Tesla Model 3 Performance With Upgrade Package Now Just $64,000

Tesla Model 3 Performance - Midnight Silver Tarmac Motion

OCT 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 53

Performance Upgrade is now standard equipment.

The fully equipped Tesla Model 3 Performance becomes $5,000 cheaper as Tesla included the $5,000 Performance Upgrade package as standard equipment in its top-of-the-line version.

The base price still starts at $64,000, but that’s a far more attractive price than the $69,000 previously after selecting the Performance Upgrade.

It also means that all new Performance purchases will come with Track Mode.

We do wonder why the change, but cheaper is cheaper, so we won’t ponder it too much. Perhaps interest in the Performance version decreased with the intro of the new Mid Range Model 3?

Regardless, a price reduction is always welcome, as it can only mean increased adoption.

Tesla Model 3 Performance – Summary ($64,000 + $1,200 D&H):

  • Model 3 Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Solid Black Paint
  • Performance Upgrade
  • 20’’ Performance Wheels
  • Performance Brakes
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Performance Pedals
  • All Black Premium Interior

If you add all the most expensive options, then the price will increase to $72,500 + $1,200 D&H:

  • Red Multi-Coat Paint – $2,500
  • Black and White Premium Interior – $1,000
  • Enhanced Autopilot – $5,000

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What does performance brakes mean exactly? Bigger discs or just better pads?

Bigger rotors and discs as well as better pads.

Larger calipers and better discs.

You are actually correct – I am incorrect I meant to say calipers.

Regardless a much-needed upgrade to go along with the rest of the cars Stunning Performance.

The bigger news is Elon cornered to promise a $5000 refund to all P3D buyers who bought these in the past, either with or without the upgrade! That too, via his official Tesla channel @elonmusk on twitter!
What’s next? A refund to AWD buyers? It’s like Christmas arriving early for the 560xx people who bought a Model 3 last quarter. 🙂

If you weren’t full of crap i may believe you. Oh well, maybe next time,

See Fred’s Blast about this on Electrek.co!

He’s such a hypocrite.

Yeah, that’s not what Elon said at all. Elon said that past buyers got free supercharging for life and the new ones don’t, so if you want a refund on the upgrade you have to forgo the supercharging.

I would take the refund over the free SC.

Great, Tesla will save money.

This will cost Tesla a little monty. Free Supercharging is a ~$2k benefit over years, a $5k refund is immediate.

It isn’t $2k.

Most people would do better taking the $5000. But if you are the sort of person who would drive 100 miles for milk for your coffee, get your calculator out!

Hey, there’s some economic value in having fun! — F in Accounting.

I don’t know who will choose free supercharging for $5k in their right mind. May be the traveling salespeople?
If the argument is that EV drivers mostly charge at home, then it is a total no-brainer.
See this video below. To me, free super charging is worth exactly $0. I will gladly pay $10-$20 to avoid this nightmare and long wait times. If I couldn’t afford those tiny sums, I wouldn’t buy a $45k+ car.

Why are talking as if you have a Model 3? You get free supercharging no matter what you think of it because it isn’t available anymore. What you’re saying doesn’t even make sense. You’ll pay $10-$20 to where? To a nonexistent non-Tesla line-less fast charging station along the highway? You know you can know exactly which superchargers are available and the number of open stalls at any time right?


For those who want their M3 Join the ridehailing Tesla Network, it may be worth it.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you have few American can do, or will do simple math calculations. Look at the Lottery.

“The bigger news is Elon cornered to promise a $5000 refund to all P3D buyers who bought these in the past, either with or without the upgrade!”

No, but it’s hilarious that you are reduced to such desperate FÜD to defend your foolish decision not to exit your TSLA short position! Do continue to entertain us.

comment image

If Tesla refunded $5k on all performance pack buyers in the past quarters, would Tesla still be profitable for Q3?

A refund in the present doesn’t apply to the past, but let’s do the math. $311,000,000/$5000/upgrade= 62,200 upgrades. Did Tesla sell 62,200 Performance upgrades when they only sold 53,000 Model 3’s?

This means AWD is probably about to get cheaper. And I just took delivery of my AWD last night, yay me! 😁

It already is cheaper by $1k-$2k (not sure). I heard people complaining about that. But Fred bought a P3D+, so he is not pushing for the AWD buyers 🙁

People who rush out and buy the newest iPhone also complain when the price drops by $100 just a couple of weeks later.

In either case, why should we listen to the whining? They wanted it right now, so they paid a premium. It’s a choice; they could have waited.

But if Tesla marketing was smarter, they would have reduced the price $1000 at a time over the course of several months, instead of $5000 all at once. This isn’t the first time that new Tesla car owners have expressed buyer’s remorse when Tesla lowered the price.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining, just lamenting a bit. I knew when I bought the car this was a distinct possibility, as it often happens to early adaptors. You know what, I don’t really care. I paid what I thought was a fair price at the time and a price I could afford. And the car is amazing. A-freaking-Mazing! No buyers remorse here at all.

Nice to hear actually. Glad you are happy with it.. If the price goes up, you will still enjoy your car and be happy.

“I’m not whining, just lamenting a bit… You know what, I don’t really care. I paid what I thought was a fair price at the time and a price I could afford.”

Thank you! And that’s the healthy attitude every early adopter should take, or else he shouldn’t buy the thing.

Fred over at Electrek seems to be taking it as a personal affront, and has posted some lengthy rants (using Electrek as his megaphone) to express his outrage that someone else got the same trim level of car at a lower price.

I’m reminded of the scene in The Princess Bride by William Goldman (the book, not the movie) where a child’s mentor tells him:

“Life isn’t fair, Bill. We tell our children that it is, but it’s a terrible thing to do. It’s not only a lie, it’s a cruel lie. Life is not fair, and it never has been, and it’s never going to be.”

Apparently that’s a lesson Fred never learned when growing up.

Yeah, there has been shadows of that before (such as when Model 3 delivery delays *suddenly* became unacceptable when he was awaiting delivery himself…) — but this one is a definite new low. Reading Electrek nowadays sounds like Tesla can do no wrong, *except* when Fred is affected personally…

I am super happy with my M3. My only regret is not going P3D. Was sooo close but held back. My car is amazing and while I love it, just wish I’d went with the P… especially now.

What this means is MORE SALES.

Let’s drop the price of that mid range

They should uncouple the premium interior from the mid-range.

There is no non-premium interior. You want to sit on the floor? 🙂

Would complicate production.
Will have to wait a lot longer.

That text says it all really. “hurry before they change their minds”.

People, like financial markets hate uncertainty. Potential buyers at the moment don’t have a clue as to what vehicle spec and price will be available when they come to sign on the dotted line.
I think that it is time for Tesla to introduce some form of price and spec stability for a defined period. No changes in that period. Then announce a month before the end of the period what will change and bu how much.
That to me would show signs of maturity in their thinking.

And after this announcement the sales will fall because everyone will be waiting for a cheaper car. Doesn’t work.

That reads like a business plan for a business whose goal is to lose money. 🙄

It’s called model years. Since Tesla doesn’t have them they can change the pricing and the car spec at anytime.

You buy today a car then next week same car has a new 5K rebate. Tough luck, thats life. Get on with your life, Fred?

You mean like model year changes?

Performance I assume was software limited

You assume incorrectly.

Definitely not just a software difference with the Performance upgrade. There was a story about someone running his stock non-Performance Model 3 on a racetrack, and the brake pads literally got so hot they disintegrated. That’s something not likely to be fixed by a software upgrade! 😉

Earlier this month, Tesla said they found a cheaper way to make the $45k Model 3 battery but did not give the car a price reduction. And now, out of nowhere, they’re giving this model a price reduction. Seriously, Tesla pricing is as random as Elon Musk’s tweets. Giving discounts to people who can afford the top of the line Model 3 (remember there’s no leasing), but keeps prices the same for people who might have a smaller budget but want to adopt to EV’s.

Great News! – I’ll wait for the next price drop and buy mine then!

Wow, $29,000 more than the entry model, ouch !

Very uncool for those who just purchased Model 3 performance. Also dealing quality issues with “NO” path to resolution.

Stepping up and placing an order two years ago was the wrong move.
I could have bought today for $5k less with 6 mos free charging.
I’m feeling super screwed and that’s not considering the $500 extra sales tax paid.
Not the end of the world but if this is how Tesla plays, perhaps the shorts are on to something.