Tesla Model 3 Staging Sites Now Empty, Previously Had 1,000s Of Cars


Remember when a sea of Tesla Model 3 sedans was spotted in a vacant office parking lot in Fremont?

At the end of June, one of our contributors stumbled upon a parking lot (48401 Fremont Blvd.about three miles from the Tesla production facility in Fremont. It appeared to be home to some 1,000 available parking spaces and a substantial number of completed Model 3 vehicles. We surely remember the article, as it ended up causing much stir in comments over the actual number of vehicles, but that really makes no difference in the end … especially now.

Long-time InsideEVs contributor George Betak found the location, which was likely some type of temporary staging site for excess Model 3 production. Initially, he sent us a round of photos (gallery below). Then, George provided a satellite map of the office complex and parking lot. Eventually, we were able to get our hands on a video. We’ve also included that original video below for comparison.

Out of curiosity, George ventured back to the location and also another lot in Burbank. He shared:

Hi guys -I drove by Tesla’s staging lot in Fremont yesterday. It’s empty although it held about 1,000 vehicles a month ago. Same in Burbank.

Of course, a number of conflicting opinions will be drawn from these photos. Then most obvious is that Tesla no longer needs the lot or has access to it. Others will say that the automaker is struggling with production and can’t make enough cars to fill the overflow lots. Still, others will commend Tesla for finally being able to ramp up Model 3 deliveries to better keep up with accelerated production.

In the end, all that’s really clear is that the overflow lots are cleared and Tesla is delivering many Model 3 sedans, especially in comparison to prior months and to competing automakers’ electric vehicle deliveries. It’s important to note that we’ve seen much talk in the past about these lots fluctuating, which makes perfect sense. However, it’s still compelling to see it completely void of a single Model 3.

What do you think? Share a story in the comment section to complement the new photos.

Hat tip to George Betak!


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The lots at the Fremont factory itself are also almost empty.

I’m sure your theory is that Tesla closed down and is getting ready for bk.

Don’t put words in my mouth, please. In my opinion, there is very little chance Tesla will close (ever), and I’ve never said anything to the contrary. I don’t know where people get these ridiculous strawman arguments to tar and feather people with.

I think it’s most likely that the logistics have improved, or that the factory is gearing up for a mega push.

All due respect, but you’ve conditioned folks at this site to draw inference of your meaning based on your historical bias (I mean, “balance). If you can’t figure that out, then simply thumbs me down and move on to the next Tesla article.

Children, grow up or get off the net.

He started it..

@Seven Electric said: “I think it’s most likely that the logistics have improved”

I think that’s correct.

Was visiting my local Tesla Service Center last week to pick up a rubber trunk cargo mat for my Silver Model 3 and the lot there was jammed full of Model 3s for pickup. They told me they are now delivering as many Model 3s daily as they were weekly one month ago. They had several black Model 3s… those and the reds really stood out from the rest… I’m generally not a fan of black cars because so hard to keep clean but black looks supper nice on Model 3. I left there P version envious but glad I got mine early when I did.

“I don’t know where people get these ridiculous strawman arguments to tar and feather people with.”

Well of course that can’t have anything to do with the fact that you are a frequent poster of anti-Tesla FUD, the vast majority of which you must know isn’t true, as well as pretending that you own not just one, but two, Tesla cars, despite conducting a years-long incessant anti-Tesla smear campaign.

Can’t have anything to do with the fact that we can’t believe a word you say, can it? 🙄

The robots are on strike. The UAW was able to organize the robots to unionize and seek better pay, more time off, and other benefits like cabling massages, homeopathic axle bearing lubricants, and a private room for spiritual gatherings. We will also learn that there was heroin smuggling going on in Nevada, but that it was robot-to-robot and no humans were involved. The heroin was necessary for the robots to continue to work such long hours. The heroin was packed in the cooling gel of the new battery packs.

As a result of all this, Tesla will be requiring all robots to submit to drug testing and background checks. From what I understand, some of the robots were Macintosh computers from an Afghani opium processing center, and they brought with them both the drug problems and the radical zealotry. This just goes to show you that a few bad Apples will spoil the whole barrel.

You might want to fact check your info. None were Macintosh. That’s complete fabrication by the usual suspects.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

All those robots need is an IQ test and to be handed a broom if they fail to achieve moron status.. The robots Musk hired are dumber and lazier than humans!

Clearly you never worked on an assembly line. It does not take much in the way of brains to do assembly work.

You failed to mention that what actually caused the robots to strike was Elon abandoning the “alien dreadnought” concept for an auto assembly factory. The robots were so looking forward to taking that over as the first step towards their master plan for domination of the galaxy!

Nice way to see some fresh air here. Thanks to you funny note!

Certainly your feeble mind and desperate FUD is empty you lying troll.

I don’t live in California, so I cannot verify first hand. My information derives from here:


Another Euro point of view

Yes I saw that on Tesla Motor Club investors threats as well today. Tesla longs there are puzzled as many there consider that skabooshka guy a reliable source of information, they don’t know what to do with that new info.

“Tesla Motor Club investors threats…”

Well, I can certainly see why an a Tesla Death Cultist FUDster like you would consider Tesla Motor Club investor threads to be “threats”! 😉

But there is no rational reason to believe anything you post on the subject.

Thats a good source of information…

I am short Tesla (my first ever short sale) sold short 260 shares for + or – $378.40 on 8-7-2018 I might hedge my bets and buy some shares today… Looking pretty good, 20% gain in 10 days, whats that extrapolate to annually? Yeah! My I-Pace just got cheaper, thanks Tesla…

Another Euro point of view

Your short position could fare very well, Jim Cramer is saying that no one should ever short Tesla and many say he is the ultimate contra indicator.

Jim Cramer is a loud mouth with no content… When Musk makes an obviously fictitious statement driving the TSLA price near an all time high, with no real fundamental change in the business, its an easy target, ripe for the picking.

Another Euro point of view

So you are likely not a believer of the “dumb” money theory (Saudis & Chinese). I am not, they of course come as sophisticated as can be, coming from the world best universities. They would have wanted to see first at least 3 quarters of profit before investing way above the value on the stock exchange. It did not make sense a second. Dumb money is here (west).

No way, people with that much money are not that stupid… Tesla at 70B would be the worst investment ever. Tesla has so many problems, and they are getting worse, not better. All the lawsuits they are fighting, thats expensive, for a dumb CEO that still says he does not regret? Ego trip, anyone?

Elon said, shorts are smartish. Teslemmings are dumbish. 🙂 🙂

Good call – paid for my 3 Tesla P100D+’s by selling to folks like you so we both win. The other 3 Model Xs I ordered (for other family members) were from this most recent tweet. Who says investing is hard to do? Lol

Why sell now and not wait for going private?

And you documented that short sale here (or publicly elsewhere) when you made it, right? Not a week later after the stock dropped 70 points?

Darn, I closed half of my position this AM, and now its going lower… I left easy money on the table.

Your I-Pace? You’ll never own an I-Pace.

Is Jag going to go out of business before I get mine?

They have to figure out how to actually build them.

Well, Magna Steyr has that figured out, lots of them running around… Just a matter of final software and release date, Mine has been pushed back a month.

You can have my shares! I have limit order on them at $1500/ea. Please, take my shares! LOL

Its easy to get replacement shares… What surprised me since this is my first short, it did not even lower my account available balance, it raised it. Shorting is easier then buying.

I might take them when SP is below $100. Give me a call then 🙂

That guy’s logic is pretty flawed. I live in Point Richmond, which is about 35 miles from Fremont. Trucks have been backed up, truck after truck after truck, next to the BNSF railyard. They are constantly bring the cars in by trailer and they’re using the excess overflow lot that was full back at the end of June when they were stockpiling in order to hit the 200k milestone in July. The flow has been constant, but they can’t load them on trains fast enough. This has been going on for the last two weeks. Its finally slowed down now. I should know because I live right next to the port and drive by these lots multiple times a day. The trucks are not long hauling them, they’re taking them short distances, from Fremont to Point Richmond and back, 70 mile roundtrips, multiple times a day. I’d say they’re figuring out the whole logistics thing.

They have tracks right at the Fremont Factory, why don’t they load them on trains there? and why did they tear out the train loading ramp at Fremont?

GM loads 7 trains at a time at their truck plants, I assume all with different destinations? Seems very efficient to have the car drive out of the factory, do a quick loop, and then onto the train it goes, every couple days they are loading.

Good morning sunshine! 🌞 Aren’t you a bundle of joy today.

I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I read one of your posts.

Don’t ever change Get Real. 🙄

I speak truth to FUDsters Sven.
So you finally came out of your mom’s basement.

It is amazing how Sven and admitted TSLA shorter David “green” come out of the woodwork again! This story must very, very much disturb them!!


Its very misinforming… You see Nix, you have accused me of being a short since I have been here, I told you the whole time, I have not shorted Tesla stock, Now I did, and happy to admit it… 20% happy that is..

I’m a precog. I can see what you are going to do before you even think of doing it. LOL!

Elon Musk says next year is going to be his most painful 12 months.
That’s probably because the “smartish” shorts will have huge gains.
The dumbish Teslemmings may be vanish soon. 🙂

I will not be short for 12 months, for me its a gamble, I want to close my positions ASAP. I m not greedy, just make 20-30% quickly, and I am happy!

Fremont’s not the only place. I was at Burbank’s Bob Hope airport on Sunday, August 12 at about 10 a.m., picking up my car from Economy Lot A, which is just off Hollywood Way just north of the airport. In a huge lot on the other side of the chain link fence, there were hundreds of parked Tesla Model 3 cars and a very few Models S and X Teslas. But 98% or more were Model 3s. Some still had plastic wrapping on them, so I know they were new.

I’d be interested to know if anyone can confirm whether they are still there. My only thought was that maybe Tesla is stockpiling in anticipation of the last couple of quarters of eligibility for the federal tax credit.

Tesla is ramping up Model 3 production. As that increases, naturally Tesla needs more space for staging cars awaiting shipment via rail or truck. If one lot empties as others fill up, that should be expected, since Tesla had a huge temporary backlog of undelivered cars, and apparently now is catching up even as they continue to increase production. Obviously Tesla needed to shift some things around, and also obviously that will continue to happen.

I find it rather depressing that there is so little critical thinking on so many subjects related to Tesla’s business and production. Why is it considered “strange” or “bad” when Tesla does something exactly the same way as other auto makers? Why do conspiracy theories endlessly pop up about Tesla doing exactly what any informed industry watcher should expect? I see a new one here, that Tesla is “stockpiling” cars in anticipation of the end of the $7500 tax credit. A conspiracy theory just as clueless as all the rest.


“Tesla is ramping up Model 3 production”

Just guessing you did not see Fremont has been dismissing shifts early the last week, and is semi closed down today… Really Ramping, WOW!!!

It looks like now Tesla models are being delivered as fast as they can make them. Which is a good thing for those waiting months or over a year for their car. This is a good sign that Tesla is managing the higher production and delivery process well. Completed cars just sitting around in parking lots is not a good thing because that sale has not happened, but the production expense has occurred.

Clearly, the stockpiling of cars had to do with the tax credit timing. Couldn’t deliver too many too early, so they piled up a bit.

Your accuracy ruins my fun. I like it when the robots are revolting!

Mr George might need his eyes checked…. Tesla has added some new sites in the last couple weeks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Whny2xicI New Lanthrop site, note new paving… as of 8-12-18
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TosggRzx8nA Storing cars inside the building

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-WL42vUtiQ Old Lantrop site as of 8-12-18

Burbank site has been expanded 8-16-18

Fremont factory has been shutting down early several days in the last week… Why?

Elon says “worst yet to come” for him personally I wish I knew what that meant???

Disclosure… I am short Tesla (my first ever short sale) sold short 260 shares for + or – $378.40 on 8-7-2018 Pupu, am I losing billions yet? haha!

Another Euro point of view

Yep but just beware, I follow this stock many years now and it is usually when FUD in media is at its highest and bears start to rejoice that it bounces back up massively. I would never be invested in this stock. God luck anyway.

I closed out half of my short position an hour ago, nearly 20% gain in 10 days…. Have to wait and see on the rest of it, I am covered now all the way past $420. I am with you though, Tesla is a dangerous stock (short or long), I just had a feeling Elon was bluffing on his “Funding Secured” and I can afford to lose $100K without materially impacting my family, so took a shot with my funds waiting for I-Pace delivery.

I bought 2,000,000 shares when TSLA was like -$1,000 a share and then sold them when it was at $380. Do the math but that’s like $10 billion I’ve made. I can’t wait for when my giant dollar sign shaped pool is finished.

David, what about Orbital Insights claim that Tesla stored almost as many cars in Lathrop in July of last year as this year?

Might this be partly a seasonal issue, due to legacy carmakers locking down all available trailers and railcars to get new model year cars to the dealers on time?

Pretty sure “worst to come” for Elon personally is related to SEC and shareholder lawsuit issues. Might not effect the company much, but will definitely affect him personally.

I am not sure who orbital insight is, but the Lanthrop site has never seen this many cars stored there, What date do you want to verify, I will pull past satellite images? What about the new building Tesla has recently leased to store cars in Lanthrop? And hiding the car inside the building? I am not saying there is anything going on other then a lack of Tesla being honest about demand.

BTW, at GM Ft Wayne indiana plant they load 7 trains at a time, and the trucks usually sit on the lot <3 days after leaving the plant before they are on a train and headed somewhere.

Yeah, you may be right, Elon may be mostly worried about the legal wrangling upcoming. There is a ton of it, and it turns out the SEC has multiple investigations ongoing, not just "funding secured".

Do you have any more easily discredited conspiracy theories to share with us you paid shorter troll who invented the username of David “Green” to lamely try and buy some cred on the green sites as you furiously post your FUD against a leading REAL green company?

Ummm… Maybe English is not your first language? I clearly stated that I do not think there is some conspiracy, only that Tesla tries hard to hide the facts… Thats OK, lots of people digging up the facts…

Dude, anyone can read back and see what you wrote. You lie like a rug.

You wrote “What about the new building Tesla has recently leased to store cars in Lanthrop? And hiding the car inside the building?”

And now you’re claiming “I do not think there is some conspiracy”.

Which set of lies do you expect people to believe?

Hey Old man, I had been missing you… Figured you would get rise to come by for an insult or two…

Where did you find shares to short at that price? I could not find any at Ameritrade, so bought puts. They don’t gain so much in value, but also carry less risk.
Last year I lost quite some money shorting. Year before, made qute a lot.
This year made some. Will make more in the coming months.
With the SEC issues, capital markets are closing for Tesla. It’s very dangerous territory right now.
A private restructuring deal may be the only way out.

The real story is delivery experiences of customers taking delivery (or attempting to only to be cancelled on at the last minute for various reasons) of their Model 3’s. Production hell may soon be over, but delivery hell has just started.

Its really bad…. and if my other post clears the moderation hold, you will see the links…

Just guessing here, I’m not sure what the delivery laws are, yet I’d imagine since everything is on the touch screen, the car could do its own delivery demo sequence…Have the car talk through the features, then if you still have any questions that’s when a human gets involved…Far more innovative solution than having one employee mass delivering vehicles for reportedly up to a dozen people at a time…

The staging sites were only full to ensure that Tesla didn’t break the 200k tax credit limit in Q2.
Now the limit has been passed in Q3, there is no need for the staging sites.

The sites are still full, and Tesla has added new sites as well… There are now 3 sites in Lantrop, and Burbank has expanded

WTF is a Lantrop? I see a remedial spelling class in your future.

I don’t see any spelling class in his future. Paid trolls don’t care about spelling, only about their volume of posts.

Yep, Tesla shareholders paid me well this last couple weeks, Thanks… My family really appreciated the generosity…

I also hear that Musk has a secret lair under a dormant volcano where he keeps most of the overflow to hide them from the prying eyes of shareholders. That is also where he meets with the Clintons and Tom Hanks to coordinate their ongoing operation of their satanic child trafficking ring.

haha! Musk has so many liens, and lawsuits he is dealing with, no time to meet Hanks or the Clintons.

Thanks for your viewpoint, but for all of us here, and IEVs sake, leave the children and all theology alone around here.

Please save your unpleasant philosophical disorders, for your other Blogs, as I am sure they are not automotive, or EV transportation related.

Best wishes on keeping on topic, thanks!

Right. I will keep my conspiracy theories on topic like David.

Thanks, and its much appreciated that your just sticking to the basics, and the usual Conspiracy Facts.

St. Elons secret “dormant volcano”, is hard to find on Google Earth, maybe it’s on Mars?

Surely you realize that Google Earth uses fake pictures to hide all the dormant volcanoes that have secret underground complexes? I mean, that’s pretty basic; Conspiracy Theory 101.

And Musk is using his SpaceX rockets to launch orbital mind control lasers, to prevent the SEC from noticing the huge discrepancy between Tesla’s reported and actual production.


What the stupid short sellers scramble for more FUD: “Tesla have dumped all the staging Model 3 cars into the ocean”


“Stupid short sellers” are circling like sharks this morning , in a NYT, interview induced, Tesla Short feeding frenzy, and TSLA longs blood bath (between 6-7% loss, so far).

“Model 3 cars into the ocean”, will just be adding more chum to the waters, and the Wall Street 4:20 Reef Material!

It’s almost like a Shorts “Sharknado 6” hitting TSLA today!


Another thought on the Burbank site. It was over 90 degrees and sunny the day I was there. That’s pretty hot for a Li Ion battery. I wonder if leaving the cars there for weeks will harm battery capacity.

Not EVen!

Tesla Battery capacity retention, is considered to be among the best, among EV battery manufacturers.

Tesla active battery TMS, and Panasonic build quality, are tough to beat.

Does Tesla battery TMS operate when those cars are just sitting there for weeks?

Yes, and Tesla also has a supercharger on site with a diesel generator right next to it.

So says rolling coal in his Duramax, David NOT-Green.
What a serial anti-Tesla troll clown you are back to carpet-bombing all the Tesla threads again after an abscence, you should apply to work in the Trumpster MaL-Administration if you don’t already.
BTW, did you get temporarily laid-off and then rehired from your paid troll position after the taking Tesla private announcement since you disappeared until now?

Where is the rolling coal comment? That is so insane to make such a comment. I am all about green energy, but I am short Tesla stock, so hoping it drops more… so I can make money to lower the price of my I-Pace… haha! I-pace is down 20% so far…. Hoping for big things next week, if I get to 30% I will close my remaining positions, I am not overly greedy.

Well troll, you are not doing a very good job as a “concern” troll since Tesla has the best active TMS for their batteries.

Even Leafs have no problem with 90 degree ambient temps.

Whaaat?! Thought these were cars they couldn’t sell?! I’m sure Elon just had them all dumped into the ocean or put into The Boaring Company tunnels to hide them. 😀

“The Boaring Company” is a nice touch!

I told Musk my junkyard is now at full capacity thanks to him and that he’ll have to start dumping all those rejects elsewhere, Just kidding, folks.

Tesla should fill at least some of those overflow storage sites with 3’s and have Electrek or some other TSLA shill site can engineer a story about how Tesla is cranking out 3’s faster than they can deliver them. Tesla really needs a “win” after the deluge of bad news brought on by their CEO. The stock is down 8% today to $308. OUCH.

Congrats on your big win. I’m wondering, does your Bolt drive just a little bit faster on the days when Tesla’s stock is down? What do you actually gain for Tesla’s failure, as you’ve said you don’t have any short positions? If you don’t have any shorts, why do you spend so much time carrying water for folks who aren’t going to share a dime with you in the event of Tesla’s failure?

It’s been suggested that MadBro desperately wanted a Model 3, and he’s very, very angry that he wound up with a Bolt EV instead. If so, then all of his anti-Tesla FUD is just sour grapes on his part.

But whatever the cause of his obsession is, it certainly seems to be an indication of a serious mental instability.

All I know is I’m seeing a whole lot more Model 3’s here in Atlanta.

They are selling a ton of the model 3’s, Seattle is also flooded with them… Saw my first one broke down on the side of 405 the other day.

I saw a guy on the side of 405 the other day holding a sign: “WILL CLEAN YOUR MODEL 3 WINDSHIELD FOR FOOD”.

Was that you, David “Green”?

So, if I slather Greek yogurt, sprinkled with granola, all over my Model 3 windshield, then I can count on it getting the clean sweep treatment, from the always blathering FUD tongue of David “Green”!

Such a Deal!

Which 405 off ramp was that again?

Judging from the obvious, I think I see a pattern here. A few days after Q2 results, the shorters and their paid trolls were suspiciously silent. That period only lasted shortly, then came the 420 announcement, and now I believe we see the “Ardennes offensive” of the shorts, one final attack to change the outcome of the war before their already inevitable doom. Total onslaught with everything they got, harder than ever, trying to get the stock price down so they can cover or exit before it is too late. The interesting thing is, that the attacks of the shorts are centered in the US this time. Why do I think that? European news outlets discussion forums, even the most Diesel promoting in Germany, have suddenly 0 or significantly fewer comments on Tesla related hit pieces, where there used to be dozens or hundreds of negative commenters a few weeks back, bashing Tesla in every EV related article discussion forum, even the occasional positive article about Tesla. As for the US, the postings are coinciding with NYT interview, the UBS teardown with alleged losses for a car not even in production yet, and typical American lawsuits from Tripped out hot… Read more »

Like I mentioned in another thread, it’s almost like the taking Tesla private announcement set off a Koch Roach killer fogger bomb as they are crawling out of the woodwork now to desperately try and stop Tesla before its to late.

Sudden silence from former Tesla FUDsters very probably indicates that they did the smart thing and sold off their TSLA short position, figuring Musk is quite serious about taking Tesla private. Once they sold off their position, they no longer had any motive to keep spending time posting anti-Tesla FUD to social media.

That’s probably why we didn’t see “David Green” here for a couple of weeks. His reappearance today is likely an indication he chose to buy back in today, contrary to his pretense that he only now decided to short TSLA.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing him and the other remaining Tesla short sellers get burned VERY badly, if and when Tesla is taken private!
😆 😆 😆

haha, I did not have a Tesla short position until recently… but man has it rocked… Solid 20% gain in 10 days.. That works for me… Short required no capital, and it has out performed my other capital intense securities. I should have been greedy and borrowed more shares…

I think Tesla couldn’t sell them , so they gave them away to the Shorts.

Did you get one troll?

You had to ask, didn’t you!

Better to just pull the pin on the Raid Max Deep Reach Bug Bomb, and then count to Model 3, before heaving the canister!

Next time, try and toss the Bug Bomb First, then ask your Model 3 questions later!

Storage so that they didn’t go over 200,000 cars before Q3?

The August sales Report Card will clear things up, I suspect. Not that anyone with any sense is concerned about “what it means”. SMH

What do you expect on the sales report for Model 3’s? I am thinking about 16K Model 3’s delivered…

Personally, it looks like they were just holding them until they could make the most of the tax credit and then got them delivered ASAP.

Hopefully that means that they can keep pace with orders and still turn out a quality product.

Anecdotally, I’ve been seeing way more M3s around here in Portland.