Tesla Model 3 Accounted For Over Half Of All Midsize Luxury Car Sales

NOV 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Tesla Model 3 leads the midsize luxury segment in the U.S.

According to the latest sales data of the midsize luxury segment gathered by Good Car Bad Car, combined with IinsideEVs’s own Tesla Model 3 sales estimation in the U.S., the newest Tesla makes a kind earthquake in its class.

In October 2018, Tesla sold approximately 17,750 Model 3, while the overall sales of midsize luxury cars was 34,078, which translates to 52% for the Model 3.

The question is whether Tesla is expanding the segment or gobbling up sales of other models?

A year ago, sales of midsize luxury cars in October amounted to 19,158 (including about 145 Model 3), which means that this year the segment grew by 14,920.

It leads us to the conclusion that Tesla Model 3 sales mostly expand the midsize luxury segment, and partially (by about 15%) grabbed sales from others compared to the previous year (in very simple terms).

A Similar situation is on our radar for the first 10 months of 2018. Sales of midsize luxury cars so far this year hit 257,145 (including about 96,417 Model 3, according to Good Car Bad Car), while a year ago it was 185,983. The segment grew by 71,162, so Tesla again consumed over 13% (about 25,000) of other manufacturers’ sales in 2017.

Source: Good Car Bad Car

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So Tesla’s growth hasn’t been mainly derived from buyers of traditional premium brands, but from costumers from outside the premium segment. Interesting…
However, even if it has “only” stolen 13% of the sales from other manufacturers it also limited any chance for growth that they had for the foreseeable future.

I really want to see the Model Y out. If the Model 3 did this, if Tesla goes after the mid-size SUV cash cow of the german brands then they’re screwed.

Considering how cheap leases fuel the entry level luxury market and those aren’t available on the Model 3 this is all the more impressive. I agree that the model Y is the other much bigger shoe to drop. Tesla just needs to figure out how to build them in large numbers. Once Tesla is sustainably profitable and Model 3 resale values after 2-3 years (typical lease duration) become known they can also play the cheap lease game to further propel sales.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD -Past-500e and Spark EV,

Here’s the data link:

Acura TLX 2,263 2,668 -15.2 25,180 29,181 -13.7
Alfa Romeo Giulia 801 726 10.3 9,734 7,137 36.4
Audi A3 1,121 1,413 -20.7 16,700 20,212 -17.4
Audi A4 2,267 2,576 -12.0 28,464 27,828 2.3
Audi A5 1,761 2,143 -17.8 23,005 16,100 42.9
BMW 2-Series 664 1,045 -36.5 7,916 9,665 -18.1
BMW 3-Series 3,445 4,497 -23.4 38,176 47,712 -20.0
BMW 4-Series 3,191 3,181 0.3 26,657 33,447 -20.3
BMW i3 424 686 -38.2 5,274 5,321 -0.9
Infiniti Q50 2,074 2,791 -25.7 28,254 30,867 -8.5
Infiniti Q60 809 0 0.0 7,153 0 0.0
Jaguar XE 306 525 -41.7 3,687 7,932 -53.5
Lexus IS 1,511 1,972 -23.4 18,904 21,247 -11.0
Lexus RC 211 828 -74.5 2,804 5,851 -52.1
Mercedes-Benz B-Class 1 59 -98.3 134 602 -77.7
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class 5,581 1,814 207.7 22,729 16,506 37.7
Volvo 60-Series 1,120 1,392 -19.5 8,880 14,400 -38.3

–The key BMW 3 series took a 20% hit.
–A3 took it on the chin too 17%; but A4 managed a good weathering this month.

Mercedes C-Class
Jan-Set 2017 58.949
Jan-Set 2018 42.253
It´s a 28% hit in just 9 months

The new BMW 3 goes on sale in March 2019, i was expecting a bigger hit, a hit of only 20% seems quite good.

So many ppl are missing what is important on this.
EV sales are NOT going to simply kill off luxury.
Ppl will stop buying ICE long before there are enough EVs to replace them.
Why? Because resale value on cars that traditionally hold their values, will plummet.
Want a high end 2 y.o. luxury MB for under 20K, if not maybe 10K? wait 2-3 years.
This is going to cause major issues for the legacy car makers. I would not be surprised to see 1 or more fail again.

True, much like the tide going out before a tsunami. mature Ev markets total vehicle sales appear to shrink.

I see a 2008 Ashton Martin for 28k lately. And they retailed at way over 160k brand new in 2008 dollars!
Me say high priced supercars like that will plummet in value as bargain hunters pick on the corpses left by the Tesla 3 inflicting devaluation mayhem on any luxury ICE. Yes people will stop buying them as their value will plummet far more than before.