Tesla Hong Kong – Model S Dual Motor Launch Event at Pop-Up Store

AUG 18 2015 BY ALEX WAI 4

Tesla Pop-Up Store

Tesla Pop-Up Store At Pacific Place Mall

Tesla hosted an opening event yesterday to celebrate the launch of the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model S in Hong Kong at a Pop-up store in Pacific Place, a high end shopping mall on the island.

A P85D is being displayed from the 14th – 23 August for the first time in Hong Kong.

As reported last week, a number of customers have been invited to pick up their Dual Motor RHD Model S. After the opening event some media who have signed up for the test ride were able to experience the insane ride on Hong Kong roads.

Tesla RHD P85D

Tesla RHD P85D

A long time Tesla fan, Sonny Chen, who owns the Roadster, a rear wheel drive Model S and a few days old P85D, was introduced to the stage to share his experience.

Tesla Owner Sonny Chen

Tesla P85D Owner Sonny Chen with Isabel Fan (Country Director of Tesla Motors Hong Kong)

Isabel Fan

Isabel Fan (Country Director of Tesla Motors Hong Kong)

Some new P85D owners have already decided to upgrade to the Ludicrous Mode when it is available in Hong Kong.

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The biggest Tesla story lately was that follow-on stock offering. It confirmed something that I have been saying . . . there is a huge pool of millionaires out there willing to keep supporting Tesla.

Generally, when a company announces a follow-on stock offering, the stock price crashes down. The new stock is dilution of the current shares. But Silicon valley elite love Tesla and will keep supporting it as long as their plans look reasonably on track.

We’ve been having all these stories about Tesla ‘burning cash’ and heading to bankruptcy . . . the follow-on stock offering showed just how wrong those stories were.

A strong story can survive anything.

I think this is correct. The fact that Morgan Stanley raised their price target to $480 per share for Tesla, indicates they believe in that story.

It was only a 2% stock dilution, and Tesla is “burning cash” at a fast rate.

That is, if investing in growing the company counts as “burning cash”. Personally, I call that investing money. Building cars takes an enormous capital investment, and so does ramping up production for an auto manufacturer.

The problem with the narrative has been that so-called “analysts” talk about Tesla having huge expenses without noting that the expenses are almost entirely due to company growth. So long as the capital investment pays off in future sales growth, that’s a positive thing… not the negative thing they are trying to make it out to be.

That said, Tesla’s stock remains quite overpriced. Sooner or later, there will be a major correction. Probably not soon, though… despite fervent wishing by short-sellers. In fact, with the Model X debuting shortly, it’s most likely that the stock price will rise later this year.