Tesla Launches Model 3 In Japan: First Deliveries In Late 2019

DEC 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

At least 6-7 months of additional waiting.

After presenting the Tesla Model 3 in Japan in November, it’s now known that the first deliveries will begin in the second half of 2019.

Japanese media says deliveries will be in late 2019.

Japan probably will not be a major market for the Model 3. However, the Model 3 could be the first all-electric model that could possibly compete – in volume of sales – with the Nissan LEAF in its home market.

Source: response.jp

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How popular is Tesla in Japan?

ev-sales has never mentioned Tesla in one of their Japanese posts, but they also don’t publish Japanese posts on a regular basis, and they generally only cover a tiny number of vehicles when they do publish anything on that market.

Most recently, for October they reported 1675 Leaf, 810 Prius PHEV, 557 Outlander PHEV, and 192 Other. If Tesla occupies that entire Other category, then they’re a distant #4 in Japan. This was a start of the quarter though – one of Tesla’s weakest months, generally.

For February, there was 3720 Leaf, 1197 Prius, 576 Outlander, and 402 Other. If Tesla is the entire Other category, then they’re a less distant #4 than they were in October.

For December of last year, the numbers were pretty close to the same as February of this year – still no mention of Tesla, just 462 “Other” which doesn’t include Leaf, Prius, Outlander, or BMW.

The Model 3 should do much better than S and X in Japan; S and X are ridiculously huge by Japanese standards, perhaps even more so than in Europe.

Agreed. Model 3 sales will be significant in Japan. Better size, better price point, better driving dynamics.

Last year were selling whooping 20 cars per month or something like that.

Realistically, who in their right mind in Japan is going to buy oversized and overweight ‘murican car that doesn’t fit into typical parking spaces, attracts overweight penalty tax, confirms ‘murican junk quality stereotypes, and doesn’t even have proper plug to plug directly into standard local charger unlike every other Japanese or German plugin car around.

Will it ship with Chademo?

I wonder if this also means other RHD markets will be getting Model 3 in late 2019.

EV is considered to be something to come in the next decade and the situation in China is driven by Chinese industrial policy, not by it’s own merit. 
Tesla phenomena is a unique one in the US and not necessarily applicable to Japan.
Perhaps, this this an perception on EV among general public in Japan.
In addition, negatively twisted news by Japanese media on Tesla (mostly a copy/paste of US sources ) does not help them here. 
I went to the preview of Model3 the other day. Invitees (mostly reservation holders) were quite excited but I got an impression that it was much less crowded compared to what I could see from pictures of European previews. 

Having said that, we should remember the fact that Japan was very slow to adopt iPhone but now we absolutely embrace it with more than 70% market share.
I think that Model 3 moment will eventually come to Japan, too.

Japanese need K-CAR more than sedan.I used to live in Tokyo one month, only saw five Model S on road.