Tesla Issues Recall For 11,000 Model X Due To Rear Seat Problem


This is not the first Model X seat-related recall.

That first recall was due to a fault in the third-row seats, this latest recall is linked to the second-row seats.

Tesla has issued a recall for 11,000 Model X due to a problem with the second-row seats.

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Tesla Model X

The issue is with the fold-flat seats. Apparently, a cable within the seat may be out of adjustment. This prevents the seat from properly locking in place in the upright position.

CNBC adds:

“During recent internal testing, Tesla determined that a small number of cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles may need to be adjusted.”

“Although Tesla has not received reports of any issues or accidents relating to this condition, we will be conducting a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and confirm whether any adjustment is needed.”

Tesla believes that only some 3% of the 11,000 recalled vehicles will actually have this issue. It only affects Model X SUVs with fold-flat second-row seats made from October 28, 2016 through August 16, 2017.

No injuries have been reported.

Tesla began contacting owners of affected vehicles just yesterday. The recall work will be performed at no charge by Tesla’s mobile repair.

Source: CNBC

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Guess there’s no OTA update for this fix, eh?

Take a seat, they are working on the OTA update now, and of course, you’ll have to wait a bit.


No. But since it won’t require a lift, and just needs an inspection, they’ll probably do what they’ve done with other recalls and get some of the inspections done at Superchargers and other locations, rather than having to have customers bring their cars in to a service center.

Right, and maybe GM is shutting down more plants to retool, lol.

The statement followed reports that GM plans to shut the plant for about six weeks from mid-November and lay off about 1,500 workers then cut production roughly 20 percent once operations resume, according to a source familiar with the plans.

What does GM shutting down a waning production line of ICE sedans have to do with a Model X recall?

“The Hamtramck plant makes four poorly performing sedan models, including the Buick LaCrosse, sales of which are down 21.5 percent year to date, and the Chevrolet Impala, which is down 31.8 percent.”

Sedans sales are down pretty much across all brands and automaker in the US.

Add those who use that juvenile, sheep-like “LOL” to the list who deserve banning!
It has become the trademark of the troll.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No dooooofus, it’s an OTG…..On The Ground.

This clearly has nothing to do with OTA, so I’m not sure what the purpose is of your post, except to poke at the hornet’s nest.

But for the consumer tt is about the same effort as OTA updates, because Tesla is using Mobile Vans to send out Rangers to check the cable adjustment. Zero hassle for the consumer, and not a single consumer has been impacted yet by this issue.

Much better than traditional ICE car companies that wait for the deaths to stack up and drag their feet until they are compelled to do recalls way too late.


On a side note, I hope as we go into the future that we won’t see where a story contributor to Insideev’s also regularly trolls insideev’s articles. If somebody becomes a regular contributor, while stirring the pot for the purpose of stirring the pot, that is way too similar to the whole Violentacrez incident on Reddit:


To be clear, the parallel I’m posting isn’t to the content, but the arrangement. Where Violentacruz was working for Reddit, while posting incendiary content at the same time.

I think he is referencing the silliness Musk exhibited with his comment “we need to rename recalls” before because he complained that they fixed some of their recalls with OTA updates. They never needed to bring any cars in.

This one is the same way, they can send a truck out, no need to bring a car in.

But despite all this that was just whining on Musk’s part. It’s not like they are the first to fix a recall without bringing cars in. On-the-spot repairs have been in use for some time.

As to the violentacrez thing, I don’t see the relevance. The problem is the trolls and that includes more than just bro1999. It doesn’t matter whether they write articles. The article was actually a good one.

Well, thanks for confirming that he was trying to troll a fake meme that is a completely false misrepresentation of what actually happened.

My post below explains what was actually said, for anybody who wants to rationally understand what was actually said in order to end the confusion that customers were having that they needed to schedule a visit to a service center when they did not need to.

Trolling a fake meme? WTF are you talking about?? You are seriously psycho, bro.

Not sure what you’re on about. The basic point stands, which is that no all issues are fixable OTA (*). That isn’t controversial, and of course applies to all carmakers (like the seatbelt issue that affected a number of carmakers, including Tesla). And the ranger thing may hold in California or high-selling Tesla markets, but it sure doesn’t hold globally, and not every owner uses superchargers frequently.

Also, Tesla won’t necessarily be able to afford the practices they had for the S for the Model 3; the margin might not be there (think of the titanium underplate retrofit).

(*)I for one don’t enable automatic software updates on any computer or device I have, unless the update specifically solves an issue I have, I know exactly what changed, and there’s already months of public experience with the fix. I’m a SW professional who used to run a QA group, and updates frequently break stuff. Cars aren’t different.

“As to the violentacrez thing, I don’t see the relevance. The problem is the trolls and that includes more than just bro1999. It doesn’t matter whether they write articles. The article was actually a good one.”

I agree, the article was a good one. And given that fact, I would expect that going forward into the future that insideevs would indeed continue to use him as a contributor for future content of the same quality. And hopefully he gets paid for the high quality of that content. That is generally how skill and expertise is compensated.

The parallel I’m drawing (read my words closely) is the potential problem in the future of having somebody paid by a website (who’s revenue is generated through visits) then posting incendiary content under a pseudo name that drives more visits due to the incendiary nature of that content. That is the Violentacrez parallel. Again, not a parallel between the actual content, but to the paid relationship between the website and Violentacrez.

I don’t get jack from IEVs. I don’t get jack from Google either. I write because I feel like writing. Period. Stop spreading FUD like you always do.

That’s why I made my comment as an aside, and repeatedly described it as potential future issue and didn’t make any such claims.

If you don’t become a compensated contributor, then that potential future problem won’t happen.

Glad we’re all on the same page.


I appreciated the article you contributed to InsideEVs. It was well written, and — unlike all the Tesla bashing posts you write here — it was both well informed and objective.

Too bad you don’t have the same approach when you write comments. But then, it’s been pretty obvious that those aren’t what you honestly believe; they’re pretty clearly part of a deliberate disinformation campaign intended to damage Tesla’s public image, just as all FUD is part of a deliberate disinformation campaign.

You get extra “troll points” for gratuitously calling Nix — who writes more well-informed, thoughtful, and perceptive posts on a wide variety of subjects in InsideEVs’ comments than anyone else — a FUDster.

AHAHAHA! You almost made me spill my coffee.
Anyone that wants a perfect definition of “circle jerk’, just read the last part of PP’s comment above.

For “conspiracy theorist nut job”, read the middle part.

“This one is the same way, they can send a truck out, no need to bring a car in.”

That’s pretty close to trolling right there, Unlucky. Why don’t you take a break from your constant Tesla bashing? It’s getting old pretty fast.

An actual recall involves actual work by actual technicians or mechanics on individual cars.

Contrariwise, a problem which can be solved with an OTA update can be done to every single Tesla vehicle in use, overnight, without anyone having to touch a single one of them. Insisting on calling that a “recall” is pretty brain-dead.

“This clearly has nothing to do with OTA, so I’m not sure what the purpose is of your post, except to poke at the hornet’s nest.”

I dunno. Perhaps to lighten the mood before you and the other ‘troll seekers’come in and ruin it for everyone with your high and mighty bs.
I can’t imagine I am the only one that got a slight chuckle out of his comment.

Ah, the last bastion of defense for the mindless troll. “don’t take my trolling seriously, everything I say is bullship just for humor”. Got it.

Stop posting falsehoods that you present as fact (then claim is just humor when debunked) and I’ll post actually funny stuff all day instead of having to debunk you guys all day.

You can’t even joke about Tesla in the slightest without the over defensive fanbois attacking. They are their own worst enemy. Tesla’s products are fine. It’s the fanbois and the overzealous CEO that are the real problems.

And I especially love their destination stations!
Now that I have my adapter, I’m gonna make it a point to use as many Tesla stations as possible when traveling in my Bolt. 🙂

“You can’t even joke about Tesla in the slightest…”

No, you can’t even joke about Tesla in the slightest, because we recognize that as just part of your strategy to damage Tesla’s public image in any way possible.

Contrariwise, I — who have frequently been called a Tesla “cheerleader” and even at times a shill, despite my frequent criticism of Tesla and Elon — I can make snarky remarks about the company, because I’ve earned that right from all my supportive posts.

Bro1999, a troll like you has squandered the right to ask that people cut him some slack. You used up all your slack long, long ago… and then some.

Completely agree. This comment section has become pure cancer with the Tesla fanbois viciously attacking anyone who doesn’t uncompromisingly praise Tesla. Post FACTS from Tesla’s own filings and you are called a troll, oil shill and more. It certainly has put me off this site.

Yep, the Tesla worship is really tiring. Sorts like North Korea and the Kim Jong Un worship. Lots of parallels. Sorta scary actually.

To quote a classic Simpsons episode that applies to Tesla fanbois perfectly:
“The leader is good! The leader is great! We surrender our will as of this date!”

You Tesla fanbois crack me up.

I wish i could say the same about your stupid comments but unfortunately all they prove is just how narrow minded you are.

Pot, meet kettle Mark.ca

Typical false equivalency from a serial Tesla basher.

Mark.ca isn’t the troll here; you are.

I enjoy and appreciate what you write about the Bolt, but posts like this are just obnoxious.

Imagine if I actually tried trolling you Tesla fanbois in earnest. IEV’s servers probably would crash and burn. Lol

So you admit (YET AGAIN) to trolling, but your excuse is that you aren’t actually trolling “in earnest”.

Thanks for making your admitted trolling activity clear yet again.

Whatever Nix, I could say I love Elon musk and you’d still think I’m trolling.
I could buy a Tesla and you’d think I was buying one so I could find all sorts of problems with it to try and short the stock.
If your whack mind anyways. You are a bigger troll than me.

*bigger troll than I could ever be

bro1999 said:

“I could buy a Tesla and you’d think I was buying one so I could find all sorts of problems with it to try and short the stock.”

Or you could just pretend to buy a Tesla car, because that would let you pretend to write from personal experience when you write Tesla bashing posts.

That’s exactly what one of our resident serial Tesla bashing FUDsters does: “Four Electrics”. I’ve seen at least one or two of the Usual Suspects on Desperately Seeking FUDsters do that, too.

Why should you be any different? It’s not like one of you trolls has any better ethics, or is any less antisocial, than the others.

“Imagine if I actually tried trolling you Tesla fanbois in earnest. IEV’s servers probably would crash and burn. Lol”

I “imagine” that you know InsideEVs gives Tesla bashing trolls a pretty wide operating margin. Someone said that you’re much more civil when you post on the Tesla Motors Club forum… because you know that trolling is far less tolerated there.

But please, please do show us just how far you can go in being a troll. I look forward to you getting banned from InsideEVs. That hasn’t happened to many serial Tesla bashing trolls here, but you would be at least the third if you go down that path.

If I ever get banned, I’ll make sure to take down as many of you Tesla propaganda mouth pieces as possible.

Good. This is what should happen.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Not a fan of the X myself.

I remember my dad when we got that Ford Lynx. It got recalled a few times because the front seats “might fail” in an accident. Fail meaning it will break off the bolts……lol

Mr. Musk is agreeable enough to listen to, however the statement “Unlike old-fashioned companies, we don’t do recalls” was obviously crazy at the time to make. Couldn’t find the exact quote – but that’s the substance of what he said, to applause from the faithful.

Maybe the statement was ‘in vogue’ at the time, but realistically, its only the PRO-ACTIVE companies that do recalls, and it has always been that way.

“its only the PRO-ACTIVE companies that do recalls, and it has always been that way.”
Voluntary recalls….those are the words you are looking for because many manufacturers have been caught and got recalls imposed on them.

The reason why you can’t find that quote, is because Elon never said it. This is one of those false memes that will never die. What Elon was talking about was one specific case where Elon was saying that that in that specific instance that customers didn’t need to physically bring their car in like 99.9% of traditional ICE car companies require when they physically recall the cars back to dealerships. Tesla made these statements publicly, because owners who read about the recall in the news were calling and trying to schedule appointments at service centers to have the recall work done, the same way they normally would with any ICE car they had ever owned. But unlike 99.9% of traditional ICE car recalls, owners did not have to have their cars recalled to the dealership to have the recall work done. It was being handled with OTA and through the mail. Here is what was actually said: “Tesla spokesperson Liz Jarvis-Shean told Business Insider this was announced Friday, and said “the term ‘recall’ is outdated.” “No vehicles are being physically recalled by Tesla,” she said in an email response. “We issued a software update in December 2013 and as… Read more »

There was no confusion. No one is confused by what a recall means except Musk. This is far from the first time a recall has been fixed without brining in cars. GM once executed a recall which was comprised of sending stickers through the mail to owners to put on their visor to clarify the airbag warning. No need to bring cars in.

Musk is getting indignant over a slight which only exists in your mind. And you may want to consider if you are doing the same thing when speaking of how Musk is being slighted.

Your post is yet another example of failure to read and intentionally twisting reality into an attack. AKA trolling.

Troll away little troll.

People like Nix make IEVs such a hostile place at times.

LOL!! Don’t troll and you won’t suffer the consequences of trolling. The power is in your own hands.

Now you admit to trolling to anything you perceive as trolling.
A very twisted mind of a TESLA fanatic.

Sadly you can’t read. That’s not what I said. I simply informed you that if you post trolling BS, that you will get called on your BS trolling.

You hold the keys to stopping it. Own your own trolling. Don’t blame your trolling on me.

But thanks for reminding us how traditional ICE car companies deal with recalls.

“…in 1980 recalled 21 million vehicles from 10 model years for a problem that caused some vehicles to slip from park into reverse …. solution for that problem, which investigators linked to 6,000 accidents and nearly 100 deaths, was to send drivers a warning sticker to put on the dashboard.”


Serial anti-Tesla troll unlucky gets unlucky again when he seeks to FUD against Tesla’s innovative system of dealing with issues by attempting an equivalancy using the example of the manufacturer of the car he drives who mailed out a sticker to “fix” a problem that had killed people.

unlucky continued his Tesla bashing campaign:

“There was no confusion. No one is confused by what a recall means except Musk.”


Doofus, your own post proves that’s not true! You can’t even figure out the difference yourself.

With 12 posts here and counting and many more on the other Tesla threads today it appears that Madbro is in his full manic state today.

You ain’t much better, pal. Actually considerably worse. The only things you actually post are slams of other posters. Not an original thought in your sack of guts.

Again with the false equivalency from a serial FUDster and troll. “Get Real” posts what he actually thinks and believes… unlike you.

I’m glad you loved my piece on Tesla destination chargers, PP. 🙂

Maybe I can convince Jay to let me replace those garbage Evannex Tesla propaganda works.

Yeah Bro I’ve rarely had issue with stuff you’ve said, and I agree you are just voicing your opinion – you have no hidden agenda. What Pushi and the SuperDope don’t apparently realize is that you are keeping these companies more honest. – I forget in Nix’s case how much experience he has with car companies, but Pushi had zero experience dealing with Tesla. My own experience with Tesla was, educational, and I’ve either met in person (mostly), or rarely, or, mostly talked to interesting people – the majority of which are fine individuals. Tesla’s Roadster EXPERT (drove to my house from Green Bay, Wisconsin) was so nice to me, and the most knowledgeable 26 year old I’ve ever met. He was so nice to me, performing several costly maintenance jobs for free, and also giving me a $17,000 inverter – no questions asked since he was so disappointed with my Service Center experience. But being on a budget, I traded in my Tesla while it was still worth something to get a reliable ELR on an even trade. The ELR I can afford, since its maintenance requirements are minimal. So keep up with your in general good comments. No… Read more »

LMAO, Manic MadBro serially carpet-bombing all Tesla threads with repetitive and whiney FUD is keeping Tesla “honest”

“Breitbart” Bill calls it, just like he was for the Trumpster until he decided that being a Trump sycophant might not work out.

And yes, we have all been made aware of your early adopter experiences with Tesla’s first generation vehicle and how that must translate into all further Tesla products.

Peanut Gallery… You forgot to include 4 full pages worth of drivel as the SuperDope would.

As far as relating a Tesla experience – last I checked this was a place for EV CAR OWNERS to relate their experiences – and I included information that was previously unknown here, that is why I typed it, although Fault Finders could admittedly have seen a bit of the information beforehand. The repeat info is called ‘reinforcement’.

Of course – you can’t come up with an original thought yourself other than butting in to a response that didn’t concern you , nor can you say “WE ALL KNEW THAT” because some info I didn’t give to “WE” yet, moreover – the comment was not addressed to people like YOU at all.