Tesla Model 3 Display Fleet To Arrive In Europe This Week

NOV 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla invites reservation holders to see the Model 3 in Europe

Finally, Tesla has begun the presentation of the Model 3 to reservation holders in Europe. According to the latest news, invitations were sent out to at least several countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy, but more will be included soon.

In France, the cars will be presented between 14 to 29 November in the Paris Madeleine store.

According to Elon Musk, by the end of this year, Tesla will launch an order page for Europe (initially probably only for reservation holders).

Production is expected to begin in January and the first deliveries should occur in February-March.

“We expect to start producing a significant volume for Europe in January, and obviously take some time to ship. So deliveries, probably if we finish the deliveries in Europe kind of in the late February, March timeframe.”

Tesla Model 3 in Europe:

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C’mon Tesla where’s the U.K don’t be scared off by the Jaguar it’s just a little old pussy cat.

There will be many thousand Model 3’s in Europe before people in the UK get close to configure their cars, you will have time to see and feel it.


Tesla is waiting for the British to drive on the right side of the road …. 🙂

At last… but what is the price and will it use CCS?

Those seem to be important questions for a number of people.

Combo 2 would be a better idea

The price varies depending on which country you live in.

These show cars are just american ones for now, so we still wont know about ccs

Tesla Model 3 in Germany will certainly shake things up for the German car makers.

Will have to wait and see. Model X and S have not performed well lately.
The german Autobahn is quite a challenge for EVs, because the range shrinks drastically with higher speeds.
Will be harder to convince people to switch.

What does “presentation” mean? Will there be test drives (either for the general public or just journalists)? If so, it implies that Tesla’s done with the homologation work.

How about increasing the fleet available for test drives in the US? I’ve been waiting a year now.

Ask to a neightbourd or friend, you have a lot of model 3 there, not like we on europe.

US: 120 k Model 3’s on the road
Europe: 0 Model 3’s on the road.
Cypress: please send more Model 3’s to the US.


(in case you didn’t realise: I’ve been waiting 2,5 years, just as >100,000 of of my fellow Europeans)

I don’t live in “Holland”, I live in The Netherlands.

I’ve been told there is one on display in Mall of Scandinavia outside Stockholm now and perhaps two days further.

Already on Display in Tesla store (el corte inglês shoping mall )in Portugal ,Lisbon.
It Will have CCS.


Also at Barcelona, passeig de gràcia shop.

The bargain of the century. All new tech vs a gas car and half the price of the Model X and Model S.