Tesla Model 3: 5th Best-Selling Passenger Car In U.S. Last Month

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Tesla again shines in the passenger car sales rank

In November, Tesla Model 3 was overall the 19th best-selling vehicle and 5th best-selling passenger car in the U.S. , behind just four Japanese models – Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla.

The result of 18,650 (estimated) is the second highest for the Model 3 and probably will be improved upon in December.

U.S. best selling brands in November 2018

In the case of brands, Tesla is in 17th place (same as in October). No chance for the top 10 right, but maybe #12 is in reach for December?

Tesla will need to expand to the Model Y to be able move into (and stay) in the top 10.

Source: bestsellingcarsblog.com (some numbers estimated)

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Good chance Tesla ends up in 12th place or so in December. 2019 — depending on if the Model Y actually arrives (unlikely) maybe 15th…I still see it as a long shot outselling BMW and MB in 2019 with only 3 models vs. about a dozen for the Germans.

With trucks securely occupying the top three passenger sales volume positions it will be interesting to see what Tesla does truck wise and who sooner reaches volume sales & production for trucks… Tesla or Rivian.

Tesla or Rivian.
Please + Bollinger too to that list.

Do you have access to the average sale prices to all the vehicles on the top 20 list? Just quickly looking over the list it appears that the Model 3 would be the highest ASP in the top 20 which, if true, would also be an impressive feat.

Very impressive, with just 3 models, Tesla could nip at the heels of Lexus which is 1 above.
With the Fed rebate being halved to $3,750, Tesla should launch a lower priced version of Model-S probably with 50 KWh battery for a 195 mile range which is still much higher than Leaf (150 miles) and many other models. This will raise the sales level of Model-S to much higher level. This may give a overall boost to Tesla make and this does not involve any new design effort. They already sold a 40 KWh and 60 KWh versions earlier.

These pickups like F-Series, Silverado/Sierra, RAM is not just 1 model, they have many body styles like (regular cab, quad cab), engines (4, 6, 8), metal top or no top on the cargo bed, etc and that’s why they are on top.

Still the crossovers are coming so close to pickups in sales as they keep grabbing market share from cars.
Now the big question is how will the Model-Y look like, whether its just like any other crossover or has some extra features like removable roof on the cargo section. The GMC Envoy XUV sold a decade ago had that functionality.

With Bollinger B1 probably have such removable roof, it will make sense for Tesla to provide the similar feature.