Tesla Halts Model 3 Production For Up To 5 Days To “Improve Automation”


Bottlenecks are still present and automation still in need of improvement.

In early April, Tesla has finally achieved a 7-day production run rate of over 2,000 units for the Model 3 (and likely 2,500 last week), but that number will not be met this week as the automaker has just announced it’s shutting down the Model 3 line for up to 5 days.

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The announcement came just moments ago in a statement where Tesla addressed it as follows:

“These periods are used to improve automation and systematically address bottlenecks in order to increase production rates.”

“This is not unusual and is in fact common in production ramps like this.”

Just a few days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have been hinting at this looming shutdown when he stated:

“Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.”

So, it seems now that either these automation issues will be corrected or perhaps more humans (employees) will be brought in to take over the tasks robots simply can’t do properly.

Reports suggest employees on the Model 3 line have been asked to take vacation days or to go without pay (some may be offered a temporary alternate job within the factory) for a 4- to 5-day period until the line is back up and running.

The first time “bottlenecks” was mentioned in connection with Tesla Model 3 production was back in late 2017. It took the automaker quite some time to address those problems, with software being the main issue.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Reuters

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Billionaire F’s up and as a result asks line workers to take a few days off. Seems fair…

Who cares. It’s just a few days, and that billionaire gave them a job.

I guess that is why 83% of the tax breaks went to the 1%, they are suppose to give the rabble work to make the rich richer.

OK, tell us about your contribution to society/economy.
Cannot wait to hear it.

the 1% pay more in tax than the bottom 90% combined. So yes, any tax cut will benefit them as they pay all the taxes. Thank them for allowing the 90% to freeload and not pay their fair share.

The workers create the product, management does not.

Fool Cells said: “the 1% pay more in tax than the bottom 90% combined. So yes, any tax cut will benefit them as they pay all the taxes. Thank them for allowing the 90% to freeload and not pay their fair share.” Class warfare? Well, the war is over, and the 1% have not merely won the war, they’ve won every battle! They have rigged the tax system, the stock market, and the banking system, so that, globally, they now get 82% of all newly created wealth (citation below). And then, after making sure most people are too poor to pay anything significant in income tax, cutting good paying jobs wherever they can, either sending them overseas or replacing them with machines, they then (dishonestly) whine that they have to pay most of the taxes, and whine about those whose jobs they have taken away as being “freeloaders”! The 1% like to whine about the federal income tax, as if that’s the only taxes any American pays. Why is that? A relevant quote from a 2011 article, before the GOP made things even worse with the recent tax bill: The Internet is awash with statements that the top 1 percent… Read more »

Of course they pay more they have 99% of the money, however they pay way less taxes percentage. They should pay the equivalent of payroll for stock gains.

Those with bills to pay, that’s who.

And people wonder why unions matter. If Tesla Cared about their people, and understood the true economic hit they are asking of their line workers, this would be paid time off.

When GM shuts down for line improvements, they get paid time off. Thanks to the UAW.

You sure about that? My dad used to work for GM back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He did not get paid time off in these situations. These shutdowns could last weeks sometimes and often had to do with too much inventory on hand. However, he was allowed to apply for unemployment benefits during the shutdown.

I certainly find your comments, David, to be far more likely to be true than some first-time commenter here posting UAW agitprop (propaganda) while simultaneously bashing Tesla. It’s sad, but true, that the UAW has joined the legion of those organizations actively trying to damage or destroy Tesla’s hard-earned reputation for building popular, top-rated, attractive cars.

As you say, other auto makers shut down their production lines for weeks each summer, to switch over from one MY (Model Year) to the next. That’s considered perfectly normal. Yet when Tesla shuts down the line for just a few days to tweak it, as part of ramping up production, for some strange reason that’s considered newsworthy, and of course any Tesla-related news — especially positive news — attracts Tesla haters like flies to honey (…or horse manure… take your pick! 😉 )

It’s sad, but true, that anytime Tesla does something considered perfectly normal in the auto industry, serial Tesla bashers jump all over it and try to spin it as something “strange” or “bad”.

Go Tesla! Illegitimi non carborundum.

Use Latin to seem intelligent.

Uh, it’s a fake Latin joke from the 1960s (when I first heard it). The translation is supposed to be “Don’t let the bastards wear you down”.

Ahem !

“Use Latin to seem intelligent”

Or, belittle the humor so as not to seem dumb, and . . . how does it go? Oh . . remove all doubt!

Remember last summer when GM shut down the Bolt and Sonic line to reconfigure and everyone bashed GM as reducing Bolt production, but that turned out not to be the reason?

I worked summers at a GM plant. And knew lots of line workers and families. It was paid time off when they had their summer shutdown.

Bullpucky. You either don’t know the difference between being required to use your own vacation time vs. being paid for downtime, or you simply like to lie.

Because the UAW says you are wrong, stating that as recent as the 2017 shutdown, that employees are REQUIRED to burn through their own personal vacation time. Tesla is not doing anything that isn’t standard for the industry.


Even in the CAW (Now “Unifor”) plant I work at, the 3 week summer shut dow is basically a company forcef vacation period for those without more weeks Vacation than the shutdown! Sometimes, in some ateas, we migh work 1 or 2 weeks of a 3 week “Plant Shutdown”, but not all programs or areas of the same program get this option!

I think we have found the extra production capacity for the Bolt. Same line as Sonic (50/50 after the shutdown you mentioned) and Sonic is getting killed. My expectation is that over the late summer shutdown to tool for 2019 models, GM will switch that line to 100% Bolt thus doubling output.

I do not think the line will be 100% Bolt, I expect a 2nd more premium product, but built on the same platform as the Bolt. My guess…

Pretty sure They have more than one line at Orion. The Buick Verano there, which I am pretty surewas not on the same line as the Bolt/Sonic. I expect that line to be the upscale Buick EV.

Correct. They’ve already told us there will be a Buick version of the Bolt. It may be larger, it need not be a twin, but it would make sense for it to be built on the same line.

With Buick’s higher ATP, it will pull in more profit for GM than the Bolt does.

When GM shuts down the factory for a scheduled break, it’s a disaster.
When Tesla shuts down their factory, it’s a great victory.
These Tesla fanbois are insane! Lol

A scheduled break that lasted 50% longer than it was supposed to. I suppose the latest lay-offs at GM, over 1000 workers is a good thing, while Tesla is hiring like crazy, and even with minor production halts, to actually improve production rather than draw down on over production condition for the Bolt.

Once again your analysis falls short and your innate prejudicial views do not comport with reality, as the Model 3 production, including stoppages is just running rings around the Bolt.
But good for you, keep spouting your nonsense. It’s refreshing to see someone stick to their guns even after they’re overheated and firing blanks.

The difference was GM’s was scheduled and expected. The length was longer due to the ratio of Sonics to Bolt’s being too high given the demand for the Sonic. So the burnt though some Sonic inventory idling the plant.

Tesla on the other hand shutdown the factory in the middle of their production hell. If this was what was needed to remove some bottle necks why wasn’t done in 1Q? Pull the band-aid off quickly and let’s build some cars. Production hell feels more like purgatory.

It’s true it was scheduled and Tesla’s was not, though most auto analysts agree it was to get their inventory under control.
At the time they had not introduced the Bolt to other states, besides OR & CA, then as order books were opened up at other dealerships, the glut of cars dissipated.

Actually, dating back to months before Model 3 production began, Tesla was VERY clear that they planned to re-vamp the line to jump to producing 5K cars a week. This is that shutdown to revamp the line.

The exact date wasn’t fixed, but this was indeed a planned step in the project plan.

Tesla doesn’t have to personally tell you everything they are planning on doing in order for it to be planned. The fact you didn’t know it was planned doesn’t mean it wasn’t planned.

Had the same feeling.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Better a short pause/shutdown for improvements than Layoffs!


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Tesla just announced they are hiring 400 people EACH WEEK as they ramp up manufacturing to 5K+/week

Anybody else tired of bro1999’s incessant , daily heelbiting of Tesla?

He owns a Bolt. He owns GM stock. If Tesla fails to drag the ICE OEMs into building affordable electric cars, bro1999 will be delighted.

He posts daily on GM-Volt.com and writes a blog about his Bolt. Do you think his blind fanaticsm about GM is helping the EV movement?

Over at GM-Volt, people applaud his trash talk against Tesla.

I wonder if associations like Plug In America approve of bro1999 and his attacks on Tesla?

MadBro’s agenda is certainly pro-GM, but it’s very clearly not pro-EV, despite all his praise for the Bolt EV. If it was really pro-EV, then he wouldn’t spend most of his time here writing Tesla bashing comments. Especially not all the off-topic Tesla bashing he does!

It appears to me that MadBro is terrified that Tesla will drive GM out of business. And you know what? He’s right to be scared! 😆

Go Tesla!

You have to realize that much of insideevs have various associations back to gm-volt.com. Not that there is anything wrong with that. GM certainly was a strong early pioneer in bringing the Volt to the market, still with no real PHEV competitor when it comes to range and value combined.

“Remember last summer when GM shut down the Bolt and Sonic line to reconfigure and everyone bashed GM as reducing Bolt production…”

I remember seeing one or more tempest-in-a-teacup articles on the subject, and some comments — from some who quite clearly were not practicing critical thinking — on that subject, yes.

Did “everyone” bash GM for that? Well, I personally didn’t. And I was one of the few to point out that GM might have been merely changing the ratio of Sonics to Bolt EVs produced on that line, to reduce the number of Sonics while keeping the total output of Bolt EVs unchanged from the original guidance. And of course, later articles stated that this is exactly what GM was doing.

So, if your point is to lament the lack of critical thinking by people posting to the internet, then I’ll jump on that bandwagon. But otherwise, your comment is simply wrong. The situation with Tesla shutting down the line to tweak it is not even remotely equivalent, and if you think it is… Did I mention a problem with comments which demonstrate a lack of critical thinking?

Couldn’t agree more. +1

Didn’t Musk just infer it’s because of his mistake, i.e. it’s not a routine stoppage? I think that’s deserving of some criticism. But because Tesla can do no wrong in some folks’ narrow minds, any criticism is deemed unfair.

Yes, he stated it was his mistake, and then he went and fixed it. They just announced this upgrade to the line will push them past 5K / week production.

What is wrong with that?

Yes, Tesla can do nothing right and everything wrong. The thing they do do is learn from their mistakes.
So Musk has this grand vision of the machine producing the machine, but he doesn’t see the Gremlins, and there are always Gremlins.
Btw that fact is you are intelligent enough to use Latin as opposed to some smarmy derogatory comments pointing out another reason for using it.
Vini, Vidi, Vinci.

I didn’t realize my use of a reasonably well-known meme, a sardonic mock-latin phrase, would be an intelligence test, but it certainly turned out that way!

“Illegitimi non carborundum.”

According to google translate, it is complete rubbish.

It means “make petrol cars illegal”


Dude, you just won the internet for the day!
😀 😀 😀

Illegitimi non carborundum is a mock-Latin aphorism meaning “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. Carborundum, also known as silicon carbide, is an industrial abrasive material, but its name resembles a Latin gerundive, a grammatical construct that expresses desirability of whatever the verb denotes. In this case, carborundum can humorously be “translated” in English to mean “fit to be ground”.

Simply Search.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Yea, Get The Union To Run this Novice company into the Ground ,Before they Even Get a Chance To get Off the Ground! … That’s Really Creating Great Future Job Security for yourself…

Tesla is doing the hiring.
Tesla is hiring more people.
They don’t need any union work-stopages.
I’m pro union, but this is no time to screw with Tesla.
Wait till they’ve got production running smoothly.
Maybe then Tesla itself will be pro union.

But, you’re asking a lot to push a union at this point in time.

Plus + 1000

Apparently, Tesla also is using temps via staffing agencies. That’s not in and of itself a problem, but it does raise some real questions if the temps are being kept for months or even years.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

We have had Temps for 11 years.
Why is that such a problem????

They are hiring 400 new employees per week. They absolutely will have to use temps as they hire that quickly. Every business growing that fast would all get as many employees from as many sources as possible, both temp and perm.

Since when do Union workers get paid for when the line shuts down?
The only way that is the case is if it just happened in the last year.

Are you the same person who posts on parabolic arc?

MassiveDistraction tried to claim paid time off by the UAW for workers during shutdowns. You better tell UAW about that, because here are there instructions to their own union members on how to file for unemployment during a shutdown, or how they are “REQUIRED” to burn their vacation days:

“Employees MUST use 8 hours of vacation for each day of the first and second week of scheduled vacation shutdown period”

If they don’t have accrued vacation time, they don’t get paid, they get counted as “unpaid vacation leave” or “layoff”.



Sadly, in the United States unions are well organized to lie endlessly on social platforms, so it isn’t surprising to see falsehoods propagated, like being forced to burn though your vacation time as if it were “paid” time off. That is not the same. That is your vacation you are being forced to spend at their schedule.

The US needs European labor unions to come in and show the UAW how to run a union collaboratively with industry for the benefit of both.

First, this is what happens in automobile factories. You get laid off for a week, and sometimes a month during the model changeover. That’s just the way it is done, union or nonunion.

Second, you don’t think these same employees will make up the lost hours in overtime in what, a week or so?

Tesla just announced they are going 24/7 and adding new shifts. They absolutely will be getting as much overtime as they want/can stand.

I’m sure when that happens, the same people who whined here about a few days off will cry about the extra hours work…..


Even in Europe a part of your paid vacation can be designated by the employer if there is a reason. Changing a production line certainly is.
Of course over here we are talking about 5 or 6 weeks of paid leave. “Socialism”, as the reps would say.

GM does the same thing, as does every manufacturer. Stop talking nonsense and do a simple google search before you make false claims.

I thought the line workers weren’t getting enough time off, and now your are complaining that they get a couple days off? Which is it?

Hurry up and slow down already!

Sounds like it’s time to “Sharpen the saw.”

The rumor is the robots are unionizing.

Those darn commie robots! 🙂

OMG! Are the robots plotting to take over the Wobblies? That’s the last thing we need: Wobbly robots making our cars!



Sounds like a good idea to me, improving production – who wouldnt want to improve production on the model 3, with a long waiting list of buyers – still, cant keep all the critics happy.
enjoy yourday

Shorts are terrified of improving production rates.
This is the MOST RISK Timing for a Short right now.
Massive Production goals soon to be met.
This isn’t Monopoly Money.
Many of these guys could clearly LOSE EVERYTHING.

I’d be happy if they just lost their internet connection. Nothing wrong with them shorting TSLA stock; in fact, there are so many TSLA short-sellers that it actually drives up the stock price, allowing Tesla to borrow the money it needs more cheaply!

People who short other stocks generally don’t feel a compulsion to start posting lies to social media about the company. What is it about those who become Tesla short-sellers that causes so many of them to become serial compulsive liars?

Maybe they should start a self-help group; a place to brag about how many days they’ve gone without posting a lie about Tesla to social media! 😉

he he he he.
I suspect that the vast majority of shorters are not ppl like you and me (certainly not like me). They are much closer to elon’s level. Anybody that would short Tesla right now, is a real idiot, OR somebody that has enough money at it, hoping to manipulate the market and harm Tesla. And yes, plummeting their stock price would likely make it hard to borrow money.

Production hell is tough, yo!

Is that why Tesla builds more TM3’s in 1 week than GM builds Bolts in an entire month?

Yea, production is hell.

Bolt Factory is just running 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, and building the Sonic

Tesla M3 is at 24 X 7

And Dave knows that, Because….He is a Fly on the wall at Tesla’s Model 3 Line!!! 😀

Dave knows because Tesla announced it in a letter earlier today.

Isn’t it great when you don’t have to deal with workers with union protections that you can work to death (then under-report injuries later)?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Isn’t it great to work for GM then get laid off????


Your cult leader Elon said so himself just a few days ago. So it definitely is.

LMAO, sleezy GM stealership employee Mental MadBro is once again carpet-bombing his serial anti-Tesla FUD on the Tesla threads because he is insecure and scared of Tesla’s growing success and business model aimed directly at the stealership model.

Those Darn Liarships, Cheaterships, and Stealerships are always looking get on the the FTC investigation most wanted list. Only Nine Stealerships caught up in this $3.6 million fine last year, here in So. Cal!

They gave me the old Rope A Dope, but I smelled a Rat, and told them to pound sand!


Sure, why not. Overclock those slow automation robots already.

I hope share price drops to $150 because I want to buy.

It’s not going to drop that far.
But, remember Tesla’s:
50 day moving average price is: $319.
200 day moving average is : $331.

Shorts better remember Mean Reversion.
Because there is no Fundamental reason the stock price is this low right now.
In other words: A Good Time to Buy.

The first Ford F150 was built in 1975.

What is the impact today of a 4-5 day shutdown in 1975 of the F150? Meaningless.

The same goes for the Model 3. Only the most brainless short term thinkers are bothered by this. Everybody else understands that anything Tesla does to increase production in the long term is great news in the long run, since Tesla has already outsold the Audi A4 last month in the US, and is on track to outsell the BMW 3-Series in the US market, EVEN WITH A 1 WEEK SHUTDOWN!!

It is like Ali beating Frazier with one hand tied behind his back.

This ^

^ Not this. The first Ford F150 was manufactured in 1948.

OOPS!! My bad, I definitely got that one wrong. Yes, 1948 is correct and 1975 is way wrong. I don’t even know what I was thinking there — thanks for the correction.

If you are shutting down the line to build a better car, I’ll wait!

Another Euro point of view

I guess it’s OK to have a learning curve while doing something for the first time (mass producing a car in this case).

Yes, I mean obviously skipping the soft tooling phase is paying off for Tesla now with Model 3 production, isn’t it? Elon sure showed those dinosaur legacy manufacturers how a real production line is run. Lol

“Elon sure showed those dinosaur legacy manufacturers how a real production line is run. Lol

The Bolt went into production in Oct of 2016 and took over a year to reach sales of 20k. Tesla is on pace to easily exceed the Bolt’s first year total this quarter alone. … even with a shutdown. Certainly Elon has fallen well short of his stated goals but it can’t be denied that Elon’s failures exceed GM’s success.

Here in CY 3 of Bolt production they have a lofty goal of 30-35k units. Tesla will exceed that total next quarter.

So I’m guessing that the 3-6 week lead time I just got got for my Model 3 will now be 4-7. Still better than the 2+ years since I put down my reservation.

Another Euro point of view

What is funny here is that some weeks ago the story was all about not enough robots (the battery pack assembly bottle neck), now it is about too many robots. What will Tesla do with the robots they now have in excess ? Add them to the CPO program ? Will those be vacuum cleaned at least ? I love this company for the entertainment it delivers. Imagine an EV world with only Nissan’s annoucements. That would be boring as hell. Long live Tesla !

Well troll, have you considered that the extra robots will be re=purposed to new assembly lines for the Model 3 or even the Semi or Model Y in the next year or so?

You realize those robots are located in different factories in different states, right?

How exactly do you think that is anything but completely understandable? Where they would have different problems needing different solutions in different locations?

Same with spacex in spaceflight – used to be news- “ULA might lauch a rocket in 2020” (same as one lauched in 1994) now have – “Spacex are trying to land a second stage on a bouncy castle on wednesday!” (this is true)

i cant spell launch…

Automation is not always the right solution, but it helps to increase production. Tesla is absolutely capable of fixing whatsoever issue.

Regarding to production of the Tesla Model 3, there is some very important breaking news:

“Further opening its markets, China is removing a two-decade restriction on foreign automakers, which can currently only own a 50% share of any local venture.
• The rule change could boost Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), which has been seeking to set up a wholly owned plant in Shanghai, as well as other global carmakers.
• Ownership limits for new EVs will be removed this year, commercial vehicles in 2020 and passenger vehicles in 2022.”

Congratulations to Tesla
(and others)

More. Freaking. Delays!!! WTF is the point of shutdown when there are half million waiting? Do they have so few lines of production that they need to shut the whole thing down instead of upgrading a line at a time?

It may literally be 10 to 20 years before some reservation holders get their Tesla 3. CANCEL your reservation, because you’ll die of old age before they catch up.

It’s something I have wondered about. So even if they did produce 150k this year, well that only chips away at the massive backlog. It could take 3-4 years minimum to clear it, considering more orders are coming in daily.

I think Tesla was just completely overwhelmed by demand, which is a nice problem, but it’s still a problem.
Now in a month or so after the line is improved and production is topping 3k a week, then people will have forgotten all this and passed it off as. Just another bump in the road. At least reasonable people will.

Yes. They actually have one – only one – production line for the Model 3. GM only has one line at Orion for the Bolt and Sonic. That is how it works. Every car made rolls through the line in serial fashion. A well-designed line will have some buffer areas to allow partially-assembled vehicles to accumulate so other sections can slow down or shut down for a little bit if something minor goes wrong without stopping the whole line, but anything major? Line down. If you have to repair, replace, or re-tool a major tool on the line, down. The parts/sub-assemblies get out of sequence, it can go down. Out of a key part? Line goes down. If the line makes one vehicle per minute, then every minute down is costing the company the profit value of that vehicle. Could be $10K/minute for high-margin vehicles.

That is why it is so friggin’ critical to get that line perfected and supply chain dialed in BEFORE you start production.

Yes, that’s true.

“Do they have so few lines of production that they need to shut the whole thing down instead of upgrading a line at a time?”

There is only one Model 3 production line at the Fremont assembly plant.

And why set your hair on fire, dude? It is entirely predictable, and absolutely required, to shut down a new production line occasionally, to tweak things. This is doubly true for the Model 3 line, on which Tesla is trying to ramp up production much faster than auto makers usually do. As they continue to increase speed on the line, it’s inevitable that new bottlenecks appear and have to be dealt with.

The shutdown is to enable pushing production past 5K/week after the shutdown.

You are complaining about a pit-stop in the middle of a car race that doubles the speed of the car after it gets back on the track.

I’d like to be optimistic and think this is a play to help make sure Tesla doesn’t cross 200k deliveries before June 30 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Speculation is, from the dudes/dudettes I talked to at Freemont, that a couple of these slow/pause/shutdown were staggered for that purpose. The equipment that came for this shutdown came in a week late. It was supposed to have shutdown this week………per the dudes/dudettes.

Ah, yes and things needed to be fine tuned, and some people probably needed a few days off.
Good Call buy Assaf, too.

Q: Why did Musk stop 24/7 Model 3 production for a few days?

A: So he could get some sleep in the now quiet factory!

Source: autoblog.com

It really seams insane when the US has a company that has the leading edge technology in renewable energy and has created so many American jobs that other Americans would try and even cheer to see this company fail.
We lost the competitive edge against the Chinese with solar panels because our GOP congress and many Americans were clinging to coal. The Chinese Government invested heavily in solar manufacturing. The last thing Americans should want is for Tesla to fail and fail it won’t.
Wake up Americans whos side our you on.

+2! (…but -1 for spelling… ouch!)

Facts: Us coal consumption is down 30-40% from its peak to about 600-700 million tons per year. Mostly this is due to cheap natural gas and the difficulty in meeting emission limits for conventional pollutants (ie. not CO2) with coal.

China’s coal consumption remains at about 4000 million (4 billion) tons per year, roughly half of worldwide consumption. China’s push for EVs will allow it to effectively run cars, etc. on coal (the source of 75+% of it’s electricity) instead of oil.

Per the Paris accords, China’s CO2 production is not supposed to start declining until 2030.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I called this pause/shutdown in April a couple months ago.

re: scheduled shutdowns. Scheduled shutdowns are standard procedures for more than just the auto industry. I’ve done engineering work at saw mills, paper mills, pulp mills, cogen power plants, and fiberglass plants. All places that run either two shifts or 24/7. They would typically have at least two scheduled shutdowns per year, usually for a week or two – usually one shutdown at Christmas and one during the summer. These shutdowns are the only time they really have to do substantive upgrades or maintenance. Normally, they are planned months in-advance, with materials, sub-contractors, engineering, etc. all already sorted out and ready to go the moment the plant goes down. The on-site maintenance staff all get double-overtime and the rest of the employees either use vacation pay or take unpaid time off, but they all have a lot of notice about it and pre-plan accordingly. It is likely this shutdown has been planned for a month or two. Elon mentioned on the CBS tour that they had pulled out their complex conveyor belt system that probably was delivering parts or sub-assemblies along the line. I suspect they have a temporary jury-rigged hybrid manual/fork lift system or something. If so, something else… Read more »

Spot on on your comments, I worked as a field service engineer for over 8 years for a CNC machine tool manufacture and our larger clients would book our help months in advance for their planned shutdowns

Otherwise those lines run 24/7

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but the aggressive faith Tesla fans have is…strange. It’s as if any critique of the company or Elon is a personal attack on them. I can’t think of another car company where it’s adherents are so strident, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

It’s just a corporation. Who gets so worked up about a corporation?

Tesla isn’t just a company; it’s a story: a David-vs.-Goliath story. It’s a story about a “can-do” company that has repeatedly defied the consensus of financial analysts and stock analysts, and has not merely succeeded; it has jumped by leaps and bounds from success to success, beyond the wildest expectations of even its most ardent early fans! I’ve been a Tesla fanboy since 2008, but I never, ever would have predicted that the Model S would have gotten more “Best Car of the Year” awards than any car in history, or that some auto reviewers would even call it “The best car ever made!” Nor would I have predicted the astonishing ~455,000 pre-orders at $1000 apiece for the Tesla Model 3, even when nobody had seen the production version of the car!

Very few other companies have a CEO who has such a large following on Twitter. Possibly none! Almost nobody else uses social media to promote his company as successfully as Elon Musk does with Tesla.

Those are only a few of the reasons. More detail in this article from a year ago:

“Elon Musk and the cult of Tesla: How a tech startup rattled the auto industry to its core”


The reality is that dating back to Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign, attacking Tesla has been a surrogate for attacking everything green, and attacking all EV’s. Attacking Tesla is a coded attack among a sector of one political group.

I realize that not everybody understands this, the same way some people don’t understand the significance of Pepe the Frog. But there definitely is a sector of people who religiously attack Tesla, and the unfortunate part of being a green car advocate is that if you don’t battle their lies, they will take over green car websites.

Plenty of green car websites have been spoiled by these trolls, many have practically collapsed. Others have had to implement draconian restrictions to reclaim their websites from the trolls.

It is a reality of EV car sites.