Tesla Headed For Graveyard, Says Bob Lutz


Former General Motors exec Bob Lutz is at it again. He says Musk is a nice guy, but shouldn’t be running a car company.

Former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz recently spoke on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” This comes amidst new reports that that Department of Justice has initiated a criminal probe into the Elon Musk “taking Tesla private” situation. The automaker has confirmed that the DoJ has requested documents and share prices have continued to decline as a result of the news. Lutz shared:

They will never make money on the Model 3 because the cost is way too high. He’s got 9,000 people in that assembly plant producing less than 150,000 cars a year. The whole thing just doesn’t compute. It’s an automobile company that is headed for the graveyard.

In addition to the recent reports surrounding Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “funding secured” tweet, Audi just unveiled its first “Tesla Killer” in the all-new 2019 e-tron SUV. Lutz continued:

The jaws are tightening and I think in another year or two we’ll see a movie called ‘Who Killed Tesla,’ a conspiracy movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lutz pointed out Tesla’s continuing cash situation and speculated that the SEC won’t allow Tesla to raise funds in the midst of this investigation. He also made reference to several competitors on the horizon that are in much better shape financially. He said automakers like Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes can sell competing electric vehicles at a loss all while continuing to make a profit on ICE sales. Sticking with his previous solution, Lutz believes it’s time for Musk to step down. He went so far as to say:

Tesla has no … tech advantage, no software advantage, no battery advantage. No advantages whatsoever.

CNBC also spoke with Tesla shareholder/CEO and president of Gerber Kawasaki, Ross Gerber. He joins the club of many others who don’t think the investigation into Tesla is going to be a major issue. While he admits that times have been tough for Tesla and Musk lately, he’s confident that success is imminent. Gerber explained:

We all know what happened. I mean, Elon made a mistake. I don’t know if that’s a crime.

This is an exciting time for the company. So this just another annoying footnote in what will be the long-term track record of Tesla and we’re very confident over the next 12 months.

Additionally, Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch agrees with Gerber, although he did say Tesla should be able to be successful whether or not Musk is involved in the future. He compared the situation with that of Apple’s continuing success after Steve Jobs’ departure. Rusch concluded:

If the fundamentals are going well we think the long-term story starts to feel intact, even if Elon Musk isn’t there.

Source: CNBC

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I wonder when Bob Lutz will be tired of being wrong…

Big Solar

soon, very soon


When will THEN be NOW?

David Murray





Exactly, last I checked the factory is building at a rate closer to 350,000 per year and climbing. No doubt Tesla needs to get more efficient, but let’s see how they do given they about quadruple their output this year.


The Tesla financial reports covering this quarter and next quarter are going to be a treat. Their revenue is going to jump in a very satisfactory manner!
Musk and his “pedo” comments, his “funding secured” comment and the silly weed smoking incident have been distracting people from the fact that Tesla is growing its production rate on the TM3 in a game changing way.
This is going to be fun to watch!


True it’ll but it’s effectively killing the stock and funding opportunities if they don’t make a profit since Elon said they are going to make a profit. They have to show they are if not see there stocks go up in flames.


Yeah, all eyes are on the Q3 report. Since they are making some margin on all Model IIIs, and ~21% on all Model S and X vehicles, and pulled just about every corporate trick in the books, I wager they will have a stunning Q3.

Elon’s personal/Twitter antics could stop. Any time. Although, calling someone a paedophile and then being sued for it is hysterical. You have to prove that it’s a lie. In the worst province in Thailand known for sex trafficking, as an expatriate (your British criminal record gets dug into). It’s a horrible allegation, sure. However, if true, it’s unspeakable.


Innocent until proven guilty.

While Unsworth has been an ass, and I sorta can understand that Musk exploded at him, making such an accusation based apparently on nothing but speculation is still *extremely* inappropriate.


He Told Musk To, “Stick His Sub Where it Hurts”… , “A slap in the Face” Instead of Thanking Musk.. …. This So Called HER0 Guy, is Clearly Not RITE.. Suing may be his Worst Mistake , When Musk’s Lawyers start Digging ., Who knows what they’ll turn Up! ….


Making the price more easier to buy to go alll but private.


IMHO I think 220k to 240k is a safer bet. But I hope your right.

Al D

You people need to realize the Model 3 will soon reach a stage of overproduction. Will it be in 3 or 5 years? Nobody knows as of yet, but you can bet the waiting list will dry up within 3-5 years. Then what? Tesla can’t keep pumping them out, hoping for a ‘build it and they will come’ scenario. Price will matter when there are all types of EV’s from other manufacturers at more reasonable prices.


What do you base this on? Did the sales for the Civic dry up? How about the Camry? Corolla? Ultima? Accord? When the demand for the 3 does slow some what the Y will be up. The 3 will never just stop. Look at the sales numbers for the insanely expensive S & X. Their numbers are steady and have been for years. As Tesla grows and adds the Y and I hope a Pickup they will be sitting pretty. No other company is close to competing except in words.


When He dies…….


He was responsible for the cimaron


Sounds like Lutz is losing his mind.
And “Projection”, Scary. Is Lutz sick? Does Lutz think he himself is dying?

Get Real

What a putz this old man Lutz has become.


I think the word is klutz.

Robert Weekley

After GM Goes Down, again, and his own sources of Cash Dry Up?

earl colby pottinger

He had no problem wrong last year, or the year before that, still early. He can’t admit he is wrong and since he is retired this is the only way to get anyone to listen to him.


Repent, the end is near!
-Bob Lutz, every year

Robert Lee

If Lutz were only a tenth as creative as Elon …


Lutz, one tenth as creative as Elon ???…… rotflmao … Maybe. a millionth when he was at his Best ! … Lutz is Basically a Lucky Guy ..@ the Rite place @ the Rite Time !


Yup. Via Motors may still be issuing him a monthly paycheck, but he seems to be very much the kind of guy you see sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of a retirement home, yelling “Get off my lawn, you damn kids!” at passersby.

The “kid” on his “lawn” seems to be Tesla Inc. Maybe he has convinced himself that Via Motors would actually be able to sell its conversion trucks if Tesla wasn’t around? 😉


Nah, just plain old envy.


…or to make any money.


Lutz is actually heading to the grave yard sooner than Tesla…


Sure, but not worth an upvote.


His reputation certainly is! In fact, it’s already there.

Al D

He’s mostly right. The Model 3 will soon fill all its orders and production will have to be slowed down to meet demand. That will present a real problem for cash-strapped Tesla. How well the service department will perform is a big question mark. If there is a major recall, that would be catastrophic with a half million or more Model 3’s on the road. It wouldn’t take much to break Tesla. That is a major reason why I’d never consider a Model 3, even though I’m a sedan driver. Too many shortcomings despite its looks, speed, and handling. I’m still very happy with my 2015 Camry SE.


I think a man with its career, didn’t has been wrong in much things. And with Tesla and Elon Musk maybe has a part of reason. The part about the competence, for me is totally right.


Can someone remind me how many electric trucks per month Lutz’s startup, Via Motors, is up to now? Last I checked, InsideEV’s is estimating 17,800 Model 3’s per month.

This is starting to smell like trash-talking before the big game.

Big Solar

I think they have 30 or 40 mules, its a high volume operation


To me it sounds more like trash talking after the loss and blaming everyone but yourself.


Yup. “We would have gotten away with our plans to sell overpriced conversion vans, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids at Tesla Motors!”


Oh man, I just looked up VIA motors. That crap looks like an 1980s garage attempt at EV conversions. Even old school gauges for charge ect. This dinosaur just needs to be put out pasture.


Actual sales? Zero.
VIA basically sold the operation to Geely, supposedly are co-developing a truck with them that will be sold in China and maybe North America. They haven’t even had a press release since Feb. this year.
So much for Lutz’s ability to raise money for an American carmaker.


Bob Nuts at it again. Let it go Bob!

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3


There is no steel remaining on this man’s axe.


And his only braincell died … of loneliness.

Big Solar

Uh, Bob, pretty sure its you thats headed for the graveyard.


At 86 years old, he’s more likely to be in the graveyard in 1-2 years than Tesla is.


I remember reading an article where he made the exact same prediction, and that was a couple years ago now.


And I remember a Swiss TV production a couple of months ago, where he presented his private car collection, and where in an interview he talked very enthusiastically about EV cars in the near future. But this was in Swiss German, so he probably felt save nobody in the U.S. would ever get to know this …. He can IMO not be trusted whatever he says and writes about non GM companies, including Tesla, and about EV trends neither.


He is too Persistend.. He Must be a Tesla Shorter…


You first, Bob.


The Better Tesla does the more hysterical the shorts become.
The Bigger Tesla becomes the more outrageous the critics.

And lets not forget:
Model 3 international sales just starting.
Model 3 leases still not available in the USA.
Those 2 things could double or triple demand.

It’s a bad time to be spouting Tesla bull.


But a good time to be a spouting Telsa bull?


Not to mention the base model that far, far more people can afford.


I think you mean Tesla bear, in stock market lingo.
I laugh irresponsibly whenever someone I know quotes Bob Lutz in their own echo of stuff from MSM sources. It’s like they drive a camera truck out to an old folk’s home in Auburn Hills, MI or wherever outside Detroit, give him some pep beverage (with vitamins) to slake down, chase it with an unsophisticated mid-West beer, play a game or two of whist, and then let the man rant. I am glad for his health, truly. I am also glad that people in the MSM are making him still feel relevant, important, and powerful. It’s a kind thing to do for someone at his age. What is unkind is to prevent him from being corrected by bringing up his older, wrong predictions as a starting point for the conversation.


Tesla, doomed since 2010. Maybe they should make that their slogan.


IIRC that stuff started in 2008?


Yup. I saw at least one comment claiming that the original Roadster was “vaporware” in 2008, shortly before Tesla started selling it. But to be fair, that was after 3 delays from their originally announced production target date.

Even in Tesla’s early days of selling highly desirable EVs, before its stock IPO, there was a lot of politically motivated Tesla bashing, probably originating from the Big Oil propaganda farms which are called “think tanks”. (Mitt Romney once called Tesla one of Obama’s “failures” during a campaign debate with President Obama.)

But I don’t think the high volume anti-Tesla FÜD campaign really started until after Tesla’s stock price started its stratospheric rise, in early 2013. That’s when a lot of the stock shorters apparently turned into FÜDsters.


I was specifically talking about claims of Tesla going bankrupt, not just general bashing. AIUI, the “Tesla Death Watch” was active in 2008, or thereabouts.

J. L. Brown

“Tesla: Bringing you ever growing numbers of DOOMED BEVs since 2002!” LOL — or “Tesla: Doomed since we were six times smaller!”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LOL, Slob Klutz…..

He will have 900 predictions of Tesla’s demise and if one small thing is true then he’ll be right according to his defunct mind.


Wonder how much he is paid to spread FUD. The more he speaks, the more TSLA stock I buy. Can’t wait to buy a Tesla car, with solar, and some powerwalls.


Bob, your supposed to smoke the cigar not eat them….it’s effecting your brain, now Bob, where are your electrics or did you write this while sitting in traffic with your petrol engine running and a big exhaust leak maybe….could be carbon monoxide poisoning effecting your brain as well….poor Bob.


Who is this “Boob Putz” anyway??

M Hovis

He used to be somebody in the auto industry. Served in executive roles in all of the US Big Three. Even had a lot to do with the release of the Chevy Volt. Could have been remembered as a visionary. Now he is an angry old man who misses the spotlight.


Bob Lutz , The Luckiest man that ever Lived !


“The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.”


Well said Gladiator!


I wonder What Is wrong with this man and the People that even Bother with Him…This is not normal Especially at his Age…..

Scott Franco

“Tesla has no … tech advantage, no software advantage, no battery advantage. No advantages whatsoever.”

I was actually onboard with his production manpower estimate before he said that. Its clear he has never seen a Tesla.

He is right, if you do the math, Tesla uses more people to produce fewer cars than other makers, despite all the lip service Elon did over his use of automation. This is something that has to be corrected, and I think Tesla will correct it.


IS anything in that quoted statement really wrong? Tech advantage? If you count pushing the boundaries of safety with AP, maybe you can argue that position?
Software advantage? Teslas don’t even have Android Auto/Apple Carplay for crying out loud.
Battery advantage? Nothing in Tesla/Panasonic batteries is anything special compared to LG Chem/Samsung and the other major players.
Literally the only things Tesla has is the “cool” brand image they have built up and the Supercharger network, which is really nothing any other company couldn’t copy if they wanted to. There really is no “special sauce” to Tesla, as Lutz has stated before. Tesla has just had the EV playground to themselves for a long time, but now the major players are slowly entering in.


Tesla has advantages in tech (e.g. power electronics), software integration, battery (production volume, energy density). These advantages aren’t huge and the majors “could” overcome them in short order, at least in theory. But software and electronic integration are not their core competencies and their motivation level still lags Tesla’s.

You’re right about brand, though. That’s Tesla’s real advantage. Assuming Musk doesn’t destroy it.


The thing about the brand is, it doesn’t come from nowhere. Tesla has a strong brand *because* they have amazing products.


Right. Tesla has attracted many followers and a growing base of loyal fans because what it’s doing is highly exceptional; because of its remarkable achievements. Tesla bashers keep trying to twist that backwards; they keep trying to paint the situation as if we Tesla fans find the company exceptional merely because we’re Tesla fans!


Amazing IP is the difference.


Silly. At least 10 years to catch up with Tesla OS alone. Then there’s Autopilot and more. In a decade, T will be even further ahead with its OS and Level 5.

Bob Wilson

“Tesla has is the “cool” brand image they have built up” Teslas keep showing up at drag races and shaming the honorable competition. We’re also seeing tuners who put lighter wheels, better tires, and tuned suspensions to shame the others.

“The Supercharger network, which is really nothing any other company couldn’t copy if they wanted to.” GM said flat out that they won’t and they are #2 in sales of about 180,000. Except for Tesla, the others have chargers locked up at night and Sundays. Only VW, Electrify America, is building fast DC charger stations and the last one I visited had only one of four giving a charge.

For cross country travel, an EV is only as good as the fast DC chargers and outside of the EVgo areas, there aren’t any. In contrast, SuperCharger serves Tesla and they have a vested interest in deployment and operations. GM is not going to repair a broken VW charger.


Didn’t GM mention more recently that they will be investing in charging infrastructure?…


I doubt it. GM joined a consortium for standardizing EV charging formats and hardware, and I think some overly optimistic people chose to read that as GM actually investing in a charging network.

However, that’s just my interpretation. I’d love to be proven wrong!



Tesla adaptors allow their cars to use anyone’s charger.


Tesla’s main software advantage is that they use one main computer to do everything, and it is over the air updatable. All other manufacturers have a hodgepodge of separate systems, a computer for engine control, entertainment, emergency braking, etc. this increases cost and is harder to update. Panasonic batteries are higher energy density and cheaper.


Tesla battery chemistry. They use 2 computers, 1 fully redundant.


You are loopy. Tesla has the most advanced EV software on the planet. They’ve been shipping and refining their OS since 2012. They are the ONLY company that can do over-the-air updates. The ONLY company that allows you to drive coast-to-cost with waypoints and advice on when & where to charge. And you complain that they have Android/Apple software? LOL THAT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SOFTWARE AND ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON GOOGLE & APPLE like everyone else is.

Any other company could copy the Supercharger network? LOL, good luck…do you have ANY IDEA how much money, time, and effort it takes to negotiate for charging locations, apply for permits, obtain permits, arrange for contractors, work with local utilities to obtain the power needed (these are not trivial electricity users), build the chargers, and get them inspected FOR THOUSANDS OF LOCATIONS ALL ACROSS THE NATIONS? That takes years. There’s no shortcut to government bureaucracy & utility bureaucracy across 1000s of different local areas.

You are either quite ignorant about technology, construction & engineering or a hell of a troll.

Chris Stork

He’s the latter.


And he’s spent a lot of time and effort to establish that reputation for himself, too.


His track record clearly says, troll. He’s a GM fanatic bashing everything else. (Tesla especially, since they are obviously GM’s biggest rival in the EV space…)


Just look at the new, not yet available batteries/engines ranges of the etron, EQC, iPace.
Those are YEARS behind Tesla. (And Tesla S and X have been basically been frozen in their development for a long time now.)


Yeah, but these were devised before the companies started getting serious about EVs. New models coming around 2021 will be the true test.


“New models coming around 2021 will be the true test.”

That sounds like a very convincing argument, until you realize that the same post could have been written with “1995” before the EV1 and RAV4 EV first hit the market. And again in with 2011 instead of 2021 when the Volt and 2nd GEN RAV4 EV hit the market.

Bob Lutz in the interview talked about how the ICE car makers can build EV’s and sell them at a loss as a strategy to defeat Tesla. To me, that seems like a classic gaffe, where the truth is accidentally revealed. Yes, the ICE makers can sell EV’s at a loss in 2021, but as a strategy it only works if they intentionally only build a limited number of vehicles. That will keep everyone’s place on the scorecard exactly where it is today.


I see enough convincing indicators that several car makers are pretty serious this time. The fact that they weren’t previously, doesn’t automatically prove that they can’t be this time.

Bjarke Christensen

hey, you forget the /S


Are you his buddy at the funny farm?


Hi Bob!

Mike I.

Bob is right. If a traditional automaker had 9,000 people in their factory they would be dead. However, if you count all the people at supplier operations that feed into a traditional automotive factory and compare that to how much work Tesla does in-house, I think you will find that it is near parity. Bob Lutz is an industry dinosaur that simply doesn’t understand how Tesla runs and where its competitive advantages truly lie.


So…in fact…Bob is wrong then.


“Tesla uses more people to produce fewer cars than other makers”

Isn’t this a completely bogus statistic that assumes Tesla is ONLY a car company. There’s Tesla energy that builds and installs massive PowerPacks. And there is a SolarCity that installs solar PV nationwide and has a factory in upstate New York for building solar panels. SolarCity has lots of PV installers all over the country that are doing NOTHING to help assemble cars.


The 9,000 figure is for the Fremont factory only, though.


Ever heard of vertical integration.
Ever heard Steve Jobs talk about the importance of ‘making the whole widget’?
Tesla can take cars to places where others will struggle (or fear) to follow.
That’s why Apple won.
That’s why Tesla will win.


Or Henry Ford’s river run factory?


Actually, no, the reason it’s a completely bogus statistic is that Tesla does more in-house manufacturing and sub-assembling of parts than other auto makers. The Fremont factory has more workers because it’s making more parts and sub-assemblies there.

If we would count the employees working at suppliers that provide auto makers with their parts, and not count just those working directly on automobile assembly lines, then I suspect that we’d see near-parity between Tesla and other makers of “premium” automobiles with a similar number of parts.


In addition to the fact that the numbers are not comparable because of higher vertical integration — as others have already pointed out — the numbers are also plain wrong. Tesla has a running rate *way* beyond 150,000 cars per year right now: about double that in fact. Some $1,500 in labour cost per car doesn’t sound prohibitive to me. And it’s only getting better as Model 3 ramp continues.

Bill Howland

While in the past I liked listening to plain-speaking Bob Lutz, his Refrain is getting a bit tiresome as there is nothing new here.

And while I considered years ago investing a bit into Via motors I’m really glad I did not, as the Brochures the company put out at the time were contradictory, and constantly changing – rather like the weekly VW ev vaporware releases that never amount to anything.

For an Experienced manufacturing guy like Lutz, as well as the original VOLT under his belt – really for him – how difficult would it be to simply modify an existing Silverado with a much much simpler, smaller ‘GENSET’, and electric motor and reduction gearing?

He obviously can make arrangements with GM to buy ‘drivetrain-less’ vehicles in any numbers he needs. And Mexican manufacturing wage scales cannot be a barrier, but then I’m disappointed he couldn’t find somewhere in the states to make these things.

So since Lutz’s electric truck adventure is pretty much a dud, I think more and more people will ignore Lutz, since lately he has become more of a Gasbag than sticking to his knitting increasing production at VIA Motors.


Sadly he won’t be on this earth long enough to see just how wrong he is and what a complete waste of bandwidth his opinions are. But then again even if here were to live another 10+ years, he’d still swear Tesla is doomed no matter how successful they are.


Yeah, that’s the problem with this sort of people: they just keep coming up with new FUD, and never stop to acknowledge how wrong their past claims have proven to be…


It’s called payola.


you can make all the cars you want but if none of them a dime, you won’t be making them for long.


Have some mercy, the guy is just kidding.


Bob.. please. Why don‘t you go out into the yard and play with your grandchildren, hmm?


I know who is heading for the grave soon. Its Bob Lutz, perhaps he should spend the few precious years he has left in quiet contemplation instead of running his mouth off.


How are those Via Truck sales doing, Bob?

Mister G

Dinosaur Bob is back lol


Bob Lutz is headed to a literal graveyard before Tesla is headed to a metaphorical graveyard.

Worst case scenario is that Tesla needs to raise more capital and they have many willing investors.


Yeah, he claims that legacy makers can run losses on EV investments because they have profitable ICE sales — but there is not reason why the investors of legacy makers should be more willing to tolerate these losses than Tesla investors are. Probably more like the opposite.


Clutz should give up.


From article Bob Lutz said: “…Tesla has no tech advantage, no software advantage, no battery advantage. No advantages whatsoever…”

Bob Lutz has made the unfortunate mistake of not admitting his evaluation of Tesla made several years ago was simply wrong. Bob instead has over the years doubled down on his claims that Tesla will not succeed to the point where today Tesla’s success equates to Lutz’s loss of reputation as someone with industry insight. So Tesla’s success has has turned into a very personal thing for Bob Lutz.

It’s too bad Bob Lutz has not better handled making an early wrong call about Tesla… no one is always right.

Flash back 2012:

“…A year ago when auto companies were giving huge discounts to sell cars in a weak market I pointed out that Tesla had a significant backlog and was changing the industry. Long-time, outspoken industry executive Bob Lutz – who personally shepharded the Chevy Volt electric into the market – was so incensed that he wrote his own blog saying that it was nonsense to consider Tesla an industry changer. He predicted Tesla would make little difference, and eventually fail…” source: Forbes 2012:


Gabriel Rheault

Leonardo DiCaprio is actually a good choose to play Elon Musk


He should stick to what he knows best. K-Cars.


Try the cimarron.
And other same with different plastic add ons.


Lutz !!! The power of Christ compels you !!!


This is the same idiot who famously stated that the Model X is unbuildable. Can’t believe CNBC still call this for opinion! No wonder GM went bankrupt under their watch.


To be fair, the Model X *did* turn out to be a nightmare to build… Even if they overcame it eventually.


The crazy thing is that the door hardware (which is generally considered the major holdup) was brought to the market amazingly quickly as soon as they changed suppliers.

So a task that was a “nightmare” for the initial supplier was not a nightmare for the second supplier. Really it ended up not being such a nightmare at all once they got the right supplier for that part.

Yet the meme is still to focus on the first supplier who couldn’t get it right, vs. the second supplier who successfully brought it to market quite quickly in automotive terms.


Was that really all there was to it?

Either way, Elon himself admitted in retrospect that they went way overboard with the Model X design.


Bob should rather make a car that is better than any Tesla to show that he is the boss.


To do that, he’d first have to abandon his decades-long denial that Tesla’s EV tech is some 5-7 years in advance of anybody else’s. I think that’s unlikely to happen. His mind appears to be fossilized, only adding to the problem of someone whose mind is made up and refuses to be “confused” by the facts.


Musk’s goal has always served a larger purpose: Pushing the industry to switch from internal combustion to electricity. To consider Tesla over the years, Elon’s visionary drive was essential. Lutz is merely drawing on his years of experience in manufacturing and offering his forecast regarding the momentum of traditional automakers… which may have some merit. But for now, Tesla is an aspirational brand and its technology is every bit as advanced as the tech coming from competing automakers. I think the company will still be here ten years from now, but even if it went under, Musk basically achieved his goal. How Tesla manages its future will be a fascinating story.


Whats this even worth an article. Even though Tesla appears currently very successful, a sudden stock marked crash, a recession, meteroid impact on gigafactory or whatever could hit it hard. If anyone could predict things like that, the world would be full of warren buffets. In a few years, when everyone really entered the game, we will know.

Jim Whitehead

The day I take any investing advice from a dinosaur enemy of Musk and most EVs, is the day I need to be checked into a loony bin.


Bob Putz doesn’t seem to know much about Tesla eh…


“… Musk is a nice guy, but shouldn’t be running a car company.” I feel like both parts of this are wrong.


Eh, Musk seems to be very nice *most* of the time… Though he clearly has a temper.


I can see Bob’s obit now: “….his last words were, ‘Tesla will join me in the other world’ as his loved ones congregated around him.”

Mister G

Bob’s gravestone will say TESLA IS DEAD


I look forward to the day when “facts” and “credibility” become a thing again!


“Tesla has no … tech advantage, no software advantage, no battery advantage. No advantages whatsoever.”

Bob, just think of all those Teslakillers like the iPace, e-tron, EQC. (Hint: They are years behind the CURRENT Teslas.)

You do not have to prove to us over and over again that you are a clueless old man. (To put it mildly.)
We already know that.


How is VIA Motors doing?
Death watch for VIA Motors is in full swing.


To be honest, it’s held on longer than I expected, given that they don’t seem to be able to sell anything. Or at least, if they do have actual customers, they’re being very quiet about it!


Switch the names in the title, sounds a bit closer to me 😎.


I just heard playing “Get over it” from the “Eagles” in my mind …


gm is losing more money making gas cars than tesla ,tesla should be in great position next quarter.


Bob Lutz has a poor record of correctly predicting bankruptcy. Here is what he said about GM going bankrupt, just a few years before GM went bankrupt while Lutz still worked at GM. I believe he said something like hold my beer and then went on stage and said this at the 2006 New York Car Show:

“Bankruptcy is totally out of the question. We have never contemplated it.” — Bob Lutz


Some Guy

Why does Bob Lutz always gets cited when TSLA is getting a beat down from all sides?
But it seems to work less and less, stock rose again to day to level at close to 300.
Imagine where it would be when the manipulating short sellers were not around. Wonder why no small time investor put in a lawsuit against them for a change…
But then again, they are pulling out in big numbers, apparently.
BTW: There is one Tesla that is headed for a graveyard quite often, in the Netherlands, where some entrepeneurs converted a Model S into a hearse a few years ago. But it always returns to the funeral home, just without the old guy riding in the back…


Unfortunately, even the temporary dips in stock price gave many shorters what they had hoped for: a chance to exit without much losses, or even a little profit 🙁

esto perpetua

And the rest of us longs a buying opportunity.


Bob Lutz- FUD King!

Dave Martin

You know they’re getting desperately when they wake up Bob Lutz.


Musk me running! Musk must go! Don’t become the Katie Holmes of the auto industry.



Don’t marry Tom Cruise?
Don’t take a role on Dawson’s Creek?
Don’t become a Scientologist?



Bob Putz