Watch This Tesla Model 3 Performance At The Strip


This new Tesla Model 3 Performance owner is blown away by his car.

YouTuber Travis Fischer sent InsideEVs an email recently. He wanted to let us know that it’s been over 15 years since he’s been to the drag strip. However, getting a new Tesla Model 3 Performance was the ticket to luring him back out to the races. Fischer visited Bandimere Speedway in Colorado (Thunder Mountain), which seems to be becoming a popular spot to take Tesla vehicles for a run. YouTuber DAErik has provided several recent Model 3 Performance videos from the same location.

Travis shared:

I was a huge car enthusiast right out of high school, but as we get older practical needs seem to weigh in over our more recreational wants. That was before my Model 3 was delivered, everything has changed. The Model 3 is a blast to drive, I’ll find myself making excuses to leave the house and head to the grocery store for the stick of butter needed for supper. I know many people have purchased a Tesla because of the environmental purposes, but this is truly a car any enthusiast can enjoy.

Fischer explains that there is not a place to charge near the speedway and he headed out there after work. So, the Model 3 is performing here with 89 percent battery. Still, in his first run, he was able to beat a BMW M3 with ease. After testing and tuning the car a bit more and improving his times, he faced off against a Chevrolet Corvette. At this point, Fischer was down to an 81 percent charge. Nonetheless, he was able to pull 11.748 at 115.56 mph.

Video Description via Travis Fischer on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance 11.748 @115.56mph

Doing a little drag racing with my Tesla Model 3 Performance at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado. Started the night off with 89%, sadly there aren’t many places to top the battery off, but the car was amazing!


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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Another Euro point of view

When I saw the word “track” in the first sentence the article briefly had my attention as in my world a track has turns, then I understood it was on those straight tracks from across the pond. Never mind. A track without curves is a bit like a woman without them. Now I take it that in the tweeting hell of those last months a 100th video of a Tesla accelerating in a straight line must have good soothing virtues for many here.

Got your attention long enough to write a paragraph long comment. Your definition of track is different, doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Sorry you don’t like Stateside Teslas or the surfaces they run on, but the world is a buffet, we choose what we like and pass on what we don’t. Doesn’t mean the choices you choose to skip are wrong, either. Embrace the buffet my friend.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Nobody gives a $h1t about your “Track”.

One dimensional performance for one dimensional people.

It makes it even worse because this sort of performance, with the right configuration, is inherent with EV’s and not because of advanced technology. It’s the reason why you never see video’s of Tesla’s doing 1/2 mile and 1 mile runs and why you never hear much of them on an actual race track.

I used to run cross country in school. It never gathered the attention of the 100 meter race in track. Oh, and the 100 meter final was always showcased at the end of the track meet, right before the 4 x 100 meter relay (another flat out sprint). Folks have an interest in 1/4 mile races for the same reason. Assuming folks are ‘one dimensional’ because they have an interest in acceleration is pretty one dimensional. Heavy, 4000 lb+ sedans that can run high 11’s is still very new to the automotive world. 10 years from now it will be very commonplace- why not let folks have their moment?

You mean people have short attention spans and can’t concentrate for longer then 12 seconds or so?

This sort of acceleration is impressive and highly amusing. I enjoy it just as much as anyone else, but it doesn’t define a performance car. If you break performance down it falls into three categories, acceleration, braking and cornering. These cars only excel in acceleration, so to me that is the definition of one dimensional, and if you are the type of person who defines the value of a cars performance by one of those standards that makes them one dimensional too.

I’m not trying to ruin people’s fun, they can have their moment, but this constant stream of EV’s out accelerating other vehicles to 60 then their respective fanboys talking about how superior they are is getting pretty tiring now.

E55 AMG’s with a couple of bolt on’s have been running 11’s for 15 years, it’s nothing new. This sort of performance has always been available to those who are willing to put a little effort in.

Fair enough. But you automatically assume everyone amused by the 0-60 launches by Teslas has no interest beyond the acceleration. I love my Tesla for the launch factor, AND the ability to open/close the garage door when I pull into my driveway, AND Autopilot, AND it’s storage space, AND it’s appearance, AND it’s handling, AND it’s range, AND it’s Supercharging capability, AND many more things. It ain’t just for the one-dimension of acceleration.

To be fair, InsideEV’s has done a good, thorough job recently in highlighting multiple articles specifically about the track (the twisty kind) capabilities of the Model 3 Track Mode. Quarter mile track runs aren’t all they show here. And I disagree, the Model 3 isn’t simply for straight line acceleration. (“These cars only excel in acceleration..”) Maybe you’ve only been reading the 1/4 mile track articles. Sounds like you may be one dimensional in your view of the Model 3, and also your view of those who appreciate it’s ability to accelerate (as evidenced by your label of us as ‘one dimensional’ and ‘Fanboys’ (my personal favorite)).

Enjoy your weekend.

I think you need to come from a racing background to appreciate how stunning this performance is for a family sedan on street tires. I raced muscle cars back in the day and sub-12 second quarter mile times were pretty much unheard of for a street car, especially at Bandimere (5000 feet above sea level). I have seen some of the all time greatest muscle cars, like the Hemi Road Runner, only manage 15 second times at that track.

Exactly what I was thinking. The times on the M3…even w/o P option is impressive!

So Pikes Peak doesn’t count somehow?


Relax, please.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


What’s the price as tested for each car?
What were the modifications if any?