Tesla Model 3 Launches In Mexico, And It’s A Big Deal


Wow! The Tesla Model 3 is now making its way to Mexico of all markets.

We already knew Tesla was pushing its hugely popular Model 3 midsize sedan to overseas markets, but to see it hit Mexico is a welcome surprise. Reportedly, the automaker sent invitations out for an open house in the country, as well as information about the electric car’s official launch. Today, Tesla will host the unveiling at its Mexico city store.

According to Teslarati, the automaker’s email to Mexico-based reservation holders informs them that the “Model 3, the wait is over.” These citizens — if they take delivery — will make history and set an all-new precedent for the country.

The particular Mexico City-Masaryk Tesla store is a bit of an outlier, as it’s situated in the very affluent neighborhood of Polanco. The area is well-known for top-dollar retail stores and upscale bistros. So, Tesla vehicles are sought-after as expected.

As Teslarati shares, Tesla has been contacting a Model 3 reservation-holder by the name of Jose (as well as others) to get a grip on what configurations are needed in the area.

Once again, Tesla proves that it’s branching out globally into a myriad of locales. While many naysayers will continue to assert that demand is limited and U.S. deliveries are lackluster, we can see where the Silicon Valley automaker’s newfound focus lies.

Source: Teslarati

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It’ll be interesting to see the actual numbers of Model 3s sold in Mexico, and all the other electric cars sold there! We have very little data about it.

Could use PlugShare to look at the various types of charging stations deployed, particularly Tesla destination charging. It is fascinating!

You can go from Mcallen, Texas to Mexico city in a Tesla.

I can go from Toronto, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico using Superchargers! Next vacation 🙂

“While many naysayers will continue to assert that demand is limited and U.S. deliveries are lackluster, we can see where the Silicon Valley automaker’s newfound focus lies.”

Exactly. Focus where the demand is.
Your point kinda backfired.

Mexico has issues but “struggling”? Kinda racist

What exactly does that have to do with race?…

Christ I get sick of the word “racist” being thrown around any more. If anything, it actually cheapens those who are truly singled out because of their race.

Leave Christ out of this.

Sorry, I meant, “Jeez.”

Clearly you’re only so talented in the first place.

Actually, Christ has never got into anything.

Funny, I get tired of people getting supper offended by the use of the word racist rather than at an actual act of malevolent discrimination. To what end does anyone want that word censored and censored more than other words? No one is actually harmed by the word “racist” but downplaying racism has harmed millions. Wrong priorities.

Kind of the point he was trying to make. To throw the word around constantly diminishes the real problem.

Yeah that’s not how that works. Getting really upset at someone for saying something is “kinda racist” never made anyone care about racism more. All it does is inevitably call someone over into a thread to rant something objectively racist to whom no one will ever call out because the whole thread is people yelling at someone who actually cares about racial sensitivity.

I mean who are these oblivious people who can suddenly decide that racism isn’t a problem because they heard the word “racism” one too many times? They’d have to have chosen to know almost nothing and saying one word less or more isn’t going to change that. Definitely not worth bandwagoning on someone else for. Maybe people can focus all that anger on fixing their ignorance.


“Mexico has issues but “struggling”? Kinda racist”

Projected GDP growth for 2019

US. 2.3%
Mexico. 2.3%

For those of you questioning the Possibility of racism would you characterize the 2019 US economy as struggling?

Mexico has struggles, but it’s an industrialized nation with 124 million people. Obviously the electric vehicle market there is going to be worth noting. For reference China and Mexico have about the same GDP per capita.

Wow, are you over-sensitive, dude?

The stories about how entire regions of Mexico are ruled by drug lords, and the police and courts are thoroughly corrupted by drug money… it’s not at all “racist” to observe that Mexico is struggling with some very, very serious problems, and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better. The drug lords have actually gotten so bold that now they’re killing reporters in Mexico who dare to report on them.

“The stories about how entire regions of Mexico are ruled by drug lords, and the police and courts are thoroughly corrupted by drug money… “ There are too many examples of corruption in the US courts and government for me to cover here. “it’s not at all “racist” to observe that Mexico is struggling with some very, very serious problems, and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better. “ It isn’t if that is the subject matter but it wasn’t. It isn’t at all clear who you are responding to but Juan acknowledged Mexico has issues but took issue with the word “struggling” which was used in conjunction with the economy. My only issue with that is I don’t recall once seeing the US economy described here as struggling. I don’t consider myself racist (I’m mixed race) but in the past I’ve often said things that are considered racist until people have called it to my attention. “The drug lords have actually gotten so bold that now they’re killing reporters in Mexico who dare to report on them.”” ….and we have a president who has openly and repeatedly invited violence against the media. Moreover he has condoned and refused… Read more »

Tesla Mexico is also offering the base model via Lease at ~$1,000 USD/month

That’s a crappy deal unless it’s a PM3.

I was kinda surprised they didn’t start shipping to Mexico sooner, to be honest. Thought they might have done it when they started sending to Canada.

I had thought, and said I figured the same would happen! Oh Well… At least they got started on Mexico, before 1st Quarter Ends!

there is no plan to build a wall between Canada/US so shipping is easier.

In Mexico, Tesla could make inroads for their other business’s too, such as solar, and power storage, though that seems a bit long range, on the solar side, as that business seems to be on the backburner. I do think Mexico is a good fit in the sense that being a warm country one could say adios to problems associated with driving evs in the Winter. Also good for solar. Mexico is not latitudinally challenged. So first you sell the car to the affluent, in gated, garage, communities. Then you sell the homeowners the panels, and the power walls, as the power can be iffy at times. This in turn helps to stabilize the grid which benefits everyone. I think many of the knocks on Tesla and what the are going through at this time are really just growing pains, and will be resolved in time, as Tesla exhibits long range thinking, occasionally tempered by short term goals. Like fixing service, delivery, problems.. Tesla is like the long distance runner who is far out ahead but begins to wobble and slow, when the race is almost won, but then takes a water break and resumes their run towards victory as… Read more »

No brainer to finally start model 3 sales in Mexico. 50k+ sold this year in Mex wouldn’t surprise me. Affluent, rideshare and corporate customers should bring enough demand. Model Y will probably double those sales in a few years though as many roads in Mexico are more easily traversed with a higher riding vehicle.


Chevy can’t catch a break with the Bolt EV.

With all the complaints about the trade deficit with China and immigrants crossing the border. I’m surprised that more companies in the US don’t build more factories in Mexico instead of China. Certainly shipping cost would be lower.

China is the largest market in the world for cars now. Why would you build it in a niche market like the US or Mexico?

The US is certainly not a “niche market”.
More cars are sold in the US every year than in the entire European Union.
Not to mention that cars manufactured in Mexico can be easily transported to Canada and Mexico.

You have to build special ¨cars¨ for the American market vs. Canada or Mexico because our tastes are ¨unique.¨
I.e., we have most of the global supply of suburbanites fantasizing that they´re frontier homesteaders while loading up on giant crates of cereal at Sam´s Club. 6000 lb SUVs and trucks are the big sellers here.

US Companies don’t have to build cars in Mexico.The trade deficit with China is almost half the total trade deficit. Some US companies need to build some factories in Mexico.
China isn’t even excepting our plastics that we put in the blue bin anymore from the US. How about Waste Management build a recycling center in Mexico to take all the recycled material from the US and convert the plastic into pellets.

Why not oil?
Garbage into oil


Why not both.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Was that irony?

Mexico is the 7th largest manufacturer and 4th largest exporter of vehicles. In 2018 3.77 million units built, 2.77 million of those were exported, most of which to the US at 2.34 million. Virtually every major car company builds cars in Mexico. GM is in fact the largest manufacturer making just shy of 1 million in 2018…they’ve shifted many of the SUV models to Mexico and are still growing there while they shutter US plants. Nissan is at 900,000. VW has a massive presence, Mazda has a new plant. Ford, FCA, Audi, etc etc. So saying you wonder why more aren’t building there is a bit odd since all the companies build there already. You cannot make cars in Mexico or the US and sell them in China. Well….it’s technically possible but China puts massive tariffs on basically forcing anything other than high end non-price sensitive models to be produced locally. And is you want to build locally you have to effectively surrender your IP along with part of your company by including a stooge company as ‘partner’.


We don’t have but 1 or 2 recycling plants that actually turn recycled plastic into the pellets that can be used to make new products. We’ve been sending all are recyclable materials over to China. China no longer accepts our garbage. If US companies wouldn’t build plants that convert recyclable material into pellets etc so new products can be manufactured. Build the plants in Mexico. Waste Management surely can do something like this.

Model 3 will be big in Mexico City because you can drive any day with electric cars, but if you have Gas cars, you only allow to drive some days because of the Pollution Law of on Mexico city. also, Gasoline in Mexico City is 4 Dlls by Gallon. is more expensive.

And the solar insolation in Mexico is GREAT. You can put up 5 solar PV panels and that will generate enough electricity to power your Model 3 for 10,000+ miles a year.

Is this for all M3 levels???? Inc base?????

Looks like only midrange isn’t available.

I expect the usual suspects to say that this is Obviously another act of desperation to do anything they can to slow the collapse of demand for the M3.

Yup. For any other company, growing the market is seen as a good thing. But according to the serial Tesla bashers, Tesla growing its market is “a sign of desperation”. 🙄

Yep, only extending the inevitable…day 3249 of the Tesla Death Watch!!!

Where is the rest of the title introduction on these articles. I always start reading them and every time I do I cant find the second half. One would assume it would be in the actual article but no luck.

I’m particularly interested in the new Aero wheels design. They look to be the business. =)

Last time I looked, there was only one Tesla Store in all of Mexico. Will demand for the Model 3 lead to more… er, well now that Tesla is going to close most of its stores and convert just a few to Galleries… will there be more Tesla Service Centers (and perhaps eventually one or more Delivery Centers) in Mexico?

Tesla’s business Model is to sell exclusively online. I do not see a reason for Tesla to open any more galleries or stores. But, I do think they need more service centers should Tesla prove to be a popular Model.

Mexico is a GREAT place for the almighty combo of Solar PV plus an EV. Just 5 big solar PV panels can provide 10,000 miles of electricity a year.

I would expect the Model 3 market to be very popular in Mexico City. Cars are banned from circulation with even and odd licenses during certain days to combat smog. The base Model 3 should also a price that many affluent Mexicans should be able to afford, especially when compared to the prices of of other luxury brands from Mercedes and BMW. The Volt, Bolt and Leaf are also sold in Mexico at a similar price.

So do rich people buy two cars, one with an even and one with an odd?

Maybe, but the Prius is very popular for the same reason and toyota sold the gen 3 for 30k.

on 2018 were sold 50k+ Luxuries cars between BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in Mexico, if Tesla got 50% of the market, it will sell 25K a year in Mexico.
Now Tesla should start selling in Brazil also. Brazil is Double the size of Mexico, so Tesla can sell another 50K on Brazil.

The Model 3 should be very competitive in this sector, but it also has the added benefit that it is a electric car and can operate in Mexico city 365 days a year.

I don’t know what the tariffs on cars imported to Brazil are now but it was 55% in 2016. That’s why the major automakers built factories in Brazil.
Protecting Brazils automakers from going bankrupt.

Hopefully they put a supercharger in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) so you can take your Tesla there from Phoenix or Tucson.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)

Great news, I agree that we will have to wait and see how much of an impact they make in Mexico. I’m not aware of big sales for EVs in that country as I would guess there is a lack of charging infrastructure and in many places even basic needs. Big city like Mexico City, which chokes on its own smog, is a perfect fit.

However, not sure if the buying power of the Mexican population is as robust by comparison to an American buyer.

Good move by Tesla, especially considering the significant number of Model 3 parts originating from Mexico.

I took a look at the price of the the Model 3 in Mexico and it comes in at 800,000 pesos or over 42000 for a base model 3. A big ripoff given the current exchange rates. As a car made in NAFTA (or what ever you call it) it is exempt from tariffs and Mexico does not charge tax for ev’s.

Yet its still not available in half of EU