Tesla Model 3 Performance Review: Car Worth Waiting For? Video


For good things you always have to wait a bit

The DriveGuy de took the Tesla Model 3 Performance for a test drive to check out whether it’s a car worth waiting for. The answer is quite encouraging.

Model 3 exceeds expectations and was called a segment leader. The driving experience is enjoyable, while the minimalist interior is claimed to be surprisingly good.

“This is the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Performance! It’s the car we have been been waiting quite some time for! Now that it’s here, I want to discover everything that the Long Range offers, how it fairs for Canadian buyers and, most critically, what is it like to drive?Let’s find out together!”

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I have been driving the Performance+ Model 3 since September 1 accumulating almost 8000 miles. My own observations based on owning earlier a 2013 Model S 85 and then moving to a 2015 Model S P85D upgraded to Ludicrous… I like the driving experience and general handling feel of the Model 3 MUCH better than even the P85DL earlier. The Model 3 is lighter feeling and responds easier and quicker to any steering input. The Performance + Model 3 is almost as quick as the P85DL, but I can actually feel that slightly less extreme launch at full throttle. (Note: Mine actually still holds the fastest quarter mile time of ANY Model 3 at 11.72 seconds set on 26 September here at Sacramento Raceway). I really like the general interior details in the Model 3 MUCH, MUCH better than the Model S. The storage in the doors, back of the front seats, and the totally better console and cup holders make this a more livable car in so many ways. The better sun visors and lighted vanity mirrors are exactly what one would expect in ANY upscale car, but the earlier Model S lacked all these. I do MISS my… Read more »

Pretty much agree across the board on this. Love my performance+ model 3. I’d only add that for some reason my range isn’t nearly what they advertise. Not sure why 🙂

My range is off too! I think there’s a SW fix called Chill. But mine has a HW issue with my foot.

Nearly agreed with all you said, having model S 85, P85D, S75D and now an S 100D, the new interior of model S is beautiful, nice console, rear cup holders, lighted mirrors, nicer seats, is beautifully done now. Now the downside is that Tesla wants to make of Model S a bigger model 3 and the new software V 9 is horrible “layout “ not even designed for the Model S vertical screens, if fact if feels like a downgrade.

But when I see a Model 3 vs Model S on the road, Model S looks much more premium from outside. Sometimes, Model 3 looks like a cheap car and hard to tell if it is a Tesla. I have to look at it twice sometimes to realize it is a Model 3. It doesn’t look premium at all. OTOH, BMW sedans (3, 4, or 5er) look premium and they are in similar price range.

Thanks for your report, George! I’d love to see that expanded into an article here.

I suppose one could add an aftermarket HUD to the Model 3? However, I’m guessing that wouldn’t display the “regular NIGGLES to confirm touching the steering wheel”? But I know very little about HUDs; would love to be shown to be wrong on that point!


I have a 2013 P85+ and considered switching to the P3+. I took a test drive and was left unimpressed. The handling felt comparable, but the ride was much worse. While the P3+ is quicker on paper, it didn’t feel quicker. The P85+ has so much more room, but it doesn’t really feel bigger because the turning radius is actually smaller. Having an actually the speedometer “needle” and power “needle” in the P85+ is really nice where the P3+ left me feeling a little disconnected from what the car was actually doing. In all due respect, the P3+’s MSRP is a little over 1/2 of the P85+’s, so I guess it’s not a fair comparison.