Tesla Model 3 Logo Change – Tesla Replaces Three Bars With Number 3



Tesla has just changed the Model 3 logo from three bars to the number 3.

If you head over to the official Model 3 page, you’ll notice the change from the old three bar format (see below) to the new number 3 naming/logo convention for the Tesla Model 3.

We’re relatively certain the name/logo change has some link to search engines queries, as the old three bar format just doesn’t make Google happy, happy.

Old Three Bar Name

Old Three Bar Name

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Potato PoTAHto…..lol

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ S≡XY Dan Quayl≡

It’s potato≡, poTAHto≡.

YES!! Now people _have_ to stop writing it Model , which is great, because that was _never_ it’s name.

Model -Three bars-*

Prefer the bars….

Pity, the old logo is so much better.

‘Se three y’ just doesn’t sound sexy enough to describe Tesla’s line up.

You mean ‘S three xy’ ?

So sad to see the old logo go……Does this mean the car will be available sooner?

Now all we need to do is stop abbreviating the Model 3 as M3. The M3 is a trademarked name by BMW.

Since I’m not making a profit off of my use of “M3” instead of typing “Model 3”, their trademark doesn’t apply.

Nix, How about ‘TM3’ instead of ‘M3’?
Still Short, and not the BMW M3!

looks like they put the Nix on those 3 bars!

Yes number 3 is lot more simpler to understand than the 3 dashes.

By the way, what does the number 3 stand for. Does it have 3 motors.

Many reasons – but my bet is it’s their 3rd mass production vehicle.

They wanted to do an E but ford did not let them (3 is a backwards E) S 3 X

Base price $*3*5,000

that’s what I think the 3 stands for 🙂

They planned to make their first four cars as S X E and Y. Get it? Sexy.

The Y will come after the 3 and be a small SUV like a rav4 or a small pickup.

Somehow Ford was allowed to Patten the letter E. Stupid Patten laws.

They were able to Patent it also. 🙂

Trademark, not patent.

Yeah, I wish Mr. Patten hadn’t copywritten those stupid Patten laws and then tray marked them.

It is the third generation Tesla. This is the third and final step of the original master plan.

poor Mikael
now you will have to redo your avatar.

I find the 3 ugly, even more so when used as a letter.
So I will change the 3 to three bars on my car when it arrives. 🙂

Bob Nan asked: “…what does the number 3 stand for. Does it have 3 motors.” Pretty sure the M3 won’t have three motors. It refers to the original Tesla Motors business plan, to make successively less expensive cars. In the original plan, the code names for the first three planned models were: #1 Darkstar: This became the Roadster. (“Dark Star” is the name of a low-budget, “cult” science fiction film.) #2 Whitestar: This became the Model S #3 Bluestar: This became the “Model E”, but Ford objected because they had that trademarked, so Tesla changed it to the “Model 3”, with the “3” styled as three horizontal bars, thus: “≡”. This was an attempt to maintain the plan of the model names spelling out “SEXY”; you’ll note that Tesla’s next planned model is the “Y”, a CUV version of the Model 3. With the “≡” logo, the four model names (not including the Roadster) would have spelled “S≡XY”, which I suppose is close enough to “SEXY”. The Model X was not part of the original Darkstar–Whitestar–Bluestar plan. The Model X started out as a modification of the Model S… but, I think, diverged rather more sharply than originally intended. With… Read more »

Frankly all cars have way more than 3 motors. Motors are use for power windows, windshield wipers, to run coolant loops, fans in the HVAC system, etc…….a typical car has dozens of motors…..

I rather think he was referring to three EV traction motors, but thanks anyway.

Dead wrong! The names, after abandoning E, spelled out “S3XY”, and still do.

The *name* has never been “Model ≡” but “Model 3”, as I’ve pointed out to you about a hundred times now. And that character, ≡, actually just superficially resembles the (old) 3 logo and has no real connection to it at all. The only reason for people to use this is that they are Royal jerks who feel they are better than others because they can input strange characters on their computer. But really it’s as grown up and as accurate and as intelligent as it would be to use a copyright sign character to mean Coca-Cola…

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for you to comprehend that a logo is not the same thing as a name. But hopefully now that they’ve changed the logo even you will at last stop using something that looks a little bit like it’s logo place of its name.


Jeez, it’s soooooooo easy to push your buttons! 🙄

Grow up, Terawatt. Or go back to posting on kiddie forums.

It requires three salaries.

Maybe that was so they didn’t get confused with the Electric GT. Also the “E” in Tesla looks similar so maybe people were getting confused it was the Tesla Model E.

I think the confusion with an E is what they were going for in the first place.

Maybe they should have stuck to Roman Numerals.

Wait a minute.. Is that Mark Vee or Mark 5? 😀

Three bars is actually how you write “3” in Chinese.

Three guys were walking down the sidewalk, two of them walked into a bar the third one ducked.

There are 10 types of people in this world.
Those that understand binary and those that don’t.

There are two types of people in the world: Those who classify people into two types, and those who don’t.

“There are 10 types of people in this world.
Those that understand binary and those that don’t.”

There are 10 types of people in this world.
Those that understand Fortran and those that don’t.
Bah ha ha 🙂

Ew.. don’t say the F word. Brings back bad memories.

There are two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data

..and those that…

And Japanese

“I think the confusion with an E is what they were going for in the first place.”


Ford prevented Tesla from trademarking “Model E”, but that doesn’t mean Tesla was happy about it.

Using the same “≡” as seen in the “E” in the Tesla logo (see image linked below) was obviously no coincidence.

Finally Toyota admits that its going to take more time to popularize FCVs than expected.

Currently the Toyota’s FCV sales stands at 3,000 and they plan to increase it to 30,000 by 2020. Guess how many EVs will be there at that time.

I know this is OT, but far more than I expected. I figured they would have a hard time finding 300 people willing to pay a premium for an average car with expensive hard-to-find fuel. Hydrogen will either be made from natural gas or electrolysis, either twice as expensive as electricity (polluting) or 3 times as expensive (non-polluting). And a long drive to fuel up as opposed to having your care fully charged each morning. Why would people pay more to get less?

I wonder if that number is strictly civilian customers or includes institutions. I know automotive schools might be inclined to have them on had — the one at the local community college has a few CNG vehicles.

Maybe there was a legal reason, but I think the old logo was a lot more compatible with their image. Model 3 looks very staid and traditional. Model≡ looks more high tech and modern. I would have preferred to see them stylise the Model S and Model X logos rather than dumb down the Model≡ logo.

Elon getting closer to Trump, maybe the corporate suits are running off on him. Tesla growing bigger, maybe the quirky tech startup is growing up and this is the look of a mature, boring company. I hope not, their cheeky exterior is what set them apart (as well as the awesome products).

I hate when things run off on me.

S3XY….it still works….kind of.

In L33t .. and Musk is a nerdy dude, so why not.

I don’t get it:)

It’ll always be three bars to me! Just to spite Ford. ?

May have to do with that there WILL be a LOT of mainstream, non-Fan buyers.
Keep it simple.

The 3 bars were probably just too confusing. People are stupid.

I’ll vouch for that:)

LMAO at the name!!!!!!

Good one.

Hey, that was a reply to “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ S≡XY Dan Quayl≡” above……

wa happened?

They might still label the car with three bars, and just use “3” in print. Walmart learned the hard way about being clear about how your name is spelled, so writing it in Arabic numerals that easily fit into Google is probably a good idea.

I will be far more mollified by this nonsense when Ford actually *uses* “Model E” on a vehicle– right now they are just trademark trolling Tesla.

From the text used on the animation I think, and I hope that it’s their name.
It makes sense because a single piece should be quicker for the robot to attach to the vehicle.

Sad to see Tesla giving up the “Model ≡” logo. I actually tried to Google that once, instead of “Model 3”, and was surprised that it actually got some hits.

But at least now Terawatt can stop obsessing over Pushy and a couple of others posting comments to insideEVs using the “Model ≡” designation! Or maybe we’ll continue, just to tweak his nose. 😛

Hooray! The three bar symbol was pretentious and contrived.

Model 3. Simple.

“3” too ordinary for an extraordinary car!

Plus it looks like a butt.

Your search query theory is wrong. Google it, it shows despite the bars.

Reality check:

Googling [Tesla Model ≡] yields “About 499,000 results”

Googling [Tesla Model 3] yields “About 7,750,000 results”

So let’s not pretend it makes no difference.

I can’t see a “3” in that logo. Has it become some sort of captcha?

Since, as I’m sure those who have figured out how to print it know, this symbol in mathematics means “identical to,” I’ve never been able to see it as having any relationship to numerical three. I’m glad to see it go.


What a shame the former logo was so much more SEXY !

I Guess the cool tripple line 3, is for us idiots that stood in line early. The number 3 for the rest of the belivers.

Looking at the official site I did not see an actual logo or model number on the actual car, only the graphic “Model 3” floating in the view pane showing the picture of the car.
So perhaps the actual logo on the vehicle has not actually changed.

I love the old logo Model 3 BARS, its futuristic.

It’s futuristic too.

Stephen Psaila-Rodriguez

Absolutely nothing no one could possibly stop Tesla electric motors from going ahead okay… Elon Musk is a genius way ahead of every other single auto manufacturing company okay… Yes my next car is going to be the Tesla all-electric Model 3 okay… Put that in your pipe and smoke it… thank you…