Tesla Model 3 Gets Taken Out For A Spin At The Gigafactory By Motor Trend


Tesla Model 3 - A Pretty Decent Way To Get Around The Gigafactory (via Facebook/Motor Trend)

Tesla Model 3 – A Pretty Decent Way To Get Around The Gigafactory (via Facebook/Motor Trend)

We have yet to see a lot of the Tesla Model 3 out and about in the wild, much less doing laps around Tesla’s Gigafactory facility.

Yet here it is.

Apparently Motor Trend knows some people at Tesla, and leveraged that relationship to take the above raw footage of the 215+ mile car out zipping around.  (YouTube video of same found below by Tesla Motors Fans)

Earlier in the day, MT also filed the below exterior walk around video on.

The interior it seems was off limits.

Also be sure to catch Motor Trend’s full write-up report from its day shooting the Model 3!

Hat tip to Stan Marian!

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39 responses to "Tesla Model 3 Gets Taken Out For A Spin At The Gigafactory By Motor Trend"
  1. Miggy says:

    Good look at the Tesla 3 on the road, what is the go with the daylight running lights?
    They are totally different from the other photos .

  2. Volt says:


  3. drpawansharma says:

    Awesome, it looks much more finished that even Model X did in sightings merely 3 months from the sale.

  4. Anon says:

    Nice and S L E E K . . .

  5. Lou Grinzo says:

    I love the look, and I suspect this car plus the Bolt plus the Leaf 2.0 will combine to push us past the knee in the curve for electric cars.

    About freakin’ time.

    And not for nothing, but if Tesla leaves the nose on the 3 as shown, there will be quite the cottage industry producing “nose cone art”. Shark mouths, big toothy grins, etc.

    1. Rick says:

      Surface doesn’t look all that big. In my country, you need a plate in front and back so it’ll take up some space. They use rectangular plates so it’ll look quite proportional and much less empty I suspect.

      1. FFE1 says:

        I agree – Plates are required most places in the US and it always looks like an after-thought. This space actually designs a space in – wow good looking car! maybe I will have to plunk down my 1K!

  6. Rob Barros says:

    Bring Model 3 on. We’re ready!

    Don’t mess with the front end. Fine just the way it is!

    My only suggestion (regarding what I’ve seen thus far) relates to the two different door handles. The matte black car has straight handles, differing from the red and silver “L-shaped”. L-shaped is better!

    It would be wonderful to tour the prototypes out to the dealerships this summer for order holders to see.

    1. jelloslug says:

      My take on the door handles is that the matte black car was an early prototype and used the door handle hardware from the Model S.

    2. Murrysville EV says:

      I don’t want door handles that I have to push into the door to make the grip pop out.

      That won’t play nice with snow and freezing rain.

  7. Paul says:

    Don’t change the design. It has grown on me and I think it’s just perfect. No grill, not even the new Model S grill. The 3 is good as it is!

    1. RexxSee says:

      I agree, and unaware people will recognize easily if this car is an electric by the look of the front end. With growing appeal for BEVs it will be good marketing.

  8. Mister G says:


    1. vdiv says:

      you and half a million people 🙂

      1. Hari says:

        And probably another half a BILLION who are in wrong countries or who just don’t have the $1000 lying around.

        Or simply put folks like me!

  9. PVH says:

    Good looking car, no question of that.
    One design feature I like about this M3 is the rather short bonnet which gives a maximum room for passengers for a given car lenght. I consider buying a BMW 3 series as my next car but each time I see one I wonder why the heck this super long bonnet when all car maker now how to efficiently reduce place an engine take nowadays, same with Audi. I suspect they believe it looks sexy. To me it is just a waste of usable place and make the car look old fashioned.

  10. Kimmo57 says:

    I like the look (and reserved one), but I’m not convinced the promice of safety will come true when it comes to moose crashes due to the size of the windshield…

    1. SparkFiatOwner-M3reserved says:

      Moral of that story is — drive a Model X or SUV instead in the back country

      1. Kimmo57 says:

        I think Model X is even worse.

        1. Anon says:

          Thinking and knowing are two entirely different things…

          1. Kimmo57 says:

            Well, I know for a fact that the top of the windshield on the X goes way back, so there’s no support against the body of a moose entering the car.

            1. Anon says:

              Then don’t buy one. Or any car for that matter.

              There isn’t a single manufacture that designs for the possibility of impacting with a Moose.

              Since you’re aware that cars are not designed to impact into horse sized objects, why even make an issue out of it?

    2. TomArt says:

      Safety tests do not include moose, simulated or actual…or any other animal…anything smaller than a semi loses against an animal that big. The runts weigh half a ton…never mind an alpha bull moose…

    3. DirtyOFries says:

      The Model 3 has a standard windshield size. There’s a support bar across the top above the driver – you can see it in the videos.

      The large glass is in the rear…so if the moose makes it that far you have bigger problems.

    4. Speculawyer says:

      Do not drive into a Moose. That is all.

      Moose really are a serious danger to cars . . . a lot of weight right at decapitation level. Cars are designed to hit something 10 to 20 inches or so off the ground.

      1. Anon says:


        Patient: “But doctor, my eye hurts every time I stick a red hot iron into it!”

        Doctor: “Then stop doing it!”

  11. Thanh Tran says:

    Tesla Model 3 is by far the best looking EV cars out there with the lowest price and has the longest range per charge. I am so glad that I have already put my reservation for one on March 31, 2016 before the reveal and looking forward to own one in my driveway. Tesla has its own niche market so there is not need to convince the future Tesla Owners to go purchase any EV cars available out there.

  12. super390 says:

    The prototype in the video has California plates and it’s driving on the highway, so it must have registration info. Can any of that be publicly accessed and is any of it useful?

    1. ss says:

      There are no year/month Stickers — probably just promotional. . .

    2. Speculawyer says:

      I’m sure it has special dealer or manufacturer plates.

  13. floydboy says:

    Mmmmmm……purdy, real purdy.

  14. pjwood1 says:

    “Give us 2.6 and 10.9 times for the P90DL, and you’ll get 1st drive in Model 3.” -that’s what I’m thinking. Cozy?

  15. Speculawyer says:

    That car is so damn fine. I want it in my garage right now.

    I’m tempted to buy that $500 Telsa charger so I already get busy installing it now.

    1. Anon says:

      Dunno. With most companies, I’d say go for it. But with Tesla, they’ve been doing some work on automated snakes, etc.

      Who knows what they’ll have available by the time Model 3 rolls off the production line?

  16. MTN Ranger says:

    Square video format is so awkward.

  17. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Love the side and rear looks.

    Not a fan of the front bumper.

    The front light looks great.

    The front bumper can be slimmer. Porsche and Ferrari don’t have front grill either and they look great with a slim front bumper.

    Tesla should make a small change to the front bumper to make it look sleeker. Other than that, it looks great.

    I still love the look of Model S more though.

  18. Impressive view of the GigaFactory early in the video – it gives a sense of the scale of the thing – just goes on and on…

    Personally, I’d like to see some consistent brand theming go into the front end design of all of Tesla’s cars and the latest S one is probably what I would be happy to plump for.

    The existing 3’s inverted wedge shape front is too ugly for me. The rest of the car is fine – just a mini-me S really. And I really like the rear trunk – giving, as it does, the space to the car occupants rather than worry about fitting sheep or bricks in there.

  19. Rick says:

    One thing I noticed in the pictures is that the rear wheel isn’t positioned in the middle of the wheel well. Prototype issue, right?

  20. Chris O says:

    Must admit, I was a bit underwhelmed when I saw it the first time but the design looks better every time I see it. Great in fact.

    That’s the hallmark of great design and the Motor Trend people seem to agree.

    Like others I’m even starting to think Model 3 can pull off the no grill front look, but new Model style “face ornament/logo” could be offered optional.