Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders In Europe Place Some 14,000 Orders

JAN 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 48

Almost 14,000 orders were placed by reservation holders so far

The group of enthusiasts and Tesla‘s customers in Europe, eager to know about Model 3 progress, created a valuable spreadsheet with lists and number of orders placed.

The voluntary dataset gives us some glimpses at the total number of orders and number of orders in particular countries.

As of January 3, 2019, 13,821 orders had been listed by reservation holders (the only ones that were able to order), which is not a small number. On the other hand, we would probably expect a higher value.

Even if the real number is higher, it wouldn’t explain why the configuration and orders are now available for the general public. Roughly 14,000 are expected to be delivered in February and part of March.

Interesting is the tally for particular countries with a strong lead by Norway4,493 orders and 32.5% share! Germany turns to be the second biggest market by volume – 2,463 and almost 18% share – but small Switzerland (one-tenth of Germany’s population) positively surprises with 1,337 and almost 10% share.

Tesla Model 3 orders in Europe – January 3, 2019

Source: Tesla Model 3: Europe Orders via Matthias Schmidt

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Would have expected more than that by now……There must be >100k reservations in Europe….

Yes, but not for the expensive top model – I have a friend patiently waiting for the base M3 in Germany, I guess he’ll wait until end’19 begginning’20

Same for me in the Netherlands. Hoping for a ~ € 40k model, otherwise a second hand version within a few years.

Same here.

Also, I think only the western parts of Europe has been able to place orders.

Eastern parts probably has a lot of reservations for the SR but no official Tesla presence here so probably left for a later stage.

This was for reservation holders + top two models performance and AWD only + right-hand drive only. They have now opened to the public for just the top two performance and AWD models only + right-hand drive only. This doesn’t even include LR RWD model which made up over half of US orders nor left-hand-drive European markets

Next, they will follow with long-range LR then mid-range MR.

Maybe expand to China next.

Then they will expand to left-hand drive European markets

Finally, they will then release the standard-range SR in the US market.

So not sure why Kane is expecting higher.

Left hand drive only.

It’s no wonder that the Germans are not much interested in the M3. Germany is no sedan-country. Germany is no snow-country (2cm last night and melting), so AWD is not very common. And meanwhile the CCS-chargers can be found everywhere so there is hardly any need for long range, except for business men. And Germans are very price-conscious. But Germany is tow-hitch-country with quite strict regulations for a tow hitch.

High speed driving on the autobahn is what hurts EVs in Germany — it leads to super fast battery drain –even though the Model 3 is capable of 240 km/h….the entire battery can be consumed in less than 2 hours.

At 240 you’ll barely get one hour

The reality in Germany is that there are no uninterrupted stretches of 100 km where you can drive that fast. On many highways 120 maximum.

Reality? How dare you mention that? All the ICE fans love talking about not speed limits on the autobahn, they just leave out the limit length you can do that speed at.

Most people drive near cities and that’s where speed it mostly limited to 100 or 120 km/hr. Between cities there is often no speed limit, but slowly more highways get speed limites lately

I cross Germany 1-2 times a year, and my cruise speed is around 150 km/h, ranging from 90 km/h to 180 km/h. And I’m not among the real fast cars. On top of that I always have 4 passengers plus cargo and drive ~1000 km per day. That’s not easy in an EV.

Depends on area, In southern Germany near the Alps it has been snowing really good last days. More to come. In those area’s AWD is quiet good to have. Also Audi’s have their Quatro which sells really, really good in Europe.
You are right that Sedans are not the best selling cars in Europe, stationwagon and SUV’s are the best selling ones.

Same in Norway, station wagon with a towing hitch is a highly popular choise. AWD is also a huge plus. Even in parts of the country that hardly ever get any snow.
I think many wait for a cheaper version.

Model 3 has close to wagon storage. Seats fold flat, and a 2m tall person can lay down. There’s a trunk under the large trunk, and the frunk.

If you have a crate for a large dog, or 1m tall boxes, that’s not going to work. But it’s a lot of space for any other use.

Not having a gas tank, exhaust, or engine makes a huge difference

Germans mostly buy German

… or the price is right (read lower).

For the premium middle class that the Model 3 is aiming at, sedans are however still popular in Germany. AWD is absolutely not a must as they are only popular in Germany’s south and only with a minority share anyway. Model 3 will have a good market share as soon as the base models arrive until fully-electric 3-series, C class, A4 and Passat equivalents enter the market.

Finland is a snow country and 99% of cars are FWD.

They need to bring the LR RWD back. People reserved a car and once they can order it the launch model is already suspended.

It isn’t gone, they are just controlling the manufacturing flow building the top trims first, then LR, then MR, and lastly the SR when demand diminishes. It is absolutely nuts not to build a $60K-$70k trim “if” you have the orders before you build the $35K trim.

Not talking about the SR. I talk about a model they used to sell but stopped.

M Hovis maybe you should build a factory and sell EV’s.

Those among you who find this a low number are really not realistic for the following reasons – a) the real number this month will be 15000+ as some dates still need to be reported) b) some countries started only taking orders on December 14 (like Belgium) c) there are no test Model3 in Europe d) this is in Europe a 2 week vacation period e) only the most expensive types are available f) Europe has only very limited stimuli which cannot be compared with the USA, etc etc BUT even more important, 15000+ orders this month means more than 50% op the current Model3 production capacity counted at 7000 Model3’s a week. Add 10% at least for China and only 40% remains for the US and Canada. Ramping up production to 10,000 a week will be absolutely needed soon.

These orders represent 2+ years of pent-up demand, so being able to fill them with a couple weeks of production is not good.

Tesla should push as many Model 3s into China as they can during the 90 day tariff reprieve. I think Europeans will be able to order a lower cost Model 3 in a month or so, for delivery in Q2.

These orders represent a small fraction of two years’ pent-up demand.

Seems very low to me. I mean people have been waiting for this car for years, one would think that they are going to order it as soon as they can.

But it is likely just too expensive for many.

It is expensive, for example in Poland performance model is almost TWICE as expensive as in America! who can afford that pff

You mean grey imports?…

Remember that the US price is quoted pre-tax. In EU prices are quoted inclusive of tax. Poland has 23% VAT which is added to the headline figure, so that makes up a big chunk of the difference.

There is also an EU import duty (of 10%, I believe?) on imports from the US, plus the costs associated with importing the cars. These increase the underlying cost of the car, which in turn also means even more VAT.

Between them, these costs probably account for most if not all of the difference you’re seeing. But remember that American buyers also have to add their taxes to the price they pay, so don’t forget to factor that in.

As for whether it’s affordable or not at the price they’re pitching it at, that’s another story. The versions on sale now are the high-spec versions; they do cost a lot of money. That hasn’t stopped them selling in large numbers in the US though.

This is not a real number! This is just forum members self-reporting their order status. Take these number as a minimum.
Also I do not understand why the column for “Highest Invoice Number” is summed and used as a total number of orders.

Do you understand how this estimation works? The order numbers are consecutive for car type and country. People submit their order number. It is fair to assume that a freshly submitted order number reflects the current ordered total for the car and country.

From these helpful numbers, Germany with its huge population (82.8 Million in 2017) but low EV market share, is the biggest growth opportunity in Europe for Tesla and all other EV makers. Germans could easily buy 5x more EVs per year, but it may take an educational push there to wake up the average consumer. Will this happen is 2019?

I think the Tesla looks and driving dynamics is a turn off to most German prospects with the financial muscle to buy. I know I have said it before, but I do firmly believe that Tesla lacks the brand prestige to battle the German premiums. Audi, BMW and Mercedes will probably have more luck converting the Germans.

Tesla probably lacks the brand prestige to compete in Germany. The rest of Europe probably welcomes a viable alternative.

They are very demanding customers. Tesla quality is not on par with German production quality. Still Tesla has the technology edge, which could partially compensate the described build quality lack.

Driving dynamics? They’re superb. It’s on rails and beats BMW M-series in hot laps, 0-100kmh, etc

I think Germans are very knowledgeable about renewable energy and EV’s. They’ll end up purchasing many Tesla’s. Many have solar and storage so they can charge the EV for free. Rather than spending ridiculous amounts on fuel for there ICE.

Tesla Model S is only athe the 20th place in the sales stats for Germany. I doubt Model 3 will sell particularly well there.

Wow that’s really high for S. In the US it’s way lower. You could expect a bit higher per capita then, it seems.

He means 20th among EVs…

(Might end up slightly higher when December numbers come in, but still pretty far from the top… Germans really don’t like American cars.)

Well, they are crap!

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Tesla doesn’t have any suitable car for Europe, hence the low reservation numbers – compare 14k in Europe to the 450k in USA. I think Tesla cars are good now, but in 3 to 6 years, they’ll be history if they don’t adapt to European consumer. Model S – too bulky, X even worse, model 3 has a ridiculously interior. Good luck if you have one that’s broken up!

450,000 were global reservations, not US orders. Completely different story.

Tesla (for now) competes in the premium sedan market, which is actually pretty large in Europe too. Only reason they see less sales in Europe is national bias.

(They will surely offer compact hatchbacks for the European mainstream market too at some point — but even if they didn’t, that wouldn’t make them history…)

Only reason they see “so many” fewer EU sales is…they haven’t started selling the Model 3 in EU, UK, Norway etc. M Hovis looked at the limits of what the orders from current reservation holders consists of above. Few options for now, with further options and RH drive later.

Lol….people freaking out about only 14k orders…..so what if it’s only 14k? That’s the number of people that know about the sheet and volunteered to give info. Wanna know the real numbers? Ask Tesla. Good luck!