Tesla Gigafactory Adding 150-200 New Employees Monthly


Tesla Gigafactory Progress From December 2016

The Tesla Gigfactory is growing in both physical size and in the number of people employed there.

The head of Nevada’s office of economic development stated that the Gigafactory currently has in excess of 1,000 employees on site and that figure is growing at a rapid rate.

Tesla Gigafactory

Executive Director Steve Hill had this to say to the state’s Senate Finance Committee

“They’re [Tesla] hiring 150 to 200 more every month.”

According to Hill, Tesla is expected to employ some 3,200 workers at the Gigafactory by March 2018. That’s when Model 3 production will become more full swing as Tesla races to fill nearly 400,000 pre-orders.

More immediately, Tesla needs additional employees at the Gigfactory to ramp up Powerwall 2 output and to oversee production of 2170 battery cells.

Source: Record Courier

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I can only guess that it will increase over the next few months.

when do the solar panels go on?

As soon as the Buffalo, NY factory starts producing them…

And after the building is built, finished, as in has an unbroken roofline!

When do we get to see drone footage of the solar panel plant? 😀

Yea – surprised there are no solar panels on the completed sections yet. Don’t they know where to get them (LOL)

Look man, I’m working as fast as I can! I’m just one guy!/jk

I’m thinking, as soon as the Buffalo factory spools up, they’ll start putting them in place.

Yes, lower the carbon footprint of M3 please, and the batteries

Are the numbers for the Giga factory or Tesla?
Any idea on the Panasonic/Tesla split on new employees?

I was wondering that myself.

My guess is the numbers are for the Gigafactory as a whole, because it’s the total employment that the State of Nevada is interested in. But as I suspect you already know, Mikael, Panasonic is in charge of hiring for its “side” of the Gigafactory; the areas where cells are made.

A message to Trump and the Republicans; “You are watching the evolution in energy from dirty, polluting fossil fuels to clean sunshine, wind and batteries; with locally created clean energy, there is no longer a reason for counties to war over oil. Stay out of the way and let the American people create their own secure future. We don’t need your interference.”

Apparently from his point of view, they’re taking jobs away from the reliable technology of coal and risking them as temporary jobs in the unproven and risky solar technology.

Coal has been dying for decades, mostly at the hands of natural gas. To try and spin it any other way would be fake news™.

Why would you want ever to harness something as dangerous and uncontrollable as the sun? Mankind has barely tamed fission, now you want to dabble in fusion? There are already massive amounts of solar energy spills all over the earth every day.

I have a feeling that they don’t get the message but they will certainly start getting it at the Mid-Term election of 2018 if Trump even survives that long.

Of course their is always a chance he will kill all of us by then through nuclear war.

That is a very real threat now. We have an impulsive, uneducated child with a great big fragile ego for a president with his finger on the button. It is my greatest fear for the Trump era. Every other dumb thing he does, or this administration does can be fixed later, but nuclear war can not.

I’ve got a feeling that with the current House and Senate, he could sell the Statue of Liberty for scrap, and turn Yellowstone National Park into a parking lot, and they wouldn’t do anything.
No, as I see it, this country’s best hope is the mid-term elections.

Cool. Now people in Nevada have something else they can do besides work in a casino, or mine. I hope it all works out, we can really use the jobs.

All those politicians who claim they create jobs can go suck it. It’s not the politicians, but rich people with grand dreams that create jobs and improve society.

I love rich people. Please invest more in Tesla and other innovation instead of giving to crooked politicians. Society will be better for it by helping innovation (investing) and preventing corruption (not giving to politicians).

I’d like to move to Nevada just to work for Tesla for a few years. That is on my bucket list along with getting the model 3 I ordered on the first day of open orders.

We need to sack every Climate Change politician in 2018. It’s not going to be easy though. I’ve checked out Breitbart about 2 weeks ago and I could believe how many not cases are putting comments in there this is the core of Trump.

I missed the word denier.