesla Model 3: “A Toy for the Moderately Poor.”

That is old news. 35K sweet spot makes Model 3 one of the most affordable cars for all those that make some 200.000 km on the cars they own. Yes, I know they don’t sell it in EU yet.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Some people have no sense of humor.

Have an upvote.

Interesting. A very strong showing by the Hyundai Motor Group.
Also, Tesla Model 3 dominating the compact upscale sedan category according to your source. Viz [Feb.]:

1 – Tesla Model 3 – 472
2 – Mercedes C-Class – 411
3 – Volvo S/V60 PHEV – 301
4 – BMW 3-Series – 169
5 – Audi A4 – 131

Tempered with the understanding that Tesla didn’t begin deliveries until mid February.

Actually the second week. First ones were delivered on the 8th

And in 4 or 5 years when the tax benefits dry up they will be exported en masse to the rest of the world. You may thank us later for providing cheap second hand model 3’s. 🙂

Strange seeing 19+ models ahead of S and X.
Are they just too expensive for the market?
Were S sales higher and took a dive recently as people switch to 3?

People switch to lower taxes. Perfectly understandable with the system change.

The tax rules changed so there where thousands sold in the last months of 2018.
Perhaps with the recent price drops the sales will pick up again

Price drops now won’t change the fact that everyone who had the intention of buying pulled forward their purchase… It will be a while until sales recover.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Tax change, but fundamentally Model 3 availability.

Model 3 wouldn’t affect Model X. It’s mostly the expected depression after pull-forward due to tax change.

1436 TM3 in Norway.https://teslastats.no/

Tesla jumps to #1 place last month and #4 in YTD sales. Just like in Belgium. So Tesla rules 4 countries now. USA, Canada, Belgium & Netherlands in the electric game.
In another 2 months, it could become #1 in YTD sales as well.

Kona & Niro are no match for a fast luxurious car like Model-3. Those guys have just kept the price high to project its a great vehicle.
In Interior space, those may be slightly more especially with the 5 door style, other than that Model-3 is the BUY.

Tesla would most likely rule Norway as well, with 647 Model 3 registered in the first 7 days of March (so an estimated 3,000 total Model 3 registrations for March).

I understand Tesla sells more clicks that Hyundai, but I think the results say Hyundai-Kia is face to face to Tesla in Netherlands in February. What I read is: Tesla 482, Hyundai-Kia 736. Renault-Nissan 401. VW Group 180. BMW 180 Rest 91.

Excellent news 11 models in triple digit sales. We need all models to sell in quadruple digit sales. IF they drive their EVs in the 20-80% charge range daily the batteries will last a lifetime so be sure to get an EV with twice the range of your daily commute.