DragTimes Pits Tesla Model 3 Performance Against BMW M3


A race of equals?

This is the race we’ve been waiting for. The Tesla Model 3 Performance versus a BMW 3 series. The Bimmer in question here, rounded up by DragTimes, has the competition pack.

The BMW boasts a 3.0 inline 6 turbo engine and sends its internal combustion grunt through a 7-speed DCT to the rear wheels, giving the 3,540-pound, four-door sedan a good amount of mojo for $82,000.

The mid-size Tesla, weighing in at 4,072 pounds, sends 450 horses and 471 pound-feet of trque to all its wheels. The particular Performance example rings in at around $72,500.

As usual, DragTimes brings us all the action from a variety of camera angles, but here, they also throw us a bonus. After two runs featuring our main contenders, the Model 3 Performance gets lined up against a McLaren 720s. Now, if you’re familiar with that car, you know that this is no contest. Still, the run is salvaged by the production of numbers from an onboard data-collecting V-Box. It tells us, among other things, that the spiciest version of the smallest Tesla hits 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds, and completes the quarter-mile in 11.7 seconds at 114 MPH.

With numbers like that, is it any wonder the automaker is reportedly getting slammed with orders for the Performance variant?

Video description:

Watch the all new Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance take on it’s main competitor, the BMW M3 with the competition package down the 1/4 mile at Palm Beach International Raceway for some heads up drag racing action. Also included is full VBOX data for the Model 3.

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That’s a beat down, for sure. If it can hold that advantage outside of a straight line, it’ll be golden on the track. Now it just needs better styling and badging.

Wow you sounded very hurt, technology advances, and today cool becomes obsolete, just move on. Btw Tesla bridging today is way more prestigious than BMW.

We don’t need no stinking badges.

I am getting my Model 3 Performance this week, and don’t plan to put on the badge when it arrives. I might put the spoiler on, depending on how it looks on my Obsidian Black car.

Badging? So you’re a brand slave? Something can be awesome but if it is not from a brand you already know then you can’t handle it? LOL.

@Seven Electrics said: “That’s a beat down, for sure. If it [Tesla Model 3] can hold that advantage outside of a straight line…”

Apparently Tesla Model 3 can according to this long-time BMW enthusiast posting on a BMW forum:

“Long time BMW (~20 years) enthusiast here…. I test drove the Performance Model 3 and was just blown away. The hyper-low center of gravity and low polar moment of inertia (just a frunk where a heavy engine would be) and insanely quick, smooth and silent acceleration just threw a curve-ball to everything I knew about sport sedans & performance cars. Especially one in this weight class. The car is simply a beast and absolutely out performs anything BMW has to offer today…

“It was hard to leave the BMW family (I was initially certain I was going to go for the M2 CS) and enter the unknown of Tesla startup and build quality issues, but frankly the product is just too good and wouldn’t leave my mind and eventually I decided I had to have it…”


When Tesla offers a Coupe like the M2 then I will get excited.

I personally would love a smaller Coupe or Convertible.

@Seven Electrics said: “…Now it [Tesla Model 3] just needs better styling and badging.”


Sounds like someone is running out of FUD fuel…

And has for a while as he keeps serially lying to everyone here that he owns multiple Tesla vehicles as he spends all his time bashing them, the company, and Musk.

The handling is top notch as the batteries give an ideal weight distribution and a very low center of gravity.

It’s also about 600lbs heavier than the BMW M3. So it’s not clear who would come out on top on a race course. Though looking at Laguna Seca laptimes, the BMW M3 looks to have the advantage.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


The TM3DP crushed the BMW on the drag strip, but they said in the video that the group rented out the road course at that track. I would have been more interested to see how the two cars faired against each other on the road course.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They also indicate the M3 was kitted. I didn’t watch it, I fast fwd’d to where the Mclaren spanked the sh1toutta the TM3………..lol

What is sad is that you get excited about a supercar exotic spanking a tesla LOL

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m always in for a good ‘ol spankin. I’m a FREAK like that………..LMAO.

TMI ‼️


Don’t you have anything interesting to say ⁉️

You must have other options for surviving global warming. Please share them LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

I do actually but I don’t CUT & PASTE the same thing over and over.

For someone concerned with global warming, you seem to have a singular interest in Tesla.


Yes Indeed… Or Pwned !

Another Euro point of view

I wonder how long it will take before we see one of those on the Nürburgring.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Nobody gives a Rat’s Azz!

Another Euro point of view

I agree, a bit like 0-60mph time.

Why does that even matter with 99.99% of the automotive buying public?

The TM3 is a car for the masses. No need to apologize for not being able to beat a McLaren or the Nurburgring record.

On the other hand, folks like bro1999 apologizing for some of the Bolt’s shortfalls while trash talking Tesla must be confused about something somewhere….

Model 3 would not beat a BMW M3 around the Ring either.

@Clice said: “Model 3 would not beat a BMW M3 around the Ring either.”

Tesla Model 3P (with Track Mode enabled) would likely spank a BMW M3 around the track.


I will watch for th3 headlines.

The BMW M3 was born on the Ring.

unofficially timed, TM3PD did spank beamer m3 recently at the nurburgloop

No it did not …

Track mode + best tires – panaramic glass roof and in autopilot without a driver should do the trick.

In matters in that Elon claimed the Performance Model 3 would beat anything in its price class on the track… So we are eagerly awaiting confirmation 🙂

As irrational as it may be, it’s a buying argument for many.

Tesla “Track Mode” feature is a big deal…

The upcoming Tesla OTA update (scheduled to come soon) allowing the option to enable “Track Mode” for Tesla Mode 3P will be a huge hit for the high performance crowd. Track Mode settings being highly custom configurable is a brilliant feature. It will allow owners to dial-in their individual performance preferences… and likely will be tied to existing “Diver Profiles” thus allowing you to create multiple Track Mode custome profiles. Those performance setting profiles will be shared and debated at length among Tesla Model 3P owners.

Don’t really need that front looking camera on the Teslas do you?

Mitch that camera is for anything beyond 1320 feet… 😜

Just another nail in the coffin for the ice. 10k more and it gets its ass handed to it on a platter.!

The Tesla is still just a one trick pony

Woohooo Electric Boogaloo

Well, I own a 2016 M3 Competition Package and a TM3. The TM3 can’t even come close to the M3 on a proper track. Not only does it juice quickly, but the suspension feels like you are driving a washing machine around. The weight distro on the TM3 isn’t made for track work. Overall I would say that performance wise its closer to a really fast in a straight line Toyota Corolla. There is a reason they didn’t show the ‘track’ video.

Yeah, right. You and Seven Electrics should join the Tesla club.

Why are you mad that the Germans best just got whipped by a car that didn’t exist a year ago?

Funny, everyone else is praising the Model 3’s perfect weight distribution…

@“WARREN”, are you going to now tell me how superior the BMW’s interior is and how well put together the car is, or will you finally give in and admit the company that can’t put a car together properly somehow figured out how to put a huge 0-60 and now 1/4 mile smack down to those decades worshiped BMW M3’s. Soon, when people say M3, it won’t be BMW they will be thinking about!!

First of all, the quality and craftsmanship of a M3 is years ahead of any Tesla. Just compare something as simple as the seats and you will get what I mean. Secondly, the M3 will beat any Tesla around the Nurburgring or any other major track. And the M3 was not designed as a drag strip car.Get a Mustang and simple mods will get you there. However, the simple fact of the matter is that many M3 owners like to mod their cars. Simple mods of a few hundred dollars will allow a M3 to beat a Model 3 P at the drag strip with ease. And the same can be said of the M5 vs P100D. Hitting 130 mph qtr mile traps are common for lightly modded BMWs. No matter how much you spend on it, the Tesla could only dream of hitting 130s. These lightly tuned BMWs are more commonly found in 1/2 mile airport strip events beating up on Ferrari and Lambos where any Tesla would be left for dead. It’s actually quite remarkable that a Stock BMW can be so close to beating a Tesla at its own drag strip game while killing it on a… Read more »

Why would I want to slightly modify my brand new car and risk having Bmw void my new car warranty? The video is clearly about a drag race and you continue to talk about everything a BMW M3 is capable of doing, yet the video is clearly about a drag race. It’s understandable that you were not too happy that tesla can produce a car in its stock form and buy it off the show room as a production car and easily beat a stock BMW M3. You start getting into talking about M5’s and other cars that Bmw makes, but this is an electric vehicle website and you are proudly promoting gasoline cars, Which makes me wonder if you work for the BMW because you love promoting gasoline cars. Neither the BMW i3 or i8 would I believe could beat the acceleration or track performance of a Tesla. Let’s stay focused on all electric vehicles and stock ones that don’t void new car warranties. Anyone can modify anything, but to compare a modified vehicle to a production stock vehicle is cheating.

See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!