Tesla Dog Mode Keeps Pups Safe In Car & Apprises Onlookers: Video


OMG honey, those poor dogs are going to get heat stroke!

There’s just about nothing we hate worse than seeing dogs locked in a car in the heat of summer. We can honestly say at InsideEVs that many of us are dog owners and at least a few of us have called the police on occasion when we noticed dogs locked in hot cars. This same situation can prove true in subzero temps, though it’s not necessarily as big of an issue. Well now, a recent over-the-air update via Tesla has addressed the latter.

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t make any reference to our good friend Earl Banning (of Frunkpuppy) i.e. @28delayslater, there’s sure been an influx of Tesla owners that are also dog owners chiming in on Twitter. This comes as no surprise since some 90 million U.S. citizens own at least one dog.

Earl started a trend of Tesla owners posting images of their pets in the frunk of their Tesla vehicles. While Musk hasn’t really mentioned it, it has become a major craze, and even his mom — Maye Musk — has jumped on the bandwagon. Nonetheless, Banning has quite the story, which you can read in its entirety over at Teslarati.

Without any further dialogue, what the heck is Tesla Dog Mode?

The best way to understand it is to check out this brief Twitter video:

Yes, it will not only set and hold a desired temp for your beloved pups, but will also assure that onlookers will (hopefully) not contact the authorities. Unfortunately, they’d have to take a closer look into the car to see that the dogs are in a safe environment. But, you could easily draft up a quick sign to display on the windshield. Worst case scenario, if someone did call the cops, you could easily explain the situation.

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I like it! One concern, will the car alert the owner if the system should fail?

No worries…

Requires a simple rebark!

I’ve got an F-150 with a Viper remote start system circa 2008 that will keep the vehicle running, HVAC going, and you take the key with you so the steering wheel locks up. My dog loved to ride in the truck and people watch while I ran short errands. Major pros to that system is that the two-way remote displayed running status and interior cabin temperature for ultimate piece of mind. Also, no worries about someone breaking a window because the ICE truck is obviously running. I like what Tesla is doing here though. Much more useful than fart noises. I hope they include remote monitoring of interior temperature via the app and maybe an interior doggie cam. In some places where it’s 110F in the summer, cracking a window just doesn’t cut it. Maybe they could add fake engine noise to dissuade the vigilante passer-bys…

Idle cars is a traffic violation in many states due contamination and unsafe.

Definitely put a sign on the windshield. Animal lovers will break the window to rescue your dog.

Coolest of cool, now Tesla has “Chill Dawg” mode!

While Tesla is at it, now my pampered pooch is asking for a stylish water fountain, to quench that K-9 thirst.

Let’s hope this is only used for dogs and not babies….

Interesting point – some definitely will, whether it’s a good idea or not.

Indeed, my first thought when reading the article was “I wonder how many people will use this when leaving their infants in the car?”

Hopefully Tesla will include an on-screen warning not to use this as an excuse to leave infants in a car.

Don’t give ideas to consumer Reports

I don’t think this is a good idea. People will use this mode while away to eat, shop, or otherwise unnecessarily keep the dogs in the car.

Better is to leave the window down if you must leave the dogs for short time (ie, to use bathroom), even if you turn on the AC so that people don’t smash the window to rescue the dogs. There’s no way to know if the sign (if posted on window) was forgotten by previous time or the AC is working without window open.

opening the window defeats the purpose of using the AC. You use AC with windows shut. It creates a controlled climate. Opening the window would make the interior HOTTER on a hot day, if you’re using AC.

You don’t leave the dogs in the car long enough for them to suffer with the windows open, AC or no AC. AC will invite people to keep the dogs in the car when they shouldn’t.

With open windows, they will rush back to the car ASAP just to check on the car if not for the dogs. Yes, I encountered many people who value their car more than their dogs.

You’re overthinking it, bro.

Will it work if I keep my mother-in-law locked in the car for an extended time? I used to just crack a window.

What if she pees in the car?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


I knew I could count on you.


Depends on what?

>> joke >>
your head

Before I used this I’d have a cheap big dial thermometer somewhere that people could see.
I’d also keep my hands clean before touching the screen so that a sniffing dog couldn’t activate the autopilot and take everyone to the dog park.

You mean somebody hasn’t already tried to train their dog to activate Tesla autopilot? Let me check YouTube . . .

Why did it take so long for a car company to do this? At the very least, cars should have an “emergency HVAC” response that prevents dogs and kids from becoming overheated or overchilled in the car. Yes, some people will abuse this function (by habitually leaving their kids/pets in the car), but maybe it’s better than the needless overheated-kids-in-car deaths.

This feature existed on cars since HVAC was available. Put it to park, turn on HVAC. Far better is to simply have the windows down while you’re away so that kids/pets don’t overheat since you’d be away for shortest time possible.

Yeah, leaving your car running with the keys in the ignition sounds like quite the brilliant plan! 😉

That’s why you shouldn’t do it, but simply open the windows and take the key with you.

Yes, what could possibly go wrong there? 😉

Illegal (as in, criminal violation) in some jurisdictions.

Because it would be hard to do with an ICE car….you’d have to leave the engine running to power the AC.

Carrying a spare key is not hard.

It will be useful if your car is still there.

Tesla also has Cabin Overheat Protection, right?

I will never leave a dog inside a car unattended. I can see it now: people breaking Teslas windows to free unattended dogs in the car. What’s next a BABY/CHILD MODE?

Precisely! This dog mode will get people into bad habit of leaving the windows up while living being is in the car.

Perhaps what’s really needed is the Magnavolt security system, but connected to the door handles.


Having the display on showing the temperature is a great move. Yeah, it takes a little more battery power but very worth it.

And heck, what a great free advertisement for Tesla. People will walk up, look in, see the screen showing that the dogs are fine, and think “Damn, that is really clever of Tesla!”

But leaving a note on the windshield in addition might be a good move just to be sure.

Oh man, people LOVED it. 143,000 likes and 31,000 responses on Twitter. There is another Tesla tweet responding that first tweet that shows a close up of the display screen so you can read it.

A 90K quid Tesla that doubles as a doggie sofa??? Would ya dice your veggies using the seats as a chopping board? that’s basically the same as the animal’s nails/claws. how absurd – May I have your pounds please? (if you’re going to waste your monies…)

Staged photo, dude!
I’m sure they sit in the back on some blankets.

Blankets bunch up. Doggie hammock is $15, cheaper when on sale. Also water resistant for dog beach trips and unable to thoroughly dry the dogs before heading home.

Sounds like someone is a dog owner….and it’s not me.

I take my dogs in the car all the time. Cloth seats, leather seats, vinyl seats, none of that matter when you use doggie hammock.

Yes, I would dice my veggies on Tesla seats with cutting board on top of it.

Yet another example of how Tesla puts in the effort to keep making their cars better when other automakers merely go through the motions.

Keeping the dogs in the car with windows up is a bad habit, and Tesla is promoting it. That is a bad thing.

If you have a Tesla and use ‘dog mode’ every day, why is this a bad habit? What makes it bad?

Tesla needs to reach out to the PETA protesters, and start promoting this newer PUP approved doggy daycare package!

Otherwise, there will probably still be some broken side windows, even with the appropriate signage displayed, in all the right places.

My pampered pup would also like to watch cat videos, on the center console, while I’m out shopping!

Some PETA people can be pretty picky!

Need a center console pup pad for front row center pup seating, for center control touch screen cat video viewing.

Oh chill out. It is fine for running into the grocery store while your dogs wait. No one but a fool is going to leave their dogs in their car for long periods of time unless they want dog poop and dog pee in their cars so it is kind of a self-regulating thing.

A Dog Day Afternoon, brought to by Tesla Motor Company.

Hey sounds like a perfect solution to me: In the summertime they can relax in air-cooled comfort while listening to upbeat tunes.

Too bad its illegal in my state due to antiquated laws. Although the dividing line between whether a car is ‘on’ or ‘off’ is getting increasingly fuzzy.

What gets me with animals is their choice in ‘favorite music’.

I saw one program where they tried all different kinds of western (i.e. periodic – with a time signature) music and also tried natural forest sounds, but the only type of music that the BIRD would chirp along with was Country Music. Haha.