All Tesla Model 3 Referals Now Eligible For Free Supercharging


This comes as yet another Tesla referral program update in the recent few months

Tesla has deemed fit to once again update their rather popular Supercharging referral program. This time, the company is offering six months of free unlimited Supercharging to everyone that purchases a Model 3 through a current owner’s referral code. The update comes just over a month after the previous referral update was made that replaced the previous referral program which came to an end on September 18. With the last update, Tesla offered $100 in Supercharging credits for any customer that placed a new Model S, Model X or Model 3 Performance order through a Tesla referral code.

While the last referral programs were mostly designed & applicable to Tesla’s higher-margin vehicles – the Model S and Model X – this latest update is completely unrestricted and can be used with all new vehicle purchases. These include all Tesla Model 3 variants such as the recently announced $45,000 mid-range version of the highly popular all-electric sedan.

Tesla Model 3

Furthermore, a Tesla spokesperson confirmed to Teslarati that this new referral program update will see a retroactive application to all customers that made a qualifying purchase between September 19 and October 19. This means that the customers that previously received the $100 Supercharging credit, will now also receive an additional six months of free, unlimited Supercharging. Additionally, new Model 3 owners that have placed an order between October 4 and October 19 are also eligible for the retroactive Supercharging update.

Just in time for the busy holiday traveling season. Definitely a smart move by Tesla and one that will make a lot of Model 3 owners really happy. Plainly put, there’s no better way of driving home for Christmas, than in your brand new eco-friendly, all-electric vehicle. For free. Hopefully, less Michael Bublé and more Run D.M.C in the car on the way home.

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6 Months of FREE SC for all Teslas, it’s a nice incentive and now a welcome Tesla TM3 perk!

Wonderful! Now Tesla sucks almost as much as Bolt. Free charging SUCKS!!!!!

True, although it’s not nearly as much of an issue on the Supercharger network.

This is Plugshare comment and photo for San Diego supercharger site. Supercharger or not, free charging will make the long wait far worse. I guess this is how you kill electric car: give out free charging when things are already getting bad.

“Wow, I’ve been warned about this place from our hometown in the Bay Area… I thought to myself that Tesla drivers can’t be THAT desperate for a free charge. Was I surprised… (September 5, 2018)”

The Supercharger apocalypse is among us! Tesla owners making road trips this Thanksgiving and Xmas in congested areas will surely witness it.

I was thinking the same. At least Tesla could’ve waited until after new year for free charging so that people don’t suffer so much during holiday travel.

I was having buyer’s remorse with Bolt when Tesla announced they’d deliver by end of year on some options, but no longer. If I’m going to wait at DCFC for some tapered to hell free charger charging at 10 kW using 120kW charger, I’m glad I paid only about half of Tesla 3 and got Bolt instead.

Looks like west coast (1st world) problems. No such problems exist, yet, like this on the east coast.

Easy on the GM Porn, OK? Be Easy on GM… “They Are NOT In The Infrastructure Business!” According them, while Tesla, on the Other Hand, Is!

GM is not giving free charging (except through Maven). Tesla is giving free charging. Just look at plugshare comments in San Diego. My post is moderated, but you can see for yourself how awful free charging Tesla is and set to get worse.

This is a change that makes some sense for now by itself. However, Tesla really should not change prices and programs all the time. Consistency has value.

They are consistently inconsistent.

Or, is it more….”Inconsistently Consistent?”

As in, they change suddenly, sometimes better, and sometimes (for some) worse; but you can be sure, when you least expect it, they will bring out changes!

This really sucks for all the purchasers who bought before September 18, myself included.

It’s like Tesla doesn’t care about their early adopters – Must they switch up the programs all the time (and not make the new benefits retroactive)? Way to burn some bridges.

While it’s certainly a nice perk for buyers, I’m not sure what exactly makes it “Definitely a smart move by Tesla”?…

I placed my Model 3 order on June 29th and was originally scheduled for delivery Sept 29th. That one got cancelled and was bogus as I never even had a VIN assigned. Took a few weeks but got some movement and a delivery scheduled for Oct 21st (2 days ago) with an actual VIN. That one got cancelled (or really just delayed) because of Tesla’s well known logistics issues. Finally the car has actually arrived at my local delivery center and I am scheduled to take delivery this Friday, Oct 26th.

In light of all the shinanigans, I have asked Tesla to retroactively apply my friend’s referral code to my June 29th order so I can get 6 months of free supercharging. They are considering it, hope it happens. And to Bolt EV (formerly Spark EV) don’t worry, I’m on the east coast where Superchargers often sit completely unused for large parts of the day. That will surely change one day, but probably not in the next 6 months. 😁

I don’t mind paying for Supercharging my Model 3 but Tesla appears to be pricing by the minute rather than by kWh. Here is my email notification:

Tier 1 0 min. at $0.18/min
Tier 2 21 min. at $0.36/min $7.56
Idle 0 min. idle at $0.65/min. $0.00”

When I first plugged in the charge rate was about 100 kW (~ $0.20/kWh) but when other Tesla cars plugged in beside me the charge rate went down to 50 kW (~ $0.40/kWh). This seems unfair to me. I think Tesla Supercharging price should be by the kWh, not by the minute!

Charging by time is better. For higher demand, price goes up, which will discourage those who plug in even when not really needed. That will free up chargers for those who really need to charge. Would you rather wait 2+ hours before even being able to plug in or pay a bit more and plug in without wait (or very little wait)?

Taper makes things even better for busy times. People will unplug before taper makes things too expensive, freeing up for others who really need to charge.

Unfortunately, with this free charging crap Tesla is offering, you will wait AND pay, worst of all options. It’ll be like you’re driving a Bolt.

If it seems unfair, complain to your state’s regulatory agency in charge of utilities, since they’d be the ones saying that only certain registered (monopoly) utilities are allowed to charge people per kwh for electricity.

Great. Unless you live in the state with the 2nd highest per capita Tesla ownership, Hawaii. Tired of seeing “Opening Soon” for two years on Tesla’s Supercharger map, STILL NOT A SINGLE SC in the state. The majority of households on Oahu rent or live in condos, with no access to NEMA 15-40 home charging. Tesla is overlooking 50% of the population by not installing SCs in the islands. Nobody wants to spend 18 hours charging on a J1772 whether paying for it or not.

This really sucks for all the purchasers who bought before September 18, myself included.

It’s like Tesla doesn’t care about their early adopters – Must they switch up the programs all the time (and not make the new benefits retroactive)? Way to burn some bridges.