Tesla Model 3 Owner Jason Calacanis Calls Car A Masterpiece

Red Tesla Model 3 at handover event


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

According to the man that helped bail out Tesla in a time of need, the Tesla Model 3 is “one of the greatest tech products ever created.”

We recently published some back story about Silicon Valley angel investor, Jason Calacanis, a good friend of Elon Musk, owner of Model S Serial No. 1, a second Model S, Tesla Roadster No. 16, and now a red Founders Series Model 3. As the story goes, Calacanis helped get the Model S off the ground with his initial order of two before the vehicle was even a reality. He also helped at a time that Tesla was about to go under.

Calacanis has nothing but the best words about Tesla and Elon Musk and is completely enamored over the Model 3. He calls it “a masterpiece.”  As far as we know, Jason has stood true to his initial words, saying that he is not willing to let automotive journalists drive and review the car, and he isn’t offering a review himself (under a “friend DA – highest form of NDA”). Of course, this doesn’t mean that he can’t simply tout the vehicle and he has on numerous occasions.

Calacanis has said that the Model 3 is 1/5th the cost of the Tesla Roadster and 100 times better. He’s also compared it to a Porsche. He interviewed with CNBC not long after receiving his Tesla Model 3. Calacanis was one of the first to take delivery at Tesla’s Model 3 handover event in July. He told CNBC (via Teslarati):

“There it is – one of the Founder series. I have been driving it and it drives like Porsche, but it cost the same as a Prius.”

Calacanis is a true Tesla fan and still considers Musk a great friend. He wouldn’t have sent Elon the money years ago if he didn’t believe in Tesla. Although, he has said that he never really expected to get those first Model S sedans, and despite his $100,000 contribution (which while amazing and gracious, is a drop in the bucket when we’re talking about a failing car company) he didn’t know if Tesla would pull through or the Model S would even come to be.

Check out Jason’s initial CNBC interview below:

Source: Teslarati

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Serious question. What do you expect him to say?

Side note – that’s a pretty damn expensive Prius 😀


Is there a reason why you chose to respond to my post? Because I’m not the author of the article 😀

Sorry, A Slip of the index finger , it was intended for the author..

Your caps lock finger slipped as well….

Yes, the Model 3 is our god & savior. Wake me when some real consumer reviews are in.

+. Is tesla a cult now?

YES! Tesla is the Best Cult ever!!

Actually, Tesla is a tour de force in disruption of what had been a fairly static if not stagnant auto AND energy sectors,

The closest parallel to consumer enthusiasm is undoubtedly Apple. Closed ecosystems that their legions of owners/fans love.

Not sure about that, but Tesla haters are a cult.

Why is it that when someone disagree on how a company is being publicize or idolize by the bias media, that person is deem a hater or malcontent, or worse an un- or anti etc. It’s like we are back in 1930s

Talking of the 1930’s, you remind me of the Autophobia movement of the time among non-car owners.

For example, English philosopher C. E. M. Joad in 1927 book saying:

“motoring is one of the most contemptible soul-destroying and devitalizing pursuits that the ill-fortune of misguided humanity has ever imposed upon its credulity.” The motorist was nothing but an obnoxious showoff: he “desires to advertise to the world at large that he has amassed enough money to hurl himself over its surface as often and as fast as it pleases him.”

You and your like attacking Tesla with senseless vitriol is no different than people who were part of the Autophobia movement in the Netherlands who would throw rocks at early cars. The same Autophobia movement that led Hermann Hesse to write the 1927 novel Steppenwolf, in which “the struggle between humans and machines” takes the form of a fantasy scene of snipers gleefully shooting down passing cars and drivers.

Progress always brings out the regressive nature in the rump resistance.

I didn’t attack tesla, all I ask if Tesla is becoming a Cult(a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing). It’s you guys that attack people for asking question and suppressing debate, that’s not freedom

Apparently you haven’t been reading your own posts you’ve been making recently…. Your Autophobia/Teslaphobia has been clear.

If that is not your intention, then stop posting like you have an advanced case of Autophobia/Teslaphobia.

I love cars. All type of cars buddy. I refuse to be silent because of ignorance

And I refuse to be silent about your ignorance and trolling. So suck it up buddy. I’m not going away. You can spread FUD about TSLA stocks like this little gem, and I’ll keep exposing you for being a Tesla hater:

“Once the stocks start losing money and speculation ends then it will be in big trouble”


If you don’t like the consequences of being called out for posting like a TSLA shorting troll, don’t post like a TSLA shorting troll.

Typical “you dare be critical of Elon/TSLA? You’re a troll!” Tesla Koolaid slurper cult behavior. Guys like this really give Tesla a bad name and rep.

So they haven’t been losing money??

O/T–I find some truths in the quotes made. Think about it- mass adoption of oil-fuelled vehicles led to massive wealth in Saudi, in particular. This revived the extremist jihad elements of Wahabi Islam that had been dormant for centuries.
So, we have inadvertently funded most of our current terror issues; not saying what the alternative could have been except getting off the drug of oil should have started decades ago.

you need to wake up period…

Yes, the trolls, shills, shorters and haters are out in force now that a very positive EV development is arriving.

And people wonder what is wrong with the USA.

No kidding.

What is wrong with the USA is when people give an opinion on a website that isn’t directed toward anyone or expresses any kind of hate, anger, or other behavior untoward anyone, but some ignorant hateful fool seems obliged to immediately call upon this forum as if it were their safe space to keep them from any form of differing opinion. It’s really exactly how Donald Trump behaves every day. A facile individual incapable of reading words that don’t stroke some inner need for praise.

Another cynical and negative spin by a serial anti-Tesla troll.

Another lame response from a serial Tesla apologist.

There’s a very important difference between expressing an honest opinion, even a negative one, and trolling. Trolls aren’t here to engage in meaningful discussion, they’re just here to bash EVs… and, for most of those trolls, specifically to bash Tesla, and not for any honest reason; they are motivated by greed. If you can’t tell the difference between expressing an honest opinion and trolling, then you shouldn’t be posting here. And the trolls most certainly should not. You have expressed confusion, Tom, over the term “FUD”. Well, here’s the definition from Wikipedia: Fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, marketing, public relations, talk radio, politics, religious organizations, and propaganda. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear. Let me underscore that: FUD is a disinformation strategy. Disinformation, not mere misinformation. Disinformation is false information spread deliberately to deceive. FUD is a deliberate campaign to disseminate information which isn’t merely wrong, it’s actually harmful to the public perception of EVs and Tesla Inc. InsideEVs is a website for EV enthusiasts and fans, and a place for people… Read more »

Another breath of Fresh Aire from “Pushi”, on the Model 3!

Fresh as a rotten can of cat food.


Well defined. Thanks Pushmi.

To better understand FUD, watch CNN for awhile.

Pushi, you are right but also wrong. What’s wrong questioning methods and ideals if you believe that it is wrong or dont make common sense (faraway future) or questioning fianance or expectations. We do that all time. That’s why we have this forum, not to silence voices but to debate rationality and common sense, to debate good ideas and bad ideals to move the ev revolution foward. There is nothing wrong questioning tesla methods but to be called out for expressing your view even if it’s fear base is flat out wrong

I try not to label someone a troll or an EV hater or a Tesla short-seller, unless they display a repetitive behavior consistent with that. I won’t claim to be 100% accurate in separating those who merely have a negative but honest opinion, and those who are liars whose only motive for posting here is greed. It doesn’t help that we have people posing as “concern trolls” or even pretending to be owners of Tesla cars who are actually such FUDsters. I suppose it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find that those who regularly post FUD also lie about anything and everything. I’d like to believe that nearly everyone is basically honest, but it seems that when these trolls and FUDster get into the habit of lying, that some real change happens in their minds, so they actually forget the advantage of sticking to the Truth. Or at least, it often comes across that way to me. Now, if you think I shouldn’t “call out” those who have had the facts explained to them, yet continue to post FUD despite having had the actual facts clearly explained to them; if you think I shouldn’t label them as the… Read more »
People should have a common debate, they shouldn’t be ridicule or deem a hater if individuals have a rational thought of themes that the article is getting at. The guy of this article is a well known tesla investor so he is going to slant 90/10 Tesla. The host even ask about the price and afforablity and when tesla going to deliver the ev. He even said that it drives better then Porsche. The commentators even laugh on that one. Well all I’m saying is just debate people’s opinion and find out why they have that opinion and find common ground and if you can’t just respect the ideals and move on and ignore them. All I do is question Tesla practices cause I believe it’s a great company I want to be better but I see flaws (debt, production schedules, production facilities, solar city, unafforablity, stock speculation) that will make a company go bankrupt if market correct itself (recession) and there goes the EV revolution. I don’t agree that companies and individuals should have cult like status because it blinds people of thought and progress and it breeds malcontent of others. That is way question and debate you guys… Read more »

Will — You discredited yourself the instant you lumped in FF with Tesla in the same post. As if there was ever any parallel to draw.

It isn’t like we’ve heard all the FUD before. Back a decade ago when folks like you compared Tesla to Tucker, saying they would never get the Roadster off the ground. Then again when the Model S came out they drug out the Tucker comparison again.

Sorry, but you can double-talk all you want, but you are just the latest boooooring iteration of the same anti-Tesla bullpucky. You can dress it up and try to pretend that it has something to do with Freedom (it doesn’t), but it is just another form of the same bullcrap that was used against GM when the Volt came out.

They are having the same problems with their cash flow. What happens if all thier investors want to get out? They won’t survive if that happens tomorrow

Sorry but I have volt

You just discredited yourself yet again, jumping on the Tesla==Tucker trolling BS.

You post like a shorting troll, and you will be called out for posting like a shorting troll, so get used to it buddy. If you don’t like being called out for posting like a shorting troll, don’t post like one.

It always ends with the Tesla apologist Koolaid slurpers calling anyone that doesn’t drink the Koolaid a short. Never fails!

PP is the master FUD’ster.

It’s not worth trying. They all get their tin foil hats at the same place… As if the oil and auto manufacturers would really employ a team of people to go and spread falsities on an EV site. There is really one person here I think is just a complete nut job and his name begins with a g and ends in a r 😀

I’m not really sure what was said that was so wrong but suspect it has something to do with anything not putting Tesla in the most rosy of views.

IMO what is really wrong with the USA is that people can be so closed minded and fall for 5 second sound bytes so easily but that’s just me. Oh wait actually you wrote something similar 😀


Oh, so now we Tesla fans are “like Donald Trump” if we speak out against trolls, EV haters, and Tesla FUDsters. If we object to a pro-EVs forum like InsideEVs being perverted and taken over by a deliberate FUDster campaign to turn public opinion against EVs in general and/or Tesla Inc. specifically.

Because hey, those who want to use the Internet to promote their greedy agenda of trying to bias public opinion against Tesla, and EVs in general, should be able to use a pro-EV forum like InsideEVs as a megaphone, right?

Wrong. It’s the trolls and haters who are like Donald Trump, using social media posts to bully people and to create and repeat Big Lies to attack some cause he doesn’t like.

Now go away, troll.

He those have a point about every article paints a rose picture of tesla. Where are the articles of 100 deliveries of 3 or the reviews of 3. Why the leaf have 40 KW battery. When you guys were testing a 60kw

Here is an article that summarizes a number of third party reviews of the Model 3.


Are you seriously pretending that there aren’t any reviews besides this?

End the FUD. No, it isn’t some interference in your freedoms to call you out when you are wrong. Why do you want to limit my freedom to call out your FUD??

That’s a paid reviewer, how about Alex Autos, TFL, Fully Charge, Transport Evolve, Mototrend after a month of testing. Sorry Nix that you are blinded by tesla

Did I limit your freedom? Did i call you names? No I didn’t. I’m questioning Tesla and it’s methods.

Really? Paid by who? Source? Proof?

Sadly, you actually didn’t even bother reading the article, because it talks about Motor Trend’s review right in the article.

But we’re supposed to believe that the article you didn’t read is supposedly paid by Tesla…

It is sad what ignorant fool you make of yourself.

Go ahead, provide your proof that Tesla paid to have ANY of the reviews listed in the story. Let’s see it. Don’t back down now and chicken out. Post your proof for your trolling lies.

“blinded by Tesla”
Understatement of the century.
Nix is a guy that gets ready for a TSLA earnings call like people get ready for the Superbowl when their fav team is playing. Lol

Yeah first drive reviews, let’s see the first month reviews after the shine and glee are gone

Whenever PP is confronted with facts that counter what ridiculous position he’s taken, he resort to calling people trolls.
Sorta like a bully at a playground that gets called out, and the all the bully can do is go “well……well….. you’re stupid!” and runs away.

The Model 3 is a positive EV development, sure. It is also beyond overhyped, which is risky if it isn’t the godsend everyone is claiming it to be.

We want all EVs to be lifted up, not just Tesla & the Model 3. Realistic reviews, competition with many good options & a common charging standard are sorely needed.

A common “fast” or “super” charging standard, is what you probably were referring to. That would help SOME for sure!

Yea, whats wrong with those unamerican haters asking for an unbiased review? How dare they?

Once we become bias we become fox news and msnbc of EV website, and we shouldn’t become those but more like PBS

PBS Yes! Where the KOCH Bros. Sponsor many of their commercials….The biggest Ev haters on this Planet..Greedy 0LD PIGS.

Well they my sponsor some programming but other moderates and liberals also as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that. At least the tell the news not slant the news to people ideology

They shouldn’t take money from these Evil oiL Demon Pigs, They Promote their agenda & hunger for more money, at the expense of people’s heath & well being , They are Evil money hungry Pigs.,They’re Not nice people .

It’s a government broadcast system so they are going to take money from anybody just to run the stations

In the real world, few people are 100% evil, like a cartoon supervillain.

Yeah, I’m strongly opposed to the Koch Bros.’ political agenda. But that doesn’t stop me from regularly enjoying “Nova” and other PBS shows, for which one of the Koch Bros. is a sponsor. No point in cutting off my nose to spite my face!

++ Ken burns documentary, American Experience, Shelock, Dowton Abbey, Seasme Street are great programming that should be funded by everyone that is willing to contribute

I hope he didn’t mean a “red nose” Porsche
(google://Porsche Traktor)
But speaking of tractors: what about the promised tow hitch for the Model 3?

I seem to recall that Elon tweeted something about the Model 3 being rated for towing, but so far as I know, nobody ever “promised” or even suggested that Tesla would offer a tow hitch as an option for the TM3.

Would it be so bad if you had to buy that as an aftermarket product?

Now, I do expect Tesla to offer a tow package for the Model Y.

IDK in the land of the free, home of the unregulated (would you like a gun with that?), but in Europe, you can’t legally just mount a tow hitch to a car that isn’t homologated for it.

I seem to recall Elon tweeted that Model 3 would get towing ability. Very disappointed if it doesn’t. Loads of people around here put their boat to sea and take it up again every year. It’s a short trip, but just these two yearly occasions alone may be enough to put these people off getting rid of their fossil car and going only with electric.

Norway has come a long way with EVs compared to elsewhere, but three quarters of EV owners also own a fossil car.

Thank you for the correction.

That certainly does read like Elon was suggesting Tesla will offer it for sale as an option for the Model 3!

Terawatt said:

“…in Europe, you can’t legally just mount a tow hitch to a car that isn’t homologated for it.”

One of many reasons I’m glad to be an American. (And no, I don’t own a gun, nor have any desire to.)

Heck, my father used his VW Beetle to tow a light trailer. Any car should be able to tow if you use some common sense, don’t try to pull too heavy a load, and don’t try to drive it as if you weren’t towing.

“Would you like a gun with that?”

This made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. And btw the only proper response is, “why yes thank you, in fact I will take 2!”

Part of why I truly love being an American. My next gun purchase shall be in honor of Terawatt!

The Model S can’t tow. You really expect the smaller 3 to be able to?

Go away, troll.

And yes, if Elon said so, then absolutely I do expect that. Duh!

If Elon said he could walk on water, you’d be lined up right behind him.

You’re responding to a CHILD here, PMPU.
He’s not worth the bother.

Just going to leave this here.

I sure hope this purported upcoming automotive EV “Game Changer” has everyone else in the “Game” taking notice. Kind of hard not to, with about 1/2 a million waiting potential buyers.

We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Take your pick, the red pill, or the blue pill, which one will it be, you fossil fuel entrenched legacy ICE hole manufacturers?

Sorry Toyota, your slowly evolving PHEV $33k 2017 Prius Prime “advanced” (25 mi. EV), and your continuing foot dragging, on boosting its EV only range, will have now to complete with the Tesla Model 3, in the next few years. Toyota could have been further along developing the 160-180 mi. Rav 4 EV, that could be launching this time next year, along side the 2019 Nissan 60kWh Leaf. Toyota held back, because of exactly why? Oh, that’s right, continue to delay, and get payed.

Toyota has the #1 best selling plug-in car in the world so far for 2017, and they are still early in the product cycle, with it just introduced last year. The Prime is going to be a big seller as they ramp up production and inventory.


The company to “horse whip” is Nissan. After rushing to market with a darn nice little EV, they promptly went to sleep for seven years.

That is not true at all. Nissan has delivered other ev models during that time and have been working hard on new models.

And whip the company that actually has delivered the most ev cars in the world?

Here’s another thing that the Model 3 will do better than the S, the X and the Roadster.

Vampire losses should be much lower. In a hot Phx parking lot when it was 115F outside my Model S was using 2.8 miles of range per hour!!!

Now add the fact that it charges as fast as a Model S 100 D and has nearly the range it really is a good buy.

I’m a bit worried it will take sales away from the S and the X though. It does almost everything better and costs less than half as much.

“Jason Calacanis is a good friend of Elon Musk […] Calacanis helped get the Model S off the ground with his initial order of two before the vehicle was even a reality. He also helped at a time that Tesla was about to go under.”

So… Calacanis’ opinion is completely unbiased then, and has no stake in the success or failure of the Model 3.


Over enthusiastic might a better term to characterize Mr. Calacanis, as he is currently driving what many others have been patiently waiting for, some since the pencils down moment on the Model 3.

Obviously his intent is for the success of his entrepreneur friend St. Elon, and for the Tesla brand to grow, and become a profitable enterprise the World over. Hard to know what other stakes he has in the Tesla business venture as a whole.

I think he is sincere.

The Model 3 is a masterpiece.

Totally unbiased. Lulz

Clearly this article is a Tesla cheerleader fluff piece.

But don’t think your complaint is justified. The article makes it very clear from the first sentence that Mr. Calacanis is not an unbiased observer, calling him “a good friend of Elon Musk” in the article’s second sentence.

Nowhere does the article claim Mr. Calacanis’ review is objective, neutral, nor — to use your words — “completely unbiased”.

I think he expresses a more educated opinion than many here.

Yes, along with the rise of the Model 3 comes multiple other extremely positive announcements from outside Tesla and the timing is NOT a coincidence:

The announcement by VW (I know, another announcement) of an 84 billion dollar investment into batteries.

The announcement of MB of ALL their cars becoming electrified by 2022

And the big one, the announcement that China might ban ICE (along with announcements of the same by France, UK, Scotland).

Some, maybe a lot of credit for at least the Euro OEMS transitioning to PEVs can be claimed by Tesla’s rise and success as the first new auto OEM to get to mass production in over a Century in the US and making compelling EVs.

Yeah, it is past time for legacy manufacturers to jump on the ev bandwagon, and they seem to be falling all over themselves to try and do so.
It’s comical.


What does he call the Model S?

Money in the Bank?

Sure the guy’s ‘non review’ is fluff, but I don’t mind spending a minute reading his raves. The Model 3 is certainly an exciting vehicle for anyone who cares about electric cars, and to a lesser extent to anyone who cars about sporty sedans.

Have patience, gentlemen. It will be another 2-4 months before we get any real reviews. I’m looking forward to them!

He’s under an NDA (like all other current 3 owners). Laaaame. When does that NDA expire?

No one can say, but I bet it will be readily apparent when it does. Maybe October the 31st, as Musk likes giving out candy to the kiddies att.

“friend DA – highest form of NDA”

Yeah, I call BS. This is a *production* car, yet 6 weeks after its official first sale the owners are still under a gag order.

As a Model 3 reservation holder, Tesla makes GM seem trustworthy by comparison.

Yeah that sounds weird unless they are leased and they have no say of the vehicle

Seems pretty obvious that Tesla won’t try to make the general public sign an NDA agreeing not to post pictures or comments about the Tesla Model 3 to social media or to the press.

Will the NDA which Tesla and SpaceX employees had to sign, when buying the car, expire at that point? Or will Elon continue to prohibit his employees from saying or showing anything about the car to the public?

I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see!

Unless it’s a lease he can since Tesla will own them but if it’s own by his worker the they can do what they can damn please since it’s thier property

Those employees were offered something of value in exchange for something of value. They agreed to those conditions. It has nothing to do with property ownership, or employment.

The employees were offered early delivery slots for a product that is massively popular. Those early delivery slots have value.

In exchange for those early delivery slots, they traded something of value, which was non-disclosure.

That is straight up contract law. It is no different than contract agreements on an ICE car that in exchange for a warranty, the buyer agrees to a set schedule of oil changes and service. It has nothing to do with freedom, or property rights. It is straight up contract agreement.

Any employee who doesn’t want that deal is free to NOT TAKE an early delivery slot, and wait like the rest of us until late October.

Now stop the anti-Tesla nonsense.

It’s called property rights. If you own you can do what you damn please. I want to piss in my car, I can do that unless it on a public road.

Damn you are ignorant. Sadly you’ve proven today that not only are you a hopeless anti-tesla troll, you simply don’t understand basic contract law.

Contract law has nothing to do with property rights. Every time you agree to a contract, you bind yourself to the terms of that contract. You can’t claim some moronic “rights” that have nothing to do with the contract to unbind yourself from the terms of the contract you signed.

The existence of property in the contract (whether it be a car, or a pet, or DVD) doesn’t nullify the contract. It is still a binding contract.

But please, please keep posting. You keep digging yourself deeper and deeper and exposing your trollish intentions with every post.

The extend to which you will absolutely ignore fact and reality in order to stick to your anti-tesla attacks speaks volumes….

But before you go off making up things again, why don’t you provide the proof, evidence that Tesla is paying for Model 3 reviews?

They aren’t letting unfiltered reviews go out, just pre-approved material like this guy’s tweets/appearances. I really want to see a copy of the NDA leaked t see what ridiculousness Tesla required its early 3 owners to adhere to.

Ok it a contract law that you are giving away your rights too. I got it.

You call me whatever want to call me Nix but it’s people like you that give this site s bad name

Can you name any other major car company (Tesla IS a major company, right?) that officially “released” a vehicle (and counted its sales as official) that required owners to sign an NDA?

Ridiculous for a car that has officially been “released” for 6+ weeks.
When the Bolt was released (for real, not some joke token release to please stockholders) you had owner reviews/FB postings/videos out the wazoo. GM should have counted the pre-production units delivered to employees at the beginning of last year for testing as real deliveries too I guess.

Then they would have beat Tesla to the 200 mile/<$40k pinch by 16+ months instead of 8 months (if you count the token deliveries of the 3 in July as "real")

Is it a coincidence that most of Tesla trolls never seem to support any other evs either? They always say they are ev fans but don’t drive one right now because range is not there or charging is not fast enough or whatever stupid reason they come up with. Make no mistake, these losers are not ev fans.

We are not haters or trolls. I drive 2012 Volt and my next car will be a lease because the technology depreciate faster then a rock in water. Tesla afforable 3 is out of my range and the Bolt won’t do 7500 tax credit for the lease so that leaves me with Ford, GM and Nissan for my next car

Don’t you know Will? Anyone that doesn’t agree Tesla and Elon are perfect in every way is labeled a troll/short/etc.

I’d expect lease terms on the Bolt to improve significantly over the next year. Wait until initial demand in the new rollout states is sated.

Maybe you mean falls faster, as rock in water is not depreciating. Besides that’s A Volt is not a Tesla.
So my battery is not charging or holding a charge as well as it used too, therefore all batteries and all cars depreciate at the same rate. Which seems to be your logic.

..ah descends faster than a rock in water,though more scientifically accurate, I suppose, than falls, falls fits the bill. They’re probably interchangeable.

My car is the premier at 40k now its worth 7k. Technology is moving so fast that phev and evs values are falling fast as well.

You are painting every ev with the same brush which is exactly what I was accusing of so, by your own admission you just proved it.

Tesla’s are the top end of spectrum of value retained while the Leaf ev is at the bottom.
I find you points feeble, and completely without merit, but I suppose you are probably use to that. Bye.

Yes their top end but I can’t afford the 3, I’m talking about other ev, sorry I didn’t exclude tesla

I suspect I am one of these alleged “trolls” and I, like many others that have posted here drive an EV. A PHEV to be exact with 90% of it’s miles done on electricity. My home also generates slightly more power via solar panels than it consumes a year. So ya, I do a heck a lot more than some of the EV proponents here who can’t actually be bothered to drive an EV! They always remind me of that sad little guy who shows up to a Porsche event with his Carrera glasses and his Members Only jacket and his mustache (hehe) but no Porsche… It’s just kind of sad really. It really is a simple fact that the masses won’t adopt EVs until many of those things you mentioned aren’t solved or they’re forced to either through taxation or bans in favor of EVs. How do I know this? Just look at the discounts the mainstream EVs have to offer and you can clearly see it. Joe the plumber isn’t going to drop down $80k for a base Model S so really as well as Tesla has done for themselves doesn’t mean anything as it relates to the… Read more »

I don’t think anyone is making that allegation.

“Is it a coincidence that most of Tesla trolls never seem to support any other evs either? They always say they are ev fans but don’t drive one right now…”

We can’t lump them all together like that. EV haters and anti-Tesla FUDsters are not all peas in a pod.

For example, “Four Electrics” pretends to own a Model X, because that lets him pretend some of his MX bashing posts are based on personal experience. He’s not the only anti-Tesla troll who pretends to drive a Tesla car, either.

I don’t think they are even all Tesla short-sellers. For example, “zzzzzzzzzz” appears to be a Big Oil shill, and his incessant “fool cell” fanboy posts appear to be part of his pro-Big Oil propaganda campaign. But at least he doesn’t pretend to drive a fool cell car!

Jason Calacanis is hardly unbiased. I’m waiting for the true professionals to get their hands on one and give us an unbiased review.

Looks like we’ll be waiting a while. It astonishing that the owners of a production vehicle aren’t allowed to discuss it, post videos, or provide any sort of reviews.

Yep. And where are the official EPA Monroney labels???

Drama queen much?

1) Nobody said he wasn’t biased.

2) We are about a month away from general release. At that point I’m sure we’ll hear lots of whining about there being too many stories about Model 3 reviews. There will always be a reason to complain.

3) There are already neutral third party reviews.


6 More links in this Fortune story:


“but it cost the same as a Prius.”

I mean most of what he said sort of have values and taken it from a Tesla fan boy, that is a bit reasonable.

But don’t tell me that having a Model 3 with load features (which is what he has right now) is somehow a Prius price.

I don’t know too many Prius are sold at $54K to $59K price range… Even with $10K federal and state incentives (CA), it is still a $44K to $49K vehicle.

The exaggeration of the Tesla fan bois are really what bothers me..

Oh god. We are about a month away from general release of the base model, and you’re still complaining that people somehow can’t talk about the price of purchases around a month away???

I suggest getting out your complaining about the price for the next month or so, because your pointless complaining will be moot before you know it. I suggest 4-5 posts a day to get it out of your system for the next month or so, just to get it all out of your system while you still have a chance.

Even it is base model, it is NOT PRIUS PRICE. Sure, you want include some incentives. But the facts remain that Prius don’t sell at $35K. Yes, you can load up 1 Prius with every box checked for that. but that isn’t a comparable price.

That is fan boy spinning.

Nix, you know better than that.

Tesla’s biggest problem is they are so successful they can’t keep up. Given that any who own them love them. I can’t wait to get my Model 3 and placed the order at the local store the 1st day we could. Maybe we will get in in Nov or December.